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<sewn> hi
<sewn> where is ioraff bro
<sewn> vova: who is Vova_ and is they you
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<vova> It's my twin
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<sewn> h
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<midfavila> hmm
<midfavila> i'm thinking we have a sussy amogus
<midfavila> in other news, i think i'm going to start doing kiss stuff again
<midfavila> i don't know if i'll daily it, but i need to pick up a hobby or two or i'm going to go insane
<sewn> what have you been doing if you havent been kissing, midfavila
<sewn> phoebos: please make sonfg of the tgyoigyda
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<midfavila> trying to unionize my workplace and avoid bankruptcy because of grocery prices
<midfavila> just adult things
<sewn> ok adult
<midfavila> o-kay, breakfast is served
<midfavila> actually took the time to cook today
<midfavila> one (1) protein and whole wheat waffle with added flax seed topped with one (1) medium chicken breast, shredded, topped with sugar-free syrup and served with coconut-flavored Turkish coffee on the side
<rfaa> coffee sounds interesting, do you recall the brand?
<midfavila> it's a local company
<midfavila> saltwind sails or something
<midfavila> i make Turkish-style coffee because i'm a poor and i don't have a machine or press or anything
<midfavila> lmao
<midfavila> it's good though
<midfavila> sorry, would have responded faster but i was talking to my contact in the teamsters
<midfavila> we're finalizing the union application
<midfavila> <3~
<rfaa> hey no stress man, you've got important stuff to do!
<rfaa> no shipping to sweden :(
<midfavila> rip
<midfavila> well, if i ever visit sweden i'll have to bring some
<rfaa> haha please do, coffee is huge in the nordics
<midfavila> hopefully nords make a better cup than north amerifats
<midfavila> nobody here knows how to make coffee
<midfavila> it's always burnt and way too weak
<midfavila> 1:4 beans to water ratio, fine grind, black
<midfavila> don't talk to me
<midfavila> if you drink like
<midfavila> starbucks
<midfavila> blech
<rfaa> yeah i noticed.. was in the states a few months ago
<midfavila> i'm so sorry
<midfavila> i have the misfortune of living less than an hour's drive away from maine
<rfaa> try some coffee from arvid nordquist if you get the chance, my daily coffee :)
<rfaa> we actually have a really nice coffee bar in my city that import all kinds of coffee, should ask if they can get some saltwinds
<midfavila> that would be based
<midfavila> next time i'm at the local market i'll ask the saltwinds guys if they'd be into shipping overseas
<sewn> midfavila: how much did you spend on your breakfast
<sewn> all i ate for breakfast was rice and mongolian beef
<rfaa> awesome, i could pass along the contact info to my local place if they're interested
<midfavila> sewn like maybe five bucks
<midfavila> which is still a lot xwx
<sewn> holy crap thats like
<sewn> 25 sar
<sewn> thats alot
<sewn> for a breakfast
<midfavila> usually i just eat oats
<sewn> you still deserve a good breakfast though
<sewn> treating yourself aint bad
<midfavila> considering i've been living off of expired gas station food for almost two months this is less a treat and more what i need to eat from now on
<midfavila> i can't afford to not, health-wise
<midfavila> gained like ten pounds xwx
<midfavila> feel like shit
<midfavila> etc
<midfavila> rfaa for sure
<sewn> im sure you still look great
<midfavila> i can still flex at annoying customers through my shirt so that's good enough for me
<sewn> how?
<midfavila> i'm just naturally muscular
<midfavila> most people in my family are
<sewn> damn so ur a scary man
<midfavila> five or six generations of sailing and soldiering will do that
<midfavila> university ran me through a body scanner and apparently i have more lean mass than most people have like
<midfavila> mass
<sewn> lean? lain mass?
<midfavila> microlains
<sewn> hamburger sandwich と diet coca cola
<midfavila> more of a coke zero guy
<sewn> im more of a ice tea guy
<midfavila> iced tea is good
<midfavila> as long as it's not like
<midfavila> sugar syrup
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<sewn> midfavila: i feel like youre the type of person to like uxntal
<synima> Can anyone grab their permissions for bwrap?
<synima> Kinda fucked it up and had to 777
<synima> And a guide on how to setup setuid would be sweet, i cant quite figure it out
<midfavila> sewn uxn is cool but i can't find any passion for like
<midfavila> impractical isn't the word i'm looking for...
<midfavila> ...something I can't actually do useful stuff with?
<midfavila> i like to fiddle with stuff, but i like to fiddle with stuff towards a goal
<midfavila> like if there was an actual hardware implementation of it that was usable and not just a gadget then i'd be a lot more interested
<synima> Can someone ls -l /usr/bin/bwrap?
<synima> Tryna setup flatpak
<sewn> synima: you shouldnt set it manually
<sewn> it should be set
<sewn> so if youre doing it by hand something is wrong
<sewn> midfavila: what about hare
<synima> Yeah i totally fucked it up trying to setuid because ive never done it b4
<midfavila> don't know about hare
<midfavila> but i'm not really interested in Yet Another C Like
<sewn> its more like go+c
<midfavila> it's a C-like lang
<sewn> synima: extracted tarball as root?
<midfavila> i'm not really a C-like guy
<sewn> but youre a C guy?
<midfavila> no
<sewn> then what are ya
<midfavila> i'm more interested in lisp
<midfavila> specifically scheme
<sewn> what about wack
<midfavila> i use c because i use an OS that only really supports C
<sewn> i mean wisp or whatever
<midfavila> that's the lisp-in-lua right?
<midfavila> oh, no, it's the lisp using indentation
<midfavila> i mean
<midfavila> it's fine
<midfavila> i don't like significant whitespace
<sewn> i think u like lisp because ur a lainer
<midfavila> but it certainly helps eliminate formatting wars
<midfavila> and i mean, no, i like lisp because it's simple and regular
<midfavila> i just wish i had more time to study it
<midfavila> i haven't programmed in any capacity in like a year
<sewn> youve been programming yourself instead
<midfavila> i've been trying to not die
<midfavila> there's talk of a recession coming
<midfavila> so
<midfavila> considering i'm clearly not valuable economically i kind of need to get on that
<synima> Whats the kernel option to enable user namespaces?
<sewn> its not an option, its a configuraton option
<synima> Thats what i mean
<sewn> menuconfig comes with a search option
<synima> Thank you, and ik
<synima> Nconfigs search option kinda sucks
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<synima> How do i set a cmake build option?
<synima> Tryna build glfw with wayland options
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<asimovsh> hi guys
<synima> Nvm, in build file obvi
<rfaa> synima: steal my glfw package if you want,
<synima> I actually figured it out
<synima> God i love this distro
<synima> Everything has a reason for being broken
<rfaa> hello asimovsh
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<asimovsh> sewn: have you looked in the avr-gcc problem i talked?
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<synima> Will jdk build without all of the x11 deps?
<synima> Might just say fuck it and use xwayland lmao
<synima> Can i just # out deps in the dependencies file?
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<rfaa> synima you could, but chances are it won't build if you comment out dependencies
<synima> Wayland is fucking me in the ass rn
<rfaa> how so?
<rfaa> did you at least add the -D USE_LUBE option?
<synima> This, and launching minecraft 1.12.2 in wayland, etc
<synima> Mainly just minecrafy
<rfaa> looks like it's trying to use x11 and not wayland
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