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<sewn> hi
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<sewn> hi midfavila
<midfavila> hey sewn
<midfavila> guess what day it is
<sewn> idk
<sewn> december or something
<midfavila> it's midfavila day
<sewn> wtf ur so famous you hae ur own day on tohe calendera
<sewn> thats so awoesoej
<midfavila> yes
<midfavila> it is
<sewn> so how to celberate
<midfavila> one day you might be able to achieve the same level of success i have
<midfavila> at the ripe old age of 22
<midfavila> i'm going to need a knee replacement soon
<sewn> is that midfavila day celebartion?
<midfavila> yes
<sewn> is it break your knee and get it replaced or accompany a midfavila knee replacement or a medical prosedure called midfavila knee replacement in where you made a significant breakthrough in the medical indudstry or wur
<midfavila> ask phoebos
<sewn> phoebos: :
<sewn> what is miffavilda day
<riteo> no way!
<riteo> it's finally mid day!
<sewn> mid day is a different thing
<sewn> unless you do Mid day in which case we talkin bout Midfavila day
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<riteo> oh yeah sorry
<riteo> I meant that
<riteo> How could I make such a crucial error
<riteo> Oh God I'm not worthy of this holy day
<riteo> please forgive me midfavila
<sewn> You have to submit yourself to Midfavila and beg for forgiveness
<riteo> I just did that
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<phoebos> wahey finally
<phoebos> happy mid day
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