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<louis> trying to install kiss linux on an old laptop and met with     undefined reference to symbol 'cbreak'
<louis> ive tried a different kernel, and i have ncurses and python installed, any ideas? am i being silly
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<louis> completely forgot to add this is when running make defconfig!!
<louis> or menuconfig, not def im very tired
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<louis> never mind reinstalling ncurses worked for whatever reason
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad
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<sewn> bro wtf
<sewn> wtf???WTF????????
<sewn> i was literally told in a codeberg issue that vulkan isn't to be expected
<sewn> and ioraff just adds it, and as a dependency for libplacebo, but has it disable
<sewn> ughh this is stupid
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<riteo> hiiiii!
<riteo> I finally set up a bouncer!
<riteo> local network, that is, but now I can finally stay here without disconnecting/reconnecting like a long time ago, so hopefully I'll be able to chat a bit more like in ye olde times :)
<riteo> how's it going for you folks over there?
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<synima> Is tinyinitramfs good for luks?
<synima> Only thing ill use it for
<synima> Using luks without an initramfs seems insecure