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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
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<happy_plan> Hi sad_plan!
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<sad_plan> lol
<vova> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> hi vova
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sewn> how come now is the only time you say hi back!!?
<sad_plan> I do sometimes say hi back, but not always
<sad_plan> this time I did
<sad_plan> I did it some time last week or something aswell
<sewn> o
<sad_plan> yah
<sewn> booooooooooo
<sad_plan> hooooo
<sewn> so empty
<sewn> wheres everyone
<sad_plan> at home, not using kiss I suppose. or someplace else. also not using kiss
<sewn> where is ioraff
<sad_plan> I dunno, send him an email or something
<sad_plan> did he use matrix or irc? if his on matrix, you can just send him a message there instead
<sewn> i dont think so
<sad_plan> then email him
<sewn> i odnt have the balls
<sad_plan> its not like his gonna bite though
<sewn> but i bite
<sad_plan> then perhaps refrain from biting
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<sewn> true
<sad_plan> yeah
<midfavila> nothing wrong with love nibbles
<midfavila> :3
<sad_plan> lol
* midfavila nibbles sad_plan
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* sad_plan oooohweeee
<riteo> hiiii!
<riteo> I'm always here now!
<riteo> Thanks to my trusty (local) soju server!
<riteo> I'm watching you all whenever I come home :)
<riteo> so yeah, it's not that empty, you just gotta ask :)
<midfavila> pizza time
<sad_plan> hi riteo
<sad_plan> now this channel is also logged, so a server isnt that much needed for this channel, but its always nice to have though
<riteo> sad_plan: yeah but you'd see "riteo joined" and "riteo left" _a lot_ since I use a laptop and have a mesh network
<riteo> and that actually bothered some people
<riteo> hence why I didn't join in a while
<sad_plan> how would people even be bothered by that? thats just how it is for some people
<riteo> dunno, it bothered somebody (it's been a while) and ever since I got perhaps a bit too self concious about that
<sad_plan> thats not something you should worry about tbh.
<sad_plan> theres plenty of other things in the world thats more worrysome than wether the irc logs says you join/leave several times a day
<riteo> oh well
<sad_plan> yeah. anyway, now you got a server. lots of usefull things one can do with a server
<riteo> indeed!
<riteo> it's my trusty shoebox server (or, well, a greatly updated version that's not in a shoebox anymore)
<riteo> it's still called like its ancestor though. I just added informally a plus to its name to differentiate it
<riteo> it's also still very hacky and dangerous looking, as it's a laptop's motherboard ziptied in a computer case
<riteo> I'm very proud of it
<riteo> I'm also thinking of using another laptop to make a server I'd call the "pizzaiolo", guess why lol
<sad_plan> if it works, it works.
<sad_plan> its in a pizzabox?
<riteo> that's the plan yes
<riteo> it's not built yet
<riteo> I still have to even confirm that the laptop in question works
<sad_plan> I see. why several servers though? for funzies, or backup?
<riteo> funzies
<riteo> it'd be a waste to keep that laptop to rot (further)
<riteo> who knows, I might make a super fast build farm to build godot in 0.1 µseconds
<riteo> the death star
<sad_plan> nice
<sewn> midfavila: what is a love nibble
<midfavila> a love nibble :3
<riteo> I think that thing you see also from cats where they slightly "chew" affectionately?
<riteo> sounds sweet though :3
<sewn> hatred nibble
<riteo> that'd be cannibalism
<sewn> a nibble not a lunch
<riteo> I imagine somebody excerting a little bit more force if fueled by hatred
<riteo> it'd be a really dangerous nibble
<riteo> russian roulette
<sad_plan> its gentle gnawing sewn
<sewn> gentle gnawing
<sad_plan> yes
* sewn nibbles ioraff hatredly
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<riteo> gnawing is a funny word
<sad_plan> it is
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<riteo> do you guys all use pass as a password manager?
<riteo> I'm not sure how much I'd depend on it tbh
<riteo> it's very simple, yes, but has libhydrogen been audited?
<riteo> looks like the libsodium author recommends libhydrogen too for more constrained environments so it doesn't sound too bad. I'd like your opinion still