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<teepee> OlivierChafik[m]: hmm, we do need to change the default of that SORT_BUILD to be only enabled when specifically given
<teepee> otherwise it will not build anything on a clean checkout, that's not so good :)
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Fix build on clean checkout.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/66fad4d9f4c2dd6bfbfbc2022d599bdcad749f6a
<J225293829> finaly my gears are rendering and not getting errors ..  after 3h  i got a 17mb  3mf file for rack and pinion ..
<teepee> now the interesting question is, does it work with the fast-csg branch too? and how long does that take?
<OlivierChafik[m]> teepee: oh blimey, sorry about that, will try and sort this now
<teepee> no need
<teepee> I just removed the first part of the condition
<OlivierChafik[m]> hah ok :-D
<OlivierChafik[m]> I've reduced my CGAL test case to 7 lines but the mxe docker env is driving me nuts
<teepee> what happens?
<OlivierChafik[m]> everything I think I have clean instructions to install an arbitrary version of CGAL to show it compiles w/ and w/o it, something goes wrong
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'll try again w/ your -openscad docker image instead of the drier -ui one I used
<OlivierChafik[m]> I could just tell them "go test this on win64 with your own scripts" but I can see how high that would go on their list :-D
<teepee> I just tagged the container to openscad/mxe-x86_64-openscad:cgal-5.4 so it's not overwritten by newer builds
<OlivierChafik[m]> I generally noticed a few cases of the file system playing tricks on me, like not picking up my changes, etc
<OlivierChafik[m]> (inside docker I mean)
<OlivierChafik[m]> I probably just need to sleep haha
<OlivierChafik[m]> (I feel like I've always and will always be a docker beginner)
<teepee> it's probably just missing some tools, it's really trimmed down, not even less or vi are installed by default
<OlivierChafik[m]> cool thanks, that will definitely help w/ the repro
<OlivierChafik[m]> yes I've never installed vim so many times in a day
<OlivierChafik[m]> I'll pick this up again tomorrow, maybe throw some docker composer to simplify things
<OlivierChafik[m]> (also, the only failure in the PR is now the lgtm c++ 🎉; hope I didn't leave too many oddities in the code)
<teepee> oh, it should use the mxe-cmake I suppose
<teepee> but yeah, there's more days ahead :)
<OlivierChafik[m]> that cmake has been quick to complain about things like its g++ not managing to compile simple stuff
<teepee> I'll check if I can make it run with an extra container
<OlivierChafik[m]> thanks!!
<OlivierChafik[m]> (I think maybe I've chronically underestimated the value of `. scripts/setenv-mingw-xbuild.sh -64` as you suggested - saw that a bit too late)
<OlivierChafik[m]> good night / day!
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Merge pull request #4090 from openscad/dxf-updates
<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4037 (Out-of-bounds memory access in DXF loader (path identification)). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4037
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Merge pull request #4091 from openscad/build-fix
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 additions 1 modifications (Add Stemfie parts library.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad.github.com/commit/8ebcb73374b1fdfa396511736455790e86998814
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<J22529382928> wow render with lower fn and now 6h44min  .. what is wrong with you!
<J22529382928> teepee if you like to test with "fast csg"  .. use the β22| 045    and     just  CyclGetriebe(f=3,lock=3);
<J22529382928> just needs ~ 2 min
<J22529382928> seems 2022.02 is doing better than 2022.01
<J22529382928> btw:  how do an intersection works points wise .. so if i have two pointsets .. how do i get the intersecting points?
