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<Guest59> acpid being a pain in the ass right now
<asimovsh> Thats kiss
<Guest59> i tried using the script for poweroff in the man pages, but nothing shows up
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<Guest59> hey what group does seatd make? i forgot what group that you can add your user when seatd is enabled
<asimovsh> add to video
<asimovsh> input
<asimovsh> and audio
<asimovsh> for a working system
<Guest59> oh ok
<asimovsh> audio is for alsa
<Guest59> ok
<asimovsh> input is for you get your keyboard and mouse working in wayland
<asimovsh> and video is just for get it initialized
<ukky> asimovsh: Check where your cross-toolchain looks for libs: avr-ld --verbose | grep SEARCH_DIR
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<asimovsh> ukky: it gives me nothing
<ukky> Does this print linker script?: avr-ld --verbose | less
<asimovsh> Yeah
<ukky> Then your avr-gcc toolchain does not have default lib search path
<ukky> Does this find __unix__ definition?: avr-gcc -xc -E -dD /dev/null | grep '^#define \+__unix__ \+1$'
<asimovsh> No response
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<ukky> That was a test if your toolchain is baremetal
<asimovsh> so what can i do?
<ukky> imho, you need to provide lib path where your standard .o and .a are located. I do not use avr toolchain, but I use other baremetal toolchains.
<ukky> Try: avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -L /usr/lib/avr/avr6 main.o -o uart_test.elf
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<ukky> Another option: avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -Wl,-L/usr/lib/avr/avr6 main.o -o uart_test.elf
<asimovsh> how can i enable it in gcc build?
<asimovsh> or it can't be build for that?
<ukky> Native gcc?
<asimovsh> i mean
<asimovsh> is just a GCC buld with target
<asimovsh> i can't enable it in the build file?
<asimovsh> also it is not in the /usr/lib/avr
<asimovsh> Is in /usr/avr
<asimovsh> it can make the error?
<ukky> sorry, cannot help you with integrating this in KISS build file, I'm using another distros (CRUX and Gentoo)
<asimovsh> But is the same
<asimovsh> I mean the configure options
<asimovsh> but thanks anyway
<ukky> I am building my own cross-toolchains in Gentoo. You can use LFS guides to build avr toolchain yourself
<asimovsh> its too much
<asimovsh> have you ever used kiss?
<ukky> Or, you just adjust to avr toolchain that you have.
<ukky> Never used KISS, but I know it enough to navigate in it. And I use some init techniques from KISS.
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<asimovsh> have you already builded a package in gentoo?
<asimovsh> also your solution not worked
<asimovsh> it get worse
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<ukky> I made many packages for CRUX, but had only one package for Gentoo. BTW, they both are source-based, like KISS.
<ukky> Can you find crtatmega328p.o, libatmega328p.a, libatmega328p.o on your system?
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> like i said
<asimovsh> is in /usr/avr/lib/avr5
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<ukky> Try: avr-gcc -mmcu=atmega328p -o uart_test.elf main.c -L/usr/lib/avr/avr6
<ukky> s/avr6/avr5/
<ukky> You should use main.c instead of main.o when running gcc
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<synimas> Does kiss package manager support meson?
<asimovsh> what you mean by support?
<synimas> Will it use meson if the package i add to my personal repo needs it
<asimovsh> if you have meson installed
<asimovsh> you can build your package
<asimovsh> all kiss does is like exec the instructions
<synimas> Okay, and does anyone have a script that auto generates /version files?
<asimovsh> i dont think so
<asimovsh> since you need to change the sources and version file everytime
<synimas> Ah damn, was hoping itd be automatic on custom repos lol
<asimovsh> just checksums are like that
<asimovsh> but maybe people have something
<synimas> There a usermod command in busybox?
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<asimovsh> you mean like for adding user to group?
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<sad_plan> hi
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<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sewn> have you guys ever tased Lindt chocolate before?
<sad_plan> I dont belive I have
<sewn> give me your IBAN so i can wire transfer you the money to buy one
<sewn> best chocolate ever
<sad_plan> riight. never seem them before though. I dont belive they sell them here
<sad_plan> nor in sweden for that matter
<sewn> fidn them in ur local supersupermarket
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<sewn> woah youre live in sweden????
