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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> try building focal for jethub board
<IgorPec> i noticed this problem in our CI
<nekomancer[m]> jethub?
<lanefu> Yeah it's an amlogic board for automation by a Russian company
<lanefu> They've been really great examples of a vendor adding support for their own devices
<Armbian-Discord> <r​pardini> I'm building some release, will build focal jethub soon
<c0rnelius> Adding support for their own devices? Does include custom patching to bluez?
<c0rnelius> Yeah Mayfield is looking like Hurricane Andrew hit it. But just in like a few mile radius.
<c0rnelius> Sorry, wrong channel.
<lanefu> Can't speak to the bluez patch
<lanefu> Bleh yeah I grew up in KY always tornadoes more amazing how little they hit frankly
<lanefu> But yeah steel buildings don't stand a chance
<c0rnelius> I don't know that they need it or do so, but for example the Foundation does `they don't need too` but they do anyway. As a matter of fact Ubuntu even applies the patches across arm now.
<c0rnelius> lanefu: Yeah looks like a mess. There goes X-Mas.
<c0rnelius> I'm not sure whats worse, getting hit be Andrew in Summer or hit by `whatever that was` at the start of winter. Gotta feel for those people.
<lanefu> Yeah still don't have any context on bluez patching haven't been following
<c0rnelius> this is what Ubuntu and the foundation do ->
<lanefu> "the foundation" being rpi foundation?
<c0rnelius> You can simply just link /lib/firmware to /etc/firmware and fix the whole problem.
<c0rnelius> Yeah RPI
<c0rnelius> They do it to prevent the AA:AA:AA:AA:AA that would show its self in bluetooth, but of course over thought the problem.
<lanefu> So looks like /etc/firmware is intended to be for additional firmware not shipped by a distro
<lanefu> Really seems like bluez problem is it's not following what other Kernel modules do and observe the directory heirachy
<lanefu> Tldr I wouldn't symlink the whole dir /lib/firmware to /etc/firmware either
<c0rnelius> lanefu: Well it works, also if follow how the kernel actually observes firmware it doesn't break anything.
<c0rnelius> Putting the link in place that is
<c0rnelius> So putting the link in place just allows stupid boards like the Pi to find it without needing to patch a whole deb package and make ur own.
<c0rnelius> This also seems to vary between systemd vs sysvinit systems.
<c0rnelius> So for example if you wanted to add firmware but not have it bothered by what the OS installs you can force the board to look here first on the cmdline -> firmware_class.path=/lib/firmware/updates/brcm
<c0rnelius> Although with Ubuntu I do believe its created a problem because they decided to go with said patching instead of just using the standard thats been set in place. So if added firmware is put in the `default location` of their choosing it can sometimes screw up bluetooth.
<c0rnelius> But the default search path should be: `/lib/firmware/updates/` after that it checks `/lib/firmware` bluez on the other hand by default looks for `/etc/firmware` hence the link.
<lanefu> ah
<c0rnelius> lanefu: I researched this for a way to long :)
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> i googled for 5 min lol
<c0rnelius> Before or after?
<c0rnelius> It goes deeper though. As some of these boards use the stupid patchram garbage or there own special little script to get it started. Bluetooth on arm is pretty much a shit show from what I can tell.
<lanefu> when we talked about it an hour ago
<c0rnelius> Oh I was eating.
<c0rnelius> Well if anyone is wondering why the Pi4's bluetooth is giving you `AAs` on anything besides Impish and Higher its missing the symlink.
<c0rnelius> Debian and Devuan don't use these patches. As far as I know.
<c0rnelius> I actually suggested at one point Devuan could include them, but that went nowhere. Lazy I guess? To much effort? Who knows.
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<c0rnelius> Not sure why they said the Audio wasn't working on the Pi4 build, Analog works fine. I just tested it.
<IgorPec> probably hdmi?
<IgorPec> you tested our last nighlty build?
<c0rnelius> My monitor doesn't have speakers so I couldn't test hdmi but it is in aplay -l and pulseaudio shows two profiles you can select.
<c0rnelius> Yeah I just downloaded it
<c0rnelius> Maineline Linux
<IgorPec> yeah
<IgorPec> that's the only one for now
<c0rnelius> you should set ACT led to mmc1 so it stops blinking :)
<IgorPec> i will not touch rpi ;)
<c0rnelius> Setup looks like the how Ubuntu doesn't mostly. But whom ever is working on it, its pretty simples to add in.
<c0rnelius> does it*
<c0rnelius> or this way if ur gonna give a foundation kernel option ->
<IgorPec> its not a technical problem
<IgorPec> i am tottally overloaded and i don't need another device to tackle
<c0rnelius> Nah its just annoying :)
<IgorPec> i can imagine, but it doesn't annoye me ;)
<c0rnelius> Well, mine sits in the corner doing nothing usually and someone left one here they wanted me to install RetroPie and hook them up with games. But then they never came back to get it? Been here like a year in a box. Thats what I just used to run the test.
<c0rnelius> I'm sure the HDMI audio works and they just didn't adjust the profile or try creating an asound.conf file to default to hdmi.
<IgorPec> people expect things as such just works OOB
<IgorPec> afaik rpardini never booted desktop
<c0rnelius> Booted fine. I tried the Xfce one.
<IgorPec> for 1st build / stage, this is perfectly fine. it would be strange to be without bugs
<c0rnelius> He overclocked the shit out of it :)
<c0rnelius> And youtube mostly worked, but thats to be expected on Mainline.
<c0rnelius> Probs work better if he pulled from foundation.
<c0rnelius> Since Mesa now supports all that junk for the Pis out of the box. So MPV for example would have no probs doing atleast 1080p movies and whatnot.
<IgorPec> yeah, that's planned for the release part. we need to get someone that will tackle small things
<IgorPec> we have current x86 and rpi tied to ubuntu kernel
<IgorPec> not sure if this will still work the same?
<IgorPec> but switching to fundation's one is not difficult
<c0rnelius> Be pretty much the same, just pulling from them instead of
<c0rnelius> Also you don't need all those bcm2835 dtb files.
<c0rnelius> They are pointless
<c0rnelius> Also they provide the overlays, so it zero work on ur part. Just copy them in with the packaging patch applied to the builddeb.
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