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<peepsalot> its a boolean AND operation. intersecting points must exist in both input pointsets
<peepsalot> J22529382928: or just literally the same as how set intersection works
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<peepsalot> only problem is the pointsets are uncountably infinite
<J22529382928> i ment how do i check if one point of A is within the polygon B
<J22529382928> how can i differentiate between inside and outside
<J22529382928> peepsalot or how do i find the intersecting point of both paths
<peepsalot> well, you started talking about pointsets, now you are talking polygons. two very different conceptualizations
<peepsalot> for polygons you can find the winding number of a point to determine inside/outside http://www.angusj.com/delphi/clipper/documentation/Docs/Units/ClipperLib/Types/PolyFillType.htm
<peepsalot> finding the intersecting point(s) of two paths boils down to determining the intersection of two line segments, and just do that for all possible pairs of segments
<J22529382928> this seems to be an awful amount of operations..   as i have seen doing that is often slower than the 2D operation of scad itself .. does it make sense to make the calculation myself instead of using intersection()  as i am extruding the points later  anyway
<peepsalot> no idea what you want to do. probably not worth re-implementing intersection within scad... but if you figure it out, feel free to submit a PR https://github.com/thehans/FunctionalOpenSCAD
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<peepsalot> 2D boolean is already *very* fast, and actually done via the library which I just linked to (clipper).
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<J22529382928> i just getting "polygon not closed" errors - which shouldn't be possible as they are overlapping  but something is causing errors when scaling these in extrusions  maybe due to the undercut
<peepsalot> what is overlapping?
<J22529382928> the polygons to make the intersection
<J22529382928> so when linear_extrude(5) this is fine but with scale=[1,.85] it results in "not closed"
<peepsalot> can you take a pic of F6 render on the 2D profile before extrusion? you can use root modifier "!" to single out
<J22529382928> the 2D profile looks fine
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<peepsalot> J22529382928: what is the scale of that, and roughly how many points are in the outline?
<J22529382928> each teeth should have ~ 32 but there is an rounding (via offset ±) which adds some points
<J22529382928> its about  1cm long ..   interestingly i made a small change just moved a little so  it starts between teeth - and now the problem seems to be gone.
<J22529382928>    Simple: yes
<J22529382928>    Vertices: 194326
<J22529382928>    Halfedges: 1146668
<J22529382928>    Edges: 573334
<J22529382928>    Halffacets: 758020
<J22529382928>    Facets: 379010
<J22529382928>    Volumes: 2
<peepsalot> that's 1000x more vertices than 32*6
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<J22529382928> here with gears https://imgur.com/a/IMRUsO3
<J22529382928> the numbers are from  3D  not 2D
<J22529382928> the 2D render didn't give the number of points on the contour
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<J22529382928> here a image with edges of one tooth in the 2D https://imgur.com/a/cbEVtK6
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<J22529382928> peepsalot it seems the beveled part adds a lot of slices - not sure why https://imgur.com/vW8Jeoo
<J22529382928> when scale is a list  you get awfull amount of slices - does that make sense?  linear_extrude(10,scale=[1,0.9])circle(10);
<peepsalot> yes that's intentional, when scale is not uniform it will create slices based on $fs and $fa (or $fn)
<peepsalot> you can also manually override slices with parameter "slices"
<J22529382928> seems to me it getting much more slices than needed
<J22529382928> ah  the height is not taken into accout for the calculation
<peepsalot> are you using $fn?
<J22529382928> yes
<J22529382928> without it looks better
<peepsalot> well, that's why its better to use $fs and $fa instead for most cases. because it scales reasonably
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<J22529382928> it also causes issues as it changes the position of vertices depending on size like you have a tube then the outer circle can have a different number of fragments then the inner - which causes problems in printing
<J22529382928> well  from 6h  down to 6min  render  - the slices within the beveled edges - Ü,  interesting that such a drastic change got through the tests when submitting the PR
<J22529382928> probably no test is checking for that
<J22529382928> vertices from 200k for 6teeth  down to 8k for 15teeth
<J22529382928> is it known that 2022.2  has massive Z-fighting when show edges is on?   https://imgur.com/vRZsIE7
<J22529382928> difference() {
<J22529382928>   linear_extrude(10,center=true)circle(10);
<J22529382928>   linear_extrude(11,center=true)circle(5);
<J22529382928> }
<J22529382928> should i submit an issue for that?
