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<stipa> last time i tried to compile batman-adv i got kernel panic on H6
<stipa> so i should do it on x86 machines
<stipa> theres batmand in repository but i think it's an old version
<stipa> my mistake , there is batman-adv in the repository but it's called batctl
<stipa> batctl/focal 2019.5-1 arm64
<stipa> B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> I buy aerohive ap-230 from ebay
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> One day I'll get armbian running on them
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> You won't find a better deal from a hardware perspective
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<stipa> lanefu: you'll probably have to hack some antenna onto it
<stipa> if you could get armbian on it it would be ok
<stipa> braodcom :S
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Yeah there's 6 radios inside
<stipa> two i guess
<stipa> one 2.4 and other 5 Ghz
<stipa> are those 2 mpcie ports ?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Appears so
<stipa> if someone gets linux onto it let me know
<stipa> i see sub 50$ prices
<stipa> 60$ *
<stipa> yeah, bunch of them used on ebay
<stipa> owners probably went ax
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Or a diff contract because bored
<stipa> yeah, and without linux it's practically old junk
<stipa> if hacked it would easly be popped in ax card
<stipa> or two
<stipa> or smthn else
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> An AX and a storage mayhaps
<stipa> right right
<Armbian-Discord> Command sent by Tonymac32
<Armbian-Discord> ...or an LTE
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Speaking of I need to test an AX card in my Tinker Board 2
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I have one
<stipa> yeah, i see some ax usb wifi adapters on google search
<stipa> or not
<stipa> there is
<stipa> it's called 1ifi 6
<stipa> wifi 6 *
<stipa> Rtl8832au
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Aerohive got aquirdd by extreme neteorks
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<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> where in the armbian-config do we have the option to update u-boot?
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> Nvm found it.
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<steev> don't give realtek your money stipa
<steev> their drivers suck
<steev> it just encourages them to keep doing what they're doing
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<stipa> steev: lol, drivers are fine it just takes a long time for them to make it right
<stipa> of course, there is still no linux drivers for that new ax chip
<steev> and the ax chip will still get drivers in the kernel before realtek does
<stipa> tbh o wouldn't buy that chip
<stipa> i*
<steev> which? the ax?
<stipa> maybe later when drivers for it mature
<stipa> yea, ax
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<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> Somebody help me with u-boot. It's just not doing what I want it to do 😆
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> I need to set reg[0x03000000] to 0x0 in the u-boot for H616. I am having hard time deciding where to put it in the u-boot.
<Macer> hm
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Each board has a .c file for late configuration/etc, it should go in there.
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> The current h616 port in mainline u-boot doesn't have that file. It uses a general board/sunxi.
<Armbian-Discord> <a​prayoga> you could put it in the board/sunxi/board.c under relevant hook function
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Hello fello armbians 🙂
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> experience various error over USB, is there anyway to fix this ? https://nopaste.net/armbian_usb_error
<lanefu> Hmm what device is plugged in
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> ups which I just connected, but that mjpeg is logitech c920
<lanefu> What error is the issue
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Well it's not much of an issue, besides filling logs
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> random hangs occasionally, it's an odroid n2
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> thought I'll get it a bit more stable, using it as octoprintserver
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> N2 hqs terrible USB3. You could try over micro USB if it's not a high-speed transfer device.
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> n2 has...
<lanefu> Yeah powered hub is pretty essential for attaching to N2 USB
<lanefu> As far as the deprecation warnings that more about the kernel driver and the webcam than Anything else
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> So I might have more success if I connect a powered usb-hub ?
<lanefu> Yeah if it's hanging absolutely
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> oh, great that I asked; had no idea!
<lanefu> The driver noise not sure off top of my head might be able to find a kernel flag for supress deprecation warnings but it varies a lot by driver
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> only adapter I found gives 1A, dunno how much usb needs
<lanefu> Probably enough for a webcam
<lanefu> Mostly we see issue with storage devices
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Well I got UPS, webcam, 3dprinter, wifi on usb
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> if they have power-issues, I prolly made it worse 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Ahh yeah probably want more than 1amp
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> So I moved webcam/3dprinter/ups to hub
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> for some reason everything got crazy slow now
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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> I'd it a USB 3 hub?
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Is
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> I belive it is
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Blue ports?
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> yepp
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Plug ups directly to USB
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Or
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Unplug hub and throw out window?
