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<midfavila> ugh my favorite fast food place has started serving mr beast burgers
<midfavila> what a nightmare
<riteo> is the y'all bad
<riteo> I mean I know it's not proper english but who cares
<shokara> dunno, all I know is that it's funny southern slang
<riteo> same thing
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<riteo> ...and wifi mesh roaming failed
<riteo> I'm still not sure how it works tbh :shrug:
<riteo> well, I'm feeling kinda sleepy, I think I'll roam the web a bit, play some games if I can and then collapse
<riteo> guys, it's been a real pleasure talking to you once again :)
<riteo> cya!
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<shokara> o/
<phoebos> midfavila: noocsharp wrote a compiler
<midfavila> oho?
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<midfavila> man why is asian cuisine both tasty *and* reasonably healthy?
<midfavila> it's not fair guys ;w;
<midfavila> i want to be able to order takoyaki at 0300
<midfavila> where are my fuckn canned coffee vending machines
<midfavila> and of course i decide that it's a good idea to watch a show about cooking while i have nothing to cook aaaaaa
<midfavila> man, you know what else is an *amazing* snack? moon cakes
<midfavila> moon cakes are the fucking *shit*
<midfavila> if any of you ever have the chance to have moon cakes, you need to
<midfavila> i need to get an asian cookbook...
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<shokara> moon cakes eh, takes me back
<shokara> haven't had those in many years and forgot about them D:
<midfavila> a moon cake or two with a strong cup of freshly-brewed tea of any kind is just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~
<midfavila> best snack
<midfavila> one thing i want to try making soon is oyakodon
<shokara> oo
<midfavila> it seems pretty easy
<shokara> seems like a nice fried rice recipe
<midfavila> egg, chicken, scallion and/or regular onion and other stuff to taste is boiled in a spicy soy stock and then served over rice
<shokara> my mom makes something similar minus the chicken and it's really good
<midfavila> i imagine
<midfavila> part of my thing is like
<midfavila> i never have any energy
<midfavila> so i never cook healthy or balanced meals, and i might eat like once a day
<midfavila> my meal today was rice and lentils boiled in mushroom stock, which is... pretty typical for me
<midfavila> and like, it's tasty I guess, but... I'd like to have something with *substance* to it
<midfavila> and a wider variety of flavors
<shokara> "it's not fair guys ;w;" I always feel slightly disappointed when I eat at a non-asian restaurant :( (except for dessert)
<shokara> try adding some scrambled egg on it?
<midfavila> nah that wouldn't work
<midfavila> what i need is more protein in my diet
<midfavila> of like, any variety
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<shokara> beans? chicken?
<midfavila> but egg and lentil? nah
<midfavila> beans, I don't have a way to prepare
<shokara> ohh, spicy minced chicken with that sounds good
<midfavila> unless i buy canned, but that's got its own problems
<midfavila> ...egg, lentil and chicken? that's a wacky combination
<shokara> well, uh, it's oughta taste good right?
<midfavila> i dunno
<midfavila> lentils... at least the ones i have have a bit of a... unusual taste
<midfavila> i can't really describe it
<midfavila> but it's not something that would go well with chicken
<midfavila> actually, hmm
<midfavila> i might have most of the stuff to make oyakodon, if i substitute miso for soy
<shokara> assuming dal counts as a lentil, then there do seem to be chicken lentil curries already available, so I don't see why regular lentils and chicken won't taste good too
<midfavila> iunno i'll give it a shot at least
<midfavila> one sec taking some chicken out
<midfavila> realized while i was taking that out and prepping my countertop that i should probably be eating more fats too honestly
<midfavila> i used to have cheese and full-fat milk fairly regularly, but since cutting them from my diet i haven't really had anything to cover my fats
<midfavila> should get some nuts or something
<midfavila> oh, actually, you know what, i should save up for some avocado too
<shokara> mmm guacamole
<midfavila> i'm honestly a fan of avocado on its own
<midfavila> if you smash it with a mortar and pestle it's great on a sandwich
<midfavila> just as a spread
<shokara> ah I thought that counted as guacamole
<midfavila> nah guacamole has spices and stuff i think
<shokara> mmm avocado*
<midfavila> i bought some avocado-based mayo a while back but i haven't really used it much
<midfavila> maybe i should take night classes on cooking...
<midfavila> i think the local college offers some culinary arts stuff
<midfavila> oh, another thing i want to learn to make is oatcakes and similar food
<shokara> I wonder if oatcakes taste as good as almond cakes
<midfavila> i've had almond scones before, but they're not really comparable
<midfavila> to my understanding, oatcakes are less a "cake" and more of a "bread", despite being called a cake
<shokara> ah
<shokara> now I'm more interested tbh
<midfavila> they're a scottish thing
<midfavila> there are a few bakeries around here that sell oatcakes, but they're way too sweet to be a regular part of my diet
<midfavila> make 'em myself, though, i only need to put a touch of honey or something in them
<midfavila> by the way, can someone here run ldd on /lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ and tell me what the output is?
