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<testuser[m]123> Hi
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<sewn> Hi
<sewn> <snood> "probably will start over.. don't..." <- why would you want to have usr home var on seperate partitions?
<niceguy5000[m]> wael: because it's for security and cooooooooooool!
<sewn> No
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<Ellowee[m]> Security of what
<Ellowee[m]> I only do separate home, anything else would req a filesystem that can have 2+ partitions allocating same space
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<midfavila> problem with separate /usr /home /var /etc /whatever is that you can't always accurately gauge how much space each will require
<sewn> Btrfs subvolumes
<illiliti> zfs
<sewn> LVM
<illiliti> it sucks
<midfavila> sane partitioning
<midfavila> also, xfs for performance, nilfs for reliability
<midfavila> zfs can fuck off
<illiliti> zfs is very reliable
<illiliti> never had data corruption
<midfavila> zfs is also fuckhuge
<midfavila> and taints your kernel
<sewn> Jgskczksgktekfsigkwtktsksgkgdkgskgskvzkxvksgigei z
<illiliti> taints in what sense? i don't have this cryptic message in dmesg
<schillingklaus> i do not want any cow, be it btrfs or zfs or whatever
<illiliti> zfs is huge i agree
<midfavila> needs an out of tree module
<illiliti> nope
<illiliti> i have zfs builtin
<midfavila> does it not? i thought it was non-GPLv2 compatible
<illiliti> it builds fine as builtin module
<illiliti> i use it
<midfavila> also, fuck, i really hope i can get today off work. i have some sort of head cold
<midfavila> and it's not about whether you can build it into your kernel
<midfavila> it's about whether it's in upstream and it's gone through the usual process
<midfavila> and whether or not it's gplv2
<illiliti> that's unresolvable problem unfortunately
<testuser[m]123> illiliti: what advantages does zfs have over btrfs?
<illiliti> encryption
<illiliti> that is faster than luks/lvm
<midfavila> >muh encryption speed
<testuser[m]123> O
<midfavila> gfdi
<midfavila> can't get work off
<midfavila> hate being a wagie
<midfavila> this is bullshit
<midfavila> "hey i'm sick"
<midfavila> "you need to come in anyways"
<testuser[m]123> What if you take an off anyways
<midfavila> then i get fired
<schillingklaus> what if you contaminate the boss?
* midfavila shrugs!
<midfavila> that's like, above my pay grade, maaaaaaaaaaaan
<midfavila> all i can do is mix drinks dude
<midfavila> anyway i doubt i'm contagious
<midfavila> i just feel like death
<sewn> 🐈
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<midfavila> well, i'm off to "contribute" to "society"
<sewn> What a great man you are mid
<sewn> We at Society™ thank you for your revolutionary contributions
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<Ellowee[m]> <midfavila> "well, i'm off to "contribute" to..." <- Spirits beats inane ideological discombobulation and ego death
<Ellowee[m]> Wait can lvm allocate same space for two partitions
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<midfavila> Ellowee[m]: it's not even that kind
<midfavila> i just make smoothies
<midfavila> also i'm back
<sewn> fr?
<midfavila> frfr no cap
<Ellowee[m]> <midfavila> "i just make smoothies" <- Still
<midfavila> unironically bold of you to imply that wageslavery doesn't cause ideological discombobulation and ego death
<midfavila> honestly considering quitting
<sewn> Can I have ur smoothies
<sewn> Do you maka banana milkshake?nmn?m!n?!!?mmm
<midfavila> if you don't make me say "have a boosterific day" like my manager does, sure
<sewn> have a mid day
<midfavila> "have a day"
<sewn> have
<midfavila> hh
<midfavila> should try designing a machine to automatically blend smoothies
<midfavila> like a classic vending machine or something
<midfavila> plenty of space in those things
<sewn> nooo I want my smoothies made by a person not some souless machine smh
<midfavila> i don't want to be made to *act* like a soulless machine
<sewn> then make the actions soul(ful)
<sewn> like not some corporate shit
<sewn> ig
<midfavila> if only it was that easy
<sewn> I hate capitalism
<midfavila> it's not capitalism as a whole that's the problem here, specifically
<midfavila> at least under "traditional" capitalism the so-called proletariat had job security
<midfavila> under... whatever this is, you don't even have that, if you're a wageslave
<midfavila> there's even a term for the class of part-timers and gig workers now - "precariat", from "precarious" and "proletariat"
<midfavila> now you get to be degraded and treated like shit while cranking widgets, without even having the assurance that you'll at least be able to crank widgets again tomorrow
<sewn> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<midfavila> it's okay wael, by the time you're of widget-cranking age the world will have been hit by a massive solar flare
<midfavila> that or the global economy will have collapsed
<midfavila> it's always hilarious when i meet "communists" who live in like, california or whatever
<midfavila> involved in the silicon valley style of economy
<sewn> I want to stay young forever smh
<midfavila> and they like... almost exclusively get through their days by relying on wageslaves
<midfavila> and gig workers
<rohan> yo anyone here is a owner or have access to community repo?
