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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lol
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: I will give you a high five if you know the song that quote is from
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Sorry to disappoint
<[TheBug]> ahh I felt for sure it would have been a group you came up listening to.. maybe I am wrong and your little younger/older than the reference
<lanefu> Oh NIN
<[TheBug]> nope.. lol
<[TheBug]> but same era
<[TheBug]> I guess you could cheat, the song actually comes up in google if you search the quote ;p
<lanefu> What genre
<[TheBug]> I would call it alternative rock I guess..
<[TheBug]> same era as 311..
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<lanefu> Hmm
<[TheBug]> in fact saw the group live at the same concert with 311 ;)
<lanefu> I'm lyric deaf so probably won't win
<[TheBug]> if you heard it in the song and had ever heard the song before you would go, "oh yeah"
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> LOL
<lanefu> Butthole surfers
<lanefu> Oh man my friends loved them lol
<lanefu> I never had their CD
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Oh I know that song
<[TheBug]> Saw them live in some ice hockey rink in backwoods of PA, they brought on 311
<[TheBug]> ahaha
<[TheBug]> I knew you would recognize it once you heard it ;p
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Yeah I should have known, but it didn't connect. School age jams ^_^
<[TheBug]> hehe
<[TheBug]> my brain is just broken and anytime someone says something along the lines of "if i could only remember what i was going to do" I automatically start singing the lyrics of that song :Z
<[TheBug]> lol
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<lanefu> Lol
<lanefu> Agreed trs
<TRS-80> figured you in particular would appreciate that :)
<tonymac32> who goes there
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> krickets
<tonymac32> shutup Discord mac32
<[TheBug]> we he said ^
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😠
<tonymac32> :D
<stipa> "+lanefu | I'm lyric deaf so probably won't win" everyone is, you're just aware of it
<lanefu> Lol
<stipa> if you listen to pop lyrics they're totally stupid exactly because of that
<stipa> or read*
<stipa> that makes it cool
<stipa> it's the melody that people remember
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32>
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> The hook brings you back
<stipa> right, mind fuck
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I actually love that song because it spells out the industry
<stipa> whatever sells
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> speaking of things that sell, someone send me an RK3588 😄 😄 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> research purposes
<TRS-80> sign up for PINE64 new Dev Zone
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Do I count as a dev?
<TRS-80> I did but haven't heard back. Although tilim sent me a PM in reply to some forum post where I mentioned I might maintain ROCKPro64
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> LOL
<TRS-80> he already offered me one and I certainly am not
<TRS-80> well a ROCKPro64 I mean
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I want one on a Pico ITX. HEAR ME VENDORS
<TRS-80> my hope is to improve relationship with PINE64 in particular, but we will see
<TRS-80> first I must finish my dotfiles and other projects which have already been going on for literally years
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> same here with stuff
<[TheBug]> Tonymac32: well if you get one you better get one for all of us as well..
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> Someone saw Jef Gerling's video and is a bit jelly?
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> Jeff Geerling even...
