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<sewn> hi
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<riteo> hi sewn
<sewn> hi riteo
<riteo> midfavila: regarding dead kiss, that's the whole point of this distro and its craziest aspect. It /cant't/ die
<riteo> you can't kill it
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<sewn> riteo: you're talking about how it was designed to be
<sewn> kiss was designed to be a meta-distro, in a way for anyone to just fork it and maintain it on their own
<sewn> when we say kiss, we are talking about kiss community really
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<riteo> fair
<riteo> I mean, every once in a while I do kiss u and I still see new stuff so, that's activity from my PoV :P
<sewn> thats just 'maintain' stage
<sewn> i want to see proposals get picked up
<riteo> tbch
<riteo> I would love to see improvements done to the distro
<riteo> and I _could_ technically
<riteo> but
<riteo> if I had the chance to work on a package manager, I'd work on a new distro plainly
<riteo> I'm still using kiss daily don't get me wrong, but in those years I've seen it as a stepping stone, a prototype in a way, and a brilliant one if you ask me
<riteo> point is, from my point of view, KISS Linux has reached its apex already
<sewn> it will reach its apex once kiss gets rewritten
<sewn> or dylan comes back
<riteo> is the rewrite going to be in C?
<sewn> we dont know
<sewn> there is no definitive rewrite
<sewn> dylan made on in C called k
<sewn> maintainers made bliss (lua) and kiss-ng (zig; nothing implemented)
<sewn> kiss-xorg maintainer did kiss.el (lisp) and i forgot made kiss-rs (rust)
<riteo> mh
<riteo> that's another interesting point
<sewn> kiss is a concept, package manager specification, and distro
<sewn> all at once
<sewn> and also a package manager specification implementation
<riteo> I might be going all ship of theseus rn, it doesn't help that I'm badly sleep deprived, but I feel like, maybe due to time reasons, maybe due to package format reasons, even just rewriting the package manager in c for the sake of it wouldn't change much
<riteo> the shell pkgman, despite being not ideal, was always the strongest concept and selling point in a way
<riteo> and exactly due to how KISS Linux is all those things combined changing something changes everything
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<riteo> I do agree with a lot of those proposals but by the time you implement them all it becomes something else entirely. The point of KISS was, in a way, to be maybe even _too_ simple. It showed how plain "dumb" and flexible at the same time a distro can be
<riteo> like, the package manager is a shell script, a shell script! I played a lot with shell scripts in the past and there's only so little you can do with shell scripts before you have to switch to an actual programming language
<riteo> although, again, that's my point of view (which is probably further exaggerated by my very little sleep these last few days)
<riteo> thanks for coming to my TED talk
<sewn> i was at your TED talk but i was on my phone the entire time
<riteo> lol
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<sad_plan> hi
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<riteo> hi sad_plan!
<sewn> Hi sad_plan
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<sad_plan> hi sewn riteo