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<lanefu> damn it.. i gotta see if my redirect updates goofed soethign
<lanefu> but they're using hirsute so maybe its beat repo
<lanefu> *beta repo
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<Werner> stipa, what about that screw drivers?
<stipa> Werner: they have some laser etched stuff on the tip for better grip with the screw head maybe
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: doesn't believe it
<stipa> it's a german product
<Werner> I think it depends on the screw itself. If you have good quality screws a blank screwdriver will do too. But if they have bad tolerances the "roughness" on the tip could help
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> some voodoo
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> I meant, don't believe until you see it in a real product.
<stipa> second one from top down
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa> "second one from top down" <- This laser etched tip might help in some cases but are they worth paying extra? Idk
<stipa> it depends on needs
<stipa> i could live without that quality
<stipa> but i do have some experience in life and don't have time to screw around with low quality tools
<stipa> dunno, hard choice
<ZTiK> pro tip, if you have a screw that is chipped/broken, put an elastic band/rubber on top of the screw, then use screwdriver to get it out, works in 50% of bad screw heads...
<ZTiK> the rubber will move to fill crevaces(?) which gives extra grip on the screwhead
<stipa> fancy
<stipa> thanks for the tip ZTiK
<ZTiK> welcome ^^
<stipa> i try to be somewhere in the middle
<stipa> with the quality
<stipa> i end up there eventually if i start low and see no need to go up higher
<ZTiK> same here, not too cheap that it breaks after first use, not that expensive that my tools become targets for thieves :)
<stipa> right, exactly
<ZTiK> but it also depends on the tool in question though...
<stipa> yeah, i try to make it as cheap and as capable to do the task at hand
<stipa> sometimes like very cheap stuff simply wont do it
<ZTiK> true true, but then, occasionally, I need to nail a hammer, and ill use something nearby as a hammer... like a steel ashtray or whatever :P
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> someones forehead
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> lol
<ZTiK> My dad is a real hardhead, he'd be perfect for that :P
<stipa> once i fixed a mouse cable just by bending it inside of the mouse instead cutting fucked up part and soldering it to the pcb, i use it right now lol
<ZTiK> hey, if it works!
<stipa> i'm ashamed of that fix
<stipa> works like new
<ZTiK> 'if it aint broken, it needs more fixing'
<ZTiK> oh btw, i havent made that vid yet for you stipa, will work on that today, i promise!
<ZTiK> in the meantime, if youre interested in an older project....
<ZTiK> you happen to have played the game FallOut?
<stipa> i played it a little, some of it
<ZTiK> remember that wrist computer, the PIP-BOY?
<ZTiK> i made that using a microcontroller, screen and many addon boards
<ZTiK> vids are made with an old webcam a few years ago, so quality is shitty, sry
<stipa> damn
<ZTiK> everything works, except 'Fast travel' :x
<stipa> cool graphics
<ZTiK> thx :)
<ZTiK> in case anyone is interested, detailed descriptions are here: https://wiki.techinc.nl/PIP-GRL_31415
<ZTiK> no advertisement meant here, just a fun project if anyone wants to look, nothing more, sry if seen as spam?
<stipa> bunch of sensors
<ZTiK> yeah, lots, from GPS to heartbeat sensor, to AM/FM radio, too much to think of
<ZTiK> i tried to make every function there is on the PIPOY, including.... (drumroll).... a GEIGER COUNTER!!!
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<stipa> yeah, you've got some skills
<ZTiK> the fine folks at TechInc (hackerspace) have been kind enough to help me 3d print a few casings for it, so it can actually be worn like a real wristcomputer
<ZTiK> nah, i just had lots of time to spare and an interest in learning how electronics work
<ZTiK> also had LOTS of help from third parties
<stipa> i guess teensy is C++ ?
<ZTiK> aye
<stipa> all i know it's powerful for it's size
<ZTiK> back when arduino was reasonably new, teensy came out with better capabilities than an arduino
<ZTiK> yeah exactly, and also, if you're into penetration testing, it can be used as a variety of other USB devices, such as a keyboard
<stipa> yeah, it's much more powerfull
<ZTiK> program a script to 'hit a bunch of keys', insert into usb, it recognizes a keyboard, and teensy starts pushing keystrokes
<[TheBug]> Good Morning
<ZTiK> morning TheBug!