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> lol I didn't see it
<[TheBug]> he has all the fancy toys
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I did see he had a Radxa SoM
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> that made me a little sadface
<[TheBug]> the different carriers boards and SoMs
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> ok then yes
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> hahahahaha
<[TheBug]> ;p
<[TheBug]> called it ;p
<[TheBug]> lol
<[TheBug]> and yeah I want one with the 3566 SoM like he had and I want to make it work
<[TheBug]> too bad Radxa have a bad habit of not default building reasonable driver set / modules into their default kernels
<[TheBug]> always ends up weird when people go to test anything
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I want to know why it isn't an RK3568, but I can't really say much
<[TheBug]> lol you say that and I laugh cause I vividly remember discussing getting quartz vs rock 3a and you guys all said 3568 wasn't gonna get support forever so I chose 3566 ;p
<[TheBug]> and now all you guys talkable i buying the 3568... lanefu... I am looking over at you
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> TheBug hang on one second, I said none of it was going to get any support 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> see RK3328
<[TheBug]> s/talkable i/talk about
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> state of mainline support still = crap
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> RK3399 took years
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> RK3288 was done by Google 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> 😂😂😂
<[TheBug]> hehe
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> so ANYWAY I wasn't very optimistic, and I still hold judgement for some real results
<[TheBug]> Well to be fair at least rockchip released a stable BSP kernel for 3566 this time around
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> well luckily for the RK35xx they were bumping to 4.19
<[TheBug]> I can tell you I had USB to sata SSD attached, emmc going, sdcard and kvm virt on it going for 35+ days no crash
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> otherwise they would have grafted some bullshit to 4.4 and moved along 😄
<[TheBug]> before I started testing their Armbian bootleg
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Well... I got one rock3a...its new, so you don't have much cool features
<[TheBug]> lol
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> But you get new bugs 😆
* TRS-80 goes to fetch a freshie
<[TheBug]> though I dropped in my own kernel with a lot more drivers built than their image
* TRS-80 discovered the easiest/best margarita recipe btw
<[TheBug]> our PRs I don't think are booting yet though if no changes since I last tested
<[TheBug]> s/PRs/trunks/nightly
<[TheBug]> it can't find mmc
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Those new SoC are gonna be good with kernel >5.10, I tested an 5.15 from a slackware img from Mara in the radxa forum
<[TheBug]> yeah but did they even build the needed modules with it to do anything with it?
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> My Wi-Fi module from my computer worked out of the box
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Bluetooth too
<[TheBug]> my problem with their images is they leave them berefts of any drivers
<[TheBug]> or modules
<[TheBug]> like kvm, pcie, nvme, iptables
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Nvme too
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Kvm diante test it
<[TheBug]> ahh so they finally built one with pcie!
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> *didnt
<[TheBug]> huraay
<[TheBug]> was sad, Chris from explaining computers did his video recent on rock 3a
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Weee
<[TheBug]> and it was so sad to watch him load their debian image
<[TheBug]> and like no drivers for anything was there
<[TheBug]> no nvme
<[TheBug]> no pcie
<[TheBug]> like, seriously?
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Dude....I saw that
<[TheBug]> man I tell you Armbian missed out on a good PR moment there
<[TheBug]> he actually said there was a bootleg armbian image
<[TheBug]> but guess what.. it was missing same drivers
<[TheBug]> LOL
<[TheBug]> cause they built it..
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Was awfull to see, I knew that those img will not come with Nice features
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> well
<[TheBug]> well I mentioned to dev in other room they need to get that fixed so hopefully if we can't get an working image out for it soon they at least produce an image with a usable kernel
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Armbian img was more Nice to use
<lanefu> I thought 3a was 3568
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Worked usb wifi
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Nvme
<[TheBug]> yeah I actually have it loaded atm with my personal built kernel from BSP
<lanefu> And pine was 3566
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 'tis but they are pretty much the same thing
<[TheBug]> 3a is 3566
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> wait a minute
<[TheBug]> unless I am still losing my mind
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> suspicious face
<[TheBug]> its possible these antibitoics got my brain on hot
<lanefu> I think you are
<lanefu> Or have in fact lost
<[TheBug]> you are right
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> were you drinking Mon river water again?
<[TheBug]> I am lostg ins some hole somewhere
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Its rk3568, with pcie if I'm not forgetting the datasheet
<[TheBug]> 3568 is 3a 3566 is quartz
<[TheBug]> my apologies.
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Yeah
<lanefu> What's a 2 among friends
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> [TheBug] SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<[TheBug]> Damn sinus infection, but at least its better than that awful C word..
<[TheBug]> thats my excuse
<[TheBug]> :Z
<[TheBug]> lol
<lanefu> Cramps
<[TheBug]> Cooties
<TRS-80> man tough crowd
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> TheBug avoided answering whether he drank out of the Mon.