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Damn seems like nice ass hub
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> What's different between those groups of ports
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> power only, so only charges on one side
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> The lsusb command should show you more about what's connected and speeds etc
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Bus 002 Device 004: ID 1c04:3074 QNAP System Inc. Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1c04:3074 QNAP System Inc. Bus 002 Device 002: ID 05e3:0620 Genesys Logic, Inc. Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 011: ID 0665:5161 Cypress Semiconductor USB to Serial Bus 001 Device 010: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 Serial (UART) IC Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1c04:2074 QNAP
<Armbian-Discord> Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1c04:2074 QNAP System Inc. Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:8178 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8192CU 802.11n WLAN Adapter Bus 001 Device 002: ID 05e3:0610 Genesys Logic, Inc. 4-port hub Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> it's having a horrible time: top - 13:02:33 up 16 min, 1 user, load average: 1.13, 0.92, 0.59
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Damn
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> What's the USB serial thing
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> And where's it attached
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> UPS, it's now on USBhub
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Move UPS off hub and back on odroid
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> I'm suspious of the network adapter dont working properly
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Yeah also likely
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> The little realtechs have lots of pain
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> have an asus too, dont think it's supported.
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Give it a try.
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> On the download page there should be a list of suggested / tested wifi adapters
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> think I did that at previous install, didn't find it.
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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Search on forum about rtl8192cu
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Might be some driver args
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> now network timedout again
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Lol
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Or get something like this
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Dont thinking my intention was to buy new hardware when I asked for help.
<lambda_x90> Is there anyone who using hdmi capture successfully on ornage pi? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001043540669.html
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Not sure why I would like one of those routers, I have 5 unifies, mixed LR with pro
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Haha well it's a brittle ecosystem. Sometimes throwing hardware at problem is more reliable and less frustrating
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Its not a router
<lambda_x90> After capturing 3 seconds, system freeze. same program on raspberry pi works well..
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> well lol?
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> You would use it as a bridge and hand off Ethernet to n2
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> or just connect ethernet is simpler solution
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Yeah
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> Which orange Pi board you are using?
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> but if I wanted that; I would have done it.
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> odroid n2
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> K. Anyway sorry I wasn't more helpful
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Well really off topic.
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> TLDR; USB is brittle on odroid N2. Realtek wifi is brittle
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<lanefu> @nicod how bad is the battery consumption on pbp with nvme?
<mrjpaxton[m]> Hey, is it okay to get rid of cron/anacron for Armbian? I noticed there were a few scripts that use it. I just really want to experiment with systemd timers instead.
<lanefu> mrjpaxton[m]: there'sa few services in /etc/cron.d that you may wanna keep... but i can't remember if systemd timers has a warpper for cronfiles or not
<lanefu> give it a shot and let us know what you discover
<mrjpaxton[m]> Yeah, in "/etc/cron.d" there's "armbian-truncate-logs" and "armbian-updates". I dunno if I really need those.
<lanefu> armbian-truncate-logs you'll want if you're using the armbian-ramlog service
<lanefu> which is enabled by default
<mrjpaxton[m]> Nope. I've enabled persistent systemd logs.
<mrjpaxton[m]> The Helios64/Kobol has plenty of space on the SD card, but I have no idea how journald handles log rotating/pruning off the top of my head.
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> The NVMe can consume up to 7W. While without it can run at about 1.5A without a high load. So the difference with NVMe is very high. From a battery lasting 2hours to +4hours in use.
<mrjpaxton[m]> Oh, looks like I just set `SystemMaxUse=500M` in my config.
<mrjpaxton[m]> Hard to remember everything I did.
<lanefu> Nicod lol.. man i get like 8 or 9 hours out of my pbp
<lanefu> but i'm llike literally just terminal and browser
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> I'm watching youtube on it without vpu.
<lanefu> mrjpaxton[m]: the truncate logs script does do juornal rotation as well
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<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> When I'm coding or so it also last for +6 hours. Just when the cpu is used a lot it consumes a lot more. For that the S922x would have been a better SoC for a laptop. Consumes less while more powerful. But I'm not complaining.
<mrjpaxton[m]> Yeah... It could be that I don't need it if journald can do it. I think I even uninstalled rsyslog to make journald handle everything.