<midfavila> and then they have the gall to say "yes comrade I support the Working Class:tm:", while thinking that they're part of the proletariat making 30k+ a year
<rohan> my package is 4 days in pull request and nothing be done
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<sewn> bleh
<illiliti> merged sorry
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<sewn> Cat
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<midfavila> guys i wanna apologize
<midfavila> i'm installing slackware
<midfavila> ;w;
<drez> what ._.
<drez> how???
<drez> on your main pc???
<midfavila> yes
<drez> are you leaving forevah D:???
<midfavila> no
<drez> wait but why?
<midfavila> i intend to still work on KISS and eventually return to it full time with a proper hard fork of my own, but right now I'm not well, mentally, and can't spare the energy
<midfavila> in short, I want an OS that works for me, not a me that works for my OS, at least right now
<drez> =(
<drez> oh man it is tough to deal with that argument becoming true
<drez> "I just want something that works"
<midfavila> it's not about "just wanting something that works"
<midfavila> i actually like fiddling around with stuff
<midfavila> my idea of a good time is like
<midfavila> benchmarking my system with different zlib implementations
<drez> but having to port/patch a lot of stuff is probably not good
<midfavila> it's not even that
<midfavila> i maintain my own soft fork of KISS
<midfavila> just keeping stuff up to date in the base system is a pain
<midfavila> and then add on top of that, say, coming home from work to watch a movie or play a game, only to be hit with a big segfault that i need to spend the afternoon debugging instead
<midfavila> and then having to experience that day in day out
<drez> oh :(
<midfavila> and it's just
<drez> what the heck dude
<midfavila> bleeeh
<drez> I didn't think it was that unstable
<drez> well, I understand now
<drez> I see slackware users on like kernel 2.6.x
<midfavila> they're on 5.19 or something now
<midfavila> slackware i mean
<drez> he uses some 'vector linux'
<midfavila> but yeah slackware is my equivalent to most people's debian
<midfavila> It Just Werks:tm:
<drez> it doe sjust werk
<drez> i am using devuan right now
<drez> its not very good
<midfavila> slack is honestly the only distro that just works
<midfavila> this isn't even an opinion
<midfavila> this is fact
<drez> but I know if I try something else I am going to get punched in the balls
<midfavila> slackware just coomputes
<drez> maybe I should finally give slackware a try now
<drez> but it sucks now
<drez> they got rid of ck2
<drez> and etc etc
<midfavila> "ck2"? a dev?
<midfavila> oh, no, consolekit
<drez> consolekit2
<drez> now it has elogind
<drez> and like I think wayland too
<drez> I don't want that stuff
<midfavila> and rust too
<midfavila> le gasp
<drez> yeah
<illiliti> finally mid got a life
<drez> at least if you turn off auto-install-recommends in debian you can avoid a bunch of stuff
<midfavila> illiliti: bold statement
<midfavila> also not true
<midfavila> i'm still going to fiddle with KISS regularly in a chroot
<midfavila> and i do intend to return to it full time once my fork hits 1.0
<midfavila> i just want muh games and to be able to make VoIP calls with my friends
<drez> you cant do that on kiss?
<midfavila> not without pulseaudio
<midfavila> or some janky setup
<drez> what???
