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<sewn> Hi
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<testuser[m]1> hi
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<midfavila> hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi
<sewn> break
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<midfavila> got an ad for a local ISP in my mailbox today, there's a fucking middle-aged father dabbing on (presumably) his daughter while extolling the virtues of using this service
<midfavila> i can't believe advertising has fallen to this level
<testuser[m]1> It’s almost as if they have M$FT saboteaurs high up in the GNOME leadership or the leadership of its main sponsor (RedHat) who direct the desktop development decisions in such a way as to reduce the appeal to end users, while at the same time keeping plausible deniability and the excuse of incompetence. It wouldn’t be the first time (case in point, Miguel de Icaza)
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<anonymouss> Hello, how do I hide the eiwd logs when booting kiss linux?
<sewn> >/dev/null 2>&1
<sewn> in run file of eiwd
<anonymouss> sewn: Thank you
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<drez> testuser[m]1, you got it dude. If you can attribute incompetence to RedHat, you could do the same to ANY big company. And that's pretty stupid. How is someone clever enough to make a bunch of money too stupid to deliver a good product? That just can't be.
<midfavila> drez, because other people are too lazy/incompetent/stupid/ignorant to care about receiving a good quality product
<midfavila> as long as it solves the immediate problem and they don't have to think too hard they're happy
<midfavila> red hat is in the business of making that happen
<midfavila> also wow fuck my city so hard for not plowing sidewalks
<midfavila> just had to carry 80lbs of groceries through shin-high unpacked snow. lack of stability fucking killed me
* midfavila dies
<drez> midfavila, true, I just wonder which one came first
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<drez> Like, if dumb people caused big-corpo to take advantage of people, or if big-corpo made people dumb so they could take advantage of them
<drez> What makes people dumb?...
<drez> >80lbs of groceries through shin-high unpacked snow | oof
<midfavila> drez, modernity, unironically
<midfavila> turns out that sitting around in front of a PC all day eating nothing but processed corn slop for 20+ years whilst not having to work for much is really shit for you
<midfavila> and tends to demolish your brain