<stipa> mornin
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> yes
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> but now they have boards that are even better
<stipa> there's a bunch of cool toys out there
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> i have the teensy4 and the octo board
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> I need to finish someday fro lighting up a tree
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> and changing lights to music
<stipa> yeah, i had that idea too
<stipa> never realized it
<stipa> to change colors to noises in the environment
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> https://www.pjrc.com/store/octo28_adaptor.html
<stipa> i meant to connect leds to i2c bus
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy3_audio.html
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> this does more but yes
<stipa> three wires, two for power and one for comm with diodes
<ZTiK> there is a guy who has a brain implant for changing colors into sounds (think he is colorblind?)
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> i have the unit built never programmed it
<ZTiK> has this colorsensor on his head that points at what he is looking at and lets him hear colors
<stipa> there are that people that see colors when they hear sounds
<stipa> in visin system or smthn
<stipa> vidion*
<stipa> vision*
<Xogium> synesthesia
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> its called lsd
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> lol
<stipa> Xogium: probably, hard to prove thing
<Xogium> it does, I have one hehe
<stipa> i've met one guy too
<Xogium> music notes make me taste things, for whatever reason
<stipa> i'm like majority, nothing special
<Xogium> I can't say its fun
<Xogium> music is often a lot of notes all at once, and when you get chocolate and tomato at the same time
<Xogium> yikes
<stipa> dunno, probably some complex science
<stipa> beacuse sounds do chemistry in a body
<stipa> emotion is chemical process after all in the body
<stipa> induced by sounds if listening to music
<Xogium> yeah
<Xogium> but yeah chocolate+tomato = yuck, for sure
<Xogium> when I manage to get chocolate+vanilla it's cool though
<ZTiK> gives the 'brown note' a whole new meaning :P
<stipa> yeah, not sure why would sound mess with a taste
<Xogium> haha
<Xogium> yeah
<stipa> but they maybe use the same memory
<Xogium> I suspect because the two senses are linked
<ZTiK> its to do with the brain misfiring on sensory data, connecting it to the wrong sense
<ZTiK> also, its quite common to have, synesthesia, lots of people can link a color to a specific day
<ZTiK> like wednesday is green to me
<stipa> for example, if you hear a word tomato you could imagine a taste
<ZTiK> thursdayis blue
<Xogium> yeah, crazy enough I somehow get to see stars if I really bang my head super hard, even though I haven't seen a single minute in my life
<Xogium> I wonder why that is, sort of
<ZTiK> lol, not sure that would be the way forward :D
<Xogium> probably because they are not real sensory data
<stipa> yeah, it happens
<stipa> there's that hing as well you stand up very fast sometimes, the vision gets blank
<Xogium> I don't know they are stars I mean I say it because it's what people say but it's just birhgt stuff to me, I don,t know what they even look like
<Xogium> er, bright
<stipa> stars are tiny bright spots
<stipa> on a dark sky
<Xogium> hmm they kinda go zooming around for like half a sec then they disappear. At least it did that, the last time I banged my head trying to stand up too fast and not realizing I was still halfway under the damn kitchen table
<Xogium> that freaking hurts
<stipa> yeah, that could be "bright"
<stipa> when dark changes color in a moment
<stipa> when you hit
<Xogium> I guess you don't need a retina to see those
<stipa> probably
<stipa> maybe it's not connected with the vision
<stipa> but simply with brain sensing you hit your head
<stipa> and sending it to vision system
<stipa> directly
<Xogium> yeah looks like it
<stipa> seems like it happens when the rest of the brain squeezes vision system at the back of the skull
<stipa> during a hit
<Xogium> yeah, poor nerves
<stipa> yeah
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I have a neurological condition that means my eyes don't track together automatically. This image offends me.
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😆😆😆
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lol
<stipa> yeah, i saw those, it's hard to tell to who is that person taliking to
<stipa> since eye is not focused on the subjet of interest
<stipa> subject*
<stipa> but i guess the brain sees the image correctly
<tonymac32> sort of
<tonymac32> mine isn't that bad, a lot of people have a muscle issue, mine is just that each side of the brain is getting only a signal from one eye.
