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<remiliascarlet> SiFuh: According to the comments, it actually was an actual beer ad apparently.
<remiliascarlet> I thought it's just a parody.
<remiliascarlet> Somehow reminds me to these series of ads:
<remiliascarlet> "Cerials being poisonous to humans no longer a conspiracy theory, yet nobody knows why." Well, it's simple: it's literally nothing but sugar, and a little pinch of salt.
<remiliascarlet> There's only 2 genders.
<remiliascarlet> Even if you remove your genetilia, you're still the same gender, and on top of that a loser.
<remiliascarlet> Not a wanker, because not sure how you're supposed to wank without genitals.
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<SiFuh> Long long man
<remiliascarlet> SiFuh: Ever had a time somebody tried to cancel you by reporting you to you?
<remiliascarlet> A couple years ago, somebody who got mad at me tried to cancel me by reporting me to the webhost, and he got really mad that the webhost ignored his reports, so I told him that I'm the webhost, so since I didn't violate any of my own terms, I won't take any action against myself.
<remiliascarlet> The big advantage of hosting your own stuff is that it's a lot harder to fuck with you.
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: Never
<SiFuh> New evidence finally reveals how male and female brains really differ
<SiFuh> Bloody morons. We don't need evidence, we already knew
<remiliascarlet> A man will never be a woman, and a woman will never be a man.
<remiliascarlet> There's plenty of real life evidence of that in sports too.
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: Like the all woman SWAT?
<remiliascarlet> Where transwomen always outperform actual women easily.
<SiFuh> Hahaha
<remiliascarlet> And men of course always outperform transwomen.
<remiliascarlet> Also, women's sports is mostly less popular. Only exceptions are things like beach volleyball. This is because everyone buys tickets for men's sports for the challenge and performance, whereas everyone buys tickets for women's sports for the looks of the body of the players. Take away the looks, and nobody cares anymore.
<SiFuh> And tennis
<remiliascarlet> I'm aware of that, and I'm surprised no one else is.
<SiFuh> All the men I know that watch women's tennis only watch it because of the mini skirts
<remiliascarlet> Ballet is another one.
<SiFuh> No idea, I watch none
<SiFuh> I like the Rally Championships. I wait until the season ends and then watch the crash compilations.
<SiFuh> I think the only sport that I could sit and watch without being bored would be Ice Hockey
<SiFuh> And Xtreme sports
<remiliascarlet> What's funny is how the gender of the audience is swapped between Asia and the rest of the world when it comes to anime. In Asia, women watch Jojo and men watch IDOLM@ASTER, but in the west it's the complete opposite. Not sure why that is in the west, but in the case of Asia it's easy to see why. Because Jojo has handsome men, whereas IDOLM@STER has pretty girls.
<remiliascarlet> And of course women want to see handsome men, and men want to see pretty girls.
<SiFuh> I don't watch sports to look at women or men. I just want to see the insane skills humans have
<SiFuh> Such as, I don't give a fuck who wins the BMX xtreme Tokyo 2020. I just want to see the cool moves
<remiliascarlet> For that you can probably just go to a grossories store. I once saw some foreigner who did some really cool moves with the shopping cart in a way as if it were natural to him.
<remiliascarlet> Things like throw and catch, manouver through a dense crowd without colliding with anyone, rotate the cart in a lot of force that always ends in the exact direction he wants to go into, control the cart with only 1 hand at all times, and so on.
<remiliascarlet> He controls that cart with only 1 hand all the time, and swaps hands randomly. As in holds with right, releases so the cart goes in autopilot, catch with left.
<SiFuh> Oh I do that.
<SiFuh> Shopping trolleys are awesome especially if they have rear wheel steering.
<SiFuh> I am not a fan of front wheel steering or all wheel steering
<SiFuh> I usually get the wife to push the trolley though. I go nuts if I get my hands on one.
<SiFuh> Shopping trolleys with two hands isn't really comfortable. It feels quite awkward.
<SiFuh> Zipping around people and through aisles pretending to be an F1 driver is what makes shopping entertaining
<SiFuh> It starts about 8 minutes and 30 seconds in
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<SiFuh> ppetrov^: jaeger looked into your repo issue the other day and your repo should be back now.
<ppetrov^> yep, I see it online. I noticed that simply _anything_ starting with r4- was missing, also from ppetrov/
<ppetrov^> did he say what the issue was?
<ppetrov^> ah, checked the logs
<ppetrov^> "an older version of the portdb cacher was restored for some reason."
<SiFuh> Yeah
<SiFuh> covil repo was missing as well
<ppetrov^> jaeger also had put as channel topic that is undergoing some maintenance
<SiFuh> serpente noticed that because it is his repo. Then I remembered you mentioned your repo dissappeared like a ninja into the night
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: I have something I want you to look at
<ppetrov^> as long it is not about covid/vaccines and so on
<ppetrov^> the warnings?
<SiFuh> Your r4 repo has lots of junk files
<SiFuh> Yeah
<SiFuh> Are they essential?
<ppetrov^> they are
<ppetrov^> and i have the reasonings in my humble blog
<ppetrov^> R modules install documentation and also vignettes/examples tutorials etc
<ppetrov^> and believe me, you DO want to have these
<ppetrov^> i make sure my main repo is junk-free, however, R modules I install as they are
<SiFuh> emacs is like that.
<ppetrov^> very often you see "NEWS" or ""
<SiFuh> You need to keep the tutorial because emacs loads them if you go into help
<ppetrov^> believe it or not, I sometimes read these, because occasionally there are some major changes/incompatibilities between versions
<SiFuh> <-- I wonder if The Glitch Mob deliberately put glitches in their songs to match their name
<SiFuh> Donald Trump is worst President of all time declares survey of US presidential politics scholars
<SiFuh> New Poll: Joe Biden #14 Best President Out of 46; Trump Comes in Last at #46
<SiFuh> A new poll of historians coming out on Presidents Day weekend ranks Biden as the 14th-best president in American history, just ahead of Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan and Ulysses S. Grant. While that may not get Biden a spot on Mount Rushmore, it certainly puts him well ahead of Trump, who places dead last as the worst president in the nation’s history. Indeed, Biden may owe his place in the top third
<SiFuh> in part to Trump. Although he has claims to a historical legacy by managing the end of the COVID pandemic; rebuilding the nation’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure; and leading an international coalition against Russian aggression, Biden’s signature accomplishment, according to the historians, was evicting Trump from the Oval Office.
<remiliascarlet> SiFuh: Just looked at someone who cooked the same meat, but one with meat glue, and the other without:
<remiliascarlet> Results are pretty interesting.
<remiliascarlet> In a nutshell, the one with glue looks bigger, but is harder to cut, and seasoning seems to get lost.
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<zorz_> bonjour
<remiliascarlet> Fuck off.
<remiliascarlet> I mean, hi.
