_florent_ changed the topic of #litex to: LiteX FPGA SoC builder and Cores / Github : https://github.com/enjoy-digital, https://github.com/litex-hub / Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/litex
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<cr1901> tnt: Thanks for the help w/ the icebreaker flash stuff in October (I gave you credit in the issue I opened).
<tnt> cr1901: october ? Was that the QE bit thing ? It was that long ago ? Damn time flies ...
<cr1901> Yes, the QE bit thing. Please don't remind me that my latency is horrible :P
<tnt> lol. Where did you open an issue ?
<cr1901> I finally felt good enough to take a shot at it myself, and concluded "I want some feedback before I do anything". It's not even clear to me that QE is industry standard
<tnt> nm ... got the github mail.
<cr1901> Surprised I got this far w/o getting a headache, tbh. But... that's my limit for tonight lmao
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<tnt> _florent_: another gotcha to mention for the litejesd doc : Apparently the phys module are _required_ to be named "jesd_phy%d" in the submodules, can't use any other name.
<tnt> (I tried just 'phy' since I was in a module doing only JESD stuff and I wanted to avoid _JESD_JESD_XXX (double JESD name) in the CSR names but ... seems that doesn't work.)
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<mikek_DE1SOC> Hi Florent! I noted on your recent tweet about asking for help with Litex and the XTRX. I would love to help! But I am not sure how to help with? I do have some hardware already!
<mikek_DE1SOC> As being a Ham Radio operator I have various RF to Bits hardware as well as playing with all the different software.
<mikek_DE1SOC> I do have 2 LimeSDR-mini's as well as a the big brother LimeSDR-USB board. And the Hicker is that I do have the original XRTX Board. But my board is the mini mPCIE version.
<tnt> huh ... they are all mini PCIE ?
<mikek_DE1SOC> Right now the XTRX board is currently installed in my Dell-6700 on the mPCIE slot and working Great! it's REALLY fast SDR radio board!!
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<mikek_DE1SOC> huh? From my understating..
<mikek_DE1SOC> They also have a mPCIE adapter boards.
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<tnt> mikek_DE1SOC: yeah, there are adaptaters from mpcie to usb3 and to full pcie, but it's the same xtrx mini-pcie board that plugs in them.
<mikek_DE1SOC> tnt: Yup! Can I ask a few questions about Litex and the RiscV about the DE1-Soc Board? would that be ok?
<tnt> sure you can ask ... it might take a while before someone has the answer though (if ever). So stick around ...
<mikek_DE1SOC> yup... that's fine...
<mikek_DE1SOC> So back story, Fore Warning, I am still learning! So please bare with me.. I have successfully got working the Linux on vexriscv, got the board to boot load and get a command prompt, all is good. But I would like to compile riscv programs on my linux machine then transfer them to the DE1-Soc Board.
<mikek_DE1SOC> The easiest way i was thinking was to have a Pre-built linux (OS) bin file that included zmodem, so that I can serial transfer the executable's to the board through the console port. As right now the only way for me to do this ON the DE1-SoC board.
<mikek_DE1SOC> Next steps would be to access the bus on the boards.. I am still working on trying to get the GPIO ports to work for me. if there are more instructions on this subject this would be great! Thanks!! MikeK
<_florent_> mikek_DE1SOC: Great if you also have an XTRX. Help will definitely be useful. For now I still need to validate the LMS <-> FPGA interface and do first RF tests. Once ok, it will possible to open source the project.
<_florent_> mikek_DE1SOC: the easiest way to run other binaries on Linux-on-LiteX-Vexriscv is probably to use the SDCard or Ethernet
<mikek_DE1SOC> Right now my XtrX board is on the Pcie Bus of the Computer (Dell-6700). did you need me to get a PCI-FPGA board/bus? Again, I am unsure how i can help.. i Do have various flavors of Terasic boards. Just recetly got the Deca board too!!
<mikek_DE1SOC> i can definitely help you on the RF side... I have lots of tools in that regard!
<mikek_DE1SOC> did you want me to create a Development environment for you to transmit and I have a receiver over that air and spectrum RTL-SDR receiver.. I can set this up for you...it would be an honour!
<mikek_DE1SOC> Please transmit in the Ham bands only!!! As I have a valid License! VA3TEC..
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<_florent_> mikek_DE1SOC: Some help on the RF validation will be very useful yes, or play with the gateware/firmware and provide feedback/limitations
<mikek_DE1SOC> ok. no problem, but I need help on the develop environment, Do I need to match your hardware setup? my XTRX is currently installed on a Regular intel based PC running Linux? in my mind this would not suffice. I applogise I am still trying to understand which hardware that I would need.. still researching..
