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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Use -prune to avoid errors when removing libxml2). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/1997e9f3f02e3e798cebdec45b574f0556c10563
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 3 modifications (brew install meson). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/f29269b8f02de3ca1ae35a4ced7be4d3665f749c
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<teepee> InPhase: thanks, that really looks nice - https://imgur.com/a/kr8qT18 - my first version probably would be much messier as printed thingy
<teepee> that transparent PLA is way too transparent ;-) I suppose I should print it a bit thicker for better diffusion
<buZz> push a sharpie against it while going into the extruder? :)
<teepee> haha, no, I don't think that will work with that stuff, it already cracks over night just sitting there
<buZz> i dont know, the effect it has always suprises me
<teepee> also it's pretty much spot on 3h to print, that would be very boring
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<teepee> I've ordered a spool of DasFilament PETG, that looks pretty clear too, their "natural" PLA looks quite yellow-ish
<buZz> there's sharpie holders for it on thingiverse
<teepee> this is 2 layers 0.15mm, making it a bit thicker is no problem
<teepee> hmm, maybe I'll try that :)
<teepee> but I'll probably first get going with the middle part for the PCB
<teepee> or it will become another project stuck with a bread board for ages
<buZz> :) will it become a clock?
<teepee> yep
<teepee> I'll try with esphome first, that will be interesting
<teepee> now there's proof Starlink is useful: https://twitter.com/Tippen22/status/1476985855981993984
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 2 additions 1 modifications (universal build update). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/bf5e994c81f229cf53d4671eb4ab935a37f73be7
<InPhase> teepee: Looks great. :)
<InPhase> teepee: And did you try the transparent at different temperatures? I haven't printed transparent in years, but I have a vague memory of it being very cloudy when I printed too cold.
<teepee> the current prints are pretty hot, maybe I'll do some test prints when the PETG arrives
<teepee> for now it looks quite nice and even the huge thread works fine
<teepee> M134.6 ;-)
<InPhase> Hahah.
<InPhase> I didn't even notice the threads for attaching that until you mentioned. :)
<InPhase> But a good call.
<teepee> the inner part is also threaded, I need to put the PCB somewhere after all
<teepee> it's a bit annoying that those 4 digit 7-segment LED things are so thick. One of those in the middle would be nice too
<InPhase> Is the circuit going to do anything clever with the colors?
<teepee> if I can find something, yes. otherwise just the boring clock with colors for hour / minute / seconds and maybe the 10 minute marks
<Zauberfisch> good evening
<Zauberfisch> I've added the BOSL lib to my lib folder, but I am not sure how to use it now
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<Zauberfisch> the installation instructions just say to place the folder there
<Zauberfisch> but when I try to use one of the functions, I get "WARNING: Ignoring unknown module 'cuboid'"
<teepee> the docs for the specific function should say which file to include
<Zauberfisch> do I need to include the modules or something?
<Zauberfisch> oh, so I still have to include lib files?
<InPhase> Zauberfisch: It's probably best to grab an example. You would see in there the include for it.
<Zauberfisch> fair enough
<Zauberfisch> oh boy
<Zauberfisch> sorry
<Zauberfisch> just saw the line telling me to unclude/use
<teepee> the library folder just means you can do include <BOSL/...>
<teepee> instead of full path
<Zauberfisch> sorry, got it
<teepee> and the latest dev snapshot should even do auto completion on the files :)
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<teepee> someone already did an esphome version \o/
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<gbruno> [github] kintel closed issue #3752 (Failed to build on M1 macOS). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/3752
<gbruno> [github] kintel closed issue #2808 (Build issue with glib.h on macOS 10.14.3). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/2808
<gbruno> [github] kintel closed issue #1905 (Add macOS Touch Bar Support). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/1905
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Universal build of gettext). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/662832095333d9d4d1c6d60fd0d7a378c3d23473
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<Jack22> why does a polyhedron is so much slower compared to the same with a 2D poly and rotate_extrude  one is .1 sec the other 5 sec
<Jack22> hmm ok seems the  way i generate the points is just ineffective
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<JHoglund> How can I lay out my parts on a flat surface without manually positioning them? I am designing parts for my laser cutter in 2D, how they will fit together I only have in my head. As I design my parts, I find myself spedning quite a bit of effort positioning them so they don't overlap. Is there a nice workflow for handling this positionig?
