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<niceguy5000[m]> you can go with a gamming pc with a threadripper and a 4090 gpu!! That will be insane build.
<niceguy5000[m]> with pci gen 5 and usb 4
<shokara_> I love my countless blobs in my computer that costs the same as a raptor talos 2 :DDDD
<niceguy5000[m]> The reason why I said to go with sbc cluster is you don't need blobs at all.
<shokara_> you can also simply use an older computer that doesn't have the blobs
<niceguy5000[m]> libre x200?
<shokara_> it's not like you need to compile chromium in under an hour every day
<shokara_> something like a desktop librebooted x200, yes
<niceguy5000[m]> is that what you use?
<shokara_> according to, the ga-g41m-es2l was just that
<niceguy5000[m]> what cpus does it support?
<shokara_> no, I have a ga-z77x-ud3h with a 3770k and r9 390. so a few blobs. (proprietary bios until coreboot ported, microcode, gpu)
<shokara_> desktop sandy bridge and ivy bridge
<shokara_> oh
<shokara_> the ga-g41m was lga 775, so some pentiums and core 2
<shokara_> core 2 quad iirc
<shokara_> >CPU Intel Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo, Pentium Extreme/D/4 Extreme/4/Celeron
<midfavila> laptops are cancer
<midfavila> re: desktop x200
<shokara_> agreed
<midfavila> the x series in particular is dogshit
<midfavila> i had an x201t
<midfavila> one of the worst devices i've ever owned
<shokara_> what I meant by desktop x200 is libreboot's description of the ga-g41m-es2l
<midfavila> o
<midfavila> fair enough
<shokara_> >This is a desktop board using intel hardware (circa ~2009, ICH7 southbridge, similar performance-wise to the ThinkPad X200. It can make for quite a nifty desktop. Powered by libreboot.
<midfavila> i'm arguing with someone about autoexec.bat optimizations being esoteric over telnet
<shokara_> but using a laptop for a desktop does seem uncomfy
<midfavila> extremely
<midfavila> even with a docking station they're bad
<niceguy5000[m]> you can buy them portable monitors for cheap.
<midfavila> cheap being multiple hundreds of dollars plus the cost of getting something that supports them
<midfavila> noth
<midfavila> x
<niceguy5000[m]> it's $100 for 1080 ips
<shokara_> I'd use the ga-g41m-es2l, but the core 2 extreme 4c/8t 3.2ghz cpu (qx9775) has 150W tdp...
<niceguy5000[m]> this could be good if you have like 1-3 pcs in the network with vnc.
<shokara_> the portable monitors?
<midfavila> i just want what amounts to a blobless thin client
<niceguy5000[m]> no the ga-g41m-es2l
<midfavila> i do a lot of work on sdf and it wouldn't be hard to move most of it over there
<niceguy5000[m]> it's 50 bucks and the cpu is 25-50 bucks.
<niceguy5000[m]> * 50 bucks for the motherboard and the
<shokara_> yup, but then there's the picky ram
<midfavila> god knows how much you'd have to spend to figure out what set of sticks works
<shokara_> I think it uses ddr2, which is fairly cheap
<shokara_> or should be
<midfavila> inb4 it's gotten way more expensive because rare vintage
<shokara_> :/
<shokara_> might as well sell my unused 4x2G DDR2 sticks then
<shokara_> it's around $15 on ebay
<midfavila> how much does the board support, again?
<midfavila> 4gb?
<shokara_> and less, for the stick that libreboot's docs recommends
<shokara_> up to 16gb
<midfavila> wild
<shokara_> desktop sandy/ivybridge supported up to 32gb
<shokara_> for this though, 16gb would only be from 2x8GB sticks
<midfavila> 32gb still feels like a ton
<shokara_> because it only has 2 slots :/
<shokara_> it is
<shokara_> it's funny to see core 2 extreme cpus upwards of 130W tdp on ebay being sold with intel stock coolers
<niceguy5000[m]> if you had 2-3 of these pcs with vnc it become usable. one seems to low power for me.