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<JakeSays> it would be so nice if i could specify slicer metadata right in scad code
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Merge pull request #4092 from ochafik/local-circleci-readme
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<Scopeuk> On the mimalloc windows build stuff do we know how much of the performance build we can get by just swapping out the cgal allocator to mimalloc https://doc.cgal.org/latest/Manual/devman_memory_management.html? As thats done through a compile time overide rather than link time shenanigans for general overide it should also work with a static build
<Scopeuk> Hmm going through the history that was the starting point
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<teepee> J22529382928: it does not like CyclGetriebe :(
<J22529382928> it?
<J22529382928> fast csg
<teepee> yes, it reverts to nef_union for at least one of the bigger steps
<teepee> I think that means that it classified one of the temporary meshes as not closed
<J22529382928> i wonder why .. i even tried an offset which should close any gaps without success
<teepee> not sure, that could be the feature itself
<J22529382928> but the linear_extrude with 3 slices helped (or $fn=0r
<J22529382928> what about the Z-fighting  should i open an issue for that (didn't found any existing)
<teepee> I'm not sure that is actually z-fighting
<teepee> well, at least not the classic one between coincident faces
<J22529382928> yeah  right  there should only be one face .. first i thought it is my model but happens with any difference
<J22529382928> of extruded circles
<teepee> it's the edge fighting with the face
<J22529382928> convexity also doesn't change a bit
<J22529382928> also happens with cylinder()
<teepee> yeah, just hide the edges :)
<J22529382928> and  in intersections
<teepee> there's probably some way to fix that on the shader / OpenGL side
<J22529382928> .oO  yeah best way to circumvent these problems is switch of the internet and PC -  and take a walk in the woods .. all bug reports there are from a different nature
<J22529382928> .oO we fixed all bugs - also we removed all features and buttons and options and preferences and settings ..
<teepee> yes, also waaaay more secure
<J22529382928> i really had a client telling his network is secure  when my colleague said  " if your car is always in the garage you didn't have accidents on the street"
<J22529382928> (every desk had two PC one internal and one with internet)
<Scopeuk> J22529382928 thats standard in mid security enviroments
<Scopeuk> Its known as air gapping
<J22529382928> until there are ways to get data out via LEDs or RF etc.
<Scopeuk> Hence mid security, high security will increase the gap and introduce additonal measure
<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4075 (Proposal: Implement sketcher to make prototyping more efficient). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4075
<Scopeuk> Its plenty for most commercial data assuming usb storage access is disabled on atleast one set of machines
<teepee> haha, yes, USB locked down hard. free access to Office 365
<Scopeuk> teepee nonsense security requirements are the worst
<J22529382928> i like the pen test where the first thing is to spread USB sticks  in  a companies back yard and cafeteria
<teepee> yup, I should have made a picture story of the family garden we had years ago about that
<teepee> pff, in one of the places I'm doing contracting work, there's like once a year "official" fishing mails from some external security company
<J22529382928> .oO and now please copy all data and transfer all money to
<teepee> the idiotic part is that they do that always 2 weeks after the security trainings so it's use is quite reduced
<teepee> no, more like "your company contact person wants you to download this app to check microsoft patches" or something silly like that
<teepee> It's somewhere in the middle of "very obvious" and "extremely good"
<J22529382928> when they starting targeting a specific person it gets hard .. some companies lost a lot money
<teepee> yeah, if done well, there's probably always a combination of time and opportunity where it's possible to get pretty much everyone
<othx> J22529382928 linked to YouTube video "What is Your Password?" => 1 IRC mentions
<teepee> always good to keep in mind, even when thinking "can't happen to me"
<teepee> unfortunately it can, it just takes a good timing and a bit of luck sometimes
<teepee> so far I'm good, but I've seen that with other people who I know are cautious and it still happened
<teepee> which is why I'm sometimes angry at actual official mails that are raising the same red flags
<J22529382928> want access -  take a blue overall and a ladder with you
<J22529382928> was in a high sec datacenter  the double door system was weighting you .. and the chief always need to carry a big PC to get in because she weighted not enough to trigger the system
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<teepee> ouch, what a horrible system