<JHoglund> The final positioning (nesting) will be done in a different software, so as long as I get them clearly separated in OpenSCAD their position don't really matter to me.
<Scopeuk> JHoglund to my knowledge there is nothing completely automated within openscad. Your easiest option would probably to make a grid/line spaced by your largest part dimension
<JHoglund> Scopeuk: Line with items spaced by longest width is fine. As I understand, I can't increase a counter since variables are computed compile-time. How can I easily say "move to next position", do I need to manually keep track of the number of parts already placed and call translate([largest_part_w * 13, 0]) where 13 would be my part number?
<Scopeuk> You could stack the translates operations, i hihly suspect there is some neat way to do it with a for loop and children in a module
<JHoglund> If I can send a "part" into a module or function, I could probably achieve this quite elegantly. Thanks for the input!
<Scopeuk> Getting parts into modules is done using children(index) syntax within the module, best of luck
<Jack22> JHoglund If you like my lib has that function  to select polar linear or grid layout for parts
<JHoglund> Jack22: I have a vague idea of what a library is, and I believe I understand what a grid layout is. But I'd be happy to give it a go :)
<Jack22> jhoglund https://github.com/UBaer21/UB.scad   the helper module is called Anordnen(es=5,help=1){}   es is the element spacing
<Jack22> but you will see a warning msg with version SCAD 21.01 (as there is a bug)  with nightly it is working without warning
<InPhase> Jack22: Anordnen is misspelled as Anorden in the ub.scad help at the top, which I noticed when I misspelled it while searching for it. :)
<Jack22> InPhase .. and fixed .. thanks again Ü
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<JHoglund> Jack22: Parse error a line 261, vektorWinkel= function(p1=[0,0,0],p2=[0,0,0])p1==p2?[0,0,0]:[
<Jack22> Jhoglund  what version du you use and how does that happen?  (just checked with 21.01 and didn't get an error)
<JHoglund> Scopeuk: I saw that, and it would probably make sense for me, but I thought I'd put off the 3D assembly of things for now and focus on the 2D where I have at least a grasp of what I'm doing :)
<Scopeuk> wasent meaning its relevent, just was interesting, but yes it does make sense
<JHoglund> Jack22: I cloned the git repo you linked to, I am using OpenSCAD 2019.01-RC2 (which is what my Debian gave me when installing yesterday). I copied the ub.scad file into my libraries folder and included it with: include <ub.scad>
<InPhase> JHoglund: 2019.01-RC2 doesn't include function literals unless you have enabled them.
<InPhase> JHoglund: It's better to upgrade the version from there.
<InPhase> It was a busy 2 years of development between 2019.01 and 2021.01, so there are a lot of fixes and features to pick up, many of which are hard to remember.
<JHoglund> InPhase: I tend to stick to apt-get, but I do understand that Debian is often behind... What's reasonable to do? Download the AppImage from the openscad.org download page?
<InPhase> Yeah, the AppImage is self-contained.
<InPhase> I generally keep a pile of AppImages in /usr/local/bin and then symlink in there to the latest one.
<InPhase> Or to the designated one I have as primary, typically the latest release.
<JHoglund> Jack22: Okay, new OpenSCAD version running and your library is running fine :) Could you show me two rectangles and a circle laid out with your library?
<JHoglund> InPhase: Put "OpenSCAD-2021.01-x86_64.AppImage" in /usr/local/bin and then "ln -s OpenSCAD-2021.01-x86_64.AppImage openscad" ?
<Jack22> if you want the Grid option you need a workaround for 2021.1 as there is a bug with variables ..
<JHoglund> Jack22: Neat! Dutch? German?
<Jack22> German  .. https://bpa.st/7HBQ
<InPhase> JHoglund: Exactly.
