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<sewn> Hi
<testuser[m]123> Hi
<Ellowee[m]> Sleep $((RANDOM%86400))
<sewn> No
<Ellowee[m]> Yes
<Ellowee[m]> Yeeeeeees
<sewn> Nooooooo
<sewn> Segmentation fault
<Ellowee[m]> ```Core Dumped```
<Ellowee[m]> * Core Dumped
<Ellowee[m]> No inanity niceguy
<sewn> this will always echo :(
<Ellowee[m]> shellcheck is gonna complain to that
<sewn> its not even shell smh
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<midfavila> guess who's back to being a neet?
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<sewn> bruh
<sewn> after some update
<sewn> smh
<sewn> I have to recompile everything linked to gtk
<sewn> anything now is just gonna seg fault
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<sewn> one compiling latet
<sewn> I advise anyone here to not update gtk
<midfavila> xawchads can't stop winning
<midfavila> can't break your toolkit with an update if your toolkit is never updated
<midfavila> :D
<sewn> i advise anyone here running gtk to not update gtk
* midfavila cackles
<sewn> whats a cackle
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<sewn> nash looks really interesting
<sewn> rc is dead and lacking features and nash seems to be a good rc like thing i guess?
<midfavila> >rc is dead
<midfavila> since when?
<sewn> its written in go so some here may not like it almost immediately
<sewn> uh last time i checked ig
<midfavila> sounds like updooter rhetoric ngl
<sewn> what?
<sewn> plan9port last updated 2007
<midfavila> oh, you meant p9port's rc
<sewn> 9base last updated 20090731
<sewn> midfavila: ye obv im not talking about the literal rc (9front) but talking about linux ports
<midfavila> i thought you meant
<sewn> like i said, its also lacking basic features i would expect
<sewn> im looking for a new shell that is featureful yet again
<midfavila> define "basic features"
<sewn> integrated test
<midfavila> I have to ask why that's important.
<sewn> if you shell script you can immediately understand why
<sewn> basically all that test(1) can do but inside the shell
<midfavila> i do, regularly, and there's no real difference for me.
<sewn> im sure rc did this for 'simplicity's sake but this might fuck up some checks
<midfavila> anyway, rc's ~ operator is usually sufficient
<sewn> id also love to see variable, process substitution, arithmetic expressions, and word splitting
<midfavila> rc has the first two, and the latter can be solved easily with existing tools
<sewn> i dont think substitutions like ${foo##bar} are available in rc afaik
<sewn> rc has process substitution?
<midfavila> as in "use the output of this command as one of the inputs to this command"? yes
<midfavila> <{} or something iirc
<sewn> bro wtf
<sewn> wow cool
<midfavila> but yeah as for the arithmetic operations, just use expr or bc or dc or w/e
<sewn> though i think the '{} is weird
<sewn> midfavila: what about turnary
<midfavila> pretty sure you can set what base you're using in bc but don't quote me on that
<midfavila> looks like global variable obase controls that
<midfavila> yeah ibase and obase
<midfavila> for input base and output base
<midfavila> also it's not '{} it's `{}
<sewn> even worse
<midfavila> '{} would require a lookahead parser to differentiate between subshells and string literals
<sewn> are there more up to date rc repositories you know?
<midfavila> the rakitzis one or w/e is the canonical unix port as far as i'm aware
<sewn> hm
<sewn> rc looks really really cool but i really dont want to unlearn posix sh lol
<midfavila> you don't have to?
<midfavila> i use both
<sewn> for
<sewn> what
<midfavila> generally? the same thing
<sewn> which as your interactive shell or scripting language idk
<midfavila> i prefer rc for more complex scripts because of its lower cognitive load i.e no "how many times do I need to escape this to get what I want" situations
<midfavila> but shell is better for portable scripts or those that are relatively simple, or in the case of me not being familiar with the requisite rc constructs to do what i want
<midfavila> as for interactive use, i prefer rc
<sewn> can something like this be translated to rc
<sewn> also is something like getopts available
<midfavila> you might run into trouble creating a construct like case
<midfavila> i don't *think* rc has case
<midfavila> you can just use a chain of if-elses though /shrug
<midfavila> and getopts can be installed as a standalone program
<midfavila> there are a few implementations of it
<sewn> bleh
<sewn> midfavila: hey wdym it has switch & case
<midfavila> that's why i said "i don't think"
<midfavila> i don't really use switch statements much
<midfavila> so i never bothered to look
<sewn> ok wait, you use rc as your interactive shell, what do you use for scripts?
<midfavila> both rc and shell depending on usecase
<midfavila> if i'm familiar enough with rc to accomplish the task at hand i'll use it, otherwise i'll use shell - or if i need it to be portable.
<sewn> if you were to write a simple script you would choose rc?
