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<niceguy5000[m]> <midfavila> "and at the very least i've..." <- do you use nftables?
<niceguy5000[m]> You think BPF is security risk and seccomp?
<shokara_> "What's the best blobless gpu? gtx 780 ti?" niceguy5000[m]: from nvidia's side, probably the original kepler gtx titan. iirc, that's what moronix used to compare nouveau performance before.
<shokara_> "complete garbage search engine and they *still* sell user data" how else would they afford to advertise themselves over american radio and tv?
<midfavila> didn't know they do
<midfavila> either way, from now on i'm using sdf's whoogle
<midfavila> ugh, i really wish landline phones were still an option in my area
<midfavila> you know what else i really wish was the case? i really wish that minimalist stuff wasn't targetted at bourgeoisie pricks
<midfavila> charging 400-800$ for a phone whose main feature is a lack of features is insane
<shokara_> "didn't know they do" I didn't know too until I moved here :/
<shokara_> iirc, a voip landline handset from costco is like C$100
<shokara_> panasonic
<midfavila> bullshit
<midfavila> i have a perfectly working rotary phone and i should be able to use it
* vulpine emits a voip ATA at midfavila
<midfavila> begone, fox
<vulpine> lol
<midfavila> i will *never* pay 50$+ a month for the privilege of using my internet connection to place a phone call to other people who use their internet to place phone calls. absolutely heretical
<shokara_> dunno if they exist though
<shokara_> maybe there's some kind of voip adapter you can use with it?
<shokara_> you can also pay $5/month to, or pay extra to sdf?
<midfavila> you misunderstand. i take fundamental issue with charging more than a nominal fee for VoIP
<shokara_> muh delayed message sending
<midfavila> rip
<midfavila> although adapters like that do exist they're also quite pricey and hard to find iirc
<shokara_> "maybe there's..." "dunno if..." were supposed to be before vulpine's message
<shokara_> oh...
<midfavila> should be able to just use aplay and ncat smdh my damn head
<midfavila> the *other* thing that rustles my jimmies, grinds my gears, gets my goat, activates my almonds, dries my paint, etc is that telcos charge for "long distance" VoIP calls
<midfavila> like *what*
<midfavila> i mean idk maybe there's some magic hoohaa bullshit behind the scenes that i'm missing. totally possible. but i doubt it
<shokara_> isn't it just to milk more money out of you because of the extra complexity from regular pstn and most people not knowing they're being scammed because of that?
<midfavila> that's what i'm thinking
<midfavila> most people don't care because it's just how things are when it comes to telephones
<midfavila> except it's *not* when it's VoIP
<shokara_> since it's over the internet, the only international thing that's happening are the wires under the ocean
<midfavila> because it's just regular gd internet traffic
<midfavila> yeah
<shokara_> "except it's *not* when it's VoIP" exactly
<midfavila> p2p voip wouldn't even be hard to implement i bet
<midfavila> the problem is fucking NAT and the """"security"""" features that were implemented for ipv6 to mimic it by default
* shokara_ is waiting for ipv24
<midfavila> protocol seven when
<midfavila> i'm sick of needing a pc to access the net
<shokara_> last I glanced at it, ipv8 was some python thing
<midfavila> let me jack in via the schumann resonance already
<shokara_> lain-style?
<midfavila> yes
<midfavila> let me become lain
<midfavila> i want my fucking bear suit god damnit
<midfavila> shit's comfy as hell
<shokara_> same
<shokara_> "ipv8 some python thing" is what I meant by that
<midfavila> >
<midfavila> what a subtly pretentious name
<shokara_> read the fookine docs
<midfavila> it just reminds me of like
<midfavila> people on HN or SO who respond to a question by linking to that site about the X instead of Y problem of whatever
<shokara_> is ipv8 according to good ol' quora (most of it being truncated due to what I can only see from searx results)
<midfavila> has the same energy
<midfavila> like it presupposes that the person asking the question is too stupid to have come to a valid conclusion about the problem they're facing
<midfavila> it's one thing if the two parties involved are of vastly different skill levels and it's more of a gentle chiding, but i constantly see it happening between relative equals in a super dismissive and condescending manner
<midfavila> ryewufhdis this isn't #midvents though
<Ellowee[m]> Test?
<midfavila> didn't work
<midfavila> lmao i found a company hiring for a fuckin
<midfavila> *solaris* admin
<midfavila> in the year of our lord
<midfavila> never seen that before
<midfavila> i might just apply and try to bullshit my way into it
<sewn> Hi
<davidgarland> hallo
<niceguy5000[m]> help I'm building the worlds most usable secure system using kiss!!! I'm using only the minimal xen with qemu plus bubblewrap plus secommp plus selinux plus apparmor plus iommu isolation plus software graphics rendering plus hardened kernel plus plus freeblobless system plus plus plus plus!!!!!
<niceguy5000[m]> did I mention I covering the system with foil?
<niceguy5000[m]> * using kiss linux!!! I'm
<shokara_> The world's most secure system is a black box with no ports, internet, or any other way of using it.
<testuser[m]123> Hi
<davidgarland> hi
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<niceguy5000[m]> <shokara_> "The world's most secure system..." <- usable system!!!!
<niceguy5000[m]> that's not a usable system.
<niceguy5000[m]> what you can do is nested vms and nested them again for extra security!!
<niceguy5000[m]> i recommend atleast 3 times.
<niceguy5000[m]> You will be the most secure person on the planet, not even the NSA can't touch you.
<niceguy5000[m]> you will make 3 routers of tor and connect each one with each other, sure it would super slow but it's all about the privacy right?
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<niceguy5000[m]> so if the vm gets compromised, they wouldn't be able to find you cause you using a different vm with only local ip and port of the socket you connected with.
<niceguy5000[m]> 3 times tunnel router tor is insane privacy!!
<niceguy5000[m]> I'm just joking it's sarcasm.
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<davidgarland> is there any maintained alternative to not that fonts really need updates, but...
<Ellowee[m]> <niceguy5000[m]> "help I'm building the worlds..." <- Sounds like too layers of complication
<Ellowee[m]> * Sounds like too many layers of complication
<Ellowee[m]> Though trying to replicate qemu in kiss...
<Ellowee[m]> s/qemu/qubes/
<niceguy5000[m]> have you done it?
<Ellowee[m]> Not there yet
<niceguy5000[m]> DID YOU BOOT UP TO XEN WITH KISS?
<sewn> niceguy5000:
<niceguy5000[m]> wael
<niceguy5000[m]> Ellowee: we can build a kiss xen distro spin off.
<niceguy5000[m]> we can use zmodem protocol for copy and paste.
<niceguy5000[m]> create scripts for managing domains and firewall router rules.
<niceguy5000[m]> we can use velox for the display server.
<niceguy5000[m]> we can send the windows size and status using the zmodem protocol just like qubes uses app like display.
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<sewn> I'm starting to think niceguy5000 is virtualmachineuser
<niceguy5000[m]> detective over here!
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<midfavila> shokara_ that's a funny meme
<midfavila> you can make plenty secure computer systems, it's just really hard
<midfavila> the whole "if it was made by a man it can be broken by a man" meme is 115iq hacker news propaganda
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<shokara_> niceguy5000[m]: Qubes is a safe Windows.
<shokara_> midfavila: "you can make plenty secure computer systems, it's just really hard" of course. didn't know it was hn propaganda though since I don't go there.
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<Ellowee[m]> hackernews is just snobby plebbit
<niceguy5000[m]> <midfavila> "you can make plenty secure..." <- That's right you can make the most secure system in the world!!!!! It's super easy, you just have to combined all the tools together!