<zorz_> Fuck is a blessing :)
<DesRoin> bonjour monsieur
<SiFuh> Frankestein meat
<SiFuh> zorz_: Only if you received the Kings permission
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: The one without the glue, I make out of pig.
<SiFuh> Right now, I have 2.5 KG of meat in the dehydrator rolling around.
<remiliascarlet> That's like 2.5 days worth of food for me.
<zorz_> SiFuh: watch your thunderbird.
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: When dehydrated that would become less than a days worth
<SiFuh> zorz_: Why?
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: I am not sure if you eat chilli though because it is seasoned with Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper)
<remiliascarlet> I don't.
<SiFuh> Sucks to be you then ;-)
<remiliascarlet> I actually like it better without it.
<remiliascarlet> 子供はキライです = I hate children
<SiFuh> Why does he claim to hate children in Japanese?
<remiliascarlet> I don't know.
<SiFuh> 私は太っていて甘やかされて育った子供が嫌いです
<SiFuh> ゴーストペッパー
<SiFuh> Gōsutopeppā
<zorz_> Gentoo Linux Security Advisory 202402-25 - Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Mozilla Thunderbird, the worst of which could lead to remote code execution. Versions greater than or equal to 115.7.0 are affected.
<zorz_> packet storm.
<SiFuh> I have a Ghost, I have a pepper. Uhh! Gōsutopeppā
<zorz_> i will never change mutt.
<SiFuh> Mutt is awesoem
<SiFuh> I use it as well
<zorz_> i have really nice muttrc with lynx and urlview and notify-send setup
<zorz_> let me paste it, have a look try it.
<SiFuh> I want to see
<SiFuh> mine uses lynx, pdftotext, antiword and abook
<SiFuh> And my mutt looks like my cmus and my irssi
<remiliascarlet> zorz_: Using Thunderbird is gay anyway.
<remiliascarlet> It's bloated as fuck, so of course it'll have vulnerabilities all the time.
<SiFuh> That is a muttrc?
<remiliascarlet> A sex toy.
<SiFuh> zorz_: You don't use fetchmail?
<zorz_> nope
<SiFuh> zorz_: Your's looks nothing like mine
<zorz_> ok
<zorz_> the point is the pager and the bottom of the mutrc.
<SiFuh> Mailcap is at the bottom
<zorz_> and the notify send
<SiFuh> I don't think I have ever changed my configuration since 2002 or 2003
<SiFuh> Hahaha
<zorz_> <--- news boat how i watch packetstorm.
<remiliascarlet> SiFuh: Did you know this was a thing?
<remiliascarlet> It's like saying "you should not use proprietary slave passes after getting a proprietary injection, you should use free software slave passes for that".
<SiFuh> No, I don't want it. Simple. Nothing they can say or do will make me
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<zorz_> SiFuh: the only thing to do in openbsd is to make a file .urlview in home, for you admin lol and place this
<zorz_> REGEXP (((http|https|ftp|gopher)|mailto)[.:][^ >"\t]*|www\.[-a-z0-9.]+)[^ .,;\t>">\):]
<zorz_> COMMAND firefox %s
<SiFuh> What the fuck is a urlview?
<SiFuh> urlview is a screen oriented program for extracting URLs from text files and displaying a menu from which you may launch a command to view a specific item.
<SiFuh> (((https?|ftp|gopher)://|(mailto|file|news):)[^' <>"]+|(www|web|w3).[-a-z0-9.]+)[^' .,;<>":]
<zorz_> ofcourse even better :)
<zorz_> by the way i did a nice cwmrc that tiles the floating windows. now i need a light lemonbar running shell script with commands like sysctl hw.sensors.acpitz0.temp0 | awk -F'=' '{print $2}' | awk '{print $1}'
<zorz_> and i will be full openbsd.
<SiFuh> I thought you were already in OpenBSD
<zorz_> SiFuh: I thank you anout that.
<SiFuh> Scary
<zorz_> ?
<zorz_> movie?
<SiFuh> A scary Greek driving OpenBSD
<zorz_> apm -l is 96,,, whatch out :Pp
<SiFuh> zorz_: doas syspatch
<zorz_> really
<SiFuh> Did you run it?
<zorz_> yes iam good
<zorz_> su -
<zorz_> syspatch
<SiFuh> su is for retards
<zorz_> gay
<zorz_> hahaha
<zorz_> gay retards!!!
<SiFuh> Real men do doas su
<zorz_> HAHAHAHA
<zorz_> cowboy!
<SiFuh> How did you know?
<zorz_> cowboy is really insulting in greek language
<zorz_> whats wrong with Hollywood lately the make movies with gay cowboys lol
<SiFuh> Hmm
<SiFuh> Cowboy isn't insulting for us
<SiFuh> Hang on, I find you an image of me
<SiFuh> Fsck it, I will take the one from my telegram profile
<zorz_> from Brokeback Mountain?
<SiFuh> Fuck no
<zorz_> hahaha
<zorz_> Texas boy :-)
<SiFuh> Well, it a Stetson and it did come from Texas
<zorz_> who shipped it Mia Khalifa? She lives in Texas, safe from jihad :)
<SiFuh> Does she?
<SiFuh> I like her
<SiFuh> Not the porn star part though
<SiFuh> zorz_: You remember that game Where's Wally (Waldo)?
<SiFuh> Bet you can find him during the Covid War.
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<zorz_> nope, first time i see this.
<zorz_> SiFuh: btw everything works better, in obsd... i remember in linux copy/paste movies in usb/flash drive its a mess.
<SiFuh> zorz_: I hate the speed.. the lack of speed
<SiFuh> I am about to copy Season 1 of Happy Days over for the wife
<zorz_> ok
<SiFuh> Dude
<zorz_> you will sell the car?
<SiFuh> Every OpenBSD machine is one network
<SiFuh> What car?
<zorz_> car = happy days over for the wife.
<zorz_> hahaha
<SiFuh> I ain't selling my truck, because it is the only vehicle I can wear my cowboy hat in without it hitting the ceiling
<zorz_> get a yaris
<zorz_> the once with the yamaha engine 3 cylinder.
<zorz_> ones
<SiFuh> Haha Australians wouldn't giva a castlemaine XXXX for anything
<SiFuh> Fuck off you gay cowboy
<SiFuh> Yaris' are disgusting cars.
<SiFuh> My mother has one.
<zorz_> hahaha
<zorz_> so Every OpenBSD machine is one network....
<SiFuh> I remember the first time she let me drive it. I was at the traffic lights and when the lights went green I hammered that car across the intersection and was grinning from ear to ear at my mother. She says "What?" I said "Bet you never knew a Yaris would be first through the traffic lights?" and she burst out laughing.
<zorz_> in greece, is full of yaris and opel corsa diesel. cheap spare parts.