<drez> i use jackaudio
<midfavila> plus firefox or a similar browser
<drez> and can play any game
<drez> well steam didn't work for some reason
<midfavila> probably because kiss is based on musl
<drez> oh right
<midfavila> and steam is distributed linked against glibc
<drez> if you want to play games do not use musl
<midfavila> most of the games i play are libre
<drez> still might have problems
<drez> and i do have wine installed
<drez> but i don't use it much
<midfavila> but sometimes i want to play X-COM or RimWorld
<midfavila> and no, not unless they're built on some retarded stack
<drez> haha cool
<midfavila> but yeah no once i have CS and C programming skills equivalent to my ability in shell and general computer use i won't be able to daily my fork
<midfavila> because i just don't have the software necessary for me to do what i need to do
<midfavila> and i'm too incompetent to write it myself
<midfavila> s/once/until/
<midfavila> fuck
<drez> that is screwed up
<drez> in a sad way
<midfavila> lmao
<drez> yeah it really sucks
<drez> that software sucks so much nowadays
<midfavila> MGR port for KISS soon
<drez> well just about anything sucks
<drez> oh yeah
<drez> looking forward to that
<midfavila> and by soon I mean like maybe five years :v
<drez> you did get super far with your kiss setup
<drez> love how you got xaw looking all pretty
<midfavila> well, see, with 0.3 my fork is capable of most basic tasks
<midfavila> it's just not fully self-hosting, and it lacks an HTTPS browser
<drez> oof
<drez> those two get sorted out and i would run it on a laptop
<midfavila> it's not self-hosting because it can't build the kernel (a given) nor its headers (a given), nor can it build everything that you might expect to find under base
<midfavila> that being a media player and an HTTPS browser
<drez> does ffmpeg not build either?
<midfavila> lmao not even close
<drez> mplayer?
<midfavila> it's hilarious that you think tcc can build any of that my dude
<drez> ocp?
<drez> idk
<drez> I thought tcc was ok
<drez> maybe it can build ocp
<drez> opencubicplayer
<midfavila> not to mention the lack of GNU tools requires massive patching to makefiles and such
<drez> oh yeah
<midfavila> it's been harder to replace GNU Make than GCC
<drez> oh dude weak
<midfavila> trying to learn Make, C, Bourne, m4, awk, POSIX, X11, mathematics, lex and yacc, and so on is just too much to juggle with other stuff right now
<drez> while also working <_<
<drez> you know what they say about working and studying simultaneously
<midfavila> no, i don't, actually
<drez> oh okay
<drez> I thought you finally had a job
<midfavila> i do
<midfavila> but i don't know what "they" say
<drez> ah okay
<drez> well people say it's pretty tough
<drez> but I think that's about the default for most of us here
<drez> not the toughness
<drez> but doing that
<midfavila> honestly if i wasn't dealing with a bunch of mental health issues it would be trivial
<midfavila> but as it stands i'm about two steps away from becoming the next terry davis
<drez> wait are you getting bullied by voices?
<midfavila> only my own :D
<drez> that is pretty close
<midfavila> i also have fuck-all in terms of energy or motivation right now
<drez> well, meds never held anyone together for too long
<drez> that is a fact of life
<drez> just in case
<drez> idk if you are taking meds
<midfavila> nah
<drez> well good
<drez> just in case
<drez> you know people are going to say take meds and such
<drez> that is a pretty harmful thing to say
<midfavila> i've only taken prescription medication once in my life and i wasn't a fan of it, but that was because it was issued for a maldiagnosis :v
<drez> oof
<drez> well most meds do not merit them being taken
<drez> they are just a copout
<midfavila> who could have guessed that issuing antipsyhotics to a depressed person was a bad idea
<midfavila> and i mean, that's not necessarily true
<midfavila> antipsychotics even christ
<drez> that is weak
<drez> i can't imagine being under the effects of one of those things
<midfavila> neither can i!
<midfavila> i literally can't remember that period of my life
<drez> O_O
<midfavila> it *also* kicked off a bunch of physical health issues as a result of the medication's side effects, which I'm *still* trying to get under control. and hey, look ma, no doctor
<drez> nooo :(
<midfavila> should have added "trawling pubmed and scihub for relevant papers" to my list
<drez> im trying to get into reading health books
<drez> and some stuff about well, not mental health necessarily
<drez> but maybe more fringe than that
<midfavila> i've been considering picking up a book on anatomy and learning more about first aid and basic medicine
<drez> i would definitely like to actually learn first aid
<drez> and try to get the hang of what they say in those survival infographics
<midfavila> >inb4 drez is studying the effects of 432hz on cancelling the damage to cells caused by 5G cell frequencies
<drez> no nothing like that
<midfavila> kek
<drez> idk anything about the 432hz stuff
<drez> but I mean I would like less EM exposure for sure
<drez> just cause its not normal
<midfavila> i think that "EM" is too broad, but specific things like artificial light and such definitely need to be more strictly controlled, for a variety of reasons
<drez> em is pretty broad true
<drez> it does involve visible light haha
<midfavila> you have to go like 10km outside of my city to even start seeing the stars for example
<drez> true
<midfavila> light pollution is a huge problem
<drez> that is very true
<drez> well the only real problem with light pollution AFAIK is astronomy is harder
<midfavila> no, there are a *huge* number of issues associated with it
<drez> tell me more
<midfavila> it disrupts the circadian rhythm of animals, including humans
<drez> oh of course
<drez> that is artificial light in general
<drez> darn you edison
<midfavila> and you *know* that the second stuff starts fucking with the ecosystem things are going to get bad. i'm not well-informed enough to provide any more information, but it's something i've been meaning to look into as well
<drez> yeah disbalance of nature and all
<midfavila> i used to be a half decent astronomer. decent enough to navigate without a compass at night at least
<midfavila> that was one of my "things" as a smol
<drez> awesome... I never had the chance to get into it
<drez> since I have rarely had the chance to see any stars really
<drez> you have to be completely away from other people at this point
<midfavila> might end up reaching that point depending on how the next few months go honestly
<drez> totally want to learn astronomy myself
<midfavila> need be i'll fucking *walk* to get the hell out of this place
<drez> that is something I might want to do as well
<midfavila> don't care if it's 1000km
<drez> well people walk alright
<midfavila> i meant "walk across canada"
<midfavila> or at least to a province that isn't shit
<drez> how bad could it be?