<tonymac32> so like driving a car where you have to steer each wheel independantly
<tonymac32> [TheBug] where did the armworks folks go? I have a link
<stipa> tonymac32: sounds like you have to do everything two times in the same moment
<tonymac32> it becomes subconscious ;)
<stipa> i bet you can do two things at the same moment then
<stipa> each with one eye
<tonymac32> My left eye is the dominant one, and I have issues with depth perception on some objects
<tonymac32> stipa LOL
<stipa> that's not a bad feature
<stipa> how's with VR googles?
<stipa> i guess not so nice
<buZz> we have a guy with one bad eye, he's really good in VR
<buZz> but once he takes the goggles off, he needs 5-15 mins to climatize to reality again
<tonymac32> hahaha
<stipa> ha
<buZz> :)
<tonymac32> so neither of my eyes is "bad" per se, they just dont' work together all that well
<tonymac32> I haven't tried VR, probably should
<buZz> his 'bad' eye just sucks at focussing
<buZz> it lags a lot behind his other
<tonymac32> yeah my right eye is weaker, but prescription wise it's still really low. astigmatism though, woooooo
<tonymac32> I have some funny shaped lenses
<buZz> i got -5 prescription
<buZz> without glasses i cant really do much
<stipa> tonymac32: i have mild astigmatism too
<tonymac32> I don't think it's "rare", but they have a decently simple write-up on it
<stipa> bunch of stuff
<buZz> 'rare' is dutch for 'weird one'
<tonymac32> :D
<tonymac32> you should have a sobriety test when your eyes naturally shift around at the edges of your vision
<tonymac32> instant fail, don't pass go, go straight to jail
<stipa> yeah, cops are pricks
<tonymac32> they've been given a handbook of things to look for and follow it
<stipa> few days ago they beat a blind guy in Croatia
<buZz> sober from what?
<buZz> add meds? alcohol? nicotine? caffeine?
<buZz> painkillers?
<buZz> weeeeeeeeeed?
<buZz> man
<buZz> on my samsung chromebook 2 xe503c32 i now run the 'xorg-video-armsoc' driver
<buZz> and its SOOoooo much better than fbdev
<buZz> for video
<buZz> still no Xv or XVMC or proper opengl
<buZz> but hey, 1080p h264 pr0n fullscreen with no framedrops!
<buZz> w00t
<stipa> yeah, sounds nice
<buZz> that xe503c32 is the Apple M1 laptop from 2014
<buZz> 8 core, 4gb ram, 1080p 13"
<stipa> wait
<buZz> highly recommended :) ~100 usd on ebay
<stipa> is it something new ?
<buZz> exynos 5800
<buZz> 2014 , stipa
<buZz> armv7
<stipa> right, i see some from 2021
<buZz> yeah samsung has no original names
<buZz> 'chromebook 2' gets recycled over and over
<buZz> afaik their current 'chromebook 2' is a intel m3
<buZz> someone offered me this xe503c32 for trade, i offered a pi3
<buZz> he was happy, i am happy
<stipa> is it fanless?
<buZz> yes
<stipa> your model
<stipa> cool
<buZz> i put a 128GB microSDXC in it as rootfx
<buZz> rootfs
<buZz> and abusing the internal eMMC as swap partition
<buZz> proper wifi, bluetooth
<buZz> UVC webcam, microphone
<buZz> LOUD speaker
<buZz> s
<buZz> and biggest touchpad i ever had on a device
<stipa> which distro does it run?
<buZz> oh, and NO CAPSLOCK KEY
<buZz> i run archlinuxarm on it now
<stipa> sexy
<buZz> because -no- other distro has a howtoinstall for this chromebook
<buZz> i want to learn to overflash the internal google uBoot with normal uBoot
<buZz> so i can just run armbian or devuan
<buZz> arch is hell
<buZz> 'pacman -Syu' <- kills it
<tonymac32> I remoeved the SPI flash from my RK3288 chromebook, haven't tried to flash it though
<buZz> 'yay rolling distro' < actually means 'plz find the bugs for us in these new versions'
<tonymac32> yep
<buZz> current linux-armv7-chromebook-kernel in archlinuxarm does not boot on armv7 chromebooks
<buZz> for .. maybe 3 months already
<tonymac32> I ran it on my XU4 for a year or two before switching to Armbian. Didn't mind it, but it could get a little cranky
<buZz> this chromebook is practically a XU4 iirc
<buZz> exynos5800?
