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<RockClimb> Hello! New user of openscad on linux, 25 year user of linux. I really like the interface but even with real time rendering turn off I have a 4-5 second delay when I type on the keyboard. Any ideas?
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<InPhase> Entering things into the editor you mean?
<RockClimb> yes
<InPhase> This is not even close to normal. It should be pretty snappy to type.
<RockClimb> that is what I thought as well
<InPhase> Most of the devs are primarily Linux, so this is the best tested platform.
<InPhase> Let's get your info...
<InPhase> Go to help, library info, and drop that on a pastebin like https://bpa.st
<InPhase> You can clip out the parts with your home directory if you want for privacy. We don't need that.
<InPhase> Hmm. How did that get built?
<InPhase> You compiled it yourself?
<InPhase> You seem to have cutting edge of everything there. So you might be on the leading edge of a new bug.
<RockClimb> Manjaro linux. It was a built package. I was already thinking I might need to compile it myself
<InPhase> In particular your QScintilla is newer than I've seen before.
<InPhase> (That's the editor.)
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<RockClimb> I was running linux mint up until about 4 month ago. I switched due to it having issues with my older hardware.
<InPhase> I don't know where Riverbank Computing handles issue reports for QScintilla. There's a third-party github page, but it does not seem to track issues.
<RockClimb> I was once a high tech redneck, I am now a slightly above average old fart. :D
<InPhase> That github page hasn't even bumped from 2.13.0 to 2.13.1 (which you have) yet.
<InPhase> Have you tried launching OpenSCAD from the command line? I'm curious if it prints out any error messages while it's lagging on that typing.
<RockClimb> I will try that now
<InPhase> In terms of how can you fix it, a really easy solution is to grab the AppImage and run it with that instead. But it would be nice to know why it happened if there's any information available.
<InPhase> Perhaps you should consider trying the AppImage also just to make sure it works fine with that. This will be a clue that there's something wrong in the newer libraries.
<InPhase> To grab the AppImage, scroll to "Other Linux": https://openscad.org/downloads.html
<RockClimb> nothing from the command line
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<peeps[zen]> RockClimb: do you have excessive memory usage, swapping to hard drive maybe?
<peeps[zen]> also, i've never head of AMD CAICOS, is that integrated graphics?
<RockClimb> no on memory usage currently, there are time when I do tend to tax the system. Just not at the moment.
<peeps[zen]> RockClimb: is the preview window responsive if you just click-drag to orbit around? wondering if its really editor-specific issue or more on the side of graphics driver
<RockClimb> no, click drag is slow, which is why I turned real time rendering off. I have 2 (cheap) dual monitor cards installed (4 monitors)
<peeps[zen]> what do you mean real time rendering? the "automatic reload and preview"?
<RockClimb> yes
<peeps[zen]> anything weird in dmesg? timeout messages or something
<RockClimb> nope
<RockClimb> appimage installed, it is still slow
<peeps[zen]> its odd that your library info is showing 0 bit for both depth and stencil buffer. try "force goldfeather" in options?
<peeps[zen]> hmm, well its odd that manjaro is distributing a debug build, that could cause some performance hit, but i wouldn't expect it to be that bad.
<peeps[zen]> what is the model of GPU(s)?
<peeps[zen]> i don't know if we have had much testing on dual/multi GPU systems. maybe its rendering on one and displaying on the other or something weird? try the window on each monitor?
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<RockClimb> force goldfeather made no difference. running from terminal now returns: qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 1325, resource id: 10830622, major code: 40 (TranslateCoords), minor code: 0
<RockClimb> getting video card info
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<InPhase> Is that an error that only arises with goldfeather? Does it disappear when you remove it?
<peeps[zen]> that sounds like some issue with multimonitor setups, where Qt tries to remember last window position, but somehow corrupts the info when you close and reopen. there is a ticket for that, on windows i think, but not sure about linux
<RockClimb> both video cards are Radeon HD 6450
<RockClimb> trying on each monitor now
<RockClimb> ok, different result. it likes the first wide screen monitor
<peeps[zen]> resetting your Qt config might help with that command line error: delete or rename ~/.config/OpenSCAD/OpenSCAD.conf
<RockClimb> it does not like my standard monitors, it works great on both wide screen monitors
<RockClimb> click/drag works well too. That gets it usable and I can now play with resetting the Qt config
<RockClimb> as a long term linux user I tend not to upgrade hardware until I am forced too..... my wife terms that as "cheap bastard" LOL!
