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<JakeSays> i'd investigate using tools other than flex/bison
<peeps[zen]> what about that parsertl that was recently used for syntax highlighting?
<teepee> why standalone? it was always a wish to have the parsing part as library for more flexibility but language server might need some more infrastructure
<JakeSays> teepee: what kind of infrastructure?
<teepee> syntax highlighting only uses the lexer (lexertl) but there is the parsertl library too
<teepee> handling multiple files, includes, finding references, all the stuff that's nice in the editor
<JakeSays> that's all done in the language server
<teepee> sure, you can always write things again
<teepee> considering there's already a partially working language server, I would be sad to see another new effort starting, but who knows, if it works out that's great
<teepee> also having it integrated would mean it picks up changes automatically, no need to add that in a separate application too
<JakeSays> i looked at the existing language server. from what i can see it 'parses' by causing a preview update to happen
<peeps[zen]> teepee: ah, right yeah that's what I meant. was there a particular reason lexertl was chosen in that case? seems odd to end up with a mix of different parser/lexer technology for different cases in the same project
<teepee> it's code, it can be changed
<JakeSays> teepee: a language server has the updates pushed to it from the editor. it doesn't have to watch
<teepee> the "it works this way" never was a good reason for forcing a new project, but it's probably the most common one :)
<JakeSays> every time a key is pressed in the editor the language server is updated
<peeps[zen]> i just mean if it has some desirable advantages over flex/bison (e.g. being targeted for C++ not C) then maybe it would be nice to try consolidating on that lexer/parser stack
<teepee> peeps[zen]: flex is a) annoying b) difficult to integrate and c) has no unicode support
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<teepee> yes, that would be nice, there seems to be no chance flex is ever getting utf8 handling and using one of the fors is not ideal
<teepee> lexertl has a neat c++ interface and the nowadays even c++14
<teepee> I guess the only concern is that it's essentially a 1 person project, that said, I have no idea how flex is maintained
<JakeSays> does parsertl support restarting?
<teepee> I don't know
<JakeSays> personally i prefer using DSL based parser generators.
<teepee> I'm hugely impressed by boost spirit :)
<JakeSays> that thing is a beast!
<JakeSays> but it is very cool
<teepee> true, but auto creating datastructures is hugely impressive stuff
<JakeSays> i've had good luck with coco/r
<teepee> never used it but seems quite powerful with multi symbol lookup
<JakeSays> yeah
<teepee> Last update: December 3, 2018
<teepee> hmm
<JakeSays> that' means it's stable
<teepee> hum, 4 commits all on a single day https://github.com/SSW-CocoR/CocoR-CPP
<teepee> not sure stable is the correct word for that
<JakeSays> what's wrong with 4 commits on a single day?
<teepee> wrong is if that's the *only* commits *ever* and those were 3 years ago
<teepee> well, 2 years
<teepee> the build system is 3 bat files
<teepee> and shell scripts
<JakeSays> well, i dont mind aged tools if they work.
<teepee> I do mind if I have to maintain those for 3 platforms. that said it's available on Debian so that's a plus
<teepee> it's not on homebrew, and not on MXE
<JakeSays> whats mxe
<teepee> https://mxe.cc/ platform used to build the windows versions and installers
<JakeSays> ah
<JakeSays> well, it's a pretty simple tool - just one binary.
<teepee> yeah, a single thing is not a big deal, it does multiply across all the platforms though
<JakeSays> right
<teepee> and one good thing of openscad is that you can just install almost everywhere, well, the "common" platforms
<teepee> Snap, Flatpak, AppImage, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Docker
<JakeSays> i really like the appimages
<JakeSays> but i won't use snap
<teepee> that single CGAL "make install" error did cost me a huge amount of hours to patch that everywhere
<teepee> that's the point, use what *you* like, we have the options :)
<JakeSays> yup
<teepee> now don't come with Haiku yet :P
<teepee> who knows...
<JakeSays> haiku is an interesting project
<JakeSays> i've used components of it in other things
<teepee> yeah, I had a BeOS version of my emulator many many moons ago :)
<teepee> supposedly they now support OpenGL via Qt
<teepee> so OpenSCAD actually might be possible to run
<JakeSays> what are your thoughts on vulkan?
<teepee> it would be great if everyone would use it (and we would have a neat simple library to access it)
<JakeSays> iirc angle sits over both vulkan and metal (or whatever that apple thing is called)
<teepee> also I would like to express my usual disapproval to apple for being separatists... again.
<JakeSays> lol that they are
<teepee> hm? wasn't angle opengl on directx?
<teepee> the apple thing is MoltenVK
<JakeSays> it was, now it's opengl on *
<teepee> supposedly faster than plain apple opengl
<teepee> ahh, ok, so it can map opengl to different things
<JakeSays> right
<teepee> still general vulkan support would be cool
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<peeps[zen]> teepee: circleci builds failed on my pr, but not sure why. it says it was killed, is it possible we hit credit limits?
<peeps[zen]> I read this: "Organizations on our Free plan receive a set amount of free credits per month for Linux open source builds. Using our Free plan and keeping your repository public will enable this for you. Open-source credit availability and limits will not be visible in the UI."
