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<t4nk_freenode> fcol
<t4nk_freenode> lots of misery
<t4nk_freenode> it was still fiddly to mount the nuts
<t4nk_freenode> bolts are a tiny fraction too short for comfort
<t4nk_freenode> anyhow, I broke my 3d printed nema mount in the process
<t4nk_freenode> must have broken it a hundred times by now, so meanwhile I got some metal ones
<t4nk_freenode> holes are just offset a bit... so I went in with a hand drill
<t4nk_freenode> lol
<t4nk_freenode> aNyHow
<t4nk_freenode> I'll cut some bolts to length for the nuts tomorrow
<t4nk_freenode> but... when I was observing... I saw that now there is still some backlash
<t4nk_freenode> but not in the rod, or nuts... *sigh*
<t4nk_freenode> the backlash is in the friggin flex coupling!
<t4nk_freenode> when I move, say .01mm ... I can see it flexing for two ticks before it turns the screw
<t4nk_freenode> heh
<t4nk_freenode> I'm not sure if a 3d printed non-flexing coupling nut would be any good
<t4nk_freenode> I suspect that it would be useless
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<Guest7> Hello everyone, I'm new to OpenSCAD. I'm trying to make a name keychain with my newborn son name on it as gifts for the grandparents, but I cant seen to change the font of the letters. Can someone please help & guide me with this.
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<teepee> Guest7: do you see the font you want to use in Help->Font List?
<Guest7> yes, the chewy font but it doesn't change. I was looking into adding my own as well from my already downloaded fonts.
<dTal> a workaround might be to make your writing in Inkscape and export a vector file like svg or dxf
<Jack2232> Guest7:  can you show the code you are using (eg. on  https://bpa.st/ )   .. or did you used the copy feature in the font list?
<Jack2232> ( the font list in open SCAD )    your code should look like text("Name",font="chewy");
<Guest7> i paste cde to link
<Jack2232> if you paste this on bpa.st it creates a link you need to tell us
<Guest7> I know, I'm such a noob..
<Guest7> teepee: I do see my font in the help fonts list
<Jack2232> Guest7:  in line  4 ther e needs   "Font_name="chewy"; to be set
* teepee got a phone call, back in a bit...
<Jack2232> Guest7:   try a new sheet and just  paste  text("HI",font="chewy");
<Jack2232>  at least i get text with that font when using your code   (however the code seems more complicated than needed)
<Jack2232> Guest7:  https://bpa.st/OGUQ
<Guest7> Jack2232: ok that works! Thanks a million!!
<Jack2232> :D
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<Jack2232> did someone noticed that v.22.01.10  has some bugs with highlighting  with last letters when opening a saved script?
<Jack2232> oh great the special characters causing issues in cadhub  are now messing up the highlighting in scad too  - great!
<Jack2232> try this //αβγμμμμ
<Jack2232> and add letters
<Jack2232> and it is causing the cursor to move ½ character in between a character  echo("μmℓ");
<Jack2232> teepee  this is serious it happens with normal characters   like  » // äöü
<peeps[zen]> ccox revamped the highlighting lexer recently. i'm guessing there's some miscounting of characters vs bytes happening with the new code. variable width characters of utf8 is kind of a pain
<InPhase> It is a tough problem to try to home-roll a solution for.
<InPhase> It requires knowledge of far more language representations in unicode than almost any individuals have alone.
<InPhase> So basically, collaborative-developed library solutions as a central part, or fail.
