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<testuser[m]123> Hi
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<sad_plan> hi
<phoebos> hi
<sewn> Hi
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<sewn> testuser: was your pipewire patch supposed to solve hotplug
<sewn> today i unplugged and replugged my headfone and i had to restart wireplumber and pipewire
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<testuser[m]123> hi
<testuser[m]123> sewn: it works for my mic
<sewn> interesting
<testuser[m]123> ill help debug it
<testuser[m]123> but on a later date
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<sewn> I only unplug when my pc is off so
<midfavila> something something alsa
<testuser[m]123> so bad
<midfavila> headphone and microphone hotplugging works though :D
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<testuser[m]123> so bad
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<sewn> so good
<midfavila> man
<midfavila> looking at existing Linux/Unix "content creators", I kind of want to throw my hat in the ring
<midfavila> because most of it's kind of shit
<midfavila> it's always muh gnome muh kde muh drama, very little technical substance
<shokara> The dark side of the Force is not to be trifled with young Padawan.
<midfavila> very little actual news or useful stuff
<midfavila> it says something when the most technical content you'll find with (relative) ease is Christ Titus or DistroTube talking about some utility they found on r/unixporn
<midfavila> good luck finding, for example, a Motif programming series or a discussion of Xt