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<angle> brb
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<sewn> hi
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<angle> thanks for the help, everyone. kiss linux is bootable for me technically.
<angle> I didn't bother installing drivers cause I was worried if it'd even boot.
<angle> so I'll add those now to get past a stalled out kernel loading text thing.
<angle> I'm usually acsqdotme on irc but exploded, so I'm needing to use libera's online web thing.
<angle> Anyways, thanks for all the help. gn.
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<sewn> hi acsq i wanted to say i found your site really cool but youre dead so
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<raph_ael> phoebos: i'd like to use kiss but each time I try, it's too much a pain
<sewn> raph_ael: elaborate plz
<raph_ael> pain to install, pain to get things working, etc
<raph_ael> maybe i should try again
<sewn> okay, elaborate further
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<raph_ael> it's been time, i can't remember more than i finally stopped cause it took too much time for everything
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<sewn> awesom
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<phoebos> simple != easy
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