<Jack2232> .oO remembers  me when a colleague from Danmark  tried to logon with a keyboard without the special characters in her password
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<teepee> heh, yeah, I have that with one of the passwords via citrix remote where the keyboard is messed up
<teepee> if it switches, it's impossible to give some of the not so unusual special chars, like those above the numbers
<teepee> so if that remote screen locks, I have to use the on-screen keyboard, which is great for passwords
<Jack2232> more fun if you successfully  connected remotely but your host ask you to press the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_key_(DEC)
<teepee> no problem, I do have a DEC terminal somewhere :P
<teepee> not sure I can plug that in though
<ecraven> now I want a Gold Key on my keyboard :D
<Jack2232> ecraven:  print one with gold filament https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/93794-paw-key
<teepee> you can order an actual gold one designed in OpenSCAD via Shapeways
<Jack2232> teepee:  due to its weight it will probably press itself all the time - Ü
<teepee> or go even better with platinum
<teepee> yeah, and you can't make it to thin or it will just deform I suppose
<teepee> well, they have gold plated steel or something
<Jack2232> electro plating or just  beatgold is easy to apply
<Jack2232> i think they also have pure gold
<teepee> uh, has to be a big key cap: Bounding Box Min 2.4 × 2.4 × 0.6 mm
<teepee> yes
<teepee> I think Michael did a tiny OpenSCAD logo in one of those fancy metal printers
* Jack2232 wants an EBM too
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<ccox> peeps[zen]: highlighting wouldn't affect cursor movement - that's part of qscintilla
<Jack2232> ccox it is moving the characters  out of position
<teepee> a = "äöüäöaaaaaaaa";
<teepee> some index values in qscintilla are defined to be in bytes
<ccox> so far I can get the highlighting to be wrong with some characters, but cannot get the cursor out of position.
<ccox> it does appear that some of the highlighting indexes may mixing up bytes and characters.
<ccox> that seems to be what is throwing off the highlighting at the end of the strings.
<teepee> yeah, not seeing any cursor issues yet
<teepee> even with 😀 which is 4 byte utf8
<Jack2232> https://pasteboard.co/bdWBw7MCcfBI.png    the space there - is not a character and moves when inserting characters
<teepee> which font?
<Jack2232> dejaVU sans mono
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<ccox> Jack - yeah, that sounds like a scintilla or font issue, highlighting can't move things other than the color.
<teepee> yup there's something different with the mono font
<ccox> But if someone could write up an issue on the highlighting failing on unicode strings, I would appreciate it.
<teepee> I'm not sure we can influence the font part, but it could be a side effect of trying to highlight half a character
<Jack2232> seems to be the only font showing this
<Jack2232> (and sure i have this )
<teepee> I'll stick to "Iosevka Nerd Font" then :P
<Jack2232> ccox why did you remove the color for boolean variables? (false/true/undef )
<ccox> They're still colored
<gbruno> [github] UBaer21 opened issue #4047 (Highlighting with some characters ). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4047
<gbruno> [github] UBaer21 edited issue #4047 (Highlighting with some characters ). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4047
<Jack2232> yes but the color is the same as numbers
<ccox> technically they are numbers
<Jack2232> imho it was usefull to see  if variables are not numbers
<Jack2232> undef is a number?
<Jack2232> also there are cases where i can not use   0 for false  or 1 for true
<Jack2232> and the customizer also treat them differently
<Jack2232> linear_extrude(5,center=1) circle();  // doesn't work
<ccox> And tpaul made the change for the boolean and undef values, not me.
<teepee> aha, yes, I did, fight me :P
<teepee> well, I suppose the new highlighting is more flexible, so it would be possible to add more groups
<teepee> highlighting true/false same as the CSG ops is a bit strange
<teepee> yes, they are "boolean ops" :)
<InPhase> Shouldn't they be the same color as numbers?
<Jack2232> i didn't want to blame anyone here   - i just got confused as due to the changes my highliging isn't working anymore as keywords are now removed (and replaced by custom keywords)
<t4nk_freenode> peeps[zen], ... I just installed the printed coupling... now I realize thatthe whole collar thing isn't as important anymore, since this coupling doesn't flex
<t4nk_freenode> heh
<Jack2232> constants like PI and undef  ( and true or false) should not be the same as a number
<InPhase> Well PI is colored like any other variable.
<ccox> JAck - no keywords were removed, and now custom keywords are added as additional highlighting, not replacing the existing highlighting
<Jack2232> teepee  all special variables are now in that color so that fit with constants and booleans or?
