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<Guest59> so i have this problem when text from dhcpcd or eiwd overrides what i have in my tty, how could i fix this?
<ukky> Guest59: What is the content of your /etc/sv/dhcpcd/run ?
<Guest59> "exec dhcpcd -BM 2>&1"
<ukky> this is correct. Do you have /etc/sv/dhcpcd/log/run ?
<sad_plan> I dont belive dhcpcd spits out much output at all, but eiwd does however spit out some stuff quite often, atleast in the start. does eiwd not send its output to /dev/null or something in the service script?
<Guest59> idk it probably doesn't which explains why wpa_supplicant was also bombarding my tty
<Guest59> let me see real quick
<sad_plan> yeah, wpa does the same. redirecting output someplace else should fix it though. you can also just switch to another tty temporarly, as it will only flood tty1
<Guest59> thank you i just rebooted and now its fixed
<sad_plan> nice
<Guest59> so sad_plan, how's your day
<sad_plan> good I suppose. trying to write a blogpost
<sad_plan> how about you?
<Guest59> good, school's been a little tiring for my extracurriculars
<sad_plan> I see. school can be rather tiresome at times
<Guest59> honestly its not so bad only just like having to stay after school for a bunch of meetings
<sad_plan> I see. what degree are you taking?
<Guest59> im in high school just been in a lot of clubs
<sad_plan> ah, another young one. I wish I started with Linux when I was at that age.
<Guest59> linux is honestly one of the best things i could have found but now im the tech nerd in the family
<Guest59> worth it
<sad_plan> I agree. I used to love computers back in my windows days, now I love computers even more
<Guest59> kiss has been my little glory project for like 2 weeks and its almost coming together
<Guest59> just need the weekend for sway setup
<sad_plan> I can relate. I also took some time to figure out how I could properly configure the kernel, aswell as other things.
<Guest59> ok gotta hop off but nicce to talk to you sad_plan
<sad_plan> sure. bye
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<midfavila> sad_plan honestly there are more useful things in terms of life skills than yoonix
<midfavila> or, rather, it seems like it takes such a long time for "why yes i have memorized every single manpage"-tier skill to become a valuable asset on a resume
<midfavila> it's one of those like
<midfavila> ancillary skills
<midfavila> essential for higher levels of roles but not really important for anything entry level
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<sad_plan> sure. I only use linux for my own selfinterest. atleast for the moment. I dont have any education in regards to tech, so I dont see myself getting a job within tech any time soon anyway.
<sad_plan> I was moslty pointing out that I wish I started sooner, so that I wouldve learned things from a younger age, and I would at this moment, be more knowledgable about things related to linux.
<sad_plan> be it shellscripting, or in general, or programming or w/e
<midfavila> just read the unix programming environment tbqh
<sad_plan> I happen to have that in pdf actually. Ive been meaning to read that. aswell as other books I have on my laptop
<midfavila> if you can read TUPE and incorporate most of it into your daily use you'll be better at using unix than 99% of people
<midfavila> this isn't *saying* much but still
<sad_plan> I suppose youre right about that.
<sad_plan> alot of sloppy practices around
<sad_plan> now, if only I could ever get the damn scaling on my website to work properly like I intend, perhaps I could do something worthwhile aswell
<sewn> hi
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sewn> did I hear there's another youngling
<sad_plan> yeah, there was a guest here whos in highschool appearently
<sewn> hi guest I think
<sad_plan> yeah, he left some time ago now
<sewn> makes him the second youngling that's actually using kiss awesome
<sad_plan> yeah. the more the merrier I suppose
<sewn> what does merrier mean
<sad_plan> better
<sewn> I wish I still had op so I could set this as song of the day
<sewn> it has been been song of the day for a month or two smh
<sad_plan> yeah, I was going to say the same. its been a while since that was changed now
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<sewn> Idk how OP works on irc
<sewn> Is it like per session
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<sewn> sad_plan: thoughts on Servo?
<sewn> yes, its a rust web engine written by Mozilla to replace gecko I think
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<phoebos> sotd was changed a few weeks ago!
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<sewn> yippee
<sewn> wait is there a specific genre that has to be sotd
<sewn> or just a song with good vibes
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<phoebos> sewn: anything
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<sewn> hmm
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<asimovsh> anyone can give me a hand in make my touchpad work in kiss
<asimovsh> i don't remember the correct config for this
<asimovsh> I tried what sad_plan said and not work
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<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> asimovsh: boot into arch or w/e, and run make localyesconfig in kernel source rootdir, itll list all loaded modules. see if you can spot one related to your touchpad
<sad_plan> sewn: I dont know servo
<sad_plan> but seeing as its written in rust, I dont really care that much for it. rust takes forever to build :c
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