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<sewn> hi
<midfavila> hihihiihihiihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
<sewn> you seem excited
<midfavila> yeah i'm absolutely stoked to be here
<sewn> good for you mid!
<midfavila> = w=
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<sewn> :D
<testuser[m]123> Hi
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> omg hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> how do you do sewn? C:
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<sewn> I said 'I'm burger' but matrix home server had server maintenance
<sewn> very sorry for that matter sad_plan
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<sad_plan> I see. not your fault :p
<sewn> :D
<sad_plan> why on earth does firefox error out on compiler flags?
<sad_plan> also, unsetting the flags entierly, results in the same. which is strange
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<midfavila> watching K-Mart union-busting videos, apparently at some locations employees made up to 13.65 an hour in 1988 USD, or almost 35 USD in today's money. fucking crazy
<midfavila> 12:00
<midfavila> meanwhile making 13.65USD an hour today is about equivalent to 5.37 an hour in 1988 money... were it not for muh covid and muh 2008 and muh 2001 i'd think such a dramatic difference were impossible
<midfavila> dude...
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<midfavila> >microservices
<midfavila> >kubernetes
<midfavila> >docker
<midfavila> found the problem
<illiliti> musl does support dns via tcp
<midfavila> i'm so sick of seeing people say shit like "the modern world has complex problems that demand complex solutions, and kubernetes/docker/$TECH is part of that"
<midfavila> without realizing that those "problems" are sometimes entirely manufactured or unimportant, and that slapping more shit on top of the problem just makes things worse in the long run
<midfavila> but idk i'm just a twenty-something
<omanom> :)
<omanom> i'm becoming more and more of a neo-luddite as i age
<midfavila> i was just saying to someone else that uncle ted might have been on to something
<omanom> it wasn't the ideas in his manifesto that people were upset about... it was the whole mail bombing thing and his use of mass murder as a way to get attention that wasn't appreciated very much.
* midfavila hides the fertilizer
<midfavila> well, anyway, i'm going to go and try to distract myself from the living hell we're all stuck in for a while
<omanom> illiliti thanks for the commit reference!
<sewn> <midfavila> "well, anyway, i'm going to go..." <- what are you gonna do mid
<omanom> they're going to go do some gardening
<sewn> pretty nice tbh
<midfavila> no, i went and paid someone 300$ to hack into my foot for a half-hour
<midfavila> now I can't walk for 6-8 weeks
<midfavila> :D
<drez> wat
<midfavila> minor surgery /shrug
<drez> rip
<midfavila> have any of you ever found a copy of the original Bell Labs Writer's Workbench?
<midfavila> in source code format of course
<midfavila> it would be really awesome if WWB and PWB were available on KISS
<midfavila> also
<midfavila> neat mini-documentary on historical unix
<midfavila> phoebos, if you're still interested in xaw and xt, you might find this instructive:
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<midfavila> be cool if more articles from The X Advisor could be recovered...
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