<J22529382928> she was super tiny
<J22529382928> <45kg
<J22529382928> <90 pound
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<teepee> not a good reason to be discriminated by a security system
<teepee> what happens with a 2,30m big guy? just breaking through down to the next floor? :D
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<J22529382928> you get much more trouble if you brought hardware with you and installed it  (and use the wrong entrance)
<J22529382928> you were  trapped  until security arrived
<Scopeuk> People regularly mix up is a pain in the ass to get into with is secure
<Scopeuk> The best security is almost transparent
<J22529382928> not sure if "best" should be used in context with security
<J22529382928> once i entered a building via metal detector  and police searching your bag ..    then in the first floor i found a kitchen with 25cm(10inch)  knifes
<Scopeuk> Sounds about right, if its anything like my work kitchen the back office them will be sharper than the edge. The point stands however
<Scopeuk> Back of them**
<J22529382928> honeypot knifes
<J22529382928> like the plastic knifes on planes  while there was a glas mirror on the toilett
<gbruno> [github] whited opened issue #4093 (KVM Switch causes crash during startup device enumeration). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4093
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<J22529382928> there is some interesting classification for 3D printed weapons as they are not metal - and companies started to build working plastic combat knifes
<teepee> oh, good, so just waiting for polititians to see that and produce crazy ideas again :(
<Scopeuk> Ceramic knifes have been arround for ages
<Scopeuk> I mean an obsidian blade wouldn't get picked up by a metal detector either and that predates modern society
<J22529382928> Florida law excludes plastic knifes as weapons .. not sure what they mean with "plastic"
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (CVE-2022-0497 Out-of-bounds memory access in comment parser.
<J22529382928> like PEEK PES PPS ..
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Update MXE docker image names.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/14eba9429fbee5656d06641ee60d4e2d9fd34a41
<peepsalot> finally opened an issue yesterday about my windows woes https://github.com/microsoft/mimalloc/issues/542 hopefully there is some response soonish
<teepee> yeah, that would be nice. the difference with that enabled is quite good
<teepee> hopefully also getting some CGAL feedback how to fix that compile issue
<teepee> we also may need to keep the native nsis for 2021.01 builds, may need to publish an update for that which is still qmake based :/
<peepsalot> teepee: an update for 2021 builds? what's that about?
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<peepsalot> for CVEs?
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<teepee> yeah, might be a good idea, if it's really critical, I don't know
<teepee> for reference, the cgal issue https://github.com/CGAL/cgal/issues/6308
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 2 modifications (Fix build failure with "generic_print_polyhedron" on CGAL-5.3.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/9aa0d7e9f2914fe5f547bdde69202161d1c6064d
<teepee> that looks interesting https://github.com/sprabhakar2006/openSCAD
<peepsalot> hmm nice fillets, looks like the lower level primitives/transforms are generating and operating on point lists etc
<peepsalot> sigh, basically another re-implementation of the core of FunctionalOpenSCAD, with the added specialty of fillets on top
<teepee> yes, now I wonder if we could get some of that into some sort of native rounded union :)
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 2 modifications (Fix build for boost library names now including -x32/-x64 suffixes.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/3fa5ca3c39812274a4b4a4207f2a0693cbacfc04
<teepee> meh, getting 2021.01 to build with the new MXE is quite annoying
<Scopeuk> peepsalot from my understanding of the mimalloc docs there should be two dll's mimalloc and the redirect one, i suspect we may be at the bottom end calling into the static version of Microsoft's os calls instead of calling through the dynamic interface mxe 64 bit target vs mxe 64.static targets. I guess we'll see what they have to say for
<Scopeuk> themselves
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 2 modifications (Fix build for boost library names now including -x32/-x64 suffixes.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/c50837d597a17b5d4cd8c7ed8e09cb07edb98a6f
<Scopeuk> That should probably be os call bindings/interface
<Scopeuk> peepsalot did you try running with just the allocator in cgal overidden to see how much difference that made? As its compile time rather than link time it should take on a windows static build
<Scopeuk> Trying to wrap my head arround a plan b for getting speed on windows without someone spending years fighting the build chain
<teepee> I think there's code for that in cgal.h ?