<teepee> 1h timeout?
<peeps[zen]> like, gee thanks for the unspecified number of credits i guess?
<teepee> sometimes builds get stuck
<peeps[zen]> no, it was only 13m
<teepee> hmm :(
<peeps[zen]> also i saw it tried to post a build failure to freenode, but no idea where that is configured
<teepee> oh, my, main page: " New Year, New Plans "
<teepee> well, that:
<teepee> x86_64-w64-mingw32.static.posix-g++: fatal error: Killed signal terminated program cc1plus
<teepee> sounds like OOM
<teepee> yeah, I don't remember where that IRC notification is, I'll have a look
<peeps[zen]> ok, if its OOM, i'm guessing RelWithDebInfo is too much for the build server then
<teepee> this never worked, so at some point I just stopped caring about the message :)
<peeps[zen]> it was just Release before
<peeps[zen]> the exe is 600MB+ with debug info when I built locally
<teepee> no, I think it's borderline with JOBS vs. Memory
<peeps[zen]> JOBS is only 2 i think, i guess we can knock it down to 1 then...
<teepee> when they introduced the new limitations, I tried switching to the bigger machine = Medium calass
<teepee> hmm, I thought I increased that, IIRC JOBS=2 did work fine before with the smaller machine
<teepee> well, lets just check commit history ;-)
<teepee> oh, that was probably only in the docker build repo
<teepee> not seeing any changes in the main repo
<teepee> aha, yes, in the docker repo I have JOBS=4 and
<teepee> resource_class: large
<teepee> so maybe we can just switch to large resource class, I think that gives a bit more memory too
<teepee> also good indication that it crashes when compiling 2 files with cgal in the name
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<tkircher> Curious to know if anyone is planning to release an M1-native build of OpenSCAD
<tkircher> I built it from source and it seems to run great.
<teepee> yes
<teepee> tkircher: https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4011 links to universal builds currently in the making
<tkircher> Awesome, thanks
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<teepee> othx: m1 is work in progress, see https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4011
<othx> teepee: Okay.
<peeps[zen]> teepee: how do you set the resource_class ? is that in config.yml
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<JakeSays> hey have any of you ever worked with fiber optic cable?
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<JakeSays> hmm. PMMA filament would be interesting
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<ccox_> Jake - yes, for optical experiments and datacom. What can I help you with?
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<J2224> JakeSays I have PMMA filament (samples)
<J2224> but clear PET also works well https://imgur.com/a/wISxKcE
<ccox_> yep, for most things. If you want to use the printed part as a light pipe, the different materials matter when you get to UV and IR.
<J2224> (in RL you get the illusion of light packets flowing from one port into the other due to delayed peak when lightup)
<J2224> PMMA filament is nice to bond / print on PMMA boards
<J2224> so when you light the edge .. the print will light up
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<JakeSays> ccox_: i need a light pipe to transfer light from outside an enclosure on to a lux sensor inside
<JakeSays> thought about using a piece of fiber cable
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<gbruno> [github] chschmitt opened issue #4073 (Increasing max_buttons). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4073
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<Scopeuk> I wonder with that if we might be better off switching to a list of mappings only with an add button, hit add, press button to bind, chose function
<Scopeuk> That would work arround the whole how many buttons is enough thing, more work though
<teepee> yeah, probably, but that's quite some work to make it dynamic
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<teepee> argh, trying to find out why marlin did not boot, finding offending commit, then finding out the tag has be recreated without that commit :/
<peeps[zen]> teepee: like it got force-pushed?
<teepee> tags are separate, but I think there was also a force push
<teepee> but their branches are confusing anyway, there's a 2.0.x and bugfix-2.0.x but both get commits
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<Scopeuk> ok that does seam bonkers
<Scopeuk> the whole point of a fixes branch is it takes a back port of bug fixes against a fixed release
<teepee> well, there might be a totally clear reason for what they are doing, it's just not transparent to me so far :)
<teepee> just to state that in context, I'm happy about all the effort put into Marlin, I can't even imagine the stuff going on there with all the 3d printing stuff going on in the recent years
<peeps[zen]> teepee: i'd like to use ninja with mxe cross builds. i added ninja to mingw-x-build-dependencies.sh, but I guess the circleci builds, running from docker containers, don't use that anyways
<peeps[zen]> are the docker containers automatically rebuilt when commits are merged to docker-openscad? or do they need to be run manually somehow?