<sewn> thats awesome
<sewn> then im sure you know who sjalv: is i think
<sad_plan> what
<synimas> Whats the best way to modify the bemenu config?
<sad_plan> you already know where I live
<sewn> synimas: man 1 bemenu
<sad_plan> and no I dont know who sjalv: is
<sewn> you can use environment variables to configure bemenu i believe
<synimas> Ah, thought it was a config.h as well
<sewn> its wayland, you dont usually expect suckless style software there anymore
<synimas> Also, is putting dwl in my .profile a bad idea?
<sewn> if youre using [ $tty = /dev/tty ] && dwl then no its a good idea
<sewn> unless youre starting other software in your profile
<sewn> like pipewire or dbus or anything for that matter other than dwl
<synimas> Does that open it in a separate tty?
<sad_plan> whats wrong with just typing dwl manually when you log in instead?
<synimas> Prefer not too
<sewn> sad_plan: ive been always manually starting wayland and xorg by hand and i can see why autostart can be better
<sewn> or autologin for that matter
<sad_plan> I get the deal, you just wanna jump straight into the action. I like having to enter my login credentials instead, just type sx to start a X server instead.
<sewn> same, its more secure sometimes
<sewn> especially for laptops (except having slock & encrypted disk)
<synimas> Your string gets a unary operator expected output
<sad_plan> in case I wreck something, I dont have to deal with my .profile attempting to start something thats broken
<synimas> Actually thats a fair point, i dont have other ttys setup atm
<sewn> sad_plan: thats why you have the tty check to only tty1
<sewn> kiss unfortunately doesnt really set up all the ttys for whatever reason
<sad_plan> its setup by runit instead. however theres nothing stopping you from having your init start them instead
<sewn> runit doesnt setup ttys
<sad_plan> I used to do that before
<sad_plan> did init handle it?
<sad_plan> I forget
<sewn> inittab handles it yes
<sad_plan> havent used KISS' init in a long time now
<sad_plan> right
<sewn> runit should handle it imo tbh
<sad_plan> yeah, it keeps it out of the init system, and if you wanna start more/less ttys, you can easily activate/deactivate them. its how I have them setup
<sad_plan> I just have rcsm start my gettys instead. makes me depend on rcsm, which maybe is less ideal, but Im probably always going to have a service manager anyway so
<sewn> why dont you make a kiss fork?
<synimas> Ill just throw a shell script link with my starting shit into bin
<sewn> synimas: make sure its local, like ~/bin or ~/.local/bin
<sewn> u dont wanna be touching /usr
<sad_plan> sewn: wym, I have a kiss fork
<sewn> i mean, a full fork
<sewn> like complete detachment
<synimas> Do i have to add ~/bin to path?
<sewn> ofc
<synimas> Also, why shant i bother /usr?
<sewn> sad_plan: you should name it breakup linux
<sewn> synimas: mostly because its reserved for system programs and such
<sad_plan> lol, why that name though?
<sewn> because youre sad_plan
<synimas> What ab /bin
<sewn> and youre forking off kiss
<sad_plan> right
<sad_plan> lol
<sewn> /bin is symlink to /usr/bin
<synimas> Ah i see
<sad_plan> anyway, I almost have all packages I use in my repo. I however dont really see any benefit to instead have all of them in my repo. and who else but me would even use it?
<synimas> Most applications use /usr
<sewn> sad_plan: i would
<sewn> thats if it actually switches out system components for better alternatives as well
<sewn> i have ran sbase and ubase but you can recall how that wen
<sewn> t
<sad_plan> dont you require abit more performane than what tinyx gives you?
<sewn> tinyx just doesnt work for me AFAIK
<sad_plan> you were displeased by no colors
<sad_plan> why wouldnt it?
<sewn> yk actually hold on
<sewn> its in kiss-xorg right
<sad_plan> yep
<sewn> kiss b tinyx
<sad_plan> yes
<sewn> to launch it is Xfbdev?