<peeps[zen]> ok, good to hear it is usable. yeah not sure how things work with multi gpu. there may be some alternative graphics drivers that behave better?
<RockClimb> for reference, it took me about 12 hours to learn the basics of openscad and design my first 3d model
<peeps[zen]> but those cards are pretty ancient and were already low performance in their day afaict. my GPU is apparently 2412% performance of them :P
<InPhase> peeps[zen]: Do you know if this happens for other programs using OpenGL or Qt with multiple monitors?
<RockClimb> better drivers is very possible, as for new hardware........ I own a 1987 truck, a 1994 blazer, and a 1964 1/2 mustang
<InPhase> I do remember seeing some other multiple monitor issues under Windows on the issue list, but I'm curious how this persists in the larger packages with so many multi-monitor setups out there.
<RockClimb> this is the first time I have run into this issue but it could well exist in other packages. I never thought to try it on the other monitors, but I will in the future
<RockClimb> I have to ask this just for giggles, is there anyone in here older than my truck?
<peeps[zen]> InPhase: dunno. i just know that that ~/.config/OpenSCAD/OpenSCAD.conf file holds a last window position in a obfuscated binary/ascii format at the bottom
<peeps[zen]> RockClimb: nope, i thought my 1995 civic was old, but your newest has me beat by a year ;)
<InPhase> peeps[zen]: Right. I remember an issue where I was trying to decode the contents of that.
<InPhase> RockClimb: I'm 41 scraping the edge of 42.
<InPhase> RockClimb: How old is your truck? :)
<RockClimb> This info helps by volumes. I can start debugging the other 2 monitors from here. until then I will run on the wide screens
<RockClimb> my truck is 35
<InPhase> Oh, I missed that line above.
<peeps[zen]> and the differing performance on different monitors was just sort of a hunch. there are special technologies for multi gpu so they can communicate, SLI/crossfire etc, but i have no idea what happens for GPUs that don't use that
<RockClimb> I will soon turn 55. I have beaten this body all to hell, but it still sort of works
<peeps[zen]> RockClimb: oh i misread, yes I am older than your truck... but not your mustang
<RockClimb> peeps, that was a damn good hunch.
<InPhase> I noticed the BadWindow hint right after I saw peeps[zen] say that.
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<incal> does OpenSCAD run on OpenBSD?
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<InPhase> incal: Probably. It used to.
<RockClimb> I started with 2 regular monitors, then the work I was doing at the time demanded a 3rd... then about a year later a 4th was needed as well as a doubling of ram
<incal> also what is the recommended installation method? I see I have it in the repos on Debian 11
<InPhase> incal: Haven't really heard from anyone trying it in a while, so maybe some bit rot happened, but if I had to bet I'd wager on yes it works.
<incal> ... however I'm on Emacs 29 now and in the repos are only Emacs 27 ...
<InPhase> It seems that 2021.01 of OpenSCAD is in the OpenBSD ports.
<InPhase> So maybe just try that?
<incal> I'm into drawing simple drawings (like a big shelf for wood) by compiling a specification or just a text file with code I guess. e.g., this: https://dataswamp.org/~incal/ums/photo/wood-shelf.jpg
<incal> InPhase, great! works on all Linux I guess, NixOS?
<incal> OpenSCAD is a good choise for that?
<peeps[zen]> incal: the downloads page has info about all the different supported platforms etc., including some BSDs http://openscad.org/downloads.html
<incal> peeps[zen], :)
<incal> good
<InPhase> peeps[zen]: Oh right. I usually fast-scroll through that portion.
<peeps[zen]> incal: also i have no idea if nixos packages openscad, but there's always AppImages, flatpaks, snaps, all mentioned on that same page.
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<RockClimb> now that I think about it... I tried and rejected a few other programs due to them being slow. The common factor was I ran them all on the smaller monitors, so this is likely not the first time I have had an issue
<RockClimb> I am old enough now, that technology advances faster than my understanding of it.
<peeps[zen]> are the wide monitors both plugged to the same GPU? i'm assuming that one is GPU id 0, and most apps just default to the first GPU they find
<incal> hm ... maybe stick to Debian, I'm putting something on a laptop and thought I'd not do Debian for the nth time but now I got into OpenSCAD if that will be a fun way to do more stuff like the photo above from text-only, I wanted that for 10-20 years
<incal> that is possible, right?