<mikek_DE1SOC> I am new to your LitePCIe software setup, I thought it was only setup for FPGA targets! But if it's possible to run on a X86 HOST, Does that mean it can run on a DELL-6700?? if yes, then I was not aware of this!
<mikek_DE1SOC> Do you have information on the setup of this type of environment? a wiki page of some sort?
<mikek_DE1SOC> The multiple awarded PHD professor is teaching the newly joined undergrad here! :)
<_florent_> Your setup will be enough yes: Linux PC + XTRX inside (+ JTAG for the first update, unless we can use fairwaves' gateware update tools)
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<cr1901> _florent_: You can probably go ahead and close the issue I opened on litespi... I think I'll have to write a small program that'll put the SPI flash into the proper mode. 1/2
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<tnt> cr1901: well ... iceprog does that
<cr1901> tnt: With your volatile patch, or as-is?
<cr1901> (I wanted to reprogram the QE bit non-volatile-ly)
<tnt> Is it volatile ? I know I said so in the comment ... but I think it might not be.
<cr1901> tnt: My reading of the Winbond datasheet is that you can choose whether to program the status reg volatilely or nonvolatilely
<tnt> yeah, and I do a 'write enable' not a 'write enable volatile'.
<cr1901> Then it should be permanent
<tnt> yeah, I think so too. I wasn't sure back when I wrote the patch and didn't test but AFAIR I've done it once on an old icebreaker that had it at 0 and never had to do it ever again, but I never re-checked to be sure.
<tnt> Did you use it ?
<cr1901> tnt: No, I'll try the patch out now. There's a multitude of reasons why I didn't try your patch, but they all boil down to "I didn't know what I was doing until 12 hours ago" :P.
<cr1901> And sleep, wake up, parse responses to issue, etc
<cr1901> tnt: Your patch works
<tnt> feel free to ping upstream on the pull request to motivate them to merge it ... it's been there for like 6 months.
<cr1901> tnt: Also confirmed that it's non-volatile, contrary to your commit msg.
<cr1901> Maybe we could have a disable QE option too (I want to test that enabling QE bit made some intermittent iceprog failures go away.)
<cr1901> I pinged upstream
<tnt> feel free to write a patch :p
<cr1901> Will do so after yours is merged/if I have an overwhelming desire to break things again :).
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<mikek_DE1SOC> Thanks Florent! Any place to start getting Litex PCIe on the Linux Host? Also would I be able to use the Jtag port on the bottom with soldering the pads to a USB-rsr232- jtag cable?
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<_florent_> mikek_DE1SOC: It's already possible to use LiteX/LitePCIe on the XTRX with https://github.com/litex-hub/litex-boards/blob/master/litex_boards/targets/fairwaves_xtrx.py
<_florent_> mikek_DE1SOC: but it will just be a SoC with CPU + PCIe, the RF parts/peripherals are not yet integrated in this design
<_florent_> For the JTAG, I just have it connected the JTAG port of the XTRX, with a JTAGBone bridge in the design allowing debug while the PCIe is in use
<mikek_DE1SOC> thanks florent! One last question! Do I need the xilinx FPGA build environment? I do not have this. I usually use Altera versions.
<tnt> yeah, you need vivado.
<mikek_DE1SOC> is there a "Free" version?
<tnt> There is ... no idea if it supports the device on the xtrx however, or the pcie core license.
<mikek_DE1SOC> ah.... :( ok looking
<mikek_DE1SOC> OH boy this is where is starts! enter e-mail address... :)
<mikek_DE1SOC> create account...... :)
<tnt> Oh yeah ... it's also like a 70G download and uses ~100G installed.
<tnt> Although you can probably uncheck a bunch of options during install like all ultrascale devices and such to win some space.
<mikek_DE1SOC> does this mean that I will need to buy a Xilinx based board?? :) actually I do have some purpose built Ultrascale boards!! i can send you some if you are interested!!
<mikek_DE1SOC> i can share some photo's if you want... will have to host them somewhere, unless you want to provide me with a burner e-mail address.
<mikek_DE1SOC> Got these boards from an auction. so basically free for you...
<tnt> Heh, thanks but I'm not really looking for hw at the moment. I'm trying to de-clutter my appt :p
<mikek_DE1SOC> you should SEEE my place!!! 4 - 5rooms of a 4 bedroom hoouse!! :) :p
<mikek_DE1SOC> thanks guys... have to hit the road.. talk later!
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