<sad_plan> no, you gotta fix sx first
<sewn> right
<sad_plan> you can use mine if id like instead
<sewn> ill use yours yeah
<sad_plan> or fetch it in my repo
<sewn> thanksies
<sewn> doesnt seem like Mod4 works
<sad_plan> it doesnt
<sewn> so i cant launch a terminal
<sewn> why not?
<sad_plan> tinyx doesnt support it
<sewn> well i like to have modkey
<sad_plan> its even been discussed at tinycorelinux's forums. its seems theyre rather annoyd by it aswell, but ive yet to see any fix for it..
<sad_plan> it would be alot more convinient. but ive learned to live without it
<sewn> even XFree86 supported mod4
<sewn> ill change it to alt and see if GLX works
<sad_plan> just like I dont have scrollback on my terminal
<sad_plan> yeah
<sewn> sad_plan: i dont mean to be discourging, but you dont really deserve to live by these restrictions tbh
<sad_plan> hm, maybe some doofus removed it. seeings as xorg is a fork of Xfree86
<sad_plan> lol, wym?
<sewn> idk you dont have to restrict yourself
<sad_plan> I dont, I just dont care for scrollback anymore, and Id rather have a statically linked tinyx, than having to deal with abi instabillty from time to time
<sad_plan> not that I have that issue too much, but its anoying when it happens
<sewn> interestingly, tinyX supports EGL but not Vulkan or OpenGL
<sad_plan> huh. so no gaming for you on tinyx then :P
<sewn> doesnt seem to support Xinerama or Xrandr though
<sad_plan> the performance would be horrendous anyway though
<sewn> even mcf's tiny wayland compositor has bare bones multi monitor support though
<synimas> Accidentally made my start wayland command shorthand as sway lmao
<synimas> Fitting?
<sad_plan> tinyx doesnt afaik. its rather barebone
<sad_plan> which is fine by me, as I only use 1 monitor anyway
<sewn> synimas: i named mine sw like sx
<sewn> i see
<synimas> I always used startx
<sewn> do you run on a thinkpad?
<synimas> Yeah
<synimas> X270
<sewn> booo
<synimas> Is feh in any repos?
<synimas> Lmao, you use a mac or sum?
<sad_plan> sx is leaner though. its just a small shell script
<sad_plan> feh is in kiss-xorg synimas
<sewn> synimas: feh is in kiss-xorg, but for a wayland image viewer user soething like mpv or pqiv
<sewn> or... god forbid imv
<synimas> Oh i meant for setting wallpapers lol
<sewn> sad_plan: what about you? what kind of thinkpad do you use?
<sewn> synimas: use wbg
<synimas> Thank you
<sewn> or swaybg if youre using sway
<sad_plan> I dont have a thinkpad. I have an acer laptop
<synimas> God everything takes so long to setup
<sad_plan> aside from that, I have an old desktop I built like 10 years ago
<sad_plan> synimas: no it doesnt. if you do things properly, you only have to set things up once. put everything in a kiss repo, and just build everything, and youre done :D even the kernel
<synimas> There an updated list of kiss repos somewhere?
<sewn> synimas: kiss-find
<sad_plan> ^
<sad_plan> its in community
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<synimas> I mean the initial setup
<sad_plan> well yeah, that takes time
<sewn> it doesnt take time if you have dotfiles ready
<sewn> but if you have a 10 year old machine then yes it will take forever!!!!
<synimas> Gotta learn how to make a kiss repo
<sad_plan> its no faster than my shitty laptop tbqh sewn
<sad_plan> and my laptop is 5 years old now? i think
<sewn> im still considering running kiss on my thinkpad, im scared it will explode
<synimas> Then its on to taking learning c and cpp seriously
<synimas> I bought an ax210 specifially for using linux without modules
<synimas> The wifi card
<sad_plan> sewn: itll just take a really long time to build stuff. try a rpi instead if you love waiting for things to compile :p
<sewn> i will just use distcc so i can offload the work to my pc
<sad_plan> would probably either not be able to, or take a month to build a whole system
<synimas> Is crosscompiling from windows super gross?
<sad_plan> thats cheating
<sewn> yes
<sewn> absolutely
<sewn> you are a criminal SCUM
<synimas> Lmfao
<synimas> Anyone have an irc relay that i can mooch off of?
<sewn> you mean bouncer?