<tonymac32> the 8 core big little exynos
<buZz> yeah
<tonymac32> so I think so
<buZz> the 8 core exynos where you can use all 8 cores at once
<buZz> i forced my browsers to stick to the big cores though
<tonymac32> I posted a picture of mine, I liquid cooled it for the lols
<buZz> without video decode accel it gets pretty shit without
<buZz> lol
<buZz> even 'hot' this chromebook is cool
<tonymac32> the XU4 was hitting thermal throttle within 1 second on transcoding with Plex
<tonymac32> so
<tonymac32> GPU RAM block cooler and a cheap pump/radiator :D
<stipa> yeah, software decoding is nasty thing
<buZz> still, barely 60% of 1 core to do h264 1080p !
<buZz> directly in mplayer though, not in chrome
<buZz> not sure whats up
<tonymac32> sounds like you have hardware vdec/enc enabled
<stipa> yeah
<tonymac32> because for me that was an all 8 core job
<stipa> sounds like accel
<tonymac32> :D
<stipa> half of a core, hardly doable
<buZz> 100% software
<stipa> that cpu must be then like very fast
<buZz> with xorg-video-armsoc driver, instead of fbdev
<buZz> on fbdev it could do 10fps or something , at a full core loaded (not multithreaded)
<stipa> so that xorg-video-armsoc , is it just for that chromebook or for other socs too?
<stipa> X.Org X server -- ARM SoC display driver for Exynos DRM
<buZz> yeah, i think it originates from hardkernel for those odroids
<buZz> its a fork of the omap driver, but with exynos specific changes
<stipa> cool, great it's usable for you
<stipa> not much arm laptops out there running proper linux
<buZz> 99% my work-for-money is just 'ssh to some machine and do some terminal stuff'
<buZz> so it used to be my productivity machine
<buZz> where video worked so horrible that i'd be able to focus fully on work
<buZz> alas, history now
<stipa> yeah, now you can open two terminal windows
<stipa> and more
<buZz> well, 4gb ram, xterm takes 17MB
<buZz> a moshclient 20
<buZz> thats quite a lot of terminals :P
<[TheBug]> tonymac32: he is on this irc network, you can pm him I gave you his nick, or join #friendlyelec or give it to me and I can relay it
<[TheBug]> tonymac32: sorry rough / busy day here for me so haven't had opportunity to keep an eye out here as much today
<[TheBug]> tonymac32: I also asked him to PM you when he is around in their channel
<[TheBug]> tonymac32: he is there now and can test if you link him image
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<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> what is the irc server these days I dont have it in limechat
<stipa> libera
<stipa> it's new
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> it rejects limechat
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> wtf
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> odd
<stipa> dunno, maybe it's in te FAQ
<stipa> if limechat is something like matrix i wouldn't be surprised there would be problems
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 2.)
<stipa> if it's just an irc client there shouldn't be any problems
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<stipa> H​appyFeet better come over here with some web irc client or something and ask on #libera channel why it doesn't want to connect with limechat
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> it did not like the 6697 they post on the page
<stipa> Your host is silver.libera.chat[]
<stipa> works for me using weechat client
<Armbian-Discord> <H​appyFeet> I will have to get a diff chat client
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<stipa> weechat is popular over here
<stipa> you had it in armbian repository
<stipa> it's cli based
<stipa> people with bunch of chat services use service called Matrix
<stipa> it combines everything into one tidy app
<[TheBug]> HappyFeet: make sure your client supports SSL, some apps do not by default and Libre.chat is SSL enabled
<nekomancer[m]> <[TheBug]> "HappyFeet: make sure your client..." <- libera.chat
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<stipa> [TheBug]: yeah, but you don't need that to join some channels
<stipa> for some you need to register
<stipa> but SSL is an option
<stipa> i don't think it's the culprit
<stipa> hes should be able to connect as guest
<stipa> to the server at least
<stipa> but SSL after the successful connection is a must if one is not behind 7 proxies
<stipa> or SASL
<stipa> did you meant on SASL?
<stipa> in either case there are tutorials on libera webpage for mostly everything one could need
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