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<Scopeuk> Yeh its guarded on pre proc if 0
<Scopeuk> I should really get my build enviroment back up and stop be lazy over it
<peepsalot> Scopeuk: the main performance improvement is from GMP memory functions, which i override anyways. i couldn't measure any difference with just the CGAL (c++ style allocator)
<peepsalot> there's like 12 or so variations of build configurations you can test
<Scopeuk> Ok, thanks
<Scopeuk> I think i only currently have windows build on windows setup and working and thats somewhat edgecase, i have a linux box lying arround i can push into a build env i should really do that again
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<peepsalot> Scopeuk: btw the redirect one is a pre-compiled binary that is just there in the github repo. it just gets copied out during cmake "install"
<peepsalot> i guess on windows you can do all 16 combinations, this was my potential configuration grid on linux: https://bpa.st/BSSA
<Scopeuk> Line16 tickles me for some reason, shall take a look
<peepsalot> double it up to 32 if you want to compare static vs dynamic builds
<Scopeuk> There is a tool i have used before on windows that walked the dynamic dependency tree for an executable
<Scopeuk> https://www.dependencywalker.com/ i think. Might have a play later
<peepsalot> https://github.com/microsoft/mimalloc/issues/535 here is some discussion of the linker error and why it doesn't matter on windows i guess
<peepsalot> ... or 48 configurations if you want to also try object file linking, i guess? I didn't get to that one: https://github.com/microsoft/mimalloc/issues/532
<Scopeuk> I saw you raised a few issues on their tracker, pleanty for me to chew on
<peepsalot> i don't know... feeling kinda burnt out on messing with it tbh. i'm guessing it was just never intended for a cross-compile scenario and that's where things are mostly going wrong
<peepsalot> the static linking option built and ran on windows, but it suffered the same issue of no console output, which made it harder to confirm it was even working
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Link opengl after opencsg.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/5790e77f88e4c1da83269c69528df9ffb1578bce
<Scopeuk> Yeh it looks like getting linux working was fairly cooperative but everything else does look to just be fighting
<peepsalot> teepee: what was the original reasoning for tests running on msys2 build only, but artifacts upload for mxe only?
<peepsalot> could we add executable artifact upload for msys2 builds so we could download and debug more easily?
<peepsalot> er, i guess the mxe build being on linux would require wine-based testing... answering my own question mostly.
<peepsalot> although wine tests might not actually be a bad idea after all
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<teepee> I guess MSYS2 happened mostly because it was available on the CI sites
<teepee> there could be a github action just using the docker builds too I suppose
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<peepsalot> teepee: i wonder if msys2 builds would actually be preferrable over MXE for packaging and releasing, maybe less compatibility issues with mimalloc etc due to being at least built on the same platform as target?
<peepsalot> i didn't quite get dynamically linked mimalloc working on msys2, but it should only require some small tweaks to install/copy the dlls into the exe directory
<Scopeuk> if we went over to build windows on windows could potentially switch fully over to the visual studio tool chain (via cmake of course)
<teepee> peepsalot: considering we have not much control about what versions happen at any time, I'd be a bit concerned
<teepee> with MXE we have at least some control over the build environment
<Scopeuk> that did hit the vcpkg stuff, ignore my previous comment
<teepee> yeah, that might be an option
<teepee> I guess that would mean going all-in with github which is also a small concern, having no other option at all
<teepee> in the last time a number of the CI platforms dropped out due to limitations
<peepsalot> btw, there is an interesting blog post from vcpkg folks: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cppblog/vcpkg-artifacts/
<peepsalot> maybe would help with the very long build times, though I haven't looked at what artifacts are available. particularly if Qt is included
<Scopeuk> looks liek its using vcpkg-ce underneath (the one we had put forwards as a potential scad package manager)
<teepee> uh, so it's official now?