<synimas> Yeah
<synimas> Cant find a pubnix with one atm
<sewn> well i know two free bouncers
<sewn> one is a pubnix hosted on but its somewhat unstable so i moved to
<sewn> is also unstable but it goes back instantly
<sewn> theres even sourcehut but you pay for it
<synimas> Once i setup my repos with dwl and pfetch and shit it all should be unlimited right?
<sewn> sure
<synimas> Automatic i mean
<sewn> kiss u && kiss U from then
<synimas> Idk where unlimited came from
<synimas> My end goal is minecraft
<sad_plan> wait, a free bouncer. that nice though
<sewn> i wanted to donate to projectsegfault because i used their bouncer for some time
<sewn> but they use liberapay and i dont want to make a one time payment
<sewn> i mean, i want to, just not monthly
<synimas> Im too lazy to check logs
<sad_plan> i get that
<sad_plan> I do check logs here, but #oasis dont have logs.. not that it has lots of activity though
<sewn> theres always free bouncers
<sewn> theres ZNC on (i use it for my matrix) but it was horrible to setup
<synimas> Matrix pisses me off
<synimas> Way too slow
<sewn> depends on the homeserver
<sewn> i stopped using matrix because the EMS libera bridge died
<synimas> Even on my modern desktop its slow, but yes it does depend on the homeserver
<sad_plan> I see. didnt think there were any free bouncers. but now that I think about it, people offer alot of things for free so, why not bouncers aswell
<synimas> Why use matrix when xmpp is the sams shit
<synimas> Reinventing the wheel
<sewn> i used matrix because of the irc bridge
<averymt> setting up znc on your machine isn't difficult either, that's what I use as a bouncer
<sewn> i cant use my irc client with it
<sad_plan> sewn: do you use the webclient for pico, or a terminal irc client?
<sewn> i use senpai
<sewn> senpai(1) forever
<sad_plan> catgirl forever bruh
<sewn> ok fine ill try it
<sewn> it only makes sense if im using pounce as the bouncer though
<sewn> senpai was designed around soju
<sad_plan> lol. I wish it was a bit more customizable though. like irssi i.e
<sad_plan> I see
<sewn> while catgirl wasnt really designed for-
<sad_plan> isnt senpai written in go or something?
<sewn> sad_plan: yes, i like it for that reason too
<sad_plan> are you using netbsd-curses?
<sewn> senpai doesnt need ncurses
<sad_plan> go build for me
<sewn> it uses tcell and its own vendored tui code
<sad_plan> cool
<sewn> see above log though, cant build catgirl
<synimas> Bemenu doesnt have a pixel by pixel size modifacation lol
<sewn> she doesnt like me
<synimas> Just scale
<sad_plan> try the one in my repo. it has couple patches from oasis. so should build with netbsd-curses
<sad_plan> does for me anyway
<sewn> oh yeah
<sewn> kiss-dumpsterfire right?
<sad_plan> ye
<synimas> Nvm i lied
<sewn> sad_plan:
<sad_plan> didnt your momma teach you not to lie synimas
<sad_plan> ah, remove the static flag.
<sad_plan> as I build it statically linked
<sewn> right lmao
<synimas> No but she did tell me football was a mans game
<sad_plan> not sure how good openssl is for that
<sad_plan> synimas: does she not know theres womans football?
<synimas> Shes dead
<synimas> She doesnt know shit
<sad_plan> Im sorry to hear that
<sewn> jeez man shes yo mom
<sad_plan> damn
<sewn> sad_plan: this is gonna sound stupid but how on earth do i configure this
<synimas> ./j
<sad_plan> it does have a configure file you can use, aside from that, it doesnt really need much
<synimas> Prob shojldbe said ghG
<synimas> God k cant type
<sewn> are u good
<sad_plan> man catgirl will tell you about it sewn. you can also generate a token so youll autmatically be authenticated.
<sewn> ah ok cool
<sewn> no mouse support?
<sad_plan> ive never gotten it to work though. however im probably doing something wrong. never bothered to fix it again
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<sad_plan> nah
<meow> hi
<meow> bye
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<sewn> didnt ask me much about configuration
<sewn> needed to set a host though
<sad_plan> yeah, host is the only requirement
<sewn> is there a sample config i can look after
<sewn> oh right its there
<sewn> the man page is really thorough
<sad_plan> yep
<synimas> Is qutebrowser in a repo?
