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<sewn> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<icebarf> hi sewn
<icebarf> sewnie
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<sewn> ok icy
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<testuser[m]> hi
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<sewn> hi tsdtuer8Kj{}[]M]
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<Guest4259> hi guys
<Guest4259> does anyone know what installing kiss on the pinebook pro is like?
<sewn> Guest4259: please dont
<Guest4259> oh
<sewn> please use alpine
<Guest4259> but
<Guest4259> its the
<sewn> no buts
<Guest4259> kiss linux irc
<Guest4259> not the alpine irc
<sewn> use alpine
<sewn> although something like oasis should be a lot easier to build
<Guest4259> OH? fr?
<Guest4259> easy peasy
<sewn> still suggest alpine for day to day usage
<sewn> oasis for fun
<Guest4259> if you don't mind me asking, why so? what makes oasis too difficult for daily use? besides like swc instead of wlroots stuff i guess (maybe?)
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<sewn> Guest4259: personally not too fond of oasis
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<synima> Anyone know a good way to have two encrypted volumes mounted at boot without inputting the password twice or saving the password as a plain text variable?
<synima> Using tinyramfs
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<icebarf> synima: i think you can use tpm2 if your device has it. you don't even need an initramfs for that anymore. i'll share some relevant links that'll be helpful imo
<icebarf> im assuming you're using LUKS encryption
<synima> I want TPM on the efi part but I'm using regular password auth on the root part and home part
<icebarf> or
<icebarf> I havent used tpm so...
<icebarf> anyway, i think clevis requires initramfs
<synima> Just was worried storing the password for both parts in a shell variable was insecure
<synima> Can I have Linux zero out the memory that a variable was?
<synima> Maybe this is why people use lvm lol
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