<RockClimb> yes, both wide screens are on the same card and both of the small monitors are on the other card
<peeps[zen]> sure, you can mock up some woodworking projects in openscad. that image should be particularly simple, consisting of basically nothing but cube() geometries
<peeps[zen]> we don't do support custom texturing yet, so no wood grain render for you though
<RockClimb> over the years I have run slackware, debian, redhat, gentoo, ubuntu, mint, manjaro, knoppix, mandrake, and several others I have since forgotten
<incal> peeps[zen], wonderful. haha, no such luxuries needed! anyway I installed it on this machine, Debian! this will be so interesting, you have a hello world script and Makefile I can try it? let's see if there is a major mode in [M]ELPA ...
<incal> and a ML on Gmane ...
<incal> gmane.comp.cad.openscad ?
<incal> the only occurence LOL. let's add
<peeps[zen]> scad scripts don't use makefiles
<incal> oh no, last post 2020-01-11 :(
<incal> peeps[zen], right, OK ... no pre- or postprocessing needed
<peeps[zen]> incal: there is a mailing list http://openscad.org/community.html#forum
<incal> there is scad-mode in MELPA, "A major mode for editing OpenSCAD code"
<peeps[zen]> dunno what melpa is
<gbruno> [github] salamanders closed issue #4054 (Panic on latest beta (OSX) after a few minutes of usage). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4054
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<incal> peeps[zen], software (Elisp) repo for Emacs ...
<incal> this should be added to Gmane, discuss@lists.openscad.org <https://lists.openscad.org/list/discuss.lists.openscad.org>
<RockClimb> more info on other programs on the smaller monitors. I just moved the signal app to a smaller monitor and its performance slowed down
<RockClimb> hmmmmm, now I just need to convince the wife that I need 2 new wide screen monitors :D
<incal> hm, what suffix/extension does OpenSCAD scripts have? I'm reading here http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/OpenScad_beginners_tutorial and they don't seem to mention it when I search. let's see if Emacs even puts it in the right mode based on that
<incal> and not in openscad(1) what I can see (search)
<incal> ah .scad, I see it line 36 in scad-mode.el
<incal> nevermind. I get too excited :)
<RockClimb> incal, I will say this about openscad a a very new user, for me it was very easy to use after about 3 google searches
<RockClimb> as a*
<InPhase> incal: The tutorial will walk you through a quick intro project: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_Tutorial If you're an experienced programmer and would rather trip over your feet a few times and speed along past, you can dive straight into the manual: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/The_OpenSCAD_Language
<RockClimb> I laid out a part that I will make $50 per print
<InPhase> incal: Certainly though, bookmark the cheat sheet. :) https://openscad.org/cheatsheet/
<RockClimb> 100% yes to what InPhase said
<RockClimb> I call my first 3d layout "design by sledge hammer," after I printed it I went back and made the code look more professional. I cut it to 27 lines of code down from 34. LOL!
<incal> OK thanks :)
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<RockClimb> thanks for all the help folks! It is now time to sleep.
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<Guest58> hello
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<incal> back, yeah this is super-intuitive, only how do I get a black background?
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<incal> it seems this can't be done from the command line <https://reprap.org/forum/read.php?313,512015> so I suppose the Makefile with post-processing of the -o .png is necessary after all :)
<Jack2299> incal  you can choose a different design or put a black color("black") square(5000,true); in the back
<incal> :)
<incal> OK
<Jack2299> (design ⇒ color-scheme )
<Jack2299> tomorow night is pretty dark
<incal> it seems this made the "floor" black ... the xz-plane
<Jack2299> but not black .. you can change the json  file if you need true black
<incal> dark is fine, no the black part works! only it is the xz-plane only, not the background ...
<Jack2299> using a square is also not ideal as the angle lead to shading though  not  exact color in png
<incal> can't we put a huge black cube around everything?
<Jack2299> yes   but better 3 squares on each side ( you still want to look into it )  the better option is to choose a color scheme with the background color you need
<incal> how?
<Jack2299> preferences  choose tomorow night
<incal> in code?
<Jack2299> on comand line you can use the switch --colorscheme "tomorrow-night"
<incal> OK! 1s
<Jack2299> the color-scheme is not selectable via the script itself it is the preferece setting from the gui (where you can choose one for render and one for editor)
<Jack2299> "Tomorrow Night"    ..  or make your own with "background" : "black",
* teepee cuddles his Tomorrow light color scheme ;-)
<teepee> Jack2299: so for the led thing, I may try some combination of your example with the teardrop style print
<teepee> the flower shape does not print too well vertical
<teepee> also maybe chamfer only on one side
<Jack2299> tomorrow light .. sounds customized - Ü
<teepee> well, yes, it's just called "Tomorrow"
<Jack2299> you could try a flower (e=3 )  and rotate so there is no mark at the top
<teepee> I did most of the color schemes, so no customization needed :)
<teepee> hmm, right, that might help already
<incal> like this? 'openscad --colorscheme "tomorrow-night" -o $@ $<' don't know if anything happens ...