<sewn> nope
<synimas> Unfortunate
<sad_plan> doesnt that still only run on X? or has it been ported to wayland
<sewn> its QT and rather massive
<synimas> Any vim based browsers?
<sewn> you could use webkit though
<synimas> Like vimb
<sad_plan> surfer, if youre on wayland
<sewn> synimas: theres uh
<sewn> woah surfer??
<synimas> Seems vimb is there
<sad_plan> or vimb, luakit, wyeb on X
<sewn> oh right neosurf doesnt have wayland
<sad_plan> neosurf?
<sewn> neosurf is netsurf but with vi interface (like netsurf-vi by ddevault)
<synimas> Does vimb automagically go for wayland?
<sewn> vimb is just electron
<sewn> i think
<sad_plan> aaah, yeah thats the browser from cobaltlinux
<sad_plan> vimb is webkit
<sewn> oh right vieb is the one with electron
<sad_plan> yes
<sewn> honestly wasnt that great
<synimas> Looks like vimb is in the xorg repo, does kt need xorg deps?
<sad_plan> it needs stuff from kiss-xorg, so kinda
<sewn> sad_plan: sasl external 'cert' configuration is like automatic password login right?
<sad_plan> yes, thats atleast how I understand it
<sad_plan> but ive never gotten it to work. not sure why. lmk if you get it to work, and ill revisit it
<sewn> its stuck on travelling thats for sure
<sewn> might not work with soju
<sewn> yep ok i cant use catgirl, sad
<sad_plan> sasl doesnt work?
<sewn> no i just cant use my bouncer
<sad_plan> ah
<sewn> according to the soju README, catgirl *barely* implements soju's features
<sewn> and they explicitly said that supporting soju is a non goal
<sewn> maybe when i have my own server ill setup pounce or something
<sad_plan> hm. I see
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<synimas> Can anyone spare a someblocks config?
<sewn> synimas: use slstatus
<sewn> someblocks is bleh
<sewn> cpp
<sad_plan> no bar is best bar
<synimas> Okay
<sewn> sad_plan: i used to live with no bar for a long time on dwl
<sewn> till i got bored and made my own bar
<sewn> then realized how hard it was
<sewn> because of the compositor only having the ability to communicate either via IPC or stdout
<sewn> slstatus just worked out of the box though
<sewn> you can use slstatus -s and then just have the bar read from it
<synimas> Can slstatus run any command and display the output?
<sewn> yes, read the config.h
<sad_plan> I see. Ive never bothered with it. I can see the aestetics with it, but I dont personally need it.
<sewn> run_command
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<synimas> Ive got two batteries, id be convenient to see em both
<synimas> Ah okah
<synimas> You read and reply fast, whats your wpm?
<sad_plan> me?
<synimas> sewn:
<sewn> why does that matter?
<synimas> It doesnt
<sewn> skill matters more in this case
<sewn> im not sure what my wpm is tho
<synimas> Suprised suckless hasnt moved over to wayland
<sewn> i have 134wpm
<sewn> what about you sad_plan
<sad_plan> they seem to hate on wayland
<synimas> St is the worst god damn terminal ever though
<sewn> synimas: its hard to program for wayland
<sad_plan> I was just going to do a monkeytype and tell you
<sewn> i disagree, foot is much better than st
<sewn> although it lacks like ONE or TWO things bad
<sewn> in terms of featureset, but in design st wins
<synimas> Thats what i just said
<sewn> like foot has tons of goodies
<sewn> a
<synimas> But why does st win design?
<sad_plan> sewn: uh, I got 88
<synimas> Mines bad
<synimas> I need to work on it
<sad_plan> I really like st
<sewn> wpm doesnt matter guys
<sad_plan> I know. I personally think I type plenty fast enough
<sewn> yeah i was a bit confused
<synimas> My thumb typing is lacming in ghe accurate category
<sewn> see that 134wpm i have? in reality i type pretty slow because of slow brain formulating thoughts
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<synimas> Yall know
<sad_plan> no
<sewn> no
<sad_plan> C>cpp
<synimas> Ah damn, check it out then
<synimas> But thats what i was gling to ask
<synimas> If there was anything like that but for c
<sewn> the C99 book
<sewn> or something
<sewn> me i learned C from writing suckless patches and small little programs
<synimas> There a version thats been put into html form?
