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<sad_plan> hi
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<sewn> hi
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sewn> nhi sasdjkl[plasm
<sad_plan> ffs, wasnt there a patch someplace for st, which fixes the issues of text getting chopped if you resize your windowsize?
<sad_plan> if you shrink the window, and grow it back, the text is all cut of
<sewn> scrollback reflow :)
<sewn> now you shall require scrollback
<sad_plan> well shiieet. I dont need scrollback though :c
<sad_plan> maybe I can botch it and get what I want regardless
<sad_plan> meh, nevermind. ill just continue to live without it
* sad_plan shrugs
<sewn> smh lmao
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<sewn> sad_plan: anything new about that libplacebo thing
<sewn> ioraff living his life updating packages yet again smhsmhsmhshm
<sewn> plz get in here
<sad_plan> no, I havent looked into it tbh
<sad_plan> im messing with other things tbh :p
<sad_plan> sewn: it does work. buut it should probably be aloot smaller
<sewn> wat does work
<sad_plan> i mostly just removed the scrolling functions
<sad_plan> st reflow, but no scrollback
<sewn> just patch in scroll back man
<sad_plan> no
<sewn> most of the scrollback code is still in ther
<sewn> sad_plan: y not
<sewn> it wont kill u
<sad_plan> I know, but im reluctant to remove alot of stuff. my knowldege (or lack there of) wont permit me to remove more stuff
<sad_plan> I know, but I dont need it
<sad_plan> I tried to remove more stuff, but I ended up with lots of errors I didnt know how to fix
<sewn> you cooooooooooould use
<sewn> hmm
<sewn> a terminal multiplexer
<sewn> sad_plan: thing is, scrollback allows reflow to work
<sewn> as it gives it a vertical buffer
<sewn> reflow just gives the horizonal buffer
<sewn> you cant remove scrollback from reflow without most of the functionality (if not all) gone
<sewn> i mean, reflow needs scrollback to work
<sewn> i did find a standalone reflow patch, but it has scrollback included in it
<sad_plan> tmux is cool, but its too big. I know theres abduco, but it doesnt work with netbsd-curses
<sad_plan> I see
<sewn> a multiplexer gives scrollback
<sad_plan> I know. again, not that I need scrollback. but I can see a usecase for a multiplexer
* sewn implodes
<sad_plan> oh, it was dvtm I was refering to
<sad_plan> wait, it does work with netbsd-curses
<sad_plan> atleast it builds
<sewn> if it builds it works
<sad_plan> it seems so
<sewn> i will ignore the fact that vis stdin is broken due to netbsd-curses
<sad_plan> is it? :p
<sewn> :|vis crashes vis
<sewn> u have to do vis -
<sad_plan> I see
<sad_plan> I usually dont pipe to vis, so I havent noticed
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<sad_plan_> mtm is also an option. it was actually the one I was thinking about, but forgot its name
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<sewn> what happened there
<sad_plan> I have no idea. seems like catgirl lost its connection, and thew me out. so I logged back in
<sewn> she didnt like u
<sad_plan> appearantly not
<sad_plan> I just discovered that tmux is just 1MB statically linked
<sad_plan> however, compared to mtm which is ~1k loc, tmux is.. a whooping 81k
<sad_plan> also, dvtm broke for me
<sewn> why
<sad_plan> I dunno. I didnt bother to find out why
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<synima> If the suckless peeps hate wayland and xorg so much why dont they make their own protocol?
<synima> Is that was tinyx is?
<sewn> synima: no
<sewn> suckless people are already happy with X
<synima> Suprising
<sewn> tinyX is *merely* just a tiny version of the xorg server
<sewn> just for your knowledge, wayland is a collection of protocols alongside a base server or client library
<sewn> x on the other hand, well...
<sewn> its a complete server with stable time tested libraries to build applications using it
<ilt> those who hate x and wayland use framebuffer, by convention
<sewn> wayland is (in my experience) hard to develop appliccations for
<sewn> ilt: or they use arcan
<ilt> heretics!
<sewn> whats a heretic
<ilt> the one who disobeys generally accepted norms/practices/whatever