<zorz_> new cars now days are a mess, you need a new mirror, 250
<SiFuh> On the way home, we took the highway and I was overtaking other cars and laughing. "HAHAHAHA, you got overtaken taken by a YARIS", my mother bursts out laughing again. I then said to my mother "Bet you never saw your YARIS overtake another car" and my mother said "I have overtaken people before!"
<zorz_> lol
<zorz_> hahah
<SiFuh> They generally don't let me drive their cars because I drive like the Top Gear guys.
<zorz_> i think you should change the tires often.
<SiFuh> No, I don't hurt the cars
<SiFuh> And my driving is hell smooth
<SiFuh> Except when I am doing a U-Turn at 100 miles an hour. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
<zorz_> u-turn 100 not posible
<SiFuh> I drove a Taxi for maybe 18 years
<SiFuh> So they don't want someone to drive that can cause extra stress on their vehicles
<zorz_> drug courier?
<SiFuh> Hand brake ;-)
<zorz_> hand brake
<SiFuh> Wait
<SiFuh> It's now called an E-Brake
<zorz_> what?
<SiFuh> And the cigarette lighter is now called an Accessories port
<SiFuh> HAHAH fucking hell
<zorz_> life is gay LG
<zorz_> thats why everybody like vim
<zorz_> hahaha
<zorz_> first system with no vim installed, only vis, and vile is good. but vim sucks.
<SiFuh> I say that all the time about LG
<SiFuh> Life's Gay
<zorz_> yes Life's Gay with Accessories port.
<SiFuh> My truck comes with built in ashtrays
<SiFuh> Like the days when you could smoke on air planes
<zorz_> year of production ?
<SiFuh> 1990
<zorz_> ooo yes
<zorz_> i flew and smoke! in the old good days.
<SiFuh> <-- Might be a bit heavy for your gay cowboy ears
<SiFuh> I flew and breathed in other peoples smoke in the old days
<SiFuh> I still think he sounds like Bill Paxton
<zorz_> man you go the bar you need a lighter
<zorz_> the girl will come to ask for light.
<SiFuh> No need, I have a fire striker
<zorz_> SiFuh: iam using colorls. Is that gay too ? :Pp
<SiFuh> When I was young, I was sitting next to a girl on a wooden bench outside who wanted to smoke a cigarette. Her lighter was out of gas. She was upset. I said to her if you hand me your lighter, tissue or toilet paper, I can light your cigarette for you.
<SiFuh> She ran inside, grabbed a fist full of tissues and I tore them into strips. Made a small ball not compressed tight. Then took the lighter upside. Put the paper ball in front of the lighter and rolled it across the bench. The tissues caught fire and she was able to smoke her cigarette.
<SiFuh> What the fuck is colorls?
<SiFuh> Is that ls with colours?
<zorz_> yes
<SiFuh> Yeah that's pretty gay
<zorz_> gay
<zorz_> hahaha
<SiFuh> I use 'most' for my man pages
<SiFuh> cat .profile | grep most
<SiFuh> export PAGER="most"
<zorz_> i saw this in i think debian
<SiFuh> I will do a complete fresh install of OpenBSD the next release before the US selections
<zorz_> yesterday i spent time on openbsd, something like 14 hours... it runs so smooth. and with time passing it runs better. Something that linux does not know.
<SiFuh> 10:25PM up 6 days, 23:37, 5 users, load averages: 0.52, 0.63, 0.49
<SiFuh> 10:25PM up 74 days, 22:43, 2 users, load averages: 0.14, 0.17, 0.17
<SiFuh> That one was almost 300 days but I pulled the wrong plug. Hahahaha
<zorz_> SiFuh: going to buy cigarettes, later man.
<SiFuh> And a lighter
<SiFuh> Do you know why they call it a lighter? Because every time you smoke your pack gets lighter
<zorz_> lighter
<SiFuh> Heavier
<SiFuh> Just chopped some chunks of meat off a cows leg. Put hoemade tallow at 80 Celsius for dinner tomorrow night
<SiFuh> hoemade/homemade
<zorz_> interesting, i just did #chown $USER /dev/vide0 for firefox.
<SiFuh> Tomorrow around 8am I will flip them
<zorz_> SiFuh: it is interesting. slow cooked.
<SiFuh> Yes, but only in beef fat
<SiFuh> No seasoning, stock or water
<zorz_> should be like this... more tasty
<SiFuh> I season after
<SiFuh> I don't want to ruin the tallow because I can use the fat again
<SiFuh> Also can sear it in the frying pan after but generally I don't bother.
<zorz_> sear it on charcoal
<zorz_> zorz:/home/zorz:4$ sysctl vm.loadavg
<zorz_> vm.loadavg=1.33 1.13 1.07
<SiFuh> She says there is too much fat in our refrigerator. Hands me a big chunk like really big. 10cm diameter and 2 inches thick. I asked where it came from and she said "you made it" HAHAHA
<zorz_> is this good?
<SiFuh> vm.loadavg=0.23 0.29 0.32
<zorz_> i only run firefox
<SiFuh> I am running firefox and a few other programs
<SiFuh> The NFS server vm.loadavg=0.64 0.38 0.25
<SiFuh> I don't know what myiasis is doing. I couldn't log into it before
<zorz_> why iam that high
<SiFuh> Too many drugs
<zorz_> hahaha
<SiFuh> vm.loadavg=0.05 0.05 0.07
<SiFuh> TV box
<SiFuh> It's just playing country music, so it is probably quite relaxed
<SiFuh> I think firefox is running as well
<SiFuh> It is
<zorz_> becouse of the country? moyahaha
<SiFuh> Tro terminals, firefox and cmus
<SiFuh> 11:20PM up 22 days, 12:45, 4 users, load averages: 0.01, 0.04, 0.06
<zorz_> zorz:/home/zorz:9$ apm -S
<zorz_> System will enter standby mode momentarily.
<zorz_> -S is stanby
<zorz_> hahaha
<zorz_> SiFuh: systat -b
<zorz_> 4 users Load 1.02 1.05 1.05 17:23:37
<zorz_> what is this 4 ?
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<zorz_> just finished setting webcam in firefox... only 3 things.. working out of the box. in linux, i had hahahaha recompile the kernel.
<SiFuh> zorz_: Can I ask why you are telling me things I know already?
<SiFuh> zorz_: type in 'who'
<SiFuh> You probably have 4 terminals open
<zorz_> zorz ttyp0 Feb 21 17:29 (:0)
<zorz_> zorz ttyp1 Feb 21 17:29 (:0)
<zorz_> zorz ttyp2 Feb 21 17:33 (:0)
<zorz_> 3
<SiFuh> 50981 users Load 0.10 0.23 0.29 meningococcal.yenji 23:51:52
<SiFuh> Heheh kidding, only 5
<zorz_> may be is because, 16gb ram, you have more,
<zorz_> SiFuh: you know what struck me to start, dealing with obsd which i had installed but i never had added the iwx0. the day that i ask you something and your answer was I stop dealing with linux long time ago.
