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<lanefu> much appreciated Razva
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> niceee, thanks you to use it
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<e3ef13f4ff44> any progress with wifi on zero2?
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<lanefu> ☠
<Xogium> that emoji is scary
<Xogium> but wait, how do you know it's a dead person's head
<Xogium> now I'm baffled
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<stipa> how would i go about compiling heavy stuff that my board wouldn't be able to cope with on a ubuntu VM where Armbian build system is?
<stipa> something that is meant to run on that SBC
<lanefu> you want to cross compile on a big box?
<stipa> dunno, maybe
<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa: What heavy stuff you are compiling?
<stipa> like synthesizers and stuff like that
<lanefu> C / C++ stuff?
<lanefu> or what
<stipa> whatever comes my way
<stipa> i guess it is C/C++
<stipa> stuff in ubuntu arm64 repository is vey limited
<lanefu> so the easy button is if you use the whole armbian build thing to make an image, and use the customize_image.sh script stage to do that stuff
<Xogium> huh huh am I weird if the easy button for me is buildroot ?
<Xogium> hehehe
<lanefu> yes
<lanefu> lol
<Xogium> :D
<stipa> right right
<Xogium> I kinda started out with buildroot for embedded and so whatever else there's around feels, really weird
<stipa> i have no idea what i have to do
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> One way I solved my 15 minutes build time issue was to only build kernel package and install it on microSD card using chroot. So far it's doing good.
<stipa> the easiest thing would be some VM of my SBC on a PC
<Xogium> I'm not sure that's easy though
<Xogium> it's hard really properly emulate sbc
<stipa> most likely
<stipa> so, is armbian build system like able to produce .deb packages from a source code of a program that is for my board?
<stipa> if i would for example run whole process of building an image fro the board
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> Technology possible
<stipa> i know there are like drivers and patches that get baked in the image, but i'm not sure about the software
<stipa> dunno
<stipa> and i don't actually want to bake it in, i just want an deb package compiled for the board
<lanefu> yeah there's some hooks to build .debs but its not super elegant
<lanefu> i've doen it before
<lanefu> lemme see if i can point you to a breadcrumb
<lanefu> oh duh
<lanefu> yeah the extra_buildpackages stuff
<lanefu> now you must enjoy banging your head against the wall for 10 hours while you figure it out
<lanefu> !rtfm
<lanefu> man
<lanefu> armbianhelper sucks
<lanefu> !docs
<lanefu> !doc
<lanefu> !suckit
<stipa> i'll take a look at that
<stipa> maybe i should just skip that 10 hours
<stipa> :D
<stipa> and simply give up
<lanefu> what's the point of living if you fast forward to quiting?
<lanefu> are you inspired now?
<stipa> not at all
<stipa> fuckit i'll compile stuff on the board
<stipa> i haven't even tried it yet, maybe it's fast
<lanefu> yeah honestly it won't be bad
<lanefu> lite2? H6?
<lanefu> that chip is fast
<lanefu> i compile shit on it
<lanefu> or fast enough
<stipa> right
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> why is it you guys expect so much out of a new chip when we have not had time to patch the device tree and fix issues
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> it does not happen overnight
<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa what board it is?
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> opi-light 2
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> lite
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: opi lite 2
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> the devicetreees 90% of the time need work to fix voltage issues
<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa: With a heatsink, it's not that bad to compile on it.
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> and poor devicetree coding
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: yeah, i'll go that route, i don't have skills to cross compile for it on a stronger machine
<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa what kind of program you are compiling for lite2?
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: this is going to be first compile job https://github.com/DISTRHO/DISTRHO-Ports
<stipa> R​ichNeese yeah, lot's of stuff still sucks
<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa: I have that board. I would try that too. Which armbian image you are using?
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> opi-lite-2 should use the xfce img right now
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> and if your going to just compile use the cli img
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> less overhead
<kprasadvnsi[m]> I will try the chroot first. That's the easiest way to cross compile
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: Linux orangepilite2 5.10.54-sunxi64 #trunk.106 SMP Thu Jul 29 16:24:32 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux , xfce
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> ?
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> that cann ot be out img
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> yes it can sorry
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> looking at the time stamp
<stipa> yeah, it's nightly
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> you should be using rc not nightly now
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> as we are pushing for release
<stipa> video acceleration works with that version
<stipa> or cpu, not sure
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> https://imola.armbian.com/dl/orangepilite2/RC/
<lanefu> i've graduated to the point where I have SBC's i'm logged into that I don't know where they are physically located
<stipa> try harder
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> https://imola.armbian.com/dl/
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> all diff boards
<stipa> damn
<stipa> 5.13
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> we are getting there 13 is dev
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> Compiling stuff on the board would be fun. I have compiled mainline Mesa on Orange Pi 3
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> desktops have not been tested yet
<stipa> so no 11 & 12 ?