<Jack22> here is the workaround using Grid with a module that index the children  (which normally Anordnen would do )
<InPhase> JHoglund: And of course that has to come first in your path, or you have to remove the included version.
<InPhase> JHoglund: And make sure the AppImage is +x
<JHoglund> Jack22, InPhase: Big thanks to you guys! I'll stick with the simpler Anordnen for now :)
<Jack22> here to better see what happens
<Jack22> Anorden (option=3)  is the Grid which doesn't work in 21.01
<Jack22> but option 2 is linear and works .. so may be that can be a workaround too
<Jack22> or get a nightly build (if that is possible for Debian
<InPhase> Jack22: Which feature does option=3 depend on that wasn't in release?
<Jack22> it is how special variables are treated as i have to reassign the index variable which isn't working in 21.01
<InPhase> Right.
<Jack22> and the grid $idx is a list so it need to converted into a number
<JHoglund> Jack22: For option=2, can I get it to stack vertically instead of horizontally? For this job, parts are typically wider than tall
<InPhase> JHoglund: There's an axis option.
<Jack22> use axis=3
<InPhase> axis=2 if you meant tall in the y direction, I think.
<JHoglund> I ment tall in the Y direction, thanks :)
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<Jack22> JHoglund so i fixed this  if you  dl the current ub.scad β22|012   you can use the grid option=3  (and rot=[0,0,90]) with 2021.01
<Jack22> teepee inphase  also you have id and od now for Rosette();
<InPhase> *thumbsup*
<InPhase> A usage workflow interface like that will boost usability nicely I think.
<teepee> Jack22: nice, I might try that with the updated design, I probably need to increase the center part a bit as the PCB is a pretty tight fit
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<JHoglund> Jack22: Thanks! I tried setting es=[100, 200] expecting a grid size of 100x200, but I don't think that's what happened. How should it be done?
<teepee> and I bought another set of 5 led rings :D
<Jack22> JHoglund es is only the distance between single elements   so your grid would have a spacing of 100 200
<Jack22> i think Grid has a parameter for size but not Anordnen
<JHoglund> Jack22: Didn't quite catch that. For a grid, that is 2-dimensional, I would expect to give two dimensions for the es. Or am I limited to square cells in the grid?
<gbruno> [github] mdziczkowski opened issue #4034 ([Feature request] Expansion of the documentation and toturials). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4034
<gbruno> [github] mdziczkowski opened issue #4035 ([Feature request] Change of the way of design). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4035
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed issue #4035 ([Feature request] Change of the way of design). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4035
<Jack22> JHoglund  yes es=5 will  convert into es=[5,5]    ( there was an other issue so i updated ub.scad again .. maybe that is why you still have troubles)
<Jack22> You sure can use es=[10,5]
<Jack22> Anorden will try to calculate how your object number fit in here  but you can define the row and columns with e  .. loop=true will wrap around if number of objects is smaller then the matrix .. loop=false will leave those places empty
<JHoglund> Jack22: Since I have some tiny objects and some quite large, I ended up using Anordnen three times. I'm quite happy with the result, here is a screenshot of my workspace. It's a briefcase for escape rooms with digital number inputs and magnetic locks for remote control. https://paste.pics/7c2612078630edf93a02400a19150121
<JHoglund> Previous design in LightBurn on the right. I got a bit tired when I realised that I had to change material thickness from 9mm -> 6mm and all dimensions needed to be re-calculated. I hope that OpenSCAD will solve that for me :)
<Jack22> openSCAD can do if parameterized  in the script you use
<Jack22> also seems you didn't used the option=3 for grid in Anordnen so  es and e will only be a number not a list/vector/array
<JHoglund> Yep, so I did. It looks as if my computations hold together when I change the dimensions.
<Jack22> btw you can disable the rainbow color or change if you like
<JHoglund> Jack22: No, I stuck with option=2. I believe that I would need to give a cell size large enough for my largest parts with the grid and thus the tiny pieces would be really spaced out. That's why I made three different option=2 columns instead
<JHoglund> The colour is good! Any ideas on how to put names on my parts?