<midfavila> yes, assuming i was going to be the only person to use it
<sewn> do you write mini scripts right in your terminal easy or is it difficult? for example making a complex for or while loop just for one thing you want to do very quickly right in the shell
<midfavila> rc uses less memory than even something like dash and considering i run a *lot* of small scripts in the background of my sessions, that's an important consideration
<midfavila> and no, i find that case to be particularly easy in rc
<midfavila> rc is less verbose
<sewn> for i in _.png; do convert $i ${i##._}.jpg; done
<sewn> what is this in rc (example usecase):
<sewn> oops i meant uh
<midfavila> dunno, i'm not as familiar with shell as you seem to be :v
<sewn> for i in *.png; do convert $i ${i##.*}.jpg; done
<midfavila> ${i##.*}.jpg is unfamiliar to me in particular
<sewn> midfavila: ok how do you convert all pngs in the current directory to jpg
<sewn> while keeping same file name but removing extension for jpg
<sewn> @testuser: do you know literally any shell other than mksh oksh and yash
<sewn> bruh rakitzis/rc uses configure
<midfavila> for(img in *.png){ffmpeg -i $img $img.jpg;mv $img.jpg `{echo $img.jpg|cut -f1 -d.}} would do it
<midfavila> not elegant, but then again i'm not particularly familiar with either rc or shell compared to some people here
* midfavila shrugs
<sewn> i mean it looks realistic for rc
<midfavila> and if you don't like that implementation of rc, don't complain, just don't use it
<midfavila> i'm not here to be a salesman
<sewn> but is there really no like easy way to change strings with stuff like ## %% and globs with // replacement and :- :+ := stuff
<midfavila> i've already told you that i don't know, because i'm not as familiar with posix shell as you seem to be
<sewn> midfavila: is there another standalone rc implementation that is up to date
<sewn> somewhat
<sewn> blehhhhh
<midfavila> oh my god, i'm walking away-
<sewn> nooo
<midfavila> "up to date" means *nothing* as long as the program is feature complete. even if there's only a maintenance release once every couple of years, that's *fine*
<midfavila> you don't need a commit every five goddamn seconds
<midfavila> i have things to do
<sewn> okay okay damn
<sewn> hmm, i guess there is 9base or plan9port
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<rohan> bro
<rohan> need some help here
<rohan> i get back to kiss
<rohan> now my fucking alsa dont work and i dont know why
<rohan> still the same config when i used kiss months ago
<sewn> aplay -L
<rohan> dont have any cards
<rohan> thats the problem
<sewn> no kernel audio driver?
<sewn> kernel config issue it seems
<sewn> fr
<rohan> yeah but is the same config i used
<rohan> no changes
<sewn> look at dmesg and config again
<sewn> maybe not part of audio group
<rohan> maybe
<illiliti> check /dev/snd permissions
<rohan> thats right
<rohan> my fault
<rohan> forget audio group
<sewn> lol
<rohan> anyway
<rohan> pipewire works with the repo programs like mpv?
<rohan> or all repo use only alsa?
<sewn> natively or alsa
<sewn> with pipewire-alsa this is pretty much out of the equation
<rohan> i mean
<rohan> if i build pipewire and build mpv
<rohan> mpv will use pipewire natively?
<rohan> or still use alsa?
<testuser[m]123> rohan: jusy use pipe wire - alsa configuration
<sewn> mpv has pipewire support so yes
<rohan> good
<rohan> dont wanna to change my cards everytime i connect HDMI on tv
<sewn> fair enough
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<drez> > midfavila> guess who's back to being a neet? | wha????
<midfavila> yeah my boss fired me this morning :v
<drez> rc is cool
<drez> oh
<drez> oh...
<drez> :(
<drez> too much sleeping at work?
<midfavila> i told him that i have a surgery coming up and my availability this month will be spotty so he was just like "well, here's two weeks' severance, see you" since i'm still on probation
<midfavila> also not quite
<midfavila> i have difficulty dealing with other people and with really dynamic environments, so fast food is uh
<drez> oh dude, weak
<midfavila> *really* not my gig
<drez> you were in fast food?
<midfavila> yeah
<midfavila> for... about two months, which lines up with my previous fast food jobs
<drez> why don't you do some mechanic type of job
<drez> like a redneck job
<drez> of some kind
<midfavila> because i have basically no formal education or qualifications and the only places hiring here want either wageslaves or intermediate/senior positions
<drez> surely there is something you can do to build your cv
<drez> being talkative is probably essential
<drez> build your network or whatever they call it
<midfavila> i just need to study and develop some software that i can show off
<midfavila> and then i can probably nepotism my way into a junior development position with the help of a few people I know
<drez> can you do that as a neet?
<midfavila> why not?
<midfavila> i have literally thousands of hours of free time right now
<drez> well, you took up a job
<drez> I guess you need one
<midfavila> kinda-sorta-technically-but-not-really
<drez> I see
<midfavila> i needed the job to pay for a bed and some other stuff but
<midfavila> that's all done now, and my expenses are low enough for me to survive off of other sources of income right now
* midfavila shrugs
<midfavila> worst case i fall back on my plan of selling all my shit and moving out west
<drez> gg
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<midfavila> honestly as stupid of an idea as it might be, i kind of like it
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<glenda> hello
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<drez> midfavila, sometimes those are the coolest
<drez> anyways shutting down the pc while i brb since theres power surges
<midfavila> >glenda
<midfavila> a fellow plan 9 aficionado hmm?
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<midfavila> aw
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<midfavila> gotta love netsplits
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> midfavila sewn rc has case, and switch :p
<sad_plan> sewn if you wanna look at how the syntax is written, in posix vs rc, as an example, Ive converted some of my scripts here: they all work for their intended purposes atleast, but theyre probably open for improvements :p
<sad_plan> ive mostly only read the manpage, and some other doc from cat-v
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