<SiFuh> Isn't it romantic
<zorz_> and days like today, when i see the vulverabilities of thunderbird, i can imagine what firefox has HAHAHA. So its is better isolated.
<SiFuh> That is why firefox has very strict operations in OpenBSD
<zorz_> and its a bit slower to start compating with linux.
<SiFuh> Most of the modern browsers are restricted now
<zorz_> other than that... all good.
<zorz_> in obsd i did not even run dbus service(messagebus)
<SiFuh> My machiens usually stay up so after a few days the machine begins to slow down and it is always firefox!
<zorz_> no need.
<SiFuh> It'll me running
<SiFuh> ps aux |grep bus
<zorz_> of course is firefox.... rust .... java
<zorz_> yes,, works
<zorz_> zorz 27189 0.0 0.0 1020 1880 ?? I 5:28PM 0:00.00 dbus-launch --autolaunch=a66037db741f2a3f88ef6a0965ce58ef --binary-
<zorz_> zorz 82662 0.0 0.0 1524 2504 ?? I 5:28PM 0:00.01 /usr/local/bin/dbus-daemon --syslog-only --fork --print-pid 5 --pri
<zorz_> no mpv ffplay
<zorz_> LG
<zorz_> ce la vie
<SiFuh> Celery
<zorz_> Celery+Tomato J+Vodka :P
<SiFuh> Really?
<SiFuh> 私はゴーストを持っています、私はペッパーを持っています。 うーん! ゴーストペッパー
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<SiFuh> Top right is just so wrong
<SiFuh> Smallest shoulder span in the world
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<zorz_> Loading articles from cache...done.
<zorz_> pthread_mutex_destroy on mutex with waiters!
<zorz_> Cleaning up cache...done.
<zorz_> HAHAHAHA
<zorz_> now the nose is ok for the hijab
<zorz_> 22.7M views
<SiFuh> Her nose?
<zorz_> no the hijab thing
<zorz_> the funny part is that jihad did a bounty for her HAAHAHAH
<zorz_> everybody is crazy in this world.
<SiFuh> And the Jihad are gone now
<zorz_> i think now, Jihad should take action against Israel, especially after the raid in the hospital the last days.
<SiFuh> Just mouths and now action
<SiFuh> World is not just crazy, it is a planet full of pussies that talk big and do shit all
<SiFuh> Every Muslim country could have wiped Israel off the face of the Earth in a matter of hours
<SiFuh> All the fucking muslims do is complain about Israel and they do not a damned fucking thing
<SiFuh> Stop the crying like a fucking bitch and save the planet from the Ashkenazi Jews
<SiFuh> You know all the so called 'terrorist' groups were all MI5, IDF, and CIA sponsored right?
<SiFuh> Can you imagine an entire cow shit in fear of a gecko shit?
<SiFuh> That is the Middle East vs Israel.
<zorz_> where is UN? where is Haghe?
<SiFuh> There are so many Muslims surrounding Israel they could wait for the wind to blow east. Eat baked beands. Point their arses west and fart and Israel would be gone forever
<zorz_> hahaha
<SiFuh> Interesting you ask that. Because the Hezbollah actually follow the international law. They don't attack Israel at all.
<SiFuh> They only attack the Jews in Lebanon and not in Israel
<SiFuh> east/west* how the fuck did I type east when thinking of west.. Hmm
<zorz_> beans beands.... bean daemon:Ppp
<lavaball> okay, having a cell phone means you are impotent. would you get rid of it?
<SiFuh> beands = beans and*
<SiFuh> lavaball: I carry it rarely
<lavaball> that's not the question. stick to the hypothetical.
<lavaball> if someone sees you with a phone, he knows your boys can't swim.
<SiFuh> Ask it correctly then
<lavaball> would you get rid of it?
<SiFuh> How fast will I become impotent?
<lavaball> no fast no nothing. you have a phone, you are impotent. there is no fast. it's a constant.
<SiFuh> Stupid question then.
<lavaball> it's a hypothetical. i know you older people have trouble with those.
<SiFuh> No, it is retarded
<lavaball> maybe someone younger would like to answer?
<zorz_> can't delete xdg-utils- without deleting emacs-29.1p0-gtk3 urlview-0.9p8
<zorz_> can't delete xdg-utils- without deleting emacs-29.1p0-gtk3 urlview-0.9p8
<zorz_> bloddy hell
<SiFuh> Like some 5 year old kid thought of it
<SiFuh> If you are going to ask a question you need a real question
<lavaball> like i said, older people have trouble with hypotheticals. also people with an iq of below 90.
<SiFuh> If I will become impotent when using it instantly, the phone will go in the bin
<SiFuh> If in minutes, I would throw it in the bin
<lavaball> see?
<SiFuh> If after 5 years, I can still use it occassionaly and also heal
<lavaball> was that so hard.
<SiFuh> So ask your fucking question properly
<lavaball> apparently i didn't have to. you just had to get your head out of your phone carrying device.
<lavaball> anyway, thanks a bunch.
<SiFuh> You question sounded like an IQ below 90
<lavaball> unfortunately i don't have impotent for realsies.
<SiFuh> Well here is a real one then from 2004
<SiFuh> Chinese news (In China) was saying riding a bicycle makes men impotent
<SiFuh> You know what happened? The Chinese laughed and ignored it.
<lavaball> because they killed half their children anyway during that time.
<SiFuh> The women
<SiFuh> I should say girls
<lavaball> but you really haven't grasped the meaning behind the question, have you?
<SiFuh> Because it was invented by a 5 year old
<lavaball> well, this makes you prime realestate for my purposes.
<lavaball> stick around.
<SiFuh> Cool
<lavaball> well, i have a few more of those ready for you.
<lavaball> well, actually no. i do'nt haev them ready.
<SiFuh> Make them real then
<lavaball> there is no real. there is only SUUL!
<SiFuh> Not shitty 1/2 assed questions
<lavaball> trust me, i put a lot of thought into it.
<lavaball> no half ass here.
<lavaball> in fact, i'm gaining quite nicely.
<lavaball> anyway, i interrupted your zorz conversation. as you were!
<SiFuh> Must be a huge difference then between German and English questioning then
<lavaball> no no, the old people here have the same handicap.
<SiFuh> I actually don't carry a phone most of the time because I don't want to get cancer or become impotent
<SiFuh> The _LONG TERM_ effects is what I am concerned about
<lavaball> those "real" things don't work.
<SiFuh> Short term isn't an issue
<lavaball> otherwise people wouldn't smoke.
<SiFuh> I quit smoking because it was going to destroy my teeth and my throat
<SiFuh> I worked with Americium. If handled incorrectly you can become impotent, or guaranteed to get cancer within 7 years
<lavaball> okay. you are impotent. if others see you with a phone they would know. would you use a phone?
