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<sewn> hi
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<midfavila> not kiss related but
<midfavila> massive if true
<midfavila> apparently the first successful ocular transplant in history was performed recently
<midfavila> bunch of reputable journals are reporting on it so
<sewn> woah thats awesome
<sewn> atleast I can live my life knowing I could be able to see again if I had lost my eyeballs
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<sewn> sad_plan: are you able to build htop with netbsd curses?
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> sewn: ill check
<sad_plan> no, it errors out on not finding ncurses libs. maybe due to me not having the shared ones
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<sewn> its all ncurses specific stuff
<sewn> btop works fine though, although its a bit bloated
<sad_plan> hm, yeah. probably easy to patch though
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<asimovsh> hi guys
<asimovsh> can someone accept my libtorrent request in community?
<sad_plan> itll get merged when someone with write rights gets to it. just be patient
<sad_plan> although, why only libtorrent, and not rtorrent aswell? rtorrent was i community before, and litorrent was bundled with it.
<sad_plan> what other things are you using libtorrent for?
<sewn> wanted to ask that, but theres like countless packages in community which dont seem to have real uses afaik
<sewn> i mean, kiss wasnt designed to have descriptions within packages so idk
<sad_plan> should initially manage to get rid of said packages once they get out of date, and the current maintainer is nowhere to be found though.
<sad_plan> atleast thats the idea
<sad_plan> however, if packages uses git, theres a different story. same with packages that no longer recieve any updates
<sad_plan> but yes, out of the 351 packages currently in community, I have a hard time beliving each one of them is used by someone
<sad_plan> s/351/357/ appearantly there was some new packages
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<asimovsh> sad_plan: i will merge rtorrent too
<asimovsh> thats why i need community to accept libtorrent to get rtorrent merged
<asimovsh> i separated the packages for a better organization
<asimovsh> like repo does
<asimovsh> sewn: the problem in community is that people just merge packages that they use
<sewn> sad_plan: it hurts me to see hundreds of completely unused packages in kiss-xorg
<sewn> asimovsh: whats wrong with that?
<asimovsh> nothing wrong but kiss is missing too much packages
<asimovsh> alpine is kinda like kiss and solved this problem of a poor packages list
<sewn> alpine has thousands of packages
<asimovsh> yeah
<asimovsh> Thats good
<sewn> and thousands of maintainers for those
<asimovsh> i think kiss will die sometime for that reason
<asimovsh> Dylan is missing
<asimovsh> the community is not getting bigger
<asimovsh> packages are dropped everytime
<sewn> uh
<sewn> kiss community is on maintenance mode technically
<sewn> all of it's maintainers are busy with life, now just updating kiss
<asimovsh> yeah i know
<sewn> theres many proposals open to finally make some changes in kiss
<sewn> its a shame really
<asimovsh> is that what i meant
<asimovsh> we are just a few people and some of us just go away
<sad_plan> asimovsh: theres no pr for rtorrent though. you can still make both prs though
<sad_plan> sewn: yeah, theres aloot of packages that remain unused there aswell. the issue is how would one clean up those, when we have no clue wether people use said package
<asimovsh> sad_plan: i make a pr one package at time, i remember someone just told me sometime to not make pr of 2 packages
<sad_plan> thats true, but you can still make 2 prs. one for rtorrent, and the second which youve already created for libtorrent
<sewn> sad_plan: kiss drops packages if they are unmaintained
<sad_plan> my point was, you dont have to wait for libtorrent to get merged, before you create the one rtorrent
<sad_plan> sewn: I know, but theres still aloot of packages that im hard pressed to belive is actually in use
<asimovsh> sewn: people are busy and sometimes just go for a simple solution that is not kiss because it's hard to find some solutions for this system
<sewn> life i guess
<asimovsh> also is really sad to view that proposals for years and none be merged
<sewn> i mean afaik the only good thing happening rn is the three major kiss implementations
<sewn> kiss-rs, bliss, and kiss.el
<sewn> otherwise not much is happening
<asimovsh> kiss need dylan or someone that have more time to take care of kiss or it will die soon
<sad_plan> I dont see how that has much affect on kiss though sewn
<sewn> sad_plan: existing proposals regarding kiss the package manager will immediately get accepted
<sad_plan> asimovsh: kiss will never die, because every user can simply maintain their own system
<sewn> ^
<sewn> kiss was designed to be like that
<sad_plan> which proposals are you refering to? or are you generally speaking?
<sewn> although, im a bit tired of having to maintain my own packages, i wish kiss had some choices already implemented upstream
<sewn> sad_plan: 'provides' system is one
<asimovsh> sad_plan: i not meaning that way i meaning of a community way
<sad_plan> libressl and netbsd, aswell as pax wasnt put through..
<sewn> thats big, for software alternatives
<sewn> like you can make libressl in your own repo, but have it provide an 'openssl' package virtually, same for pax same for zlib etc...
