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<Torr> > ben eater on yewtube makes interesting videos
<Torr> Nice
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<midfavila> anyway i'm fuckin dead
<midfavila> so
<midfavila> i'm off to bed
<sad_plan> can you answer a quick question before you go?
<midfavila> maybe
<midfavila> shoot
<sad_plan> escaping spaces in rc
<sad_plan> how?
<midfavila> ' '
<sad_plan> 16 mpv `{find . -type f | awk -F "/" '{print $NF}' | sed 's/ /\\ /g' | dmenu -i -l 20 -p 'Play:'}
<sad_plan> this will just split
<sad_plan> ifs seems to be mentioned in the manpage, but I cant get it to work
<midfavila> what, are you trying to join multiple strings i.e "prevent splitting"?
<midfavila> you can use a caret to join two strings
<midfavila> 'foo '^'bar' = 'foo bar'
<sad_plan> `{ command } splits the output into
<sad_plan> ah, ill try that
<sad_plan> thanks
<midfavila> also " is a regular character
<sad_plan> yeah, I kinda figured that. rc only seems to use ' instead
<midfavila> correct
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<testuser[m]123> Hi
<sad_plan> hi
<sad_plan> midfavila: I figured it out. filenames I tried to use had spaces in them, as I belive I said. I had to set the file selection to a variable, then call the variable with $"var.
<Ellowee[m]> Need that screen real estate
<sad_plan> so no gaps for you Ellowee[m] ?
<sad_plan> space wasting
<sad_plan> no space wasting
<Ellowee[m]> No gaps
<Ellowee[m]> not even borders
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<Laith> Good morning
<Laith> Anyone here used tinyx from ?
<sad_plan> im using tinyx yes
* Torr laughs in the Xorg master race
<Laith> What I need to do to get keyboard working ?
<sad_plan> hm, your keyboard works fine in tty?
<Laith> yes
<Torr> laith: Logs kido, logs
<Laith> and the moues is working too
<sad_plan> strange. Ive never had any issues with the keyboard..
<Laith> in order to get the moues working I needed /dev/input/moues0, which is require some kerenl optiones to be enabled
<Laith> it's the same for the keyboard ?
<Laith> oh okay
<sad_plan> tinyx only uses the kernel, so initially if it works on tty, it should work on tinyx aswell. see this link
<sad_plan> maybe you have some of the same issues as sdsddsd1 had?
<Torr> Off to sleep folks, 'til later.
<sad_plan> iirc she had some issues aswell
<sad_plan> bye Torr
<Torr> bye
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<Laith> bye
<Laith> yeah
<sad_plan> ah, sdsddsd1 had issues with the mouse
<sad_plan> or keyboard
<Laith> i read this issue many times
<sad_plan> see if the strace gives you anything
<sad_plan> and no issues one can point to in strace output?
<Laith> i will see, also there is no way to run palemoon in wayland ?
<sad_plan> does palemoon run nativly on wayland? if not, xwayland
<Laith> okay
<Laith> thank you
<sad_plan> yw
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<sewn> Hi
<sad_plan> hi sewn
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<aelspire> Hi
<schillingklaus> hi
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<testuser[m]123> hi
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<testuser[m]123> the only community domain is right?
<illiliti> i guess so
<illiliti> but
<illiliti> i don't even know who is behind it lol
<illiliti> dilyn maybe?
<sewn> yeah i believe its dilyn
<sewn> there is too
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<aelspire> illiliti: I'm liking the pure git workflow with git log -p and git add -p more and more, once more thanks for suggestion
<aelspire> I've ditched bat and delta/git-delta (rust projects making CLI more colorful)
<aelspire> previously I somewhat missed git add -p command and tried to use git add -i and it was cumbersome as hell
<illiliti> you may find more cool stuff if you check git man pages
<aelspire> I've read them
<aelspire> but sometimes descriptions are 100% correct and 100% so you cannot imagine what it actually mean
<aelspire> like he -p option in git add while description is 100% correct
<aelspire> it sounds like inferior mode of git add -i not like faster mode
<aelspire> so i skipped this option
<illiliti> yes, examples are missing
<illiliti> i hate man pages without examples
<aelspire> writing good doc is hard task
<midfavila> bro just like figure it out bro
<aelspire> esp when you know what it does
<midfavila> bruhbruhbruhbruhbruhbruh
<illiliti> examples are not that hard unlike accurate description imho
<aelspire> Hi, mid
<midfavila> hi
<aelspire> yes examples are good
<midfavila> nuh uh
<midfavila> computers are supposed to be hard to use
<midfavila> ideally a system would have no docs whatsoever
<aelspire> well, yes and no
<midfavila> ur wrong i'm right
<midfavila> no docs best docs
<aelspire> ideal system should need no doc, sure
<aelspire> everthing should be totally intuitive
<midfavila> no, ideal system should need docs, just not have them
* midfavila nods sagely
<aelspire> thats just gatekeeping
<midfavila> i mean, to be serious for a microsecond, it's literally not
<aelspire> nowadays the word computer lost it meaning
<aelspire> is smartphone computer?