<InPhase> But PI=3; is valid OpenSCAD code. true=3; is not
<Jack2232> ccox  the old color scheme  for visualstudio contained keywords-set1 ..   these will now not work and remove the color
<ccox> Jack - are you confusing the old colorscheme files and new colorscheme files? No, the additional keywords will not remove color.
<Jack2232> i had used these for my lib  and now  nothing higlights anymore  ( not a cube())
<ccox> IF you use the old files, then things may get messed up, because they old visualstudio file was @#$%@#%#'d up and tried to redefine keywords.
<ccox> Jack - use the current files.
<Jack2232> i have them in my user profile so they are  used   and yes i have to make them new with  the "keyword-custom1"
<ccox> Jack - you aren't making sense.
<Jack2232> the json files from the color-schemes are in my roaming profile  .. so when installing the new version they were used and causing some (not all) highlighting to be removed
<ccox> ok, that is because you used the old colorscheme file, not the new files.
<Jack2232> as i said i have to make a new one
<ccox> The old files redefined the keywords for some messed up reason. With the new files, the custom keywords are ADDITIONAL not replacing the existing keywords.
<Jack2232> yes i know and i appreciate that change
<Jack2232> can i have more than 3 sets ?
<ccox> yes, up to 10 at the moment.
<Jack2232> fantastic  - Ü
<Jack2232> when i define "false" as custom  does that work and supersede  the default color?
<ccox> Not sure, I haven't tried overriding too much. The idea was that custom keywords were custom - not changing the defaults.
<Jack2232> i would agree ..  but as Inphase pointed out  that PI and false are different  so PI should be like the   special variables  (and we should have PHI )
<Jack2232> and as  true and false are not to be mixed with numbers - i would like to distinguish them  too
<ccox> we can make changes - the new system is pretty flexible
<Jack2232> if there are more keyword options it  could be a new shade  ...   i mean that  echo / render   is now the same color as  assert if for and special variables - feel strange
<teepee> I guess a systematic sorting would be useful, right now that's mostly 6 years old code which ccox freshed up and I moved some stuff around that did not make sense to me
<Jack2232> maybe starting with the cheatsheet  that is saying  undef is a constant - Ü
<Jack2232> projection is  like extrude (just other way around)  i would place it in the same group
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<Jack2232> maybe differentiate between 2D and 3D  would make sense too
<Jack2232> .oO my color scheme will be full rainbow
<teepee> :)
<Jack2232> too bad that comments in json files are not implemented
<teepee> hm? there's comments in json?
<teepee> never seen that
<teepee> it might be possible to fake with "_comment": "hello!",
<Jack2232> that can cause issues if the parser checks for valid fields ..  also  some  work with // comments ..
<teepee> yeah, I don't think we check fields, but I don't know any parser that accepts actual comments
<Jack2232> but the best seems to be  to use the object twice .. first with the comment as value then the real value which will supersede the comment
<teepee> is that safely defined?
<teepee> that it's using the 2nd value?
<teepee> I've seen that happening but it could be internal behavior leaking
<Jack2232> " (as of version 2). Sublime Text will not complain about it,  "
<Jack2232> seems there you can use // comments
<Jack2232> the double value seems to be a hack
<Jack2232> but it is valid json code
<Jack2232> until someone writes  something to warn about multiple objects
<Jack2232> it says »Each member should have a unique key within an object structure«   not must
<teepee> which still not defines which one to pick
<teepee> I suppose treating it as javascript code would indicate use 2nd one
<Jack2232> the validator now complains about duplicated keys
<Jack2232> maybe switch from json to yaml
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<ccox> #%@#$%@#% QString gives length by glyphs, not bytes, qscintilla wants bytes
<teepee> there's some similar thing going on somewhere in the find method
<ccox> ok, I may have a fix for the unicode highlighting - after I back out all the comments and debugging I just added to find it.
<teepee> nice!
<ccox> qscintilla does not like having 23 translations of the UDHR pasted into it.
<ccox> sigh, but the error is not repeatable.