<Jack22> text("name"); will do this  if you don't want it in the render just put a % in front
<Jack22> if you want this for Anordnen  the part and text need to be in a union() so they are treated as one children
<Jack22> btw. you also can nest Anordnen and so Arrange the sub Anorden modules
<Jack22> grouping objects with same Y dimension would allow to minimize space between  or write a script that moves each object according to a list that stores the element dimension .. (which would probably mean to rewrite your code)
<JHoglund> Jack22: Deepnest does a fairly good job of nesting the parts before cutting, so no need to struggle with grouping in OpenSCAD :) https://paste.pics/FJ39C
<Jack22> ah nice ..  so you only need to spread them for export
<JHoglund> Jack22: And to look at while I'm working. Before you showed me your library I had horrible code to push the pieces around so that I could tell them apart.
<Jack22> translate(rands(-100,100,3))  - Ü
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<marcus> https://dogfood.convos.chat/file/2/L3KNTBbCxVGZP9gX seems I made openscad crash. On mac it just closes, on windows I see this. I think it's related to trying to use a unicode character.
<teepee> marcus: that's fixed in the dev versions, to workaround the issue, give a direction=".." in the text() call
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<marcus> Teepee: thanks!
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul edited issue #4034 (Expansion of the documentation and toturials). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4034
<gbruno> [github] t-paul edited issue #4034 (Expansion of the documentation and tutorials). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4034
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<marcus> teepee: hmm, changed it like ` text(textstr,size=sizeit*.9,font=fontname,halign="center",valign="baseline",direction="..");` and it still seems to crash.
<buZz> marcus: direction="ltr"
<buZz> i bet
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<buZz> String. Direction of the text flow. Possible values are "ltr" (left-to-right), "rtl" (right-to-left), "ttb" (top-to-bottom) and "btt" (bottom-to-top). Default is "ltr".
<buZz> direction
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<marcus> ah right. ltr, worked :)
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<marcus> it rendered my unicode char as a square tho. oh well
<buZz> the font you're using doesnt have unicode chars you want, then
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<teepee> yep, there's no glyph substitution happening as word processors do, so you need to give it a specific font having the glyph desired
<buZz> maybe easier to do your txt in inkscape and just export it as a dxf
<buZz> if you have a lot of these kinda exceptions
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<teepee> I'd like to have some kind of font search for that, but, well, time is a problem :)
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<teepee> yeah, if it's special stuff that could be an option too. but I would suggest SVG instead of DXF
<buZz> teepee: our hackerspace has the meme 'maybe tomorrow'
<buZz> for anything we will delay implementing
<buZz> ah sure, SVG would be fine aswell i guess, my goto is just DXF :P
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<teepee> tomorrow seems too optimistic, I'm sure it will not happen tomorrow ;-)
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<teepee> I could be wrong, of course
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (For cross builds we may not have a local arch installed). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/0599e7d32cb8668a8033656b5c1271dbc204a83f
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (For cross builds we may not have a local arch installed). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/0c73149cab3b74fe347fe3e2a9e4b401590ce385
<pa> hi folks! is it possible to change vars depending on whether it's preview or render?
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<pa> like if there is some global var to use for scripting that
<buZz> $preview is true, when in OpenCSG preview (F5). $preview is false, when in render (F6).
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<marcus> Tried a lot of fonts, but ᛗ just produces a square :( Also tried the \u code point. 🧩
<pa> thank you!
<buZz> cool
<buZz> marcus: so, inkscape time? :D
<buZz> whats that symbol supposed to be even?
<marcus> it's the rune for Man
<buZz> lol > *Mannaz is the conventional name of the m-rune ᛗ of the Elder Futhark.
<buZz> printing for neanderthals? :P
<buZz> futhark <- that name is hilarious to me
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<marcus> Maðr in norse
<teepee> one font having it for example is "Noto Sans Runic"
<teepee> or "BabelStone Runic"
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<marcus> I downloaded and installed Noto Sans Runic and changed the font to it, but I still get a square.
