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<sewn> hi
<sewn> hi midfavila
<sewn> are you ok
<midfavila> wha?
<midfavila> i mean, i'm as okay as i can be given the circumstances
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<GeekoftheWild> hi, ive almost finished installing kiss linux but when i try to boot it says cannot access device /dev/device/by/uuid/<a giant string of text> (I have checked, this is a symlink to /dev/nvme0n1p4, my root directory for this kiss install) and something about job control not being enabled. a quick brave search (as in the search engine, not the browser even tho its irrelevant) seems to show that this is usually cause by the
<GeekoftheWild> kernel not update correctly, but i tried re-compiling it and nothing changed (im using @ehawkvu 's linux-lts package but i changed it to be 6.5.1 instead). im using grub and have tried disabling booting by uuid but nothing different happens. can provide more info if needed, thanks!
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<sewn> geekofthewild: have you enabled filesystem drivers for your kernel
<sewn> also, what bootloader are you using? what is giving it the root parameters?
<sewn> i dont believe youre supposed to be giving it a uuid, i think it takes only device paths, labels, and partuuids
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<GeekoftheWild> @sewn it does not appear that @ehawkvu 's linux-lts package has any kernel parameters enabled by default. when i go into /path/linux-lts/files and look at the one name "config", it is empty. should i just add filesystems to this file? thanks
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<ehawkvu> geekofthewild: Yes, you will need to provide your own kernel config
<ehawkvu> If you are using a live usb, you can get a decent, (not perfect) config by running 'make localyesconfig'
<ehawkvu> otherwise defer to the gentoo wiki on kernel configuration
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<GeekoftheWild> @ehawkvu where do i run make localyesconfig? I can't find any makefiles in the project, would I have to clone the Linux kernel from source, run make localyesconfig and then copy the file over? I'll try that now, thanks
<GeekoftheWild> ok, so I've done that, and I can verify that changes are taking place since it initially asked me to disable btf support and I did that. The error still appears on boot. Oh and I'm chrooting in from my regular NixOS install on a different partition if that matters, but from what I know of the subject it shouldn't. Have you got any ideas on what the problem could be now? Thanks
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