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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Remove Advent Calendar link.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad.github.com/commit/e2f22878ebfdda8b3c556f5dffb3d346268ac27e
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 2 modifications (Test x86_64 build). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/2655a3afd1320955d8e2a217cfd522169e14b3a7
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (glib2 fell out). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/e2cbaeea03866d329fd2050aeb94218a7cc72fa5
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<InPhase> teepee: Did the calendars get a permanent home somewhere on the web site? I thought the gallery was where they were going to go, but did they end up somewhere else?
<InPhase> It's some pretty solid gallery content I think, if nothing else.
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (We don't need to build gobject support in Cairo). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/3ed3ac27db10f78e563c7e01858d2c7f59a04fdb
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Test x86_64 build). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/4276c92c3fd3d1ca244810e827013cefcd4dee73
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 2 modifications (Test x86_64 build). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/e2106d9f72a9e83e273e1a53fda47004f5056626
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<Jack22> strange we have a library linked within the gallery .. and we have super shitty gears with square teeth
<Jack22> instead of linking this https://www.thingiverse.com/janssen86/designs
<teepee> wer was wo?
<teepee> part of the list is configurable via git repo
<Jack22> still the question why https://github.com/solidboredom  added his library in galleries and not libraries
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<teepee> that came out of the discussion, I have not looked at the details, it just seemed somewhere between dedicated designs and a general library
<teepee> the library list is stil all editing html
<teepee> but we could move it over, I'm not too attached either way ;-)
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<Jack22> the square gear seems to be off that list - however i didn't want to remove them - galleries should hold all kind of designs even questionable ones
<teepee> I'd be more interested in having some news style thing somewhere for cool stuff people made
<Jack22> teepee why not feature a "design of the month" in the news section?
<teepee> what's the square gear?
<othx> Jack22 linked to "OpenSCAD Helical Gears by catarina" on thingiverse => 1 IRC mentions
<Jack22> 4th row 4th column
<Jack22> the teeth are just squares
<teepee> that's from the thingiverse collection, I'm not sure I have access to that
<Jack22> "wear in" gear
<Jack22> i mean thingyverse (and other) are full of technically unsound designs
<teepee> ah, it's just coming from a *.js file
<Jack22> OR making a "staff picked" section within the gallery
<teepee> yeah, "design of the month" sounds a bit too judgy ;-)
<teepee> but something like "featured" would be nice
<teepee> I would not want to edit that manually all the time though
<Jack22> right didn't mean to - but just something cool  monthly
<Jack22> you could put some work in once for user submissions and votes - Ü
<Jack22> not sure if that is advisable
<teepee> that probably would need quite some extra stuff, right now the site is just static pages
<teepee> which is good :)
<Jack22> Getting the Adventscalender in there would be a first step as these designs from past years are really worth to mention
<teepee> it could be much more dynamic driven by data
<teepee> also the point of having it as git repos is that the data can be edited by everyone (in theory) with approval via PR merge
<teepee> e.g. solidboredom is in the list of editors/approvers in that gallery repo
<Jack22> haha
<teepee> you can be too :P
<Jack22> and flood the gallery with my designs ..
<teepee> well, the git repo allows "merge after X approvals" :)
<teepee> the main problem with the "news" design is that I don't know yet how to integrate that into the main page
<teepee> some sort of carousel would be nice, but that does not really fit the layout
<Jack22> https://github.com/openscad/openscad-lists/tree/main/data   need more files to make the adventcalender section within  the gallerie page or?
<teepee> if it would be a dedicated section, it could be just a static file somewhere directly in the web repo
<teepee> in that case it would not change much
<Jack22> whatever is easier for you to make and maintain (if every year there is something to add)
<teepee> maybe starting with just a screenshot of the years calendars and link to the actual one
<teepee> I still would love to see that word cloud thingy
<Jack22> and maybe a summer design contest .. not sure if user would participate
<Jack22> there are wordl addons to create these dynamically
<Jack22> http://www.edwordle.net/   ( hmm wordl.net is not there anymore)
<teepee> I suppose the only option is try and see, that's how the advent calendar started
<teepee> so what I'm thinking is that it should be based on a list of scad files, e.g. all the advent calendar designs
<teepee> -> collect all the used builtin modules any maybe pick the 3 most used ones
<Jack22>  the top 24 words are  1 2 3 4 advent ...
<teepee> -> have another list of extra keywords attached
<teepee> yes, hence the "ignore all words not in a predefined list"
<teepee> even cube / square does not make too much sense, at least not with size based on count
<Jack22> so not a wordcloud that shows statistic abundance of the word .. more a nice design
<teepee> yes, the words would be things like linear_extrude, hull for the more special modules
<Jack22> ah ok so really show what modules/functions are most used
<teepee> and extra keywords manually assigned, something like math-art, fractal, ...