<shokara_> over vnc seems like it'd make it slower
<shokara_> the only purpose I see multiple of these computers being useful would be with distcc
<midfavila> i mean
<midfavila> i've used weaker machines in the past without much trouble
<midfavila> as long as you don't intend to do a ton of web browsing with firefox or w/e they're totally fine
<shokara_> same, and that's why I don't see the point of multiple of these computers
<shokara_> especially with a core 2 quad or extreme, it seems perfectly fine to me
<midfavila> yeye
<shokara_> core 2 extreme for example seems to just be a hotter sandy/ivybridge i7
<shokara_> with a decent ati or matrox gpu and ignoring the picky ram, it seems like a fine computer to me
<midfavila> problem with matrox cards is that there's only like
<midfavila> two that are libre
<shokara_> sadly
<shokara_> I wonder if the older ati gpus also required external blobs
<midfavila> dunno
<midfavila> the really bleh
<midfavila> s/the really//
<midfavila> wtf me
<niceguy5000[m]> GA-G41M-ES2L with a 4090 card with be epic /s.
<niceguy5000[m]> s/with/would/
<shokara_> if that were to actually happen, I think it'd basically be a super power hungry gtx 480 and catch on fire :D
<niceguy5000[m]> does the QX9770 have ME?
<niceguy5000[m]> it can run gta 5 which is quite impressive.
<shokara_> probably, but it can be removed completely in this generation
<shokara_> well I think it can be
<niceguy5000[m]> can libreboot overclock the cpu?
<shokara_> iirc, overclocking from core/libreboot can only be done through msr registers in linux's sysfs
<midfavila> well i'm off to bed
<midfavila> don't burn the chat down while i'm away
<shokara_> gn
<niceguy5000[m]> are all amd gpus blobless?
<shokara_> definitely definitely not
<shokara_> I don't know about their older ati gpus though
<shokara_> but all amd gpus from amdgpu and most(?) from radeonkms are
<niceguy5000[m]> it's cost like 200 bucks to build libreboot desktop pc.
<niceguy5000[m]> not bad.
<sewn> Hi
<davidgarland> o/
<davidgarland> I see you've been playing with multilib again, how's your sanity doing
<niceguy5000[m]> wael what's your github?
<sewn> apprehensions
<sewn> davidgarland: stop stalking me
<sewn> my multilib isn't on github tho, most of my repositories are on codeberg
<davidgarland> xp my bad
<sewn> I did get it working very very quickly I'll say that
<davidgarland> nice
<sewn> what type of system are you on davidgarland ? Nvidia?
<davidgarland> amd, for both cpu and gpu
<davidgarland> still have yet to get a chroot or flatpak set up to play some games with, I thought I'd try doing minecraft and that that'd be "easy" but both multimc forks I've found use openssl 1.1.1
<davidgarland> so I don't actually know if my gpu fans work outside of boot setup or not
<sewn> could you install Vulkan-Tools and see if vkcube runs
<davidgarland> sure
<davidgarland> if it doesn't it won't say anything conclusive about your packages though, it may just be a sign of my own incompetence-- I haven't been doing this very long
<sewn> It will
<sewn> grepo and kiss-xorg mesa both don't have vulkan out of the box
<sewn> I have an nvidia system, and vulkan and other things are not provided by mesa
<davidgarland> I see
<davidgarland> "environment variable DISPLAY requires a valid value"-- is this because I'm running on wayland? Or will just doing DISPLAY=0 or something like that make it happy
<sewn> You're on Wayland?
<davidgarland> yes-- I mean, I have dwm, so I can switch over to that real quick and test there
<sewn> kiss-multilib was designed for X11 with some packages having optional support
<sewn> for wayland
<sewn> enable Wayland support in the vulkan-tools build file
<davidgarland> alright
<davidgarland> for the record I probably *will* fully switch over to X if it turns out to not have a noticable performance diff for me, dwm is comfy-- but ill try that
<davidgarland> building with {wl:-ON} gives me undefined reference to `vkCreateWaylandSurfaceKHR'
<sewn> I've tried running some apps like games on Wayland and it worked fine
<sewn> You have to enable wl for vulkan-loader as well
<davidgarland> a
<davidgarland> hmm, still gives me the "DISPLAY requires a valid value" message
<sewn> probably because xorg support is enabled
<davidgarland> ah
<sewn> you can't really escape X when it comes to gaming
<sewn> you need xwayland and in return you need libX11 and relaged
<sewn> related*
<davidgarland> I do have libX11, but not xwayland, so I'll grab the latter
<sewn> Bru might as well use xorg at that point
<davidgarland> true why bother with bad wm and bad terminal
<sewn> are you referring to xorg or Wayland I can't tell
<davidgarland> wayland
<sewn> what terminal and wm are you using
<davidgarland> foot and sway
<davidgarland> I tried dwl a long while back but it was very incomplete feeling
<sewn> noted
<sewn> yeah you can't use something like dwl when you want to use the big apps like games
<davidgarland> foot isn't that bad I'm just picky, I like ligatures
<davidgarland> yea