<SiFuh> Yes
<SiFuh> Unless it would give me cancer then I wouldn't
<lavaball> hm. okay.
<SiFuh> But impotent only, sure, I care fucking not
<lavaball> this isn't about the impotent part. it's about others knowing that you are.
<SiFuh> What's the point of lies? Just going to find the truth someday
<lavaball> you are too confident for this.
<lavaball> good for you.
<SiFuh> It is easier to find a woman who doesn't want a child than it is to explain to a woman that you can't have a child
<lavaball> okay, switch impotent with aids then.
<lavaball> if others see you with a phone, they know you have aids. would use a phone still?
<SiFuh> I have already thought about that as well
<lavaball> nd?
<lavaball> a
<SiFuh> If I had AIDS, I would not hide it.
<lavaball> like i said. too confident.
<lavaball> still very helpful.
<SiFuh> And I have friends who have AIDS that I can now be with.
<lavaball> really? where does one get aids from these days?
<SiFuh> I explain. I had a GF that cheated on me. She got AIDS so we are no longer together but still friends. If I had AIDS, I'd go back to her.
<SiFuh> She got it from an African tourist in Thailand.
<lavaball> haha.
<lavaball> wow, 4chan. you burn the coal, you pay the toll.
<SiFuh> The day she left me she was shouting shit like I like black men they have big cocks and all sorts.
<lavaball> but was she cheating then?
<lavaball> she just left you.
<SiFuh> Yes
<SiFuh> Because she already had
<SiFuh> When she developed symptoms, she didn't have anyone to call and she ended up calling me
<lavaball> why would you go back to her then? she's a dishonest.
<lavaball> oh man, you get all the fun experiences!
<SiFuh> She now suffers the consequence and there is a thing called forgiveness
<SiFuh> Actually I was to say hellow to her yesterday but forgot.
<SiFuh> Experiences will effect the answers to your questions though
<remiliascarlet> Linux is a fucking nigger!
<SiFuh> Her entire family and her two children are unaware of her 'condition'
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: A communist one
<remiliascarlet> I wasted an entire night, because CRUX suddenly didn't recognize my ethernet port after installing a new SSD and reboot. As it turned out, Linux decided to rename "enp3s0" to "enp4s0".
<SiFuh> lavaball: Good tattoo for when you go prison, right across the arse. Fuck this and get fucking HIV.
<lavaball> what hwat hwat hwathwahtwawh waht?!
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: I prefer that type of naming.
<lavaball> her children?
<lavaball> she has aids kids?
<SiFuh> No
<SiFuh> She had kids when she was in uni
<lavaball> you know the red flags and all that?
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: net.ifnames=0 <-- chuck this shit in the kernel boot append line
<lavaball> why would you ever single mother?
<SiFuh> Why not? They are still people you know
<lavaball> people make choice. choices have conciquences.
<lavaball> you do you. i would never. neeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.
<SiFuh> I even dated two prostitues and they were awesome
<lavaball> again, a no from me.
<lavaball> well, more for you i guess.
<lavaball> enjoy.
<SiFuh> Never had sex or anything because it was their job but they were very nice
<lavaball> i'm sure they were.
<remiliascarlet> Everyone has AIDS.
<SiFuh> People are people, they will make mistakes, they will fuck up big time, they will do what is correct and get screwed over, but in the end, they are still people. You will find that most like/want companionship
<SiFuh> Do you remember the TV series House MD?
<lavaball> yes yes.
<SiFuh> There was a woman who didn't want an operation because she will have a scar and she was afraid her husband will not like her body anymore because she has the scar?
<lavaball> your point being?
<SiFuh> House said to her to go online, there are many people who will choose you because of your scar.
<zorz_> SiFuh: is a way to install a package without dependancies?
<SiFuh> zorz_: Not really
<zorz_> this fucking xdg-utils
<SiFuh> zorz_: Your packages will probably not work either if you didn't
<zorz_> xdg-utils is not a dependancy
<SiFuh> If it is installed then it was either you, OpenBSD, or a dependency
<remiliascarlet> While networking on CRUX was seemingly broken, I noticed a few things: 1) Alpine hates my network. 2) OpenBSD doesn't want to boot on my desktop PC. 3) FreeBSD is retarded for not being able to find X11/Xlib.h. 4) My newly bought NVMe drive sucks.
<zorz_> remiliascarlet: do not use alpine
<SiFuh> Oh wait
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: Why can't OpenBSD boot it?
<remiliascarlet> Don't know. Plugged that USB drive in, and said "ERRO".
<zorz_> remiliascarlet: try an istallation of debian with calamares
<SiFuh> Heh, you did get AMD64 right?
<remiliascarlet> Debian sucks.
<SiFuh> Or did you get arm64?
<remiliascarlet> AMD64.
<DesRoin> Sounds like it
<DesRoin> ERRO is one of the errors my VisionFive 2 throws when the installation image is corrupted
<remiliascarlet> Why should I get ARM64 for an AMD processor?
<DesRoin> remiliascarlet: people make mistakes
<SiFuh> it's actually quite of a mistake
<DesRoin> It's one letter ^^
<SiFuh> quite common of*
<DesRoin> ^
<lavaball> SiFuh, so what was your point there? how did you jump from people making mistakes and being forgiven to scar porn?
<SiFuh> I myself have never written it to USB but I have downloaded, then going to flash it and then "FUCK!" Hahaha
<remiliascarlet> I have 3 ARM devices, one is a PinePhone, and there's still no BSD OS ported to it so far. The other 2 are Raspberries that just collect dust.
<zorz_> remiliascarlet: you have void linux, ubuntu, kali linux. etc etc and debian sucks.
<SiFuh> lavaball: People are people, no one is perfect, we _all_ make mistakes. Your heart is what governs forgiveness and you can choose whether or not to give them a chance, a second chance
<remiliascarlet> Void is woke. Ubuntu is Debian with extra bullshit. Kali is Debian.
<lavaball> what has that to do with the scar house story?
<DesRoin> Hm I'm running Linux Mint on my laptop and irradium/CRUX on this little machine here
<lavaball> the story was about there is someone for everyone. has nothing to do wiht your forgiveness song.
<lavaball> linux mint? die!
<zorz_> remiliascarlet: in debian they build the best kernels.
<SiFuh> lavaball: and I ain't afraid to let people know in advance I have HIV because I know I won't be alone, and I am keeping everyone safe at the same time.
<remiliascarlet> Linux Mint is a nicer Ubuntu, which in turn is a worse Debian.
<lavaball> no no. mint is fine.
<lavaball> though hidden doesn't work in wine. crashes when connecting.
<lavaball> upset me greatly.
<lavaball> even the flatpack wine didn't fix the issue.