<peepsalot> is Qt a "platform SDK"?
<linext> i wonder if you could build a HackerRank style tutorial system
<Scopeuk> they look to be going more hardware https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg-ce-catalog/tree/main/tools
<Scopeuk> vcpkg has been able to do binary stashing for ages but it doesent solve the first build problem
<ccox> no, Qt is not a platform SDK. Platform = OS + API
<InPhase> The vcpkg installation for Linux begins with the one-eyed crying man. . <(
<teepee> reminds me off that "oops" scene in independence day
<teepee> "we should talk more!"
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Update AppData integration.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/92bafb169928611dc19ea6daaa70b71df81ac23e
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (CGAL build fix, v5.4 renames projection traits header files and classes.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/b10f2c1d508d91eda04b2fe0681f0475a4f9b964
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<rapha> hi all!
<rapha> oh
<rapha> where's Jack, has he not been here today?
<rapha> Jack\d+ that is
<teepee> we did talk earlier
<rapha> hmm i'll just keep hanging out :)
<rapha> are you having a nice weekend, teepee?
<teepee> it's fine, watching a bit of fosdem, making waffles, watching big clive
<rapha> Waffles! Haven't had waffles for so long...
<rapha> Also big clive is always relaxing, the topic doesn't even matter :)
<rapha> Anything of interest at fosdem?
<teepee> not sure actually, the plan is quite confusing. I've watched a bit from the "friends of openjdk" room
<rapha> yeah, looking at https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/day/saturday/ now and feeling rpetty lost
<teepee> in the end it's probably easier to look through the videos once those are released :)
<rapha> wow, people are re-implementing NTFS in rust o_O
<teepee> better orientation https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/roomtracks/ but still not very easy to navigate
<InPhase> rapha: Jack is going by J\d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d\d now. :)
<peepsalot> rapha: you mean J22529382928 ?
<InPhase> There were too many Jacks in the world, so they had to be given serial numbers.
<rapha> InPhase: 11 digits, always?
<InPhase> rapha: Well it has been gradually growing with time.
<J22529382928> testing the limits
<J22529382928> seems it stops there
<rapha> InPhase: easier then to just go with J\w*\d+ then.
<peepsalot> limits of what, your peers' patience?
<rapha> J22529382928: just in case you're Jack, wanted to keep you updated on the efforts to restore the old Extra 300. Motor arrived today and the first version of the cowl that got printed fully is already not a bad fit at all! Since the walls are so thin, it also adapts itself to the fuselage shape almost perfectly! blob:https://imgur.com/e7a1b4d5-bad5-43a5-aa69-14cbd7dd2491
<J22529382928> haha no  this  clients always adding number to my nick  and  i just wanna find out where this goes
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Fix build issue with overloaded join().). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/b4d3c3e4f611466ca80d2dc840619164684c3352
<J22529382928> rapha  cool and yes jack iam   .. but your link doesn't work
<rapha> oh crap sometimes i hate firefox
<rapha> J22529382928: https://i.imgur.com/sUPWlE9.jpg ... this one should work
<rapha> needs to be made a little longer, that's it. also, need to decide for a color. thinking white or grey since it'll be tough to match the shade of orange.
<J22529382928> look a good fit
<rapha> it's amazing actually
<rapha> and i never thought a PLA object with .35mm thick walls only would be so sturdy
<J22529382928> aslong it is not a methanol engine
<rapha> lolno
<rapha> but a biest of a brushless
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<J22529382928> a 3D super ellipse  has  good static  - not good as a sphere but better than a rounded cube  ( or sqround
<rapha> interesting
<rapha> but makes sense intuitively
<rapha> are y'all here engineers / mathematicians / physicists btw?