<shokara> here's my very unhelpful output...
<midfavila> that's very helpful actually
<midfavila> i get similar results
<midfavila> i wasn't sure if there was an issue with my system or not
<shokara> huh I get the same errors with
<midfavila> i do as well
<midfavila> it doesn't seem to affect the system as a whole though
<shokara> dunno why it's showing this though because I just rebuilt mesa and xorg yesterday or two days ago after installing a new gpu
<shokara> yeah xorg is still using modesetting (despite my failed attempts at telling it to use amdgpu)
<shokara> s/xorg/my &/
<midfavila> weird, usually it'll load AMDGPU if it's detected
<midfavila> do you have gl/glx/glu?
<shokara> mine only bothered to load amdgpu when xorg was ran as root
<shokara> not sure if kiss-xorg's rootless patch has something to do with it
<shokara> I should
<shokara> I have glu installed, I think gl and glx are part of mesa?
<midfavila> that they are, nvm
<testuser[m]123> Hi
<midfavila> hey testuser[m]123
<midfavila> there, dinner is served. decided to make some more udon tonight
<midfavila> onions caramelized in balsamic vinegar with garlic and scallion, then boiled in miso and served with udon topped with hardboiled egg
<midfavila> i wanted to use carrots but i forgot to grab some the other day
<midfavila> also boiled some chicken breast after browning
<midfavila> seasoned with pepper, chili, and summer savory herbs
<sewn> ذhi
<midfavila> this is a cooking channel now sewn
<midfavila> also hi
<sewn> cn you ugys cook noodles
<sewn> or panvakces
<midfavila> if only i had a mixing bowl i could
<sewn> Fuck
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<testuser[m]123> I don't wanna waste my time using Windows, man. I've got a Laptop and pendrive with ten or fifteen distros. What the hell I wanna use Windows for? Use it for what? Money? I got all the money in the world. I'm the king, man. I run the terminal, guy. I decide which commands do what and how they do it. What am I gonna use some outdated OS for someone else's profit? I create the scripts, man. I compile the programs. The game is mine. I
<testuser[m]123> command the kernel.
<testuser[m]123> Video unavailable. This content is not available on this country domain due to a legal complaint from the government.
<sewn> you own a thinkpad?
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<aelspire> Hi
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<sewn> can someone here explain to me what the hell is ${KISS_ROOT##*[!/]}
<sewn> and whatever the hell "${HOME%"${HOME##*[!/]}"} is
<sewn> * and whatever the hell `"${HOME%"${HOME##*[!/]}"}` is
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<sewn> and why is most of the variable assignments in create_tmp_dirs unquoted but get quoted whenever they're used in other places
<shokara> lmao
<sewn> EXPLAIN
<sewn> com=${2##*[@#]} what in the world is this gibberish
<midfavila> it's your favorite programming language
<midfavila> posix shel
<midfavila> l
<midfavila> aka algol lite
<midfavila> aka "oh god why"
<sewn> WHAT THE FUCK IS 2##*[@#]
<midfavila> knowing it well doesn't make it not an ugly language
<midfavila> ;p
<sewn> i assume [@#] is like some regex for two characters in ##* operation or someshit
<sewn> then what the fuck is ##*[!/]
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<sewn> TIL kiss was once called puke
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<Ellowee[m]> kiss was also goat piss because getkiss meant goat piss in some lang
<midfavila> swedish
<midfavila> and that was only the site
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<rohan> hey guys
* midfavila waves
<rohan> someone here already used wine in flatpak?
<midfavila> >WINE in Flatpak
<midfavila> i think that might be one of the most cursed things i've ever heard of
<rohan> lol
<rohan> i need to run some windows software
<rohan> and kiss dont have wine
<rohan> so flathub maybe run it
<midfavila> i'd make sure you're running a kernel with 32-bit compat enabled and that the flatpak has a suite of 32-bit libraries before doing anything else
<rohan> thanks
<midfavila> you'll have a hard time getting windows software to run in WINE without a 32-bit compatible environment and that won't be worth jack if your kernel can't handle it
<midfavila> unless the state of the art has changed in recent years
<midfavila> i haven't kept up with WINE
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<sewn> <rohan> "and kiss dont have wine" <- org.winehq.Wine
<sewn> or gkiss-multilib :D
<sewn> nah nvm flatpak is easier
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<midfavila> guys
<midfavila> i'm considering learning webdev
<midfavila> and i kind of hate that i am ;w;
<midfavila> i need to a job that doesn't pay like shit though and i don't have time to develop a proper portfolio and skillset aa
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