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> use the 5.10 until we get desktops moved over and tested for issues
<stipa> yeah, it's 5.10
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: you don't need to compile distrho ports, they can be downloaded compiled for arm64 https://kx.studio/Repositories:Plugins
<stipa> i'll try some of them in a moment
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa: Nice, save a lot of trouble.
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: i hope they work
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> I kinda wanna do bare metal on Intel Cyclone V. The current way to do this requires a paid version on Arm development studio
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<nekomancer[m]> cyclone B
<buZz> i'm trying to boot a old chromebook from a 128GB microSDXC card, but it keeps failing :(
<buZz> starting to believe that the google uBoot doesnt like SDXC
<buZz> does anyone know?
<steev> that would be more the hardware of the device whether it supports sdxc or not
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> More like cyclone bit#@₹
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Does SDXC not support the older transfer modes? Seems unlikely
<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: damn, many plugins require opengl and they don't work with opengl ES
<kprasadvnsi[m]> <stipa> "kprasadvnsi: damn, many plugins..." <- Panfrost is unstable on H6 so it's hard to get proper opengl
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> you dont need the h6
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> the opi-lite-2 is to small of a board to be a real pc
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> move to the rk3399
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Well, its decently stable on g31 so far here
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Not perfectly
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> But on g52 sucks
<stipa> what is g ?
<Xogium> mali, I think
<stipa> yeah
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<kprasadvnsi[m]> stipa: Give it a try but panfrost on H6 is just royal PITA
<stipa> W: Failed to fetch http://beta.armbian.com/dists/focal/InRelease Could not connect to beta.armbian.com:443 ( - connect (111: Connection refused) Cannot initiate the connection to beta.armbian.com:443 (2001:bb8:4008:20:5054:ff:fea8:96fc). - connect (101: Network is unreachable)
<stipa> W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
<stipa> is that ipv6 ?
<stipa> i don't use that
<Xogium> yes, the 2001: is
<Xogium> I'm surprised it even tried ipv6, it shouldn't attempt this unless you have ipv6 ?
<stipa> i don't
<Xogium> weird
<stipa> yes
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<stipa> yeah, files are gone on beta.armbian and imola.armbian
<stipa> no armbian repository is online
<stipa> or smthn like that
<IgorPec> nas died ... one moment
<IgorPec> command reboot solved everything
<stipa> i see it
<stipa> need headers
<IgorPec> go for it. should work now
<stipa> it works
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> You are on master mesa?
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Its working fine to me
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> On which board?
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Radxa zero
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> It have the same gpu
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Use oibaf launchpad
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<stipa> kprasadvnsi[m]: there's experimental switch to enable opengl 3.1 under "Enable OpenGL 3.1 support" , it works, https://wiki.debian.org/PanfrostLima
<martinayotte> lanefu: hahaha ! I hope your dog is now feeling guilty ...
<lanefu> She seems to be taking a nap with ease
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> ok I will try adding this to builds
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> but it will need further testing
<stipa> i'll play around with that switch some time
<stipa> that synth alone eats 400MB of ram
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> the app
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> yeah
<stipa> the app empty eats a little more above 100
<stipa> the synth is a plugin
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> ok
<stipa> that opens in that app behind the synth called DAW
<stipa> that synths won't run without opengl 3
<stipa> no chance
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> ok well I will put in the patch but the issue is knowing what boards we set ti with or do w put it under the 3dsupport
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> and have it added when 3dsupport is added
<stipa> yeah, that switch seems new, i haven't seen it around like with retro game freaks
<stipa> and H6
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> igorpec where to put this for testing
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> https://wiki.debian.org/PanfrostLima
<IgorPec> don't understand testing what?
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> stipa can fill you in
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> stipa explain to igore the switch
<stipa> switch enables opengl 3.1 on panfrost
<IgorPec> and ?
<IgorPec> what that means?
<stipa> panfrost is opengl es
<IgorPec> yes, i know
<IgorPec> its enabled
<stipa> so mali gpu gets abilities same as real graphic cards
<stipa> can ran regular software
<stipa> like real PC
<stipa> real linux PC
<IgorPec> yes, but dunno what armbian has to do with this. we didn't develop mesa librarires
<IgorPec> i know. 3d support is enabled with upcoming release
<IgorPec> wherever it works
<stipa> it's awesome
<stipa> in userland
<IgorPec> yes, works oob
<IgorPec> on ubuntu variants, debian not yet
<stipa> right, beacuse cool apps weren't written for opengl es
<IgorPec> you mean this probably?
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<IgorPec> like a gl wrapper
<IgorPec> "is experimentally available" so ... more like a play thing
<IgorPec> propriatery driver has the same limitation AFAIK
<stipa> that, yeah
<stipa> exactly that page
<nekomancer[m]> opengl is a play thing. exception — CADs.