<davidgarland> when I got multimc running (back when you could still build that yourself) I had to patch dwl with a 'pointer constraints' patch someone made
<davidgarland> a phrase I had never heard that just means 'letting the window capture the mouse' lmao
<davidgarland> I just assumed that all WMs did that
<sewn> lmao
<shokara_> "back when you could still build that yourself" what do you mean by this? I haven't built multimc recently, but multimc 0.16(?) and polymc build easily for me
<davidgarland> I mean you have to do some fiddling with it, and they won't let you package it under the same name
<davidgarland> hence why polymc exists at all
<shokara_> 0.6.11* and 0.6.7
<shokara_> I thought polymc existed over telemetry concerns instead of branding. interesting
<davidgarland> less interesting is that there's a third, "prism launcher", started because of drama related to polymc's author saying something people didn't like and removing some peoples' perms
<shokara_> oh yes I forgot that one existed
<davidgarland> gonna rejoin on another device so I can fiddle with dwm a bit
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<davidgarland> (I'm aware I could just use tmux sessions or something but it's whatever)
<testuser[m]123> Hi
<davidgarland> o/
<shokara_> greetings
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<davidgarland> sewn: alright, progress. I didn't have my locale set that whole time so I had to set it and rebuild all my x11/xorg related stuff as it was giving me "warning: no locale support" even after setting the locale, now st and dmenu launch as usual
<davidgarland> running vkcube gives me "vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties failed to find the VK_KHR_surface extension. Do you have a compatible vulkan instance client driver (ICD) installed?"
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<davidgarland> gonna head to bed seeing as it's midnight, gn
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<sewn> gn
<sewn> also seems that overrides for mesa need to be made
<niceguy5000[m]> Do you use multilib for roblox?
<niceguy5000[m]> s/roblox/Roblox/
<testuser[m]123> To write in the ways of the POSIX, she must bang your script with #!/bin/sh. That she bangs #!/usr/bin/env sh is wrongful for env is not a guarantee but a privilege. Only guarantee is her ability to she bang #!/bin/sh
<sewn> niceguy5000: bro how the hell did you know wtf
<niceguy5000[m]> I did a bit of detective work.
<niceguy5000[m]> you're a goer, I didn't know.
<sewn> what's it with people stalking me
<niceguy5000[m]> Wat... never...
<niceguy5000[m]> This is cool. GA-G41M-ES2L doesn't require external flashing.
<niceguy5000[m]> full blobless system without ME and a rx580 with blobless ath9k wifi.
<sewn> no
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<niceguy5000[m]> wael: you run a full blob system?
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<niceguy5000[m]> That's a shame
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<midfavila> >go to log in to SDF
<midfavila> >it's not accepting my password
<midfavila> what the f u c k
<sewn> hakced
<midfavila> nah I can access my webmail account
<midfavila> someone probably just fucked something up
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<shokara_> "<niceguy5000[m]> This is cool. GA-G41M-ES2L doesn't require external flashing." except for the recent ones (i.e. aorus?), all the ivybridge era and earlier gigabyte motherboards have unprotected bios flashing
<shokara_> and on my one for example, if it's a bad flash and becomes bricked, there's a second bios chip that overwrites the bricked chip
<shokara_> if it's a good flash and posts well, then I flash both bios chips
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<niceguy5000[m]> It's super cool, it only cost like 200 bucks for everything. you can 2-3 of these with KVM switches and split screen monitors. full blob less systems with the same performances as modern hardware. 3 of them are 12 cores. You can program the kvm switch with the keyboard, just like you would use dwm spaces.
<niceguy5000[m]> s/are/is/
<niceguy5000[m]> AMD 580 is 60-80 bucks.
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<davidgarland> o/
<sewn> Hi
<davidgarland> hallo sewn
<davidgarland> btw I have confirmed my GPU works and all that, I ran glmark2 and the fans on it started spinning so there's that worry gone
<davidgarland> also maybe you're already aware of this but when I have those Vulkan packages installed, ffmpeg fails to build with an error saying "VK_EXT_VIDEO_DECODE_H264_EXTENSION_NAME" is undeclared, then asking "did you mean <the same thing but s/DECODE/ENCODE>?"
<davidgarland> maybe this is implied by the mesa thing you mentioned yesterday, I'm clueless about how all of this is interconnected
<midfavila> >SDF's login is broken because libdes is missing
<midfavila> VERY COOL GUYS
<midfavila> fdkjsahff VPS chads win again christ
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