<Jack2299> also a WStern  could work but in general vertical prints  get issues with the overhanging marks
<incal> white bg
<teepee> incal: no exact spelling as with openscad --help
<teepee> "Tomorrow Night"
<teepee> I'm almost sure it's case sensitive
<incal> --colorscheme "Tomorrow Night" DNC :(
<teepee> echo 'cube(10);' | openscad -o cube.png --colorscheme "Tomorrow Night" -
<teepee> blue-ish cube on dark background for me
<teepee> echo 'cube(10);' | openscad -o cube.png --colorscheme "Starnight" -
<incal> yeah works ... then why not mine
<Jack2299> oh yes starnight is black
<incal> hm ...
<teepee> how old is that openscad version?
<incal> now it works! don't know why tho but doesn't matter
<incal> :)
<incal> thanks
<teepee> \o/
<Jack2299> and another happy client..   ★★★★★
<Jack2299> teepee you can probably just use a cylinder($fn=5) ..   you can chamfer only one side with LinEx(3,2,0);  (first ist totall length the next two the chamfers)
<teepee> I guess I'll try to print the base for my signal tower first, a bit of work to do anyway
<Jack2299> LinEx(5,1,0)WStern(r=2.4,r2=2.5+spiel);
<teepee> now cura says 3.55m filament, so I should be good with 14 windings of filament on a 100mm spool :)
<Jack2299> living on the edge
<teepee> that, or testing if I can still do basic math
<Jack2299> 12 should be enough and there is some way between spool and printer
<teepee> of course assuming the slicer metric is correct, but that should be one of the easiest metrics to report
<Jack2299> and your e-steps
<teepee> those might not be perfect, but I can print quite clean surfaces, so I would think it's not too far of
<teepee> off
<teepee> yeah, calculation says 11.5 windings and that's even undercounting as the windings are on top of the 100mm
<Jack2299> i made e-steps calibration with 20cm  .. turns out using 3m  makes a difference
<teepee> I'm ok if there's just one winding left :)
<teepee> interesting octoprint says 3.57m
<Jack2299> you know .. when it is finished you just  cut the filament  2cm before the extruder - make a picture and post on reddit
<teepee> :)
<incal> seems z is up tho, to me it is more intuitive to have y up and z the depth, can/should I change the view or should I just relearn? https://dataswamp.org/~incal/metal-shelf/metal-shelf.scad https://dataswamp.org/~incal/metal-shelf/metal-shelf.png
<Jack2299> it is called alternative reality
<teepee> incal: you can always define your own module show() which rotates the final model into whatever orientation you prefer
<Jack2299> teepee is octoprint doing some priming .. else the number should be in the gcode
<teepee> but there's no way to redefine the internal behavior
<teepee> Jack2299: yeah, it's probably the start code. it is in cura but maybe only octoprint counts it
<incal> OK ...
<teepee> I'm doing some pretty extensive priming instead of waiting for the skirt to appear
<Scopeuk> which axis is up is an old bone of contention, computer graphics traditionally use x across y up (screen) and then z is depth into screen, cad/cam traditionally does x/y as the base and then Z up based on xy machine tables
<incal> after I'm done with the shelf I'm doing my dream girl
<teepee> so I end up with lots of tiny heaps of filament :)
<incal> Scopeuk, let's obey tradition then
<Jack2299> incal  rotating the view will result in z coming towards you
<Scopeuk> which one, the great thing about following tradition is there are so many to chose from!
<incal> the closest, CAD since it's OpenSCAD
<incal> CloseSCAD LOL
<Jack2299> teepee i have a small boom with tape outside the printbed where the priming happens and ends in moving a straight piece upwards ..  this removes any rests from the nozzle and you can see if the filament diameter (or explansion)  is proper (else you see curling)
<Jack2299> also  i use some code to pull the filment at the end .. so i can easy switch filaments with a cold hotend
<buZz> Jack2299: you clean the nozzle with -tape- ?