<lanefu> Nicod try schedutil as your cpu frequency governor
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> The SoC consumes 1.5A when maxed out. Then plus about 1A for the display....
<mrjpaxton[m]> Maybe I'll give it a shot! I just have one custom crontab, and all it does is call a script every 30 minutes to update DDNS. Lol.
<lanefu> mrjpaxton[m]: yeah systemd timers are cool... and teh triggers n stuff
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> Right, I'm on performance most of the time because I play dosbox games. They run bad on another sheduler. Too lazy to reset.
<mrjpaxton[m]> Oh, so I can make a program trigger say, for example, when I reconnect back Online, or something like that?
<mrjpaxton[m]> Because that would be really useful for said DDNS script, since the public IP might be updated.
<lanefu> yeah it can track files changed n stuff... for that kinda trigger yuod' almost end up making another timer/ to trigger it tho
<lanefu> im not exgtrmely good atit, but i've scartched the surface some
<lanefu> very powerful tho
<mrjpaxton[m]> Yeah, I mean all it would really need to do is depend on something like "network-online.target". Otherwise, doing it every 30 mins is fine I guess...
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> problem was that webcam c920 was slightly missconfigured, turns out I dont have to buy another router
<lanefu> :P
<lanefu> it was a AP/bridge not a route rin my defense :P
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> The answer is never to present new hardware into the mix.
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> btw also compiled driver for the asus-stick, turns out both work fine when there is no issue with the webcam
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> BridgeBot is too fast to suggest bridges!
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<minnix[m]> i keep getting this message from logwatch ```/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs: 18: /etc/default/armbian-ramlog: Syntax error: "(" unexpected```
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> disable loggin of the ram mini
<lanefu> whats in /etc/default/armbian-ramlog feel free to paste in https://armbian.lane-fu.com/linx/
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<minnix[m]> just pasted it
<lanefu> cool
<lanefu> care to give me a link?
<lanefu> commentout line 18 adn 23
<lanefu> this sucks...
<lanefu> tahts happening
<minnix[m]> ok will do
<lanefu> minnix[m]: is this a fresh armbian image?
<lanefu> or something that was updatd
<minnix[m]> it's a new install ```Welcome to Armbian 21.08.1 Focal with Linux 5.10.60-rockchip64```
<minnix[m]> rockpro64
<lanefu> grr okay.. sorry i remember testing that enahcneemnt when it came in.. i guess i tested poorly
<minnix[m]> on my rock64 ```Welcome to Armbian 21.08.1 Buster with Linux 5.10.60-rockchip64 ``` armbian-ramlog reads differently
<minnix[m]> doesn't have options at the bottom
<minnix[m]> forget the 3 backticks at the end
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> hum thinking on one of prolly many bad choices I've made...using general octoprint/octoprint image, and running Linux octoprint 4.9.241-arm64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Feb 25 18:56:07 CET 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux maybe it's a factor
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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> this image has no relationship to armbian
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> I know 🙂
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> so in this case it was a bad choice 😉
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> what is the hardware actually?
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Indeed, I can't argue with that 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> it's an odroid n2
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> But octoprint isn't the problem aparently it did download correct image, but mjpg-streamer doesnt.
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> install armbian with edge kernel and install octoprint, can't be worse than this
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> ahaa.
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> that's another story
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> and mjpg streamer throws a fit cause its wrong arch
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> here i know nothing about, just that it might get complicated
<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Indeed, just shopping around for an docker image for mjpg streamer for arm64
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<Macer> so using 8 host cores in the VM seemed to have worked just fine. going to bump it up to the max cores and see what happens
<Macer> oops. wrong #
<Macer> sorry
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Just as info, I compiled mjpg_streamer by hand, and it works.
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​otterer> Right, so how do I check if I'm running this patch? https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org/msg2128467.html
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<steev> easiest way is to look at whatever the change is that it makes to the dtsi file, and then check that your dtb has it, you can pretty much strings dtbfile | grep <whatever>
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Hello @piter75
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<Armbian-Discord> <p​iter75> Hi
<Armbian-Discord> <p​iter75> I see that a lot has changed during my hiatus 😉
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lol
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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> we got discord
<IgorPec> and irc ;)
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<sunshavi> is hdmi-audio working on H3 and 5.13?
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<[TheBug]> I don't know?
<[TheBug]> should be
<[TheBug]> are you having problems?>
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