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<base64> shit feels deader than stali. hows dylan doing anyway
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi
<sewn> base64: we dont know much about dylan other than he is alive
<sewn> stali is more dead since theres no community keeping it alive somewhere else
<sad_plan> stali has been dead in the water for years. but theres no reason noone cant resurect it. its a pretty simple system tbh
<sewn> it uses a really bad format for everything
<sewn> unlike oasis, which uses lua to samurai
<sad_plan> sure, but its still simple. its just makefiles really. so it should be easy to update
<sad_plan> but yes, I would agree that oasis' buildsystem is by far superior
<sewn> yeah
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<sewn> is there a convention on how packages should be named?
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi
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<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sad_plan> and yes, there is a convention of how packages should be named. if a package uses git+url, then it should be pkg-git. iirc thats as far as it goes
<midfavila> that's as far as regular kiss goes afaik, yeah
<midfavila> as for kiss being "dead", it's a community thing
<midfavila> considering there's a whole pile of people who regularly chat in here and who help maintain the system, i wouldn't exactly call that dead
<midfavila> man
<midfavila> i just realized i haven't done any serious programming in like a year
<midfavila> i should like
<midfavila> get back on that
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<sad_plan> only thing dead about kiss is upstream really because of dylan taking a break
<sad_plan> and yes, you should get back in programming :D
<midfavila> i still want to work on Xaw stuff
<sad_plan> then go work it on
<midfavila> nah, can't
<midfavila> i work in a few
<midfavila> i have to get ready for that
<midfavila> besides, i need to like
<midfavila> get into the zone
<sad_plan> ok, but when youre done working?
<sad_plan> ah
<midfavila> when i'm done working i plan to do a little tinkering
<midfavila> i'm also still looking for a better job xwx
<midfavila> the union thing may or mayn't happen at work, and if it does, great, if not, definitely need a better job. might have something remote as a typist soon tho which would be sweet
<sad_plan> I see
<midfavila> yeah that's my excuse
* midfavila shrugs
<midfavila> i remember being really close to finishing apport too
<midfavila> i think the last thing on the list i had to do was get redirection working properly?
<sad_plan> yeah, I think you were getting there
<midfavila> 100% was
<midfavila> i'll probably rewrite apport to use non-blocking network routines
<midfavila> that was part of what was hanging me up on XIRC
<sad_plan> yeah I recall you taling about a rewrite
<midfavila> there's still a lot of stuff i want to work on
<midfavila> the past year has just been absolutely insane
<midfavila> i should probably write another blog entry soon actually
<midfavila> :thinking:
<sad_plan> I can relate. theres some things I should be working on aswell, but I can never seem to stop procastrinating
<midfavila> i mean i wouldn't even exactly call what i'm doing rn procrastinating in the traditional sense
<midfavila> i've just been trying to get back on track after being stealth-evicted at the end of last year
<sad_plan> I get that.