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<testuser[m]> hi
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sewn> wait is today today or yesterday
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sad_plan> what? today cant be yesterday
<sewn> what day is it
<sad_plan> thursday
<sewn> yippee
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<sewn> i am absolutely terrified
<sewn> why is pipewire randomly pitching up and down at random occasions
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<thikkl> sad_plan back at it. I tried disabling VESA Framebuffer. Didn't work
<sad_plan> thikkl: you have to enable some framebuffer. as I said, try another. perhaps EFI_FB. read the describtions. you can also boot into arch, and do make localyesconfig, and see what configs pop up
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<thikkl> Yeah I have EFI_FB
<thikkl> What does localyesconfig do? I thought it just changed all the modules in your current config to builtin
<sewn> localyesconfig uses output from lsmod to automatically enable all modules detected from lsmod
<sewn> its better used from a system with a fat initramfs like void and such
<sewn> thikkl: EFI_FB?
<thikkl> Yes
<sewn> where is this..?
<thikkl> it's enabled
<thikkl> under graphics -> framebuffer devices -> support for framebuffer device drivers -> EFI-based framebuffer support
<sewn> i personally dont have that enabled and system works fine
<sewn> ah i see
<sewn> you mean FB_EFI
<sewn> was confused for a sec
<thikkl> you boot from UEFI or BIOS?
<sewn> UEFI
<thikkl> huh
<sewn> i have it enabled
<thikkl> oh ok
<sewn> i do also have VESA and VGA16 enabled for no reason
<thikkl> yep got that one as well
<sewn> gentoo wiki advises against it but it works for me
<sewn> huh
<sewn> what gpu?
<thikkl> intel HD graphics, lspci shows it as intel a720
<sewn> did you add firmware
<thikkl> yea I added the drm_i915 as a firmware bundle in the kernel as suggested by Gentoo wiki
<sewn> just add all firmware and see how it goes
<sewn> check this out as well
<thikkl> so just copy all of linux firmware into /lib/firmware? or do I need to add all of them as kernel blobs as well
<sewn> what no
<sewn> i dont know how kernel firmware loader works tbqh
<thikkl> so just copy
<sewn> i mean, shouldnt you need to add it into kernel as well
<sewn> do you have CONFIG_SYSFB_SIMPLEFB btw
<thikkl> yes
<sewn> wut da hek
<thikkl> I had VESA, UVESA, and VGA16 on but it didn't work with those enabled
<sewn> i have CONFIG_FB_MODE_HELPERS unset though, each machine needs its own configuration probably
<thikkl> KMS_HELPER is yes
<sewn> pain
<sad_plan> thikkl: make localyesconfig also lists out loaded modules when youre in the kernel sourcetree. that is unless theyre already set to Y
<sad_plan> and with that command, aswell as a kernel config from i.e. arch or w/e, you can have a premade kernel config which should boot in a matter of seconds. with the exception of you having to enable any extra firmware if needed
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<thikkl> ok, so if I install perl, I should be able to run `make localyesconfig` from the chroot and (hopefully) get something that works (after replacing all the =m with =y)
<thikkl> and just copy all the files in linux-firmware to /lib/firmware
<sewn> sure, but you need to specify the firmware in config too
<thikkl> so that would be the `Build firmware blobs into kernel` option
<thikkl> Ok, I will try that.
<sad_plan> you dont need perl to build the kernel. theres a patch to remove the requirement
<sad_plan> only copy what you need, and point the EXTRA_FIRMWARE to those files in the .config
<thikkl> I know, I did that. localyesconfig needs perl though
<thikkl> I can compile the kernel, just can't do localyesconfig without perl
<sad_plan> hm, so they mustve changed that, as it didnt need that before
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<sad_plan> raph_ael: if you were a dog, what would you be saying? :p
<sewn> why not a cat
<sad_plan> youll see whenever he responds :D
<sewn> he is going to start raphing probably
<sad_plan> you kinda ruined it now, but yes. he would be saying: rrrraph
<sewn> i unironically did not mean to ruin the joke lmao mb
<sewn> i was saying it in the vain of just adding anyones username and a gerund
<sad_plan> he'll hopefully be having a laugh anyway. I thought it was funny anyway.
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<raph_ael> sad_plan: woof
<sad_plan> noo, rrrraaph, raph raph raph!!
<sad_plan> lol
<sewn> smh
* sad_plan shrugs
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