<DesRoin> remiliascarlet: thing is I just never warmed up to Debian straight... don't even know why but I feel like a system this complex should also come with more nice things xD
<remiliascarlet> zorz_: Debian is a meme when it comes to package and kernel versions.
<lavaball> SiFuh, so the scar story, was about the aids hypothetical.
<SiFuh> By the way. I don't actually have HIV or AIDS. If I didn't I can't legally live in many foreign countries.
<remiliascarlet> And the Debian team alters packages way too much.
<SiFuh> lavaball: Yes
<lavaball> your timing was off then.
<SiFuh> didn't/did*
<lavaball> the story did nothing to convince me to even remotely consider single mothers.
<zorz_> SiFuh: only syphilis
<SiFuh> lavaball: Think in the larger picture rather than sentence by sentence
<DesRoin> SiFuh: you know be or not to be is quite important when talking about such things :P
<lavaball> SiFuh, don't be gay.
<SiFuh> zorz_: HAHAHA I have never had a single STD though
<zorz_> gen z will never learn about syphiles.
<lavaball> the bitch tactics don't work on me.
<zorz_> HAHAHA
<DesRoin> zorz_: nah there
<DesRoin> there's still Saxony in Germany keeping the disease alive
<remiliascarlet> lavaball: Most gays are not straight.
<lavaball> SiFuh, well, you dodged a bullet withthe cheating girl though. i'd count my blessings.
<SiFuh> remiliascarlet: AHAHAHAHAHA like a banana
<lavaball> DesRoin, you from ex nazi germny?
<lavaball> and the stds are in berlin actually.
<zorz_> SiFuh: remember the hangout, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... only syphiles follows you back home
<DesRoin> lavaball: Ja
<lavaball> you need the "free love" bullshit for that.
<SiFuh> lavaball: In a way you are probably right, but I can smell something is up so chances are I'd have figured it out.
<lavaball> i wrote a team fortress fork for the darkplaces engine. you game? we are about 8 right now, depending on who is present.
<SiFuh> zorz_: HANGOVER
<zorz_> Drugs
<SiFuh> lavaball: Any more questions?
<lavaball> SiFuh, nah, you are too confident. i have to rethink my approach.
<SiFuh> Confident isn't the word
<lavaball> DesRoin, don't be gay. here are good examples:
<SiFuh> Experienced is probably your better approach
<lavaball> remiliascarlet, check them out. we took your anime and gave it good music.
<lavaball> experience i give you as well, but the issue here is confidence.
<lavaball> DesRoin, so, team fortress, how about it?
<SiFuh> lavaball: I don't usually answer questions the way people assume is the norm because I don't follow the norm. I follow what I believe and I care not what anyone thinks of me.
<lavaball> well, you seem very defensive when i told you i don't like you doing the animal fighting. so there is room for exploits.
<SiFuh> Depends on the point of view. Have you ever watched real animal fighting?
<lavaball> thank you for making my point.
<lavaball> now shut up about it.
<SiFuh> Liberals tend think that it is a fight to the death and blood and gore and guts. But that isn't how it really is.
<SiFuh> In fact, if that happens, you actually lose
<lavaball> the animals get damaged. that's neough.
<SiFuh> For example. Pitbulls in the news about how dangerous and lethal they are. They have a password and must be put down if we don't know it. This is bullshit mainstream media nonsense. Pitbulls are the most highly trained canines and the most faithful.
<zorz_> hopeless... need to set xdg-mime.
<SiFuh> The entire pitbull fight is actually not judged on whether or not the dog wins but whether or not the owner has control over his dog by command
<lavaball> nobody said anything about pitbulls. you let animals fight for sport. that's the issue.
<lavaball> stop with the straw man shit.
<SiFuh> So when they see your dog is beating my dog. The game is called and you must call your dog over. And if your dog stops and returns to you mid fight. Your dog will win.
<SiFuh> If your dog refuses to lsiten to you then you lose
<lavaball> the animals get damaged, yes or no?
<lavaball> they wouldn't get damaged if they didn't fight, yes or no?
<SiFuh> Always it is called err.. life
<SiFuh> They do it in nature, that is how they get dominance over the bitches ;-)
<lavaball> so yeah, it's okay to be a pedophile because in muslim countries it's normal. completely natural. you bleed. you breed. same logic.
<SiFuh> All males fight for dominance to rule over the heard. Even to the death
<SiFuh> Hyenas are a bit different though.
<SiFuh> The females are the boss there for example
<lavaball> we've been over this. even in nature fights are usually avoided. they are the last restort because neither side wants to be injured.
<lavaball> you are just making shit up to normalize your shitty behavior.
<SiFuh> Religion isn't a particularly good example there
<SiFuh> They ain't though. They are not avoided
<lavaball> yeah, that's why there is a lot of ground pounding and growling to rather scare the opposition off.
<SiFuh> You look at Gorillas that will fight the male king to the death. If they win they kill all first born gorilla babies
<SiFuh> Pretty cool they remember that though
<lavaball> if you wern't such a bitch you would fight yourself instead of risking the well-being of your animals.
<lavaball> but that's what bitches do. even the gays fight their own battles.
<SiFuh> But I have fought myself
<lavaball> then keep doing that and leave the animals out of it.
<SiFuh> They usually end up as injured as me
<SiFuh> You mean me on me?
<SiFuh> Or me on animals?
<lavaball> don't tell me. you don't want to get insured?
<SiFuh> I ain't insured
<lavaball> injured.
<SiFuh> I don't pay money to thieves
<lavaball> i meant injured.
<lavaball> you don't want to get injured.
<SiFuh> I ahve been injured but I still win
<lavaball> then everything is dandy.
<SiFuh> Humans are pretty good at winning if they aren't beta wusses
<lavaball> fight yourself and leave the animals out of it.
<lavaball> you mean like betas who let animals fight?
<lavaball> betas ... that's another bullshit term that isn't grounded in reality.
<SiFuh> No, I fought the pitbulls and a kangaroo (Baby) and it kicked my ass and a pack of 6 dogs daily
<lavaball> the guy who introduced the alpha beta concept debunked it a year later. said he was wrong.
<SiFuh> Betas are cry babies
<lavaball> yet some wanna be ganstas now cling to it thinking by learning a few greek letters they aren't bitches anymore.
<lavaball> there are no betas or alphas or whatever.
<lavaball> it's all made up bullshit.
<SiFuh> Alpha = leader, the boss, the one in charge
<lavaball> do i need to copy paste now?
<SiFuh> Beta = back down, gets lead
<lavaball> i just said the guy who invented the terms said he was wrong.
<lavaball> he himself debunked it.
<lavaball> there is no alpha beta.
<SiFuh> Copy and paste what you want but I live with fucking betas
<lavaball> there are bitches who let animals fight for sport and those who don't.
<lavaball> you are their fucking prime example, you mean.