<teepee> is it shown in the font list?
<teepee> if not, is it win10?
<marcus> it's macos. Trying with the unicode code point now, and preview is taking a long time, so crossing my finger
<marcus> *fingers
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<marcus> hmm no :) \u16d8 still renders a square. I tried \u016d8 first and it rendered a u and 0
<marcus> aaah, just needed a restart after installing noto sans runic! Thank you!
<teepee> \u16d8 works, but it's a different rune
<teepee> looks vaguely similar to the glyph :)
<marcus> Yeah, you're right, it's the younger rune for the same letter. Only used after 800 :)
<marcus> It's a scad thing I downloaded from thingiverse to generate box for led strips :)
<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (ragel is no longer needed now that harfbuzz ships with ragel-generated files). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/d1a1ab0533610960a2b373de6ec75b965a9f8cb9
<teepee> link?
<teepee> sounds interesting
<teepee> runic led box
<marcus> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4864525/files this is the customizable thing. I've just changed the text
<othx> marcus linked to "Customizable Light Up LED Text Sign by MattInDetroit" on thingiverse => 1 IRC mentions
<teepee> oh, that's nice
<Jack22> mikowski on text is such a killer ..
<InPhase> Jack22: Yeah, it is.
<InPhase> There are some PRs that can do some of those text effects without minkowski.
<Jack22> HIET  will be long but   UCBD takes for ever
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<Jack22> offset and stacked extrudes   ..  InPhase taking about roof?
<InPhase> Yeah, there was the roof one, and I think one other one that I forgot the name of.
<Jack22> roof  is nice for that if you stack them it could be rounded
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<teepee> aha, ratio = -6 : https://imgur.com/a/6YZbEyT
<teepee> oh, no "Das Zertifikat für pasteboard.co ist am 2.1.2022 abgelaufen."
<teepee> oops
<Jack22> also the .5 ratios are nice  4.5  or -4.5  or 1/6
<Jack22> teepee  try  with negative id or od or both
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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Added GLEW_PREFIX to make the pkg-config file correct). https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/0e4736e0c63b5e9962f610b073701f3d287f0bad
<Jack22> Rosette(od=78,id=-35,ratio=-2.5,wall=2);
<Jack22> teepee but seems you already found the sweetspot
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<teepee> yeah, -6.5 seems quite nice too https://imgur.com/a/2gj1Sv3
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<Jack22> you could also make it bigger and only use the intersection
<Jack22> or overlap/rot  2 or 3 with lower ratio
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<Jack22> teepee  what do you think about putting the tutorial into the examples  or something like that
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<teepee> Jack22: what do you mean? the extract the code part and make that selectable?
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<Jack22> including the code yes but  better would be some kind of  interactive tutorial - but that is probably not possible with writing code
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<teepee> yeah, that's why I want the WASM version :)
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<Jack22> maybe some kind of images of the examples would be great - so it is not a surprise what you get with example16
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<Jack22> wait a moment  are these old examples an advent kalender ?
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<Jack22> ah  nice  ( the old examples are not there - Ü )   but much more importand - how can someone find this page, there is no reference to it
<teepee> it's not official
<teepee> this would need to be setup in a permanent way
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<Jack22> hmm  wouldn't a link  to this  on the left at http://openscad.org/documentation.html "Exampels"  be a first step .. or the wiki has an Examples path but only the strandbeest is there and without portal page
<Jack22> btw i just found the  roof example  is there a plan to implement  the roof angle (height) into that ?
<teepee> I don't want to maintain that manually, so before linking it, this needs to be automated
<teepee> for roof, the hope is that it can be combined with offset_extrude()
<Jack22> offset_extrude is not in the build .. is this brand new
<teepee> not new, but also not really finished unfortunately
<teepee> it's somehow in limbo as it works for some cases but fails for others, so it's a bit difficult to decide how to move forward
<Jack22> but how can it be used if not a feature to activate - do i have to compile myself ?
<teepee> either that, or use the auto build (may need re-triggering after a month or so)