<IgorPec> ES is "lite version of GL"
<IgorPec> we could say
<stipa> yeah, and no one writes software with it on mind
<IgorPec> that's probably not completly true, but i guess GL wrappers covers the gab
<IgorPec> gap
<IgorPec> hard to say if this is a technologial or commercial / patent issue
<stipa> i tried one some minutes ago, doesn't work nice
<stipa> gl4es
<IgorPec> sorry, from the user perspective i know little
<stipa> it's just that DE on SBC is relatively new thing, nothing else
<IgorPec> i know we are enablikg what is developed.
<stipa> it's awesome
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<stipa> great work
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Yep
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> We have opengl 3.1 desktop profile
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Abd if you use PAN_MESA_DEBUG=gl3 you get 3.3.. at least its shown as that. Then it may work ot not
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> But many times it does the trick
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Bc I do test opengl desktop profile games with box64
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> And those demand that
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<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Both lima and panfrost are merged since .. like years ago. And with oibaf we are at the edge.. with his pros and cons
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Gl4es is only handy whenever you dont have MESA
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> If you have mesa there isn't any point to use it, unless you dont have s3tc hw support
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> For example, lima
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Or first gen midgard
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Rk3399 and later mali gpus have it
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Thsts how I can play dont starve, it use opengl desktop profile and s3tc texture compression
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Both available on panfrost
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> We hit those mesa nerds very hard to add it, bc while the hw was capable there was no sense to add it since s3tc its not used on most newer games (android) and no one expected that we would try desktop class games.. but we do thanks to box86/ 64.
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Very happy when videocore 6 got s3tc, and also panfrost.
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> It was a great push bc gl4es does that on software
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> And there is a penalty of course
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Gl4es only provide opengl 2.1, pa frodt is going further (and even then the blobs sucks on linux, Midgard blobs being the worst ones)
<haritz> hi, I just torrented a buster image and tried to fetch the public GPG key to validate its signature
<haritz> I did the following, as instructed on the 'getting started' docu site
<haritz> gpg --keyserver ha.pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-key DF00FAF1C577104B50BF1D0093D6889F9F0E78D5
<haritz> `gpg: keyserver receive failed: No name`
<[TheBug]> hmm
<[TheBug]> where is that documented you are seeing?
<haritz> let me get you the URL
<[TheBug]> just want to confirm
<haritz> there you go
<[TheBug]> That does seem to be outdated information I would think because I can replicate your issue and confirm that does not resolve.
<[TheBug]> lanefu IgorPec ^^ not sure how important that is to get updated there? Maybe you can offer the temporary solution?
<[TheBug]> gpg --keyserver ha.pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-key DF00FAF1C577104B50BF1D0093D6889F9F0E78D5
<[TheBug]> gpg: keybox '/root/.gnupg/pubring.kbx' created
<[TheBug]> gpg: keyserver receive failed: No name
<haritz> so the question is, where can I get the PGP fingerprint for armbian's public key?
<[TheBug]> same thing
<[TheBug]> hopefully the people I alerted there will get you handled here in a moment :)
<haritz> cheers
<IgorPec> keyservers are unreliable
<haritz> I think in the meantime I'm going to assume no one hijacked my download and replaced the image with a bitcoin miner
<IgorPec> manual has to be updated, since keyservers reliability won't improve
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<lanefu> Hmm maybe we can sign differently?
<lanefu> Something something dnssec something magic
<haritz> why not, you know, post ASCII key armor on the website
<haritz> that way I think I don't even have to add it only my local keyring
<lanefu> Yeah
<haritz> which is kind of convenient for single-use signing keys
<haritz> s/only/to/
<ArmbianHelper> haritz meant to say: that way I think I don't even have to add it to my local keyring
<lanefu> I guess intent was the most trustworthy key comes from a trusted (unreliable) public key server
<haritz> ping ha.pool.sks-keyservers.net   2 
<haritz> ping: ha.pool.sks-keyservers.net: Name or service not known
<haritz> there you go
<IgorPec> you need to import key from asc
<haritz> I didn't occur to me that the host might be down
<haritz> thanks
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<haritz> beautiful beyond belief
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<lanefu> :)
<lanefu> have fun!
<haritz> UART over USB2TTL cable worked like a charm at the very first try
<haritz> I'm already in over SSH
<haritz> by the way, I'm noticing this message in the MOTD after logging in
<haritz> RX today: Error: Unable to open backup database "/var/lib/vnstat/.eth0": No such file or directory
<lanefu> yeah `sudo systemctl status vnstat` it will probably be fine on reboot
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<haritz> systemctl restart fixed it, cheers
<Armbian-Discord> <R​ichNeese> odd
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