<midfavila> and even if it was gatekeeping isn't a bad thing lmao
<midfavila> it's necessary
<midfavila> anyway obviously systems should have documentation, i'm fucking with you
<aelspire> and I'm not ;)
<aelspire> ideal system should be so easy that even non-trained monkey could use it
<aelspire> thats the ideal
<aelspire> but what is possible is completly differend topic
<aelspire> after playing with microcontrollers computer meaning becomes quite fuzzy
<aelspire> normal person would not consider writing better program for their toaster
<illiliti> i can't imagine such system, at least with current keyboard/monitor io
<illiliti> complexity should be somewhere
<illiliti> abstractions exist for a reason
<midfavila> Real Programmers:tm: don't need abstraction or simplicity
<midfavila> their brains are big and wrinkly enough to hold every ounce of a machine's complexity at once
<midfavila> if yours isn't you just aren't a Real Programmer smdh my damn head
<illiliti> mid you're going extreme again
<midfavila> :^)
<illiliti> good vids btw
<testuser[m]123> so good
<midfavila> illiliti: i have impeccable taste uwu
<illiliti> indeed
<aelspire> illiliti: git docs are telling me that worktree is experimental
<aelspire> I'm using it quite frequently since some time
<aelspire> Have you used it? Has it ever broked?
<illiliti> no i don't use it
<aelspire> worktrees are super convenient when I'm working on something and have uncommited changes and than somebody ask me how something worked few releases ago
<aelspire> I normally would need to stash changes and change branch, but with worktrees I just add new worktree to the tag I need
<illiliti> i'm mostly use orthodox branches
<illiliti> stash also
<aelspire> yup, I've used it before
<illiliti> perhaps i should look into worktrees
<illiliti> i don't really want to get addicted to all these fancy scopeless git features
<aelspire> git is powerfull and has broad scope indeed
<illiliti> got will be a thing soon and i want to switch to it
<illiliti> and unlike git, got has scope
<aelspire> I've tried to use fossil in the past and it feel like smaller project while providing forum, chat and ticket system too
<aelspire> got?
<aelspire> oh, interesting
<aelspire> different frontend for git-data-store
<aelspire> if I can name this git thing like this
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<illiliti> take a look at these examples
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<illiliti> and compare to git
<aelspire> it uses bare repos
<aelspire> so general unterstanding of worktrees will have use here
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<illiliti> testuser[m]123: looks great at the first glance. good job
<illiliti> though i'll never understand why s6 brings its own interpreter execline
<illiliti> so i'll just close eyes on it
<midfavila> because muhmuh safety
<aelspire> I'll need to look into s6 sometime
<illiliti> muh secuktrity
<aelspire> AFAIK alpine linux plans to jump to it
<aelspire> from OpenRC
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<testuser[m]123> illiliti: it's weird at first but it is sort of useful
<aelspire> but I'm don't know how its different from runit busybox/runit
<testuser[m]123> no obligation to use it ofcourse
<testuser[m]123> but its a bit more robust than shell scripts
<midfavila> ought to write my own init at some point
<midfavila> hummingbird was cool but i kept running into trouble with it
<sewn> what about oasis' init
<sewn> I forgot its name
<illiliti> sinit
<illiliti> it's okish
<aelspire> illiliti: s6's execline interpreter seems like super-simplified shell
<aelspire> most of my runit scripts are single liners that is trivially portable to this lang
<sewn> illiliti: no
<sewn> the init service manager thing I mean
<aelspire> so it kinda makes sense to not bother with full POSIX sh?