<SiFuh> I think you are incorrect on the real meaning
<lavaball> here is the guy who invented the term explain it for you:
<SiFuh> lavaball: Off topic but short. Princess Mononoke they are riding through the exactl opposit of the great wall of China. So China has the wall going up and the Japanese are running through ditches.
<SiFuh> lavaball: So your concern is animals getting hurt?
<lavaball> haha, now you are going to tell me that in animal fighting animals don't get hurt. right?
<SiFuh> No
<SiFuh> I am more curious about you blaming these animals getting hurt by humans
<SiFuh> Human causes
<lavaball> more what-about-ism?
<SiFuh> Ploughing a field witha draft horse
<lavaball> doesn't matter to the issue what others do. you have animals fight for sport. they get hurt. that's unnecessary. if you weren't a bitch you would fight your own self.
<lavaball> it's pretty simple.
<SiFuh> Nothing to do with eating and killing for food but for work. To make... money
<lavaball> all you do is try and distract me with what about this and that.
<SiFuh> Animals fight for sport
<SiFuh> They don't need humans for that.
<SiFuh> It was heavily discussed in the topic "What seperates humans from animals"
<lavaball> they don't. they play. injury or death isn't the goal.
<lavaball> that's not what you are doing.
<SiFuh> You need to think
<lavaball> and you need to stop being a bitch.
<SiFuh> We had a debate over 7 years with many people about differences between humans and animals and we didn't find many
<SiFuh> You hate losing, that is why you bitch and gay shit
<lavaball> not just because you let animals fight, but also because you are trying to avoid the consequences of your actions ... like a bitch.
<SiFuh> Such a beta
<SiFuh> I haven't avoided shit
<lavaball> yeah, because you always recognize the "alphas" instantly, because they are known to call out that they are "alphas".
<SiFuh> I never said anything to do with what you said
<lavaball> that's what you are doing every time the animal fighting topic comes up.
<SiFuh> I said they fight and you now like liberal left wing commie shit add crap to my words to make me look like an animal beater
<SiFuh> Everytime?
<lavaball> where have i added anything?
<lavaball> please, bitch boy. show me. i'm sure you have logs.
<lavaball> hit me.
<SiFuh> I brought it up once, and you brought it up 5 times, and on the 5th time I re-educated you on my position. So YOU are the one bringing it up. Typical liberal left-tard conversation
<SiFuh> By the way
<SiFuh> That youtube video, is utter nonsense
<lavaball> you are straw manning agian. i said you act like a bitch who knows she did something wrong and wants to make us believe that she isn't in fact a dumb bitch who is cruel to animals.
<lavaball> nothing about who brings it up.
<lavaball> the guy in the video is the one who introduced the concept of alpha beta and all that.
<SiFuh> I am not cruel to animals
<lavaball> you let them fight for sport. they get injured. ergo you are cruel to animals.
<SiFuh> Don't care who he is. Everyone who trains pack dogs knows Alpha exists. Any person who studies animal packs in the wild know that Alpha exists
<SiFuh> In fact before that old fuck made it up, we used 'top dog' 'top cat' 'pecking order'
<SiFuh> Although Top Cat became a Hannah Barbara Cartoon
<SiFuh> Not a single one of my dogs ever got injured
<lavaball> you aren't contradicting what he said in the video. have you even watched it?
<SiFuh> Although maybe a couple of cuts but nothing but surface damage
<lavaball> you earlier implied that beta is a personality trait. it isn't.
<SiFuh> Same with the opponents
<SiFuh> You talk like an expert who knows jack shit about the sport
<lavaball> yeah, sure.
<lavaball> earlier you said the animals get injured.
<SiFuh> Uneducated
<SiFuh> You really should do your research
<SiFuh> I cut his video off at 1 minute because he was idiot
<lavaball> well, then the you use the terms made up by an idiot.
<lavaball> simple logic yet again.
<SiFuh> So you suggest we make Alpha Beta and Gamma?
<SiFuh> Gamma to cover the soy boys?
<SiFuh> I will let you have that one.
<lavaball> i don't suggest anything. i go with what the researcher who made up the terms said. he said he was wrong.
<lavaball> you can be whatever you want.
<lavaball> just like you, if you act like a bitch, you are a bitch.
<lavaball> it's as easy as that.
<SiFuh> So a guy who thinks he is smart, realises he is an idiot.
<SiFuh> So what if he realises he wasn't an idiot?
<lavaball> then i'd say good for him?
<SiFuh> I don't know
<lavaball> where are are you going with this?
<SiFuh> Ask yourself
<lavaball> what does that have to do with you being a bitch who lets animals fight for sport?
<SiFuh> Why can't I?
<lavaball> you obviously can, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it.
<lavaball> it's just bitch behavior.
<SiFuh> I make moonshine that isn't legal
<SiFuh> The only bitching is coming from you
<SiFuh> Like a 15 year old school girl
<lavaball> you can't call what i'm doing bitching when you are the one trying to excuse and normalize your behavior like a bitch.
<SiFuh> Big leap from a 5 year old question to a 15 year old bitch
<lavaball> that doesn't work.
<SiFuh> I never said it was normalized or tried to excuse it
<lavaball> not to mention i just brought it up and you went full defense mode.
<SiFuh> I was explaining how it works
<lavaball> that's what you are doing the whole time. what about this, what about that, they are all bad, so i'm just normal.
<SiFuh> You just went woke left cry baby shit on me
<lavaball> that's what you are doing.
<SiFuh> like a bitch
<lavaball> oh, right, how it works ... if your dog dies you have won.
<SiFuh> I explained not defended. The history is above
<lavaball> great!
<lavaball> then read it!
<SiFuh> You are the one defending why it can't be done and why it is wrong
<lavaball> you defended it and tried to make it sound like it's not cruel to let animals fight.
<SiFuh> So ask zorz_ about Halal food then
<lavaball> see?
<lavaball> what about waht about waht about.
<lavaball> admit that you are a piece of shit because you let animals fight for sport.
<SiFuh> Because pretty much all meat you ever eat is treated like shit, lives in shit, stuffed in cages, full of diseases and you want to cry about a guy who trains animals to be tough and makes them healthy for a fight that lasts like 30 seconds and calls them back
<lavaball> and that's the fun part about all this. you know that i'm right, otherwise you wouldn't come up with one excuse and one what-about-ism after another.
<lavaball> you want to convince yourself.
<SiFuh> You smug and arrogant piece of shit
<SiFuh> You are all high and mighty but you never fucking care about what you are paying for
<lavaball> ohhh... sounds like i got you good there.
<lavaball> you forgot i'm vegan?
<SiFuh> Wait, I haven't read what you said yet
<lavaball> said it in the video even, bitch boy.
<lavaball> not to mention that that is another what-about-ism.
<SiFuh> Vegan. HAHAHA
<lavaball> "its okay that i let animals fight" because "the ones you eat are killed".
