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<t4nk_freenode> I designed mine using OpenSCAD
<t4nk_freenode> https://postimg.cc/gallery/vd0XTDk made some better bearings for it just a few days ago
<JakeSays> that's cool
<t4nk_freenode> do you have a 3d printer too?
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<t4nk_freenode> it's rather handy if you want to build something
<JakeSays> i have two of 'em
<t4nk_freenode> ah, nice ;)
<JakeSays> well, three actually but one i never finished building
<t4nk_freenode> why don't you use it as a basis for your cnc machine
<t4nk_freenode> if I make another machine, I'll be using bought parts though... decent rails, sturdy extrusions
<t4nk_freenode> more powerful motors
<JakeSays> t4nk_freenode: that's my plan
<JakeSays> well, for a pcb mill at least
<rapha> Jack225: played for a bit and got a hang of some of the numbers; printing one now to see how it'll fit https://gist.github.com/sixtyfive/3129397c7b09600d40f593d1a53310e1
<rapha> t4nk_freenode: we've got a laser cutting shop in town and they have crazy affordable prices for one-offs ... they do alu, steel, even titanium up to 6mm. perhaps you have one, too, and just don't know about them?
<t4nk_freenode> I have no interest for that at all
<InPhase> rapha: There are quite a lot of them around me.
<t4nk_freenode> I'm looking to make my own
<ccox_> quite a few here in SFBay as well
<InPhase> rapha: Although I'm near a city.
<rapha> t4nk_freenode: you do realize for it to be useful for steel, what ccox_ said is _very_ true?
<t4nk_freenode> I'm not after a laser cutter either ;)
<t4nk_freenode> but I would like to build a better cnc machine than I have now
<t4nk_freenode> just can't make up my mind on what to go for
<t4nk_freenode> about 1m² work area would be nice
<JakeSays> i wonder if there's any around here
<JakeSays> t4nk_freenode: i want a 3d printer that size
<t4nk_freenode> lol, so you can grow and shave 3 beards while the print runs ;)
<JakeSays> lol no it'll be a very fast printer
<t4nk_freenode> heh, what I'd _really_ like when it comes to 3d printing... is very high resolution
<t4nk_freenode> so I could make ic test sockets and such
<JakeSays> i make those now with .2mm nozzles
<t4nk_freenode> I experimented a bit when I just got my printer, got .1mm nozzles too
<JakeSays> well, not ic sockets but test rigs for boards
<t4nk_freenode> but I don't think it's quite possible
<t4nk_freenode> yeah
<t4nk_freenode> the resolution just isn't there
<JakeSays> what resolution do you need?
<rapha> t4nk_freenode: ic test sockets for what kind of ICs? because if they're DIP you might well get good enough resolution out of a commercial printer for home use.
<JakeSays> rapha: DIP's are easily doable on my ender3
<rapha> that's what i was thinking
<t4nk_freenode> https://postimg.cc/gallery/zWvb718 did this with my mill
<t4nk_freenode> how about a test socket for that?
<t4nk_freenode> ssop28, .65mm pitch
<JakeSays> you could do that
<t4nk_freenode> but .5mm pitch too
<rapha> perhaps with one of these printers which don't deposit material but cure it using UV light
<rapha> they're having good enough resolution to be used for dental prostheses
<t4nk_freenode> I think I'd have better luck trying to mill a test socket than to print one
<JakeSays> i even have some .65mm pogo pins
<t4nk_freenode> don't know about resin printers though, they might work
<JakeSays> i've printed parts with .5mm wire holes
<t4nk_freenode> the ic stuff was the first thing I tried when I got the printer, maybe I've advanced enough to try again
<JakeSays> ugh. i can't *stand* arduino ide's.
<JakeSays> they are the 2nd worse ide i've ever used
<rapha> just use platformio and whatever your fave editor is
<JakeSays> platformio is a mess
<JakeSays> i'm only using arduino's ide because there's a bug in qt creator i'm waiting to be fixed
<JakeSays> well, i shouldn't say platformio is a mess. it just didn't support any of the devices i was targeting
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<t4nk_freenode> I might revisit the ic-socket idea
<t4nk_freenode> i dug up some pictures
<t4nk_freenode> it seems I didn't quite yet realise that you can orient the print in the opposite direction
<t4nk_freenode> heh.. there were a bunch of settings I missed I guess ;)
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<t4nk_freenode> ..tomorrow.