<teepee> not built automatically anymore, even split into 5 pieces, it's still not really safely passing the 1h limit
<teepee> which is why the file I linked earlier was called .circleci.yaml.diabled :/
<teepee> I think it uses the build-deps.sh, I can trigger a local build but that will take a while
<teepee> on circleci it took 6h, not sure what my good old PC will need
<peeps[zen]> cpack has an annoying thing where it doesn't track dependencies properly with the default "Unix Makefiles" generator, so it does a full rebuild of openscad for each packaging (ZIP and NSIS for windows mxe)
<teepee> did you checkin the change? not getting anything with git pull
<peeps[zen]> no i haven't made changes to docker-openscad yet, still looking at things
<teepee> oh, right the deps script is for MSYS2 builds, not MXE
<teepee> so ninja needs to be added to the mxe-requirements I think
<teepee> so it would use the native version, not sure if we would need a MXE built of ninja
<teepee> it does exist as MXE package
<peeps[zen]> teepee: well, mxe has a package for ninja, which is native
<teepee> then it would need to go into the mxe-deps*
<teepee> to actually build the MXE package
<peeps[zen]> yeah i was using that on my dev machine: https://mxe.cc/build-matrix.html you can see the native checkmark in the rightmost column for ninja
<teepee> hmm, I guess we then can just try to work with the debian installed version
<teepee> I suppose that makes sense if the MXE configured cmake generates all the correct references, it should not matter what ninja build executes those
<teepee> whops: Package 'ninja' has no installation candidate
<teepee> I guess ninja-build is the correct one
<teepee> also lets go with buildpack-deps:bullseye, shall we? :)
<J2224> there is no way to get the name of a children()  or ?   and why ?
<peeps[zen]> teepee: ok just created PR https://github.com/openscad/docker-openscad/pull/10
<peeps[zen]> teepee: btw docker which build was failing last you tried? is there a log?
<teepee> which failure do you mean?
<teepee> the timeout issue I mentioned?
<teepee> ok, reverted to buster, getting some strange errors with bullseye
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<peeps[zen]> teepee: yeah the timeouts
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<teepee> hmm, not sure those are still available, let me check
<teepee> oh, I removed the project so there seems to be no way to access anything from the old logs
<teepee> good stuff
<teepee> Adam might be onto something here... https://twitter.com/AdamBien/status/1487457206723399686
<teepee> 3 builds done, 8 to go :)
<peeps[zen]> oh, are you running them from my PR?
<teepee> peeps[zen]: why the extra nsis build?
<teepee> no, not yet, I started before with just ninja-build added
<peeps[zen]> just trying to simplify by using nsis from MXE in all cases (before there was some confusing mix between native nsis and mxe nsis depending on 32/64 bits build) i don't think that is needed anymore
<teepee> right, fine by me, just curious :)
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<teepee> I'll let it run through first, we can re-run with your changes applied and in the meantime find out if the build works
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<teepee> I'll also merge the 2 deps builds again, I don't think we'll get circleci back
<teepee> I did get some feedback but I don't really have much motivation to disucss with them
<teepee> as fun side node, they do seem to have some internal escalation mechanism
<teepee> I flagged the closing of the ticket as "not helpful" and got an update from (probably) someone up the chain, or some sort of "communicty manager" :)
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<teepee> uff, who broke github? ;-)
<ccox_> JakeSays: that works. Are you just dealing with visible light, or do you need IR or UV? I use a lot of different fibers (plastic and silica) to bring light to spectrometers for various measurements/experiments.
<teepee> ouch, https://github.com/openscad/docker-openscad/commits/master shows "#11 merged" but clicking on the PR it shows as open
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<teepee> heh, "closed" but also "successfuly merged" - https://i.imgur.com/fXhLnHF.png
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<teepee> building the first openscad binary
<InPhase> I had that happen before when I merged locally.
<InPhase> But perhaps there are other ways it can occur.
<teepee> I clicked merge and it was stuck for a while then just came back with "Click to merge"
<InPhase> Ah.
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<peeps[zen]> teepee: i still wonder about the utility of maintaining a 32bit windows build. does anyone use them?
<teepee> no idea
<teepee> considering the latest build don't work on windows7 probably not
* teepee is distracted testing gamepad buttons :)
<teepee> always useful to have some esp32 lying around to just generate a 24 button bluetooth device
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<peeps[zen]> i think the msys tests are all failing because the DLLs get copied into place during make install, but its not doing any install
<peeps[zen]> now I guess I need to make sure tests install is compatible with overall app install
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 12 modifications (Increase input device button count to 24 (fixes #4073).). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/993f6351f7c72d8003fa9f41aa78e7ab6873a328
<teepee> ok, pushing the x86 images, there was a download issue with one of the i386 builds
<teepee> so I guess we can restart the 64 build and I'll trigger another build for the latest docker setup
<teepee> will take a minute to upload the gigabytes :)
<teepee> right, make that a huge number of minutes :D
<InPhase> peeps[zen]: It's been far more than a decade since the vast majority of computers were 64-bit. The latest Windows doesn't even come with 32-bit support anymore.
<InPhase> If you have a 32-bit system in 2022, you'd probably have to run Linux on it just to have a chance at it being a sensibly usable system.
<teepee> I guess we could just comment out the 32-bit version on the download page and see what happens
<teepee> I used it for a while for testing with wine
<teepee> but now there's also a wine64 by default, so that's good
<teepee> and last image uploading... another 1.3gb
<teepee> ok, looks like it finally pushed everything
<teepee> peeps[zen]: restarted the mxe builds
<peeps[zen]> teepee: ah, it just failed at finding nsis. that's based on where you added ninja-build but not my other changes?
<teepee> yep
<teepee> latest version of the docker repo is building now