<teepee> not so much most used, but giving that to people who ask "how do I use linear_extrude"
<teepee> klick on that in the word cloud -> get list of designs
<Jack22> and our favorite variable hall of fame  ..  is  »i«
<Jack22> a reference sheet  isn't that something the docu should get (more examples) for the cheatsheet ⇒ docu
<teepee> yes, that would be documentation, the How-To part
<Jack22> maybe tags could be used for that ..  wiki feature
<Jack22> so click on "rotate_extrude" tag and all pages show which have to do with that
<Jack22> or kind of semantic web
<teepee> that would be an option too, but I'm not sure we have enough wiki content to do that
<teepee> and pasting the files into wiki seems not ideal
<teepee> but yeah, there's certainly other options, the word cloud with the files is just the idea still running around in my mind :)
<Scopeuk> I suppose you could have a keywords file which lived in the git repo along side designs/libraries and have something ci based chew those and produce a word cloud index
<Jack22> teepee maybe something like https://www.assoziations-blaster.de/  could be used for that
<Jack22> http://www.a-blast.org/  english
<Jack22> ( DE version has much more text )
<teepee> and when you click "Texte" it's very obvious that it's impossible to give it to the public without massive moderation :/
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<Jack22> what i meant was using that software and feed the code files into so they get linked
<Jack22> (only the scad code files )
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<Jack22> like you  see code and click on the highlighted keywords and get other code with that keywords
<teepee> no idea if that would be acceptable as it's not natual language, but the problem would be mostly that it's not really viable to link to that site
<Jack22> no not linking to that site ..  just asking them for the software (or make something like it)
<teepee> hmpf "Alvar Freude uses mod_perl on Assoziations-Blaster. "
<Jack22> yeah just saw that also dragan's page is bit outdated
<Jack22> btw if you change the filter value to like 30  in the config .. the site will give you much nicer results
<Jack22> basically we run each scad script by the keyword highlight and attach  these as meta info in a DB  that should reference each script by used modules/functions
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<ecraven> is there a way to "remote control" openscad? I'd love to edit the scad file in emacs, and somehow have openscad reload the file and render a preview without having to click anything in the openscad window
<teepee> ecraven: yes, but that's not even needed
<teepee> Design -> Auto Reload
<ecraven> perfect, thanks, I'll try that!
<teepee> there's an additional remote control possible via DBus on Linux, but that's only a feature in the dev snapshots
<ecraven> if auto-reloading works, I won't need that, I think. thanks!
<ecraven> trying to get set up and started with openscad, and I just much prefer to use emacs as the text editor than anything else
<ecraven> and .. works perfectly, thanks!
<teepee> cool, more feature might be coming at some point, but the effort is a bit stalled currently - https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/3635#issuecomment-772144667
<gbruno> [github] eldstal opened issue #4037 (Out-of-bounds memory access in DXF loader (path identification)). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4037
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<InPhase> ecraven: If it fits your flow, swap "vim" with "emacs" *shudder* in the script here: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/FAQ#I_don't_like_the_editor,_can_I_use_my_favourite_editor_instead?
<InPhase> ecraven: It's a launch-both-at-once convenience.
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<ecraven> the existing emacs-mode has a command for that already ;)
<ecraven> hm.. would be nice to add command help to that mode, maybe I'll find some time to do that ;)
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<ecraven> any guess on when the dbus-code will be released in a production version?
<teepee> nope, it would need to get some testing to make at least *some* effort to have a stable interface
<teepee> right now it's more of a dormant feature
<ecraven> just wondering, might be nice to switch between preview and render mode "remotely"
<teepee> InPhase: 5 levels active. finally got the sacrificial USB cables :)
<ecraven> anyway, thanks a lot for all the help, I'm starting to understand how things work...
<ecraven> any opinions on the round-anything library? it looks like a good way to get rounded surfaces for 3d printing?
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<teepee> yep, it seems to work well. I just used it for that arcade button thingy: https://imgur.com/a/atlTmr0
<teepee> the polyRoundExtrude is neat
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<ecraven> hm.. how do I round only certain edges? I have a strut that should have a flat front and back (where it is connected to other surfaces), but all other edges should be slightly rounded :-/
<ecraven> make it larger in that direction, then round everything, then cut off the rounded part?
<Jack22> teepee how did you use libraries on cadhub ? ( or better  how do you know which path to use and which are available?)
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<teepee> Jack22: well, same person, so library is there in an example script :)
<teepee> but once he's back I'm going to ask if there's some simple way to add libraries in a managed way, e.g. similar to the github repo where we tried that
<Jack22> (:
<Jack22> :)
<lf94> InPhase: any new openscad models which are noteable
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<lf94> or teepee
<lf94> Cool to see cadhub being useda bi
<lf94> bit more
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<InPhase> ecraven: See the SmoothXYCube in the back middle-left of the image: https://github.com/rcolyer/smooth-prim
<InPhase> lf94: My most exciting OpenSCAD models since the calendar were replacement feet for my mother's folding chair, and some black filler pieces to plug up the round holes after I rearranged the bookshelves in my home library.
<InPhase> lf94: Which I think we can agree are not super exciting. :)
<InPhase> I've mostly been working on other things.
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<Zauberfisch> there is a openscad plugin for the jetbrains IDEs
<Zauberfisch> awesome
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<Zauberfisch> the question about "remote control" & auto reload inspired me to look
<Zauberfisch> that will make developement so much nicer
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