<teepee> neat, I did not try that, I just let it extrude in home position at Z=15 or something and the initial move frees the nozzle, the "lazy appoach"
<buZz> isnt that default cura ~15 start gcode even :P
<Jack2299> buzz  no  i extrude plastic that  adheres to the tape wait and then move the nozzle so the plastic is pulling any residue from the nozzle sides
<buZz> Jack2299: ah , and you replace that tape superoften then?
<teepee> yeah, might be mostly cura default, just extruding way more
<teepee> and also slower I think
<Jack2299> no  i just remove the pile from the tape after or before  each print
<buZz> Jack2299: but the glue on tape isnt infinite, right?
<teepee> lol, it even still has the ultimaker style comments: G1 Z15.0 F9000 ;move the platform down 15mm
<buZz> hahaha yes teepee
<teepee> not really platform down on the prusa
<buZz> i have that in my octoprint's slicer :D
<buZz> usually change it to 2 or 3mm , as moving Z 15 takes a long time on my malyan m100 ;)
<Jack2299> the tape  is only to have  surface on the  wire boom  .. the glue is to hold the tape on the boom
<teepee> G1 F80 E22
<teepee> yeah, there's the 2 extra centimeters octoprint sees
<buZz> Jack2299: oh, you're just printing on kapton or something?
<Jack2299> yes kapton or bluetape
<buZz> today, its time to design a saucer with my flowerpot
<buZz> how wide shall i extend it? 'all the way' to edge of pot? hmm
* buZz checks the storebought ones
<buZz> :D
<teepee> oh, cute mini printer
<buZz> those are a bit smaller too .. hmm
<buZz> teepee: yeah very, if only it wasnt so unobtainium now :) i really want a second one to hotrod
<buZz> pull all electronics, turn it into a klipper printer
<buZz> maybe throw in a vulcano
<buZz> and silent steppers
<teepee> I'm considering having a new extruder on that old Prusa MK1
<teepee> but it's all 1.75mm nowadays
<buZz> i bought a cheapass bondtech clone for my new printer, the 'coreanet'
<buZz> did anyone ever produce DICE kits?
<Jack2299> i think you need to send the cad to a laser cutter to get the parts
<teepee> ah, I remember that one, someone mentioned something about german overengineering I believe ;-)
<buZz> well, i dont think a lasercutter will be cutting 10mm steel for you , Jack2299 ;)
<buZz> unless they have some insanely high power lasers :D
<teepee> there's specialized cutting services, but I don't want to know the price
<buZz> the local robotfactory has a 1kw lasercutter thats huuuuuge, and they can only cut up to 1mm steel i think
<teepee> they'll do water jet and other stuff too
<buZz> yeah waterjet is a lot easier probably
<buZz> hehehe, that BOM has 275 for just the cutting
<buZz> :)
<buZz> 275 euro*
<buZz> my whole malyan m100 was ~half that, iirc
<Jack2299> The DICE also uses linear rails and there is a watercooled version too ..  But i think you can get the cutting cheaper
<teepee> I'd even consider getting a new Prusa, but I'm still a bit annoyed that they forked pretty much any related software :/
<buZz> yeah , and barely if ever push upstream
<buZz> fuckers
<teepee> I mean it's all good license wise and such, but still, it's not how open source is supposed to work
<teepee> from what I can tell there was not even much of an effort to work with upstream
<buZz> just trying their hardest to stevejobs the hell out of innovation
<teepee> I still wish him luck, it's all still hugely better than pretty much all the other companies
<teepee> and that even more annoying "it's open source" and then there's lots of CC-NC stuff
<buZz> or 'its open source' and taking out patents on 3d designs of improvements made CC-NC by your own community ;)
<teepee> I do tip my hat to Ultimaker for releasing the documentation even though I never actually used it. It's nice, even if it's CC-NC
<teepee> but it's not "open source" ffs
<buZz> hehehe, we have a 1st gen ultimaker at the hackerspace completely jammed up , was a gift of someone
<buZz> that thing is LOUD like no tomorrow, dang
<buZz> nobody ever wants to work on it :P
<teepee> I still have mine sitting here, not running for many years now
<Jack2299> we had a makerbot - shittiest printer ever ..  (while the core H-frame with the rails is not so bad)
<teepee> uh, Prusa shipping notification from 2015-07-28 :)
<teepee> but running Marlin (had some issue with .3 to not boot, not sure what happened)
<teepee> I think I saw a Makerbot in real world just once :)
<teepee> I suppose the first ones where ok-ish matching their time
<teepee> but the later ones must have been aweful from what I've heard, especially at the ever increasing prices
<Jack2299> the software totally suck   and it their support   -  still some nice ideas like the magnet connected hotend
<teepee> ah, I don't remember that
<teepee> but then, I had an Ultimaker in action for quite a while
<Jack2299> it is ok for schools  as you can easy switch broken parts ( if you have the money )
<teepee> good old plywood v1 kit :)
<Jack2299> but the build platform is totally wonky  not sure what makerbot thought there
<Jack2299> haha  5k$  for a makerbot
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<buZz> all makerbots i've seen IRL were broken
<Jack2299> probably is nobody like the costs to repair  i think the hotend is 200-300€..   also their customized spools ..