<sad_plan> asimovsh: we dont need community for kiss to live on. but sure, I get what you mean
<sewn> i do wish kiss used zlib-ng, bc-gh, byacc, libressl, among other things as default
<sewn> ugrep and zlib-ng are no brainers
<sewn> ugrep is basically really important for kiss's shell implementation especially
<asimovsh> and not every people have the time to maintain a system like that
<sad_plan> I dont have openssl package. I just forked every package which lists openssl as dependency
<sewn> sad_plan: thats what im talking about, i dont want to do that
<sewn> thats painful
<sad_plan> what would you rather do?
<sewn> push it upstream!
<sad_plan> why ugrep, as opposed to busybox's grep? too slow?
<sewn> yes, busybox's grep is slow, and people suggest to use gnugrep
<sad_plan> then make the prs for it, and make your case to why we should rather use i.e. byacc
<sewn> i doubt it would even be accepted
<sewn> another one is muon being merged
<sad_plan> im all for byacc, as Im using it myself. as an example. same with libressl
<sad_plan> probably not
<sad_plan> yeah, I thought about that one the other day
<sewn> my PR literally builds ALL packages in repo with muon
<sewn> just was never merged, and now cant be due to conflicts
<sewn> also, why are we forced to use dhcpcd? busybox provides udhcpc damn it
<sad_plan> conflicts can be fixed, but yeah. someone is reluctant to merge. I recall illiti said he wanted to rebuild everything beforehand atleast, so its *properly* tested atleast
<sad_plan> appearantly udhcpcd is buggy. atleast thats what I recall
<sad_plan> it also needs a script to work.
<sad_plan> you can find it in sabotage's repo though
<sad_plan> if youd like to use it
<sewn> alpine is using udhcpc
<sad_plan> it does?
<sad_plan> thought they just used dhcpcd
<sewn> thats why i think its basically robust and ready to be used in kiss in general
<sewn> just by the fact alpine uses it
<sad_plan> I know sdhcp wasnt prefered due to lack of ipv6, iiif my memory serves me right.
<sad_plan> make the pr for it then? so people can instead make the choice themselves
<sad_plan> not sure if most people even know about it
<sewn> honestly too much work, i need to rewrite the alpine udhcpc script to conform to 'kiss' standards
<sewn> as for sdhcp, i submitted a pr for it to replace dhcpcd but it was rejected
<sad_plan> check the sabotage one. maybe thats better
<sad_plan> I assumed so. people want ipv6
<sewn> yea
<sewn> dylan says udhpcd is installed on the linked issue regarding rejection, but it was removed not too long ago
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<sad_plan> I dont belive it ever were built due to the messy script it needed
<sewn> yeah maybe
<sad_plan> I think if someone makes the patch for sdhcp to support ipv6, I think theres a much higher chance of it ever replacing dhcpcd
<sad_plan> but then again, thats work
<asimovsh> any of you have access to repo?
<sad_plan> no
<sewn> no
<asimovsh> so another weeks or month to solve wbg checksums
<sewn> thats confusing
<sewn> i wonder why the checksum changed...
<sewn> codeberg is NEVER supposed to do that
<sewn> sad_plan: do you use vis?
<sad_plan> still use vis
<sewn> do you share your configurations like dotfiles anywhere
<sad_plan> I do
<sewn> wher
<sewn> nevermind
<sad_plan> yeah
<sad_plan> nothing special with it though. just couple usefull stuff
<sewn> looks cool to me
<sad_plan> yeah. Ive been looking into perhaps getting some modules, but ive yet to find something I find usefull
<sad_plan> only thing I miss on vis is really the max textwidth which vim has
<sewn> i think all i need is shellcheck and go LSP
<sewn> but if i wanted that i'd just switch to kakoune :p
<sad_plan> sure
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<sewn> TIL this channel is the 'Unnofficial' kiss linux community channel
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<sad_plan> ^
<sad_plan> I think alot of people come here with the assumption that this is the official channel.
<sad_plan> although it was at a time, but it is no longer, as dylan eventually moved to email only iirc. which is a bit strange if you ask me..
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<sewn> sad_plan: re-read it
<sewn> with careful consideration
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<sad_plan> wym. it is the unofficial. not 'unofficial'.
<sewn> no
<sewn> re-read it
<sewn> like with very very careful
<sewn> each letter
<sad_plan> yeah theres a typo there. unoffical. not unnoffical. but yes, community
<sad_plan> I fucking hate dylans commit messages... the website wiki is filled with 'update'
<sad_plan> s/website wiki/website github/ or w/e, you get the meaning
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<sewn> you sound very pissed
<sad_plan> im not. I was going to find a commit, but you know, its like finding your way around a maze. except every corridor is the same
<sewn> you oculd always use git blame
<sewn> or git grep
<sad_plan> ive actually never used either. ive actually used quite a small amount of gits included tool tbqh
<sad_plan> its not important anyway. I was going to find the commit where he removed the irc channel from the website
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