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<riteo> actually I recently setup flatpak on my machine and I somehow stumbled on every single edge case working with portals
<riteo> (yes I gave up and setup dbus too)
<riteo> I still really want to give my own spin at KISS but I would first have to properly learn C and make a "vanilla" pkg manager in it for practice
<riteo> there are some improvements which have already a lot of common consent afaict and so I could begin with those I suppose
<riteo> I'm not giving up and switching to alpine yet
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<icebarf> Hello There! I'm on IRC finally.
<riteo> icebarf: hiii!
<icebarf> hi riteo
<riteo> welcome to the cool kids club 8)
<icebarf> Lmao thanks.
<icebarf> I was still stuck on the matrix channel for months. Finally decided to use something proper.
<icebarf> Proper for IRC that is.
<icebarf> is testuser here?
<riteo> IRC got its pains. It took me a while to find the will/resources to setup a bouncer
<icebarf> I just user's services
<icebarf> used*
<icebarf> I have a server but too lazy to setup.
<riteo> re server: yeah it's a bit of a mess
<riteo> I used senpai and had to self-sign a certificate as it's only on my local network
<icebarf> I see.
<icebarf> I love how you can use pretty much everything in a browser these days.
<icebarf> In the olden days, it used to be emacs only who could do that ;)
<icebarf> ... to be emacs only, which could do that*
<riteo> web browsers are a bit of a mess on their own
<riteo> they're their own very convoluted runtime with a lot of complexity and weird stuff going around
<riteo> I recently switched from the web client of Telegram (which I need for various reasons) to the flatpak official one and my power consumption went down a lot while chatting
<icebarf> I dont use telegram on desktop so I have no idea about that. But Telegram is OSS so atleast you dont have to worry about tracking and other privacy intrsuve things with other platforms, i.e, discord.
<icebarf> I use cinny for matrix, and now gamja hosted by pico for IRC. That's about it.
<riteo> fair, fair
<icebarf> btw, does simply mentioning someone's username in chat notify them? I'm assuming matrix got this behavior from IRC but I'm not sure
<icebarf> icebarf
<icebarf> icebarf
<icebarf> @icebarf
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<icebarf> ig self ping wouldn't notify even if i quickly switch away
<riteo> mh a common syntax is appending the username and a colon or a comma after it
<icebarf> ye
<riteo> but from what I can tell, at least on senpai, it notifies me of everytime someboy writes my handle
<icebarf> riteo: do you get notification or some highlight?
<riteo> it highlights the message
<icebarf> when you mentioned my name, gamja highlighted your name
<icebarf> not message
<riteo> re name highlight: same
<riteo> but like, mention me in 5 seconds or so
<icebarf> aight, hi riteo.
<riteo> yup, got a "1" next to the channel name
<icebarf> mhm
<icebarf> could you do the same for me as well>
<riteo> yup
<riteo> tactical nuke incoming!
<riteo> icebarf
<icebarf> do another
<riteo> aight
<riteo> icebarf test 123
<icebarf> thanks!!
<riteo> nw :)
<icebarf> so i get a proper notification that leads me to the proper channel
<riteo> looks like this is the convention
<icebarf> and if i dont click the channel, it just changes the color of the channel's name in the channel list
<icebarf> > and if i dont click the channel
<riteo> oh, interesting
<icebarf> fuck, i meant to do the correction
<icebarf> so bad
<riteo> oh yeah on IRC you can't really correct
<riteo> like, a common syntax we had also working once was simple sed commands
<riteo> like, if I wre to do this:
<riteo> s/wre/were/
<riteo> a bot would echo a fixed message
<icebarf> mhm yeah thats a bit nicer indeed
<riteo> but because we're geeks and stuff like that
<riteo> even just an asterisk or whatever will bring the point across, although I suppose that smarter clients would apply that automatically
<riteo> I _think_ that's a thing, but I'm not sure
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<icebarf> hi disapper3nce
<icebarf> yeah i see what you mean @riteo
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<sewn> hi icebarf
<sewn> is this iceman
<icebarf> yes
<icebarf> it is I
<icebarf> sewn: I think your messages are repeating
<icebarf> how you been?
<sewn> I been sewning
<sewn> icebarf: show evidence
<icebarf> I'll post a gpg key on this channel from this account, and post a gpg key from that account on matrix as well
<icebarf> is that enough
<icebarf> I'll do that in a bit. It is my daily grass touching time now.
<sewn> mine ended a few mins ago, enjoy yours
<disapper3nce> /set theme dogshit
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<sewn> disapper3nce: what irc client u be using
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<icebarf> sewn: Thanks. I had fun.