<J22529382928> using 3500kv  with 3S lipo?
<rapha> 950Kv
<rapha> 10x10 prop
<J22529382928> ah just remember this is much bigger then i thought (and it looks on the images)
<rapha> but yeah, 3S ... but my smallest is 3.2Ah and it'd make the thing too heavy. will have to get a couple of 2.2Ah ones.
<rapha> yeah, it's almost 1m wingspan.
<J22529382928> you printing 0.35 with 0.4 nozzle?  - and single walled?
<rapha> well, pretty sure it's not actually .35
<J22529382928> vase mode could  make iteven  more smooth
<rapha> and it was 100% infill
<rapha> oh, there's a "vase" mode? lemme try that then.
<linext> measure the extrusion width
<J22529382928> your slicer should have that.. and with .6 or .8 line width this should be sturdy enough
<linext> layer height should be 50% to 80% of extrusion width
<rapha> linext: don't care ... it came out really nicely either way :D
<linext> that's the right way
<rapha> J22529382928: Cura...
<J22529382928> always wondered who came up with that ..   i was printing .6 at 0.08layer
<J22529382928> but the nozzle area must not be smaller than the layer×linewidth
<J22529382928> (for bridging)
<linext> i've done 25% before on a real thick nozzle
<linext> it works but the resolution isn't that good
<J22529382928> rapha in cura it is found under special modes
<linext> vase mode is sweet
<linext> i used to print in vase mode
<J22529382928> i have a tool in my lib to make multiwall vase modes and also  thick walls in vase mode
<J22529382928> so i can make i  tube with 2mm wall in vase mode
<J22529382928> used for this filter https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/125053-drainer-spiral-vase   to get a solid thread in vase mode
<J22529382928> (in makes is a picture how it turned out)
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<rapha> holy shit that looks like a lot of math
<rapha> also it looks like it might be REALLY useful as a guard for a fish tank filter / powerhead
<rapha> as in, to keep fish and shrimp from killing themselves by swimming into the pump inlet
<J22529382928> that probably works too ..  i use it to drain my yoghurt - Ü
<J22529382928> put it in .. and  after empty the whey  you have a nice cream
<J22529382928> (putting the filter into yoghurt not other way around)
<J22529382928> i think the amount of math didn't change for anything you do with a computer - only the perception of it
<rapha> well, i tried reading the code in your library for the function you used to help me with that cowl. and that was a lot of math for me alright :)
<J22529382928> check peepsalot or inphase  libs  that is where the fun starts  https://github.com/thehans/FunctionalOpenSCAD
<rapha> whenever i feel too happy next time and need some depression i'll do that :P
<J22529382928> i only get depressed when i have to understand my own code three month later
<rapha> oh, that's a always a good method, too :o)
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Debug AppImage build.). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/e4268a5d8458b6af301dbaa3c4e89264b651c077
<teepee> now with circleci broken, what libraries did you want added peepsalot?
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<peepsalot> teepee: just FunctionalOpenSCAD i guess
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<teepee> oh, no, another one where I don't know what images to make :)
<peepsalot> what's wrong with circleci now? just that CGAL 5.3 regression?
<peepsalot> seems like a lot of build changes lately, hard to keep track
<teepee> actual outage
<teepee> seems to recover now, but I do have a build issue with the appimage I can't explain
<teepee> it looks like it's not checking out the icons/openscad.desktop file
<teepee> peepsalot: what image could I use for the library page, it does not really look good without
<peepsalot> maybe a pic of alternative spheres, i can make one, you want a particular size?
<teepee> good question, they are usually generated from SCAD via https://github.com/openscad/image-generator
<teepee> --imgsize 600,360
<teepee> if you have an scad, we can drop that in there, but just any image is fine
<teepee> oh!
<teepee> > Either git or ssh (required by git to clone through SSH) is not installed in the image. Falling back to CircleCI's native git client but the behavior may be different from official git. If this is an issue, please use an image that has official git and ssh installed.
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