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<sewn> hi
<lost_centauri> hello chat
<sewn> hi lost_centauri
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<sewn> bye lost_centauri
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<sad_plan> hi
<sewn> hi sad_plan
<sad_plan> hi sewn
<sewn> how is kiss doing today
<sad_plan> great. free pizza at work today appearantly
<sewn> you work a tkiss?
<sad_plan> yes. kiss factories
<sewn> what products dco you produce
<sad_plan> hugs and kisses
<sewn> WHERE can i buy then
<sewn> Them
<sad_plan> you cant. its for VIP only
<sewn> im not VIP? :(
<sewn> i would like to speak to your manager!!
<sad_plan> no, youre not a VIP member. I am the manager
* sewn submits a lawsuit to Kiss Factories Ltd.
<sad_plan> > denied
<sewn> >court concludes that Kiss Factories Ltd. uses child labor to produce it's hugs and kisses using the evidence given; wanting to maximize profit with the fact that customers felt this change
<sewn> >and hence is fined $1,200,000 united state Dollars
<sewn> >extra $50,000 added for the defendant's damages
<sewn> the societal concequences of capitalism
<sad_plan> but we're not using child labor, we're using grandma labor. and your granny said if youre not using sbase, youre not eligable for hugs and kisses
<sewn> I WAS USING SBASE!!!!
<sad_plan> yeah, they say capitalism is great, yet capitalism is humans greatest downfall
<sad_plan> > was
<sewn> i just forgot to reinstall
<sewn> it
<sewn> after a reinstall
<sewn> i promise
<sad_plan> how do you forget to install your coreutils?
<sewn> i even contributed to sbase!!!
<sewn> what about YOU!!!!
<sad_plan> I know
<sad_plan> im using sbase
<sewn> i SHOULD be vip
<sad_plan> and have been for a long time now
<sad_plan> not if youre not using sbase
<sewn> so contribution != vip, but using == vip?
<sad_plan> bonus points for contributing, but withdrawn from being eligable if not using
<sewn> what if the author of sbase (who is not using sbase obviously) wanted to be vip
<sad_plan> also == isnt POSIX afaik
<sad_plan> well he cannot
<sewn> ok fair enough
<sewn> i want to sue the company again but its founded by morals and being unfair
<sewn> soo it cant work
<sad_plan> its not unfair. its a fair trade. use sane tools, and be eligable for hugs and kisses by granny
<sad_plan> also; Author: Connor Lane Smith <> is appearantly author
<sad_plan> its the inital commit in the sbase repo
<sewn> phoebos: song of the day: ty
<sewn> asdfasf/quithj
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