<illiliti> perp? unmaintained but cool enough
<illiliti> s6 is better though
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<illiliti> posix sh is not bother, it is standard interpreter
<illiliti> imagine learning another interpreter just to write services when posix sh exists
<aelspire> but using sh is still possible
<midfavila> for init it makes sense to not rely on an interpreter imho
<midfavila> i don't want my system to fail to boot just because there might be a minor interpreter error
<illiliti> but muh unix philosophy
<midfavila> muh unix philosophy doesn't say that everything should be shell
<midfavila> it says that one must have taste in the languages they use when writing software
<illiliti> write progs that work together
<sewn> just patch execline out
<midfavila> >just patch the engine program out
<testuser[m]123> no
<illiliti> nah
<illiliti> i'll just pretend that everything is fine
<testuser[m]123> illiliti s6 doesnt play well with kiss's etcsums stuff since it's not just basic .run files in each dir, it has 3-4 files in each dir and it'll be pain to manage each
<testuser[m]123> so to avoid mess its using config files for any configuration and scripts are immutable (symlinked from /usr/share)
<testuser[m]123> this means you can't swap, say mdevd for $ALTERNATIVE unless you fork the package containing scripts
<aelspire> only problem with runit is managing one shots
<testuser[m]123> user scripts are in /etc/s6-rc/adminsv which is a mutable dir and only has the default service which is meant to be modified
<aelspire> you could put it in rc script but alpine guys claims it is problematic
<illiliti> why we can't leave this mess as is?
<aelspire> and I have too much side project to check why they make this claim
<illiliti> just embrace mess and live with it
<aelspire> which mess?
<illiliti> > so to avoid mess its using config files for any configuration and scripts are immutable
<testuser[m]123> mess as in kiss constantly creating .new files and breaking services
<illiliti> ah so it is disruptive
<testuser[m]123> dependencies.d/
<testuser[m]123> like
<illiliti> got it
<sewn> what about superd fr
<illiliti> it's written in go
<illiliti> unacceptable
<sewn> shi
<aelspire> init in go?
<aelspire> like, how somebody ever thought it is good idea?
<testuser[m]123> its a supervisor
<testuser[m]123> for user services
<aelspire> mhm
<sewn> it's systemd compatible
<aelspire> less of bad idea but still
<sewn> illiliti: what do you suggest over go
<illiliti> hare, c, zig
<illiliti> nim, d
<sewn> one that's as easy as go maybe
<illiliti> the only thing i miss is init in java
<sewn> I found this extremely obscure init on
<sewn> I keep finding really high quality software on
<sewn> maybe the user interface is giving me placebo effect
<sewn> yeah its placebo effect oops
<aelspire> It was quite time since I last time tried to sculpt some quick stuff in blender, but damn the new sculpting mode is fast and fun
<aelspire> the remesh based workflow
<dotkwa[m]> fun indeed
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<midfavila> guys
<midfavila> guess what
<midfavila> i finally did it
<midfavila> i finally got a chair for my workstation
<midfavila> ;w;
<midfavila> oh cool MTM Scientific responded about their schematics too. sent me the contents of the kit's CD including the full schematics
<sewn> how much did u pay for it?!???!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
<midfavila> for the chair, zero dollars. for the CD contents, zero dollars
<midfavila> - w-
<sewn> how
<midfavila> friend had a really nice highback leather office chair he was getting rid of in favor of a new one and he just gave it to me
<midfavila> CD contents, I just asked :v
<sewn> so good
<midfavila> i also got some new headphones to replace my broken pair since they don't seem repairable
<sewn> they were free too righ
<midfavila> no, those were 200$ :v
<sewn> wHAT?
<sewn> WHAY
<sewn> WHy
<midfavila> because i like having nice headphones
<midfavila> IEMs are uncomfortable, fall out of my ears, require wireless tech, and are generally inferior in terms of sound quality compared to even a cheap pair of headphones
<sewn> they dont require wireless tech, iems size vary size to size, ear tip matter too, and sound quality you've just had bad ones
<midfavila> a decent pair of headphones allows me to take greater advantage of my sound card's features and can be worn for an entire day without fatiguing me
<sewn> is your computer from 1997 or something
<midfavila> and no, in terms of sound quality, headphones *will* be better than IEMs
<midfavila> more space for larger drivers and etc
<midfavila> no, my computer just doesn't have integrated audio
<midfavila> an intentional decision on my part
<sewn> the drivers are right in your ears and 100% of it goes to ur ear whar
* midfavila shrugs
<midfavila> I prefer headphones.
