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<sewn> hi
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<sad_plan> hi
<sunsetz0612> hi
<sad_plan> hi sunsetz0612
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sewn> hi sunsetz0612
<sad_plan> hi sewn
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<sewn> i love odcmpilng chormium
<sad_plan> I would hate it
<sewn> ccache makes it great
<sad_plan> yeah, but I would still have to compile it once, for that to take effect
<sewn> bruh i just realized i was going to build it without ccache
<sewn> phew
<sad_plan> lol
<sewn> why is ccache missing
<sewn> it's supposed to hit
<sewn> oh i changed my CFALGS
<sad_plan> I dont see how that matters, unless you specifically added CC=something or w/e
<sewn> i'll change it eventually...
<sewn> >i have to patch chromium
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<sunsetz0612> tfw i compile firefox, mesa and llvm and the next day theres an update for all of them
<sad_plan> life is smiling at you sunsetz0612 :D
<sunsetz0612> more like smiling at my 4 core i5 but yeah i guess you could say that
<sunsetz0612> poor thing has been compiling for 2 days straight :p
<sad_plan> I can relate :p
<sunsetz0612> i cant see myself daily driving kiss tbh, its fun as a hobby distro or something but if i need something in the middle of the day i can't just sit down and compile it
<sad_plan> flatpak or using a chroot can help you with that. or if you build apk-tools from alpine, you can just install binaries from alpine
<sunsetz0612> i havent thought about using a chroot yet, that could be a good solution
<sad_plan> yeah. is also an option. its a more automated chroot setup. its not a shellscript, as the name applies though
<sad_plan> you can always also just use nix
<sunsetz0612> nix seemed complicated when i looked at it, must've been 4 am or something though
<sad_plan> ive not tried it myself, but it shouldnt be that complicated
<sad_plan> sewn: installed it on oasis, maybe he can chime in on how complicated it was to build anyway
<sewn> sunsetz0612: just use flatpak
<sad_plan> yes, but you did try nix on oasis, didnt you?
<sewn> no because it was too unrealistic
<sad_plan> i see
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