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<Jack2299> but if you compare with industrial printer not hobby printer .. they are cheap
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<Scopeuk> there is a rather large awkward break in between those to that nothing really falls into and seemingly there isn't much of a market for. I guess once people step up they want all the features of the full industrial (reliability/simplicity etc) but just don't want/can't pay that much
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<teepee> lol, printing space for the new ender3 according to heise: 220mm x 22mm x 270mm
<teepee> now that's not very useful :D
<Scopeuk> this print brought to you by lithophanes and not a lot else
<teepee> or customized cases in laser cut style
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<buZz> teepee: hehe , my 32" inch tv here has similar
<buZz> it outputs its physical size over EDID to be 16x9cm
<buZz> messing up all DPI math
<buZz> :P
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<teepee> yeah, correct data is hard
<buZz> i just grabbed edid, editted, stored locally, and told xorg to load the file instead of the monitors :)
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<teepee> Jack2299: testing just with good old teardrop from MCAD, next idea would be adding the 2 notches from Flower to the bottom part :)
<teepee> also there were 5 windings left, looks like each led test uses 1, so good to go for today
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<Jack2299> a pentagon with edge facing up is probably also good .. or  use a drill   .. and hot glue
<teepee> yeah, just doing some experimentation while I have no bigger print and no time to prepare the next stuff
<teepee> looks like the small test print is still pretty messy with 5° nozzle temp down
<Jack2299> maybe printing 2 at the same time .. so the nozzle travels
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<Jack2299> also you could make axial (led axial)  ripples
<teepee> ah, I've seen that trick for pcb connectors
<teepee> like 20x2 plated holes, slightly staggered giving nice contact without soldering
<Jack2299> WaveEx(h=8,r=2.6,a=.2,f=5);
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<Jack2299> WaveEx(h=8,r=2.6,trx=0,a=.2,f=5,ta=0);
<Jack2299> Zylinder(h=8,r=2.6,a=0,fz=5,az=.2,fnh=50);
<InPhase> incal: That reminds me... I should submit my color scheme in a PR as an option. It's much prettier than the existing ones.
<InPhase> Nocturnal Gem: https://i.imgur.com/qIF725g.png
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<teepee> where's the daylight version?
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<Jack2299> apropos color scheme as i am now using all 10 custom keyword colors ..    I  added the variables of the modules as color and thought it is nice
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<teepee> pics!
<othx> Yeah! pics or it did not happen...
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<Jack2299> and  with my lib modules it gets even more colorfull https://pasteboard.co/RX1CGj37fAJ0.png
<teepee> oh, that is pretty colorful indeed
<teepee> problem is that we do that based on lexer, so there's no context just words
<Jack2299> yeah  but  highlighting  d r  h x y z center twist angle   look nice
<teepee> i think the general color scheme needs to stick with being lexer based to not break down with every compile error
<InPhase> teepee: Daylight version? Blasphemy. :)
<teepee> but there might be some way to enrich that with some extra context, like I did with the include<>/use<> getting a different auto-complete
<teepee> InPhase: I beg to differ, the only useful version :P
<teepee> well, yes, for me :)
<Jack2299> how does that interfere with the lexer?
<teepee> interfere?
<teepee> what I meant is normal classification is done by the lexer
<teepee> but when doing later processing it would be possible to gather some context info
<teepee> the auto-complete does that using a simple regex determining if it's inside a include<> or use<>
<Jack2299> btw:   we shouldn't support  bright backgrounds as it stimulates the off-cells
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<Jack2299> and  off cells make eyeballs grow - you get myopia
<InPhase> teepee: How's that for a daylight version? https://i.imgur.com/YfoyGyE.png
<InPhase> Maybe the axes need to be a little darker...
<teepee> yeah, not bad, a bit darker might be even better
<InPhase> For the background?
<InPhase> I've looked at a lot of paint swatches in the last few years. That's a popular bright-room hue right now. :) But it's about as bright as the recommended bright-room hues get.
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