<midfavila> I don't need to justify myself.
<sewn> what kind of headphones did you buy btw
<sewn> and do they sound like worth it for the price
<midfavila> "Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro" is the model name. They're fine for the price, I don't have any real complaints other than a non-detachable cable
<midfavila> they're studio headphones though, so it's not like that's a dealbreaker
<midfavila> they're about on par with my prior set, a Blue Lola, thus far
<midfavila> need some more time with them though. if i decide against 'em i'll just get a refund
* midfavila shrugs
<sewn> were they really that good for the price?
<sewn> dont they require some amp
<midfavila> sound card has an integrated amplifier
<sewn> to sound good*
<midfavila> and yes they do
<midfavila> these are 250ohm
<sewn> noted
<midfavila> it's interesting how these being open-back affects the sound compared to my last pair, which were closed
<shokara> "WHY 200$ FOR HEADPHONES" $200 headphones sound good and are comfy
<shokara> slightly used pairs with replaced earpads would be a bit cheaper too
<sewn> sorry never had such headphones to say so
<midfavila> wait until you hear of people spending thousands on a single pair
<midfavila> 200 is downright reasonable in comparison
<sewn> tru
<shokara> mhm
<shokara> I want to save up for one of those eventually
<midfavila> the difference between 20$ and 200$ headphones is also extremely noticable compared to the 200 to 2000
<shokara> anyways toodle doo
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<midfavila> yeah these definitely have a more balanced profile than the lolas
<midfavila> trebles are noticably clearer and bass less exaggerated
<aelspire> huh, we got audiophile here
<midfavila> not really
<midfavila> i just like hearing music without having my eyes shaken out of their sockets
<aelspire> I barely can find difference between 128k and 384k mp3
<sewn> i barely find difference between spotify 320k and flac 1386k
<midfavila> i mean i just listen to music in ogg
<midfavila> so
* midfavila shrugs?
<aelspire> ogg is lossless?
<midfavila> no, it's not
<aelspire> I thought than only flac is
<aelspire> oh
<midfavila> no, there are many lossless formats
<sewn> aplay /dev/urandom
<midfavila> for example WAV
<aelspire> yup but man
<aelspire> wav?
<midfavila> ...anyway i think the actual format is vorbis
<midfavila> ogg is just the container
<midfavila> and yes wav is lossless
<aelspire> I know but it is uncompressed one I think
<midfavila> yes, it's neither lossless nor compressed, as far as i'm aware
<aelspire> pretty big files and as I said I cannot tell difference
<midfavila> hence why wavs are fuckhuge
<midfavila> and i mean you get diminishing returns pretty quickly
<midfavila> i think retaining WAVs of audio for master copies is good but i wouldn't suggest actively preferring the master copy of a track for listening
<midfavila> 48hz 128k ogg vorbis is the format for most of my audio and it's fine
<midfavila> er, 48khz
<midfavila> 48hz would be painful :v
<aelspire> cool
<aelspire> My brother got standing/sitting electric desk
<aelspire> and some insane chair from USA
<midfavila> oh nice
<midfavila> i have an electric sit-stand
<midfavila> super worth
<midfavila> best hundred bucks i've ever spent
<aelspire> I'm happy that I'm still too young to have backs problems
<aelspire> but I'll need to think about it soon
<midfavila> i mean it's not like i need to worry about that either lmao
<midfavila> i'm barely 21
<midfavila> i just prefer standing sometimes
<midfavila> >it's an MX
<midfavila> into the trash
<aelspire> why?
<midfavila> plastic garbage
<aelspire> PCB? keycaps?