<lavaball> seriously, i said that in the video you watched. your reading comprehension isn't the best there, is it?
<SiFuh> I watched it at speed 2
<lavaball> so?
<lavaball> if you can't follow it at double speed you have to stop pretending that you are smarter than you are and watch it at the speed you are able to comprehend it.
<SiFuh> You know how fast vegan dissappears at speed 2?
<SiFuh> Did you ever consider I didn't actually want to watch it?
<SiFuh> But did because I was curious a little?
<lavaball> yet you did. so did i hypnotize you, bitch boy?
<SiFuh> No
<lavaball> what then?
<lavaball> you watch it, and ten you say youd din't want to?
<SiFuh> Vegan
<lavaball> are you one of those rape accusing bitches?
<SiFuh> Eat ze bugs
<lavaball> seriously, you think that's gonna turn the tables in your favor?
<lavaball> you are the one who has the spyware phone. so if anyone playing into the schwab's hands it's you.
<SiFuh> On a serious noted. You mentioned a sympton you had when I mentioned you looked strong. Maybe you should go back to eating meat?
<SiFuh> I have a spyware phone?
<lavaball> your cellphone doesn't work unless it doesn't constantly ping out its location.
<SiFuh> My phone is a Thuraya
<SiFuh> I can't remember the model
<SiFuh> It's not a cellphone
<lavaball> so you are telling me now you don't have a smart phone?
<SiFuh> Thuraya Xt (Not the PRO)
<SiFuh> No
<SiFuh> Only the wife has
<lavaball> then you should get your house in order.
<SiFuh> I had a semi smartphone the Energizer button thing but it's battery died
<SiFuh> Energizer Energy E241s
<SiFuh> But I didn't use it almost 1 year now because of the battery expanded like a fat pig
<SiFuh> I like my phone. It doesn't work unless there is sky above me and no rooves
<SiFuh> I don't get spam calls or spam messages and there is no camera
<SiFuh> Hmm let me check
<SiFuh> Yeah no camera
<lavaball> yes yes.
<lavaball> now where did the german go?
<SiFuh> I opened a bank account here and they needed a phone number for a cell phone. They won't accept my phone
<lavaball> DesRoin, you still around?
<SiFuh> So the account uses the wife's phone
<DesRoin> lavaball: yeah
<lavaball> team fortress? you in?
<DesRoin> nah, about to go to bed real soon
<SiFuh> They don't like a +882 number
<lavaball> DesRoin, not now! sundays at 8. also thuesdays and thursdays usually.
<DesRoin> oh I'll actually run a half marathon on sunday and wont have a gaming machine with me for next week, but after that I could see into it if you don't mind
<lavaball> we would love to have you. also it's nice when the linux people grow.
<SiFuh> Fertilizer and water
<SiFuh> The sunshine part is already covered when DesRoin goes on a marathon
<DesRoin> hehe
<lavaball> DesRoin, best of luck on your marathon thing then. let me know when you feel like taking a look. oh, and this is team fortress 1, as in quake engine. well now darkplaces engine.
<SiFuh> DesRoin: How long?
<lavaball> he said half.
<lavaball> so 21 kms.
<DesRoin> SiFuh: 23km and 385m of elevation
<DesRoin> Yeah this one is a bit longer
<SiFuh> Fucking hell
<SiFuh> So you are going up/down, both or flat?
<lavaball> he said elevation, so flat is out.
<SiFuh> In English elevation means where you are running
<DesRoin> Elevation in running and cycling terms describes the height meters you have to overcome
<SiFuh> I see
<SiFuh> We usually say ascend or descend
<DesRoin> 385m on 23km is a lot... even in cycling everything above 100m of elevation per 10km is quite steep
<SiFuh> lavaball: I give you that one too
<SiFuh> 23KM is insane to be honest
<DesRoin> Like the 5150 Kraichgau olympic distance triathlon has 480m of elevation at 38km during the cycling part which is considered one of the harder cycling challenges in Triathlon
<DesRoin> SiFuh: Yeah never ran that far before
<SiFuh> The longest I ever did was 38KM but that was on a BMX bike to visit a friend
<SiFuh> Sea level
<lavaball> i travel 50 through mountany terrain to get to the office.
<DesRoin> On a bike? :O
<lavaball> 25 to get groceries. mountain down, mountain up.
<lavaball> yes?
<SiFuh> 50mm
<lavaball> i can't hitch hike anymore.
<lavaball> everyone is contagious now.
<SiFuh> This is a fact!
<SiFuh> I carry ivermectim everywhere because of this
<lavaball> i don't completely agree there with the bitch boy, but i can't disprove it either. so i rather be careful. i don't need the myocarditis, or the calimary or the eye issues, or the thrombosis, you name it.
<lavaball> i swear to someone's god, if that's nano bots again i'll ...
<lavaball> oh fuck.
<lavaball> of course it is.
<SiFuh> This is part two
<SiFuh> It is the UV light part
<lavaball> spare me the nano bots.
<SiFuh> nano metres != nano bots dude
<SiFuh> After a hot shower the filaments... This interests me
<lavaball> it's collective term for the crazy conspiracy tech stuff in vaccines.
<lavaball> like the chem trains to make us sick.
<lavaball> or what else is there?
<lavaball> you aren't one of the flat earthers, right?
<SiFuh> Hold on
<SiFuh> You don't beleive in Chemtrails?
<lavaball> define.
<lavaball> yes, they do cloud seeding.
<lavaball> yes it's chemicals.
<SiFuh> Planes ejecting toxic chemicals
<lavaball> no they aren't designed to make us sick.
<SiFuh> No not that
<SiFuh> Planes ejecting toxic chemicals
<lavaball> everything is toxic anyay, so what difference does it make?
<lavaball> they do aa fuel dumb too before they land i think.
<SiFuh> So you do you beleive trees are bad?
<lavaball> nothing i can do about it. i can't even call them bitches, unlike i'm able to do with you.
<lavaball> what? why would trees be bad now?
<lavaball> keep in mind, i haven't done the required nano bot vaccine reading.
<SiFuh> They've been bad for awhile now.
<SiFuh> Read the fucking news
<lavaball> bad in full of bugs that eat them so they die?
<lavaball> or bad as in they'll kill us tomorrow?
<SiFuh> They are chopping forests down and burying the trees to save the planet from CO2
<lavaball> what?
<SiFuh> You can thank Bill Gates by the way
<lavaball> now see, the anthropological climate change is bullshit. there we have common ground.
<SiFuh> Now that you are aware and going to search it.
<SiFuh> Chemtrails
<lavaball> why would they burry trees if they take co2 out of the air. unless they are already dead, in which case, sure .. why not?
<SiFuh> They whinge about Ukraine using US made chemical weapons yet they don't say a fucking word about the governments poisoning our air, water, soil, food, medicine, injections at all!
<SiFuh> They are a fucking clan of morons
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