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<sad_plan> theres tons of resources for learning C all around. udemy, codecademy, aswell as numerous books
<sewn> AOC is coming up
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<sewn> woah ilt
<synimas> Whats aoc
<sewn> advent of code
<synimas> Articles lf confed?
<sad_plan> there is though
<synimas> Oh
<ilt> time for rebranding
<sewn> you got tired of people not writing your name correctly illiliti?
<ilt> maybe
<sewn> took me some time to memorize
<synimas> Might link config.h to .config lol
<ilt> wanted to take ill but it's taken already :(
<sewn> you could also just switch one letter and boom, youre lit
<synimas> What rss feeds do yall use for security information?
<sewn> i dont use rss
<synimas> Or mailing lists
<sewn> i just follow phoronix every once in a while
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<sewn> sad_plan: nice CFLAGS
<sewn> are they for like
<sewn> optimizations?
<sad_plan> yeah more or less. smaller size, and faster binaries
<sewn> can i copy
<sad_plan> sure
<sewn> aweosme
<sad_plan> not sure how much effect they have though. never measured it
<sewn> you should take a look at glaucus's cflags
<sewn> they have alot of stuff for optimization
<sad_plan> glacus is actually really interesting. as he has both speed, aswell as alot of securityflags. which I like.
<sewn> firasuke made alot of work to make it very fast and very secure
<sad_plan> I made a file which lists aloot of compilerflags, aswell as their tldr. still needs alot of work though
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<synimas> I want to go to bed but some shit is building
<synimas> Dumbass dilemma
<synimas> Its been an hour and a half, build faster
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<sewn> what r u building synimas
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<synimas> sewn: some x dependency of vimb, not sure what
<sewn> logs?
<sewn> all you need is webkit and gtk
<synimas> I was building it with kiss b
<synimas> I can grab logs in maybe 20 minutes
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<synimas> Odd, i build it now and it doesnt need those deps lol
<synimas> Made me go from 70 packages to 107 tho
<synimas> Looks like webkitgtk was the package taking forever to build
<sewn> yes fat
<synimas> But also, me slow computer
<synimas> Which repo should i use for up to date seatd?
<synimas> Dilyn corner has seatd-git
<sewn> synimas: what
<sewn> juse use
<sewn> `libseat`
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<synimas> Failed compile,
<synimas> ```[ 49%] Building CXX object Source/WebCore/CMakeFiles/WebCore.dir/__/__/WebCore/DerivedSources/unified-sources/UnifiedSource-5037b3e8-1.cpp.o
<synimas> In file included from /home/synima/.cache/kiss/proc/2990/build/webkit2gtk/build/WebCore/DerivedSources/unified-sources/UnifiedSource-68aea4ac-20.cpp:6:
<synimas> /home/synima/.cache/kiss/proc/2990/build/webkit2gtk/Source/WebCore/bindings/js/SerializedScriptValue.cpp: In member function 'bool WebCore::CloneSerializer::dumpIfTerminal(JSC::JSValue, WebCore::SerializationReturnCode&)':
<synimas> /home/synima/.cache/kiss/proc/2990/build/webkit2gtk/Source/WebCore/bindings/js/SerializedScriptValue.cpp:1599:22: error: no matching function for call to 'WebCore::CloneSerializer::write(WebCore::SerializableErrorType)'
<synimas> 1599 | write(errorNameToSerializableErrorType(errorTypeString));```
<synimas> Oh, no formatting in irc
<synimas> Ill ask in the webkitgtk irc channel
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<synima> Maybe irccloud will be better for now
<synima> There a way to clear dependencies installed by a package?
<synima> Or clear depencies not used?
<synima> Dependencies*
<synima> Or can i do kiss r * and itll remove only what doesnt have dependencies? /j
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<synima> Cant find anything in the docs that has a command like autoremove
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