<icebarf> sewn: whatchu using lmao
<sewn> trying to get testuser on IRC
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<testuser[m]> sewn was here
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<testuser[m]> hi
<sewn> hi testuser[m] welcome back
<sewn> next we need ioraff
<testuser[m]> soon
<sewn> testuser[m] is ioraff confirmed
<testuser[m]> icebarf:
<testuser[m]> hi
<icebarf> testuser[m] why still using that matrix suffic
<icebarf> i also have iceman[m] but that so annoying
<sewn> i told you testuser
<sewn> use ~testuser
<testuser[m]> ded chat
<sewn> ded chat becuz ded distro
<disapper3nce> sewn: irssi
<sewn> lame
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<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<disapper3nce> what do you use lol
<sewn> i use senpai
<disapper3nce> nice
<disapper3nce> birch looks pretty cool, but its unmaintained
<sad_plan> I used to use birch, and it was alright, but as you said, its unmaintained, as dylan is on a hiatus
<disapper3nce> nice
<sad_plan> it also uses bash, which is less ideal imo
<sewn> sad_plan: rc rewrite :D
<sad_plan> yeah, that would be cool, but Im not sure. rc lacks alot of bash's features in this case :p
<disapper3nce> sewn: rc? The plan9 shell?
<sad_plan> yep
<icebarf> re: ded chat becuz ded distro; msg: roasting the entire community :Skull:
<icebarf> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> hi icebarf
<icebarf> sewn: what client are you using
<sewn> senpai
<icebarf> sup plan?
<sewn> i really like senpai
<sad_plan> sewn: just pure posix sh irc client would cool too though
<sewn> shouldnt be too hard
<sad_plan> icebarf: watching the walking dead
<sad_plan> how about you?
<icebarf> re: senpai; msg: does IRC support unicode chars? never really tried. Lemme actually do that
<sewn> someone made a posix sh client, but it depends on netcat mostly
<sewn> its only 35sloc intersting
<icebarf> re: how about you? ; msg: I'm doing great as well. Learning Japanese these days.
<sewn> icebarf: what does 悲しみの夜明け mean
<sad_plan> do you have a link sewn?
<sewn> its made by someone here lol
<sad_plan> ah, yeah mcppcpc made xwm and kirc iirc
<icebarf> sewn: i dont know kanji; i can read the hiragana there "shi mi no" and then at the end "ke"
<sewn> rirc is also cool but it doesnt support bouncer
<icebarf> I just gamja hosted by
<sad_plan> icebarf: isnt japanese really hard to learn? seeing as its a completely new alphabet and stuff
<icebarf> testuser recommended it to me
<sewn> hey i reccomended it to him too
<sewn> thats awesome
<sewn> sad_plan: now its your turn
<sad_plan> to recommend gamja to testuser? lol
<sewn> no
<sewn> and its bouncer
<sad_plan> oh, yeah
<sad_plan> if you can tell me if it works with catgirl
<icebarf> sad_plan: I don't know if it is "really hard". I already know 3 languages and now I'm learning my 4th. It seems okay to me. I just got done with 2 of the kana today.
<sad_plan> then ill take a look
<sewn> testuser[m]: does it work with catgirl
<icebarf> What is catgirl? It's probably not what I'm thinking of.
<sewn> irc client
<sad_plan> icebarf: I see.
<sewn> author of it reccomends pounce(1) as a bouncer
<sad_plan> catgirl is an irc client
<icebarf> I'm gonna pounce on a catgirl someday.
<sewn> afaik author also doesn't want to support soju explicitly
<sewn> sus
<icebarf> why
<icebarf> what wrong with it
<sewn> idk ask
<icebarf> sewn: do you use sourcehut
<sewn> i would if it had username changes
<sewn> but im using github
<icebarf> kek
<icebarf> yeah same, and codeberg. Which i have not used for months
<icebarf> I installed kiss a few days ago only to get rid of it today
<sewn> yeah i put stuff on codeberg for no good reason
<sewn> i need to use one at a time tbh
<sewn> and codeberg aint it for me, goes down alot and the gitea experience aint all that great
<sewn> no search in code
<icebarf> will it wasn't install, it was more of an extracting backup-root.tar.gz and then setting up grub
<icebarf> I'm thinking of rehosting cgit for me when I'm not being lazy
<sewn> i was using stagit and it got boring quickly
<sewn> sourcehut is really good tbh, has all the goodies just no username changes
<icebarf> yeah
<icebarf> anyway, I'm gonna get back to learning
<sewn> bai bai
<icebarf> sewn: looks nice
<icebarf> atleast their CSS
<icebarf> wanna steal :#
<icebarf> :3
<sewn> lol yep
<icebarf> i tested it out with some blog post I wrote a year or so ago
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<wololo> testing
<sad_plan> hm, irc2 is wierd
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<icebarf> sad_plan: the client written by mcpcpc?
<sad_plan> yep
<sad_plan> reminded me abit of sic tbh
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<sewn> icebarf: > catgirl doesn't implement cap-3.2, so many capabilities will be disabled. catgirl developers have publicly stated that supporting bouncers such as soju is a non-goal.
<icebarf> mhm i see
<icebarf> fucking dogshit internet i have
<icebarf> kys poop ISP
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<sewn> whats ya ips
<riteo> poop
<riteo> poop ISP
<riteo> wait is this real
<icebarf> LMFAO
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