<midfavila> oh huh go figure
<midfavila> it's ~1000km from my city to ottawa
<drez> hmmmm
<drez> i was thinking about what distro to use on a laptop
<midfavila> lmao what
<drez> i need it ready this week
<midfavila> google says it would only take 3 days by bike and 9 by foot
<drez> that might be true
<midfavila> no way. that *has* to include sections by vehicle
<drez> well if you were a mega athlete you could do this
<midfavila> i'm an out of shape nerd so
<midfavila> for all my boasting i'd probably get to the city's outer limits and then die
<drez> 153 miles in <2 days
<midfavila> :v
<drez> so 1000 km
<midfavila> how many sane person units is that
<midfavila> aah
<drez> oh like 10 people I guess
<drez> this guy is probably top 0.01%
<drez> 0.0001%
<midfavila> >turn right onto Abandoned Railroad
<midfavila> *I don't think I will Google*
<drez> LOL
<drez> maybe use a real route planner software if you really want to do this
<midfavila> >not getting a map of canada and hand-resolving your path using A*, a pen, and paper
<midfavila> you disgust me
<drez> well I mean you could trace it manually
<drez> with a software
<midfavila> our ANCESTORS found their way by the STARS
<drez> but you do need that map
<drez> well you are not going to see anything as it is
<drez> they had the privilege
<midfavila> fuck you don't remind me ;w;
<drez> super badass and all but we don't get to do that :(
<midfavila> also man i don't know if i will install slackware
<drez> its a hard decision
<midfavila> i don't even think i have the energy to do that today christ
<drez> slackware is gnomed now
<midfavila> i just want to eat and go to bed
<midfavila> and maybe shitpost on IRC
<drez> just maybe
<midfavila> i keep experiencing microsleep at work
<midfavila> which is big concern
<drez> oh no
<midfavila> i'm just like sans
<drez> like sans??
<midfavila> snas udnertale
<drez> ok right sans from undertale
<drez> but did sans from undertale experience microsleep at any moment?
<midfavila> ye
<drez> I see
<midfavila> you could argue
<midfavila> :D
<drez> I don't remember that
<drez> I do remember papyrus getting pinkeye though
<midfavila> i don't think anything else could explain the whole "falling asleep mid-fight for your life" thing
<midfavila> other than microsleep as a result of chronic sleep deprivation :D
<drez> well it just must be very very boring
<drez> like it is an act of disrespect or something
<drez> maybe he is just mocking you
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<midfavila> anyway real talk i'll probably just take the bus lmao
<midfavila> also unrelated but the phoenix wright x professor layton crossover has an *incredible* OST
<drez> videogame osts :)
<midfavila> i only played part of the first one but i really like the ace attorney games
<midfavila> deduction games are <3
<niceguy5000[m]> midfavila: I heard you're leaving us. ;v;
<midfavila> when i was younger i used to play games of werewolf ~150 players wide pretty often
<midfavila> and i'll still be kicking around the IRC. but yeah either tonight or tomorrow i'll be backing up my boot disk and overwriting KISS with slackware
<midfavila> hmm
<midfavila> actually
<midfavila> wild idea
<midfavila> i've already decided that at least for my desktop i don't mind a *little* bloat if it means i can play muh gayms
<midfavila> so *maybe* flatpak could help here
<midfavila> that or i set up a gkiss chroot with just enough to run gayms
<midfavila> actually no because i run a 64-bit clean kernel
<midfavila> hrm
<midfavila> fuck
<midfavila> anyway brb
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