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<Macer> so should i just skip on armbian on a pinebook pro?
<Macer> it isn’t supported by armbian anymore is it?
<Macer> it still can’t sleep correctly anyways which is a huge drawback
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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> Use something that doesn't have that problem simple
<buZz> if they made a pinebook sized pinebook pro, i'd consider getting one
<buZz> >13" laptops make me feel like a senior citizen :P
<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> Get dell xps then ;)
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<Macer> Lol
<Macer> Or a MacBook!
* Macer hides
<Macer> IgorPec: do they even have a different arm laptop nowadays?
<Macer> You’d think nowadays they’d have pi shells.
<Macer> Pinephone was rather disappointing as well. I wound up just putting it on eBay. It did sell for more than I bought it for though so there is that.
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<stipa> maybe pro could be better
<stipa> if it won't be out of the box i would stay away from it
<stipa> maybe changing SoC is not so better solution than in non pro version
<stipa> there's some money circulating in the pine64 project which tends to attract morons
<stipa> that usually fuck up something in the process
<stipa> so, something that should initially work doesn't
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> @Tonymac32 did you see the new revision of tinkerboard?
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<[TheBug]> unless there has been 'another' revision I think he has the newer one
<[TheBug]> the one with OP1
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Its not the tinker 2, its a updated tinker board 1
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<[TheBug]> ahh well he would have to answer that for you then, I am aware he has the original tinker and then the new one with OP1
<[TheBug]> not sure if he got that r2
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<stipa> he did some code for the new one
<stipa> seems like it
<stipa> i think his didn't have fancy blue graphics on the pcb