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<t4nk_freenode> (lol.. even my openscad design looks VEry strange :))) )
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<Jack22575> rapha:  looks nice ..  another option would be to loft  it ..  as simplest with hull() and multiple thin 3D shapes at different height
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<Jack22> the base looks  different in your code - than what i saw in the image .. just wondering
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<peepsalot> sigh, i should have tested the windows builds before, but I think mimalloc is not being overridden/enabled correctly
<peepsalot> just noticed this in their CMakeLists https://github.com/microsoft/mimalloc/blob/master/CMakeLists.txt#L404-L406
<peepsalot> basically failing silently, not happy about that
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<gbruno> [github] avivhu opened issue #4065 (Preview transparency issue: depends on order). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4065
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4065 (Preview transparency issue: depends on order). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4065
* JakeSays is close to making a code can convert
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<peepsalot> JakeSays: what's a code can?
<JakeSays> peepsalot: LOL code cad
<peepsalot> ok... I still don't know what it means to make a code cad convert
<peepsalot> convert what to what
<JakeSays> i've converted someone to use oscad
<peepsalot> ah
<Jack22> just made a teardrop module as the 45° seemed to radical  - i am no going with 70° as default .. if you like to test for feedback  model is https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/122568-teardrop-test
<JakeSays> i used teardrops in my latest design
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<MartynGriffin> Anyone online?
<teepee> maybe
<MartynGriffin> looking for some help in using openscad to modify an stl file.
<lf94> hi
<Jack22> so now i autocalc the angle via layer and nozzle  and and overlap
<Jack22> MartynGriffin:  import the file and what do you wanna change?
<MartynGriffin> the text in the surface is sunken into it. I need it to be raised above the surface.
<Jack22> you can use the difference of a cube and the object to get the text.. scale([1.1.2]).. then add it to the object
<InPhase> MartynGriffin: Intersection with a thin rectangle, use projection, difference that away from a square, then linear_extrude.
<MartynGriffin> you guys are too smart for me !!!
<Jack22> you move a cube so it is flush with the surface and covers the text.
<InPhase> Also, cheatsheet if any words we said are unfamiliar. https://openscad.org/cheatsheet/
<Jack22> Also maybe it is easier to create  new text   and extrude it
<InPhase> MartynGriffin: When I said "thin rectangle" I meant cube, using one dimension very small to only select out the surface edge with the text.
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<MartynGriffin> reseting now.
<rapha> Jack22: https://i.imgur.com/0q3Zkpl.jpg ... fits like a glove! the secret sauce was to make the walls thin enough and just the right size at the base and the slight differences in shape even themselves out.
<rapha> now "just" need to finish up the motor adapter, install the power train, see if it fits length-wise and then decide for a color to print the final version in.
<Jack22> rapha:  happy to hear ..   be careful with pla as it can get hot around the motor
<rapha> Jack22: not my first rodeo ;)
<Jack22> you can also use it as a mold to laminate with gfk/cfk
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<rapha> good lord, buy even more stuff? nah, the cowl is far enough away laterally and the adapter is too much aft of where it gets really hot. first time i made an adapter i put cardboard in between the motor and the adapter until it became clear not even that is necessary.
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<rapha> things might change if i get into 3D flying more. but that's one of those bridges to cross once you get to it.
<rapha> actually, my old workplace throws huge amounts of cfk cloth cuttings out each week and they have everything that's needed. we've used 3d prints as molds before there and it does work beautifully. it's just that here it would be complete overkill. sure, the parts might end up a few grams heavier than the original ones were, but so i just move the battery back a millimeter, that's enough.
<rapha> https://www.instagram.com/p/CY6FLWPKqDz/ <== cfk cloth waste
<rapha> the stand here https://www.instagram.com/p/CIgjR-tLiP1/ is done using a mold made from a 3d print
<MartynGriffin> all done, worked like a charm. many thanks.
<Jack22> MartynGriffin:  fantastic
<Jack22> rapha: i assume the mold was printed in sections or was it a very big printer?
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<Jack22> you can also fill the print with plaster and then heat vaccum form  sheet plastic around - like the orginal part was done
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<rapha> in sections, Jack22 ... but i only did the prints (on my puny 15x23cm bed of what used to be an ender2 and is now, well, the very unique device i call a printer) and then my boss glued it together made a mold from it. he's good with these things and i don't care :)
<rapha> before that he used to have glass fiber molds made in hungary which always cost him half a fortune