<midfavila> the switches
<midfavila> MX switches are a fucking travesty
<aelspire> no sweat
<midfavila> i'm not a headphone snob but i am a keyboard snob
<aelspire> he is getting PCB + controller only
<midfavila> if your switches don't need 75g of force to actuate MINIMUM, don't talk to me
<midfavila> f i n g e r l e t
<aelspire> I pretty sure he is having working cherry browns
<midfavila> gross
<aelspire> I have cherry browns too
<aelspire> and some china made blues
<midfavila> brown 'cause they're poopie
<midfavila> gottem
<midfavila> use springs nerd
<aelspire> I'll wait for him to test this keyboard
<aelspire> and maybe I'll build one too
<midfavila> i've considered building one but i'd need to design the PCB and stuff myself
<midfavila> every kit i've seen has been junk
<midfavila> always has too few keys, uses MX or MX clone switches, keycap profiles are weird, etc
<aelspire> electrical part of PCBs is dead simple
<aelspire> but I'm not anatomy master to correctly place the buttons where it should be
<midfavila> i want at least 122 keys, springs or hall effects, stems ala model Ms, and (ideally) spherical caps
<aelspire> too high level for us
<midfavila> there was a capacitive PCB someone made for terminal Ms based on the Fs
<midfavila> it's on github
<aelspire> I'm still on cheap mechanical keyborad with cherry browns
<midfavila> i've been using a terminal M for a few years now
<midfavila> prior to this IBM i was using a Unicomp
<midfavila> they're pretty good if you want a solid, no-frills keeb
<aelspire> those are traditional non-split QWERTY keyboards
<midfavila> splits are shits
<midfavila> and you can remap to another layout trivially
<aelspire> why?
<midfavila> i mean in all seriousness nothing is inherently bad with them i guess
<aelspire> remap yes but keycaps probably have different profiles
<aelspire> so letters will be wrong
<midfavila> not on model Ms and similar
<midfavila> all keycaps have the same profile
<midfavila> you can swap caps between stems without needing to worry about "oh god muh profiles" because the curved backplate that the assembly is mounted to handles that instead of the caps
<aelspire> I was trying to imagine how split keyboard will feel
<midfavila> probably the exact same as a regular keyboard
<aelspire> and it kinda makes sense to have more relaxed position
<midfavila> i just don't rest my hands on my keyboard ngl
* midfavila shrugs
<midfavila> i've been meaning to learn workman-p for a while but i hate being a typelet
<midfavila> i got up to about 40wpm on dvorak and i wanted to shoot myself the entire time
<midfavila> qwerty i can semi-reliably get over 100wpm with 100% accuracy
<aelspire> my brother is thinking about colemak
<aelspire> I'm going to let him test this idea for me ;)
<aelspire> he have Filco Majestouch Ninja currently
<aelspire> so I'm not super happy with my keyboard and I'm open to suggestions
<midfavila> ibm model m 122 first generation
<midfavila> 1986 D.o.M or earlier
<aelspire> I'll need the gun
<sewn> oh no
<aelspire> museum will not let it go without a little violence
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<aelspire> I'm going
<aelspire> bye
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<sewn> 👋
<clemens3> have a loog at and geekhack for a nice custom keyboard
<clemens3> to your taste
<clemens3> if of the shelve, imho i like leopold
<clemens3> or the classic hhkb or the classic cherry
<midfavila> ibmibmibmibmibmibmibmibmibm
<clemens3> of course
<midfavila> has to be
<clemens3> or just get an old thinkpad for the keyboard
<midfavila> don't bother
<midfavila> retroomers have sucked them all up
<clemens3> my buddy has a 70s ibm keyboard, best keyboard I have ever tried..
<midfavila> was it thick enough to use as a bludgeon, or thick enough to use as a shield
<clemens3> but unconventional layout, so I stayed away, prices for this seldom thing are up to 2000
<midfavila> if the former, it was an F and used capa springs, if the latter- ah
<midfavila> it's a beamspring
<midfavila> beamsprings are wild
<clemens3> normally two people have to carry it:)
<midfavila> yeah
<midfavila> definitely a beamspring
<midfavila> probably used to be hooked up to an old mainframe
<clemens3> yeah, the generation before the model F
<clemens3> before the pc
<midfavila> i have an M122 myself
<midfavila> :D
<midfavila> silver badged first gen
<clemens3> ok, you are set.. i'm a cherry guy
<midfavila> i'm not set yet
<clemens3> had a model m for a little bit but moved on
<clemens3> think the F is georges
<midfavila> i need to rebuild my M with a capacitive PCB
<clemens3> get a new one, there are still enough around
<clemens3> a new old one
<clemens3> new=another
<midfavila> nah
<clemens3> i am on a thinkpad t61 right now:)
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<sad_plan> hi
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