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<sewn> Ho
<sewn> HI
<sewn> I didn't write properly smh
<Ellowee[m]> Can't build either browser lel
<sewn> Wat
<niceguy5000[m]> did you try building w3m?
<Ellowee[m]> I'll probably do surf if I get to fail firefoz
<sewn> Good luck building webkit2gtk
<Ellowee[m]> FUCK
<dotkwa[m]> rip
<Ellowee[m]> <drez> "Like, if dumb people caused big..." <- Stupidity let malice slither cautiously until it became a behemoth
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<midfavila> Ellowee[m] unless you need to use cancer like webapps i'd suggest you try basilisk or another uxp browser
<midfavila> it's fairly easy to get building on kiss
<midfavila> i've not had too much luck with webkit in the past
<testuser[m]1> Google's Go may add telemetry that's on by default
<midfavila> what a killer feature
<sewn> mfw right as I start to like go this happens
<testuser[m]1> git revert
<sewn> git gud
<midfavila> hghghghghghghghghghghghghgh i want game of trees to be a viable git replacement
<midfavila> need to go whip the obsd devs
<sewn> Plz dont
<shokara_> there's a patch in the mailing list adding read-only http cloning support, so it's getting there :D
<midfavila> hey so, not directly related to kiss, but
<midfavila> what's a minimum viable personal computer to you guys? in terms of design and spec and stuff
<midfavila> ignoring available OSes and all that
<shokara_> As long as I can read books, write software, and play (FOSS) vidya, it's good enough for me. So something like any of the current ARM SBCs I think would fit my purposes.
<midfavila> hmm
<midfavila> would something like an 80386 box be fine too?
<shokara_> probably
* midfavila nods
<shokara_> that's i386 right?
<midfavila> yep
<shokara_> yeah that would be more than enough for me
<midfavila> i'm just sitting here looking at and thinking about how best to study their designs
<midfavila> i'm dead serious when it comes to designing a viable (albeit very basic) libre desktop
<midfavila> high-end 80486/80386/amiga machine would be kind of my target for performance
<midfavila> so, mid-late 90s era
<shokara_> I think any 90s or 2000s computer would be good enough for me, cataclysm-dda would probably be the most demanding program I run.
<midfavila> i'll need to test cata in a vm
<shokara_> "I played catadda 0.B on Lego EV3 brick through ssh about a year ago. Every simple move took a noticeable fraction of a second (like 0.3-0.5 second), crafting and such was very slow as well. The specs were - 300 MhZ CPU, 64 Mb Ram (+ another 64 Mb swap on microsd flash) running ev3dev (stripped ubuntu basically), ssh over USB CDC connection." -burgerpro
<shokara_> "I used to test the game on an Asus EEE 700. Thatbs a 900MHz mobile cpu with 500MB of ram." -Kevin Granade
<niceguy5000[m]> can you keep adding chips into you hit 8gb of ram?
<sewn> What types of chips
<niceguy5000[m]> potatoes chips.
<niceguy5000[m]> I want a potato computer.
<sewn> Yes
<niceguy5000[m]> wael: What's your setup?
<sewn> teapot
<midfavila> shit that reminds me, i need to borrow a friend's camera so i can upload pictures of my setup to my site
<midfavila> dab on all you laptop users
<sewn> Hah caught lurking
<midfavila> not having anything to say for a while isn't lurking
<midfavila> lurk more
<midfavila> :p
<niceguy5000[m]> This is my setup.
<sewn> where obligatory neofetch
<midfavila> ugh the cold is seeping into my apartment now
<midfavila> need to wear my fucking coat and boots
<sewn> compile llvm
<sewn> and hug your pc
<midfavila> not the worst idea
<shokara_> "dab on all you laptop users" jokes on you, my laptop was only usable for a couple weeks in the past 8 months
<shokara_> still need to use autoport on my desktop motherboard to get coreboot on it (ivy bridge, z77)
<midfavila> my next computer is unironically going to be one of those MTM Scientific Retros
<niceguy5000[m]> can it run firefox?
<midfavila> fuck trying to force libre software onto proprietary hardware, i'm just going to use libre hardware from the get-go
<shokara_> woa this is quite nice
<midfavila> firefox is shit
<midfavila> and anyway no
<shokara_> "USA Only" rip canada post
<midfavila> yeah i'd need to get a friend to hold onto it for me
<midfavila> they used to do international shipping but i guess they stopped
<shokara_> at least it's only $347.50 instead of >$8k for a talos 2
<midfavila> mhm
<midfavila> i feel like if i spend enough time studying the older IBM PCs starting with this clone of the 5150 and the original, and I work through a couple of my physics and engineering books, I'll be able to make improvements to the design such that it becomes almost viable for daily use
<midfavila> ...well, viable for my daily use
<niceguy5000[m]> what OS is it going to run?
<midfavila> either minix or freedos
<midfavila> unless i find a better OS
<sewn> your own
<midfavila> unfortunately i'm not nearly competent enough to design and write my own OS yet
<shokara_> "We are an old fashioned mail order business! We have been in business for over 20 years." very nice
<midfavila> this looks promising actually
<shokara_> is that the unix-like kernel?
<midfavila> linux-like but yes
<midfavila> it also includes a busybox-like userland
<shokara_> woa
<midfavila> just shy of 400k lines of code total
<midfavila> of that, assuming cloc is reasonably accurate, ~250k lines of C
<shokara_> that's many times smaller than amdgpu :O
<midfavila> unfortunately it's not self-hosting
<midfavila> hrm
<midfavila> at least, it doesn't seem to be
<shokara_> is it not self-hosting due to not having an included toolchain?
<midfavila> yeah
<midfavila> looks like it all has to be cross-compiled, or done from DOS
<shokara_> would something like tcc not work on it?
<shokara_> oh
<midfavila> maybe ELKS takes up too much memory for a compiler to run effectively
<midfavila> if there was a similar OS to unetix available under a free license it would be pretty suitable for daily use
<midfavila> i also might be able to find something like an NEC V20 or similar since they're drop-in compatible with the 8086 whilst being faster, iirc
<midfavila> fdhjksadfslfjshfhieowruiwefuegfwe fucking goddamn developers using proprietary communications systems for their libre projects
<midfavila> reeee
<shokara_> always fun to see discord and m$hub being used as the primary communication medium
<niceguy5000[m]> Isn't matrix ready for mass adoption? What's the point in using discord?
<midfavila> do NOT fucking shill matrix
<midfavila> garbage ecosystem
<midfavila> none of the clients seem to fully implement the spec and they're all fuckhuge p
<shokara_> irc over matrix any day for me
<shokara_> at least the clients don't crash on me
<niceguy5000[m]> Yeah but it's better than discord or signal for voice chat.
<midfavila> ICB > IRC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Matrix
<shokara_> why not mumble for voice chat? or sip?
<midfavila> i forgot that mikeOS exists
<midfavila> says that it needs 1mb of memory so it might be able to run on a 5150
<midfavila> i can't recall if 640k is a hardware limitation or just a limitation of DOS
<midfavila> i *think* it was the latter
<midfavila> but i'm not sure
<midfavila> gah
<midfavila> remind me to write a zip/unzip