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<riteo> appy birthday sewn!
<riteo> s/appy/happy/g
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<sewn> hi
<sewn> thank
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<sad_plan> hi
<op_4> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> hi op_4 and sewn
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<vova> hi
<op_4> so what else happens in this channel other than "hi"
<sewn> op_4: nothing
<sewn> just pacakge updates with 0 communication from one of them
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<op_4> sewn: so you use kiss daily?
<sewn> sure
<sewn> moving to alpine sooner or later
<op_4> interesting, i used to do that but found the workload of keeping stuff up-to-date to be too great
<op_4> a common complaint i'm sure
<sewn> its not hard keeping things up to date
<sewn> kiss is designed to be able to be managed by one person
<sewn> since its so simple
<op_4> i mean, i was the one writing build scripts for stuff i needed
<op_4> that was too much work
<sewn> really? what were you implementing
<op_4> off the top of my head, emacs, vpn stuff for work, flatpak for work
<op_4> at some point vpn client of choice switched to having a qt frontend, i gave up
<sewn> ah ok use alpine lol aint for you
<sewn> flatpak is already here, but stuff like vpn or qt can be difficult
* op_4 nods
<op_4> it's cool that flatpak is around now
<sewn> when were you last using it
<op_4> it also wasn't obvious to me: how do i keep abreast of upstream changes (esp. security)?
<op_4> i could scrape some distros package versions i suppose
<op_4> but then... the logical next step is to just use them
<op_4> i probably used it around 3 years ago, fairly soon after dylan disappeared
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