<[TheBug]> LOL
<[TheBug]> I don't think I would even go swimming in th Mon
<[TheBug]> let alone drink from it
<[TheBug]> but i digress
<[TheBug]> maybe time for a break ;p
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> get ye some power plant catfish out of there and eat for a week
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> as long as they don't eat you first
<archetech> dont mind they glow its normal
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> it's a coal plant OF COURSE
<TRS-80> archetech: o/
<archetech> o/
<TRS-80> I see our residend Arch user have awakened :D
* tonymac32 is drinking some kind of Japanese whisky hearing Discord Tonymac32 whining like a little... anyway.
* TRS-80 is struggling to focus on code the more margaritas he drinks
<archetech> rk3588 vaporware
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32>
<archetech> for over a yr
<TRS-80> I am a very good way there on a todo.txt => Orgmode refile script though, which makes me very happy
<tonymac32> TBF there has been a bit of a thing going on for the last year concerning supply
<tonymac32> :D
<TRS-80> tonymac32: relevant.jpg
<tonymac32> refill time
<TRS-80> I also noted that you must have that on hotkey or something
* TRS-80 just programmed some more rms pasta into /alias in weechat today
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<lanefu> I need that power
<lanefu> Maybe they wasted the year making a respectable vendor kernel
<archetech> yup the silicon has been out
<archetech> cnt get it to work so no supply excuse
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> respectable ----> "passable"
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "silicon is out" can be a single wafer
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> no way to say unless you've seen a warehouse of these things chillin
<archetech> whole cpu cant get the periphs to work drivers etc is my view
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Switched to a middle shelf bourbon
<TRS-80> lanefu: Which power?
<TRS-80> tonymac32: I see you are a professional. After some point, it doesn't matter, amirite?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> hahaha
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I like the japanese stuff, but it's too clean. Pleasant but not memorable
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> like a girl next door in alcohol form
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> now, if the beverage in question is contained in a traditional canning vessel, then we can talk more seriously
<TRS-80> Hugh built an empire on such girls
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> this Yankee stuff is weak
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> indeed
* TRS-80 goes for freshy
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> lanefu remind me to throw all of my SBC's and a snakepit of ethernet/power cables into my dirty 10 gallon aquarium to answer that 8-RPi4 "cluster" that random twitter dude made
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like"
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> maybe toss a box fan on top for cooling
<lanefu> tonymac32: you got it
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I thought one of my ESPHome switches was defective, then I figured out it was the outlet it was plugged into 😐
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> and that outlet is the output of another light, so mildly concerned
<Werner> Good morning
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> will take down and investigate
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Guten Morgen Werner, wie geht's?
<Werner> Ganz gut :)
* TRS-80 wishes he knew more of The Mother Tongue
* tonymac32 recognizes that as a terrible out of context statement
<TRS-80> Why?
* tonymac32 hides
<TRS-80> Werner: Is his German so bad? :D
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I didn't say anything of substance
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> but yes
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> my vocabulary is complete shit now
<Werner> Actually it is not
<TRS-80> also Werner o/ :)
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> it's been 17 years since I had instruction in German feelsebad.gif
<Werner> At least something stuck since then :D
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I can read it, replying is a problem
<Werner> I know that from my wife. She can partially understand Russian but cannot reply
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I have always been interested in Russian, but I don't have anyone to explain the alphabet/pronunciation
<lanefu> Hi Werner
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Someone said Merry Christmas to me in Romanian today and I was very confused
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<Werner> haha
<Werner> Hey Lane
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> There are quite a few Romanians where I work
<Werner> Years ago I worked a few month with Romanians and learned a few things
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> including one from Transylvania, so I gave him a Count
<TRS-80> > a count
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> well, 'tis The Count
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Werner they made me listen to Die Prinzen in school
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<Werner> For what reason?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> torture maybe.... 😉 They had us watch various media from Germany, it was German class after all
<Werner> Well yeah, makes sense
<Werner> So listening comprehension more or less
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Ich wär so gerne Millionär... XD
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> oh fs my discord just switched languages and is highlighting all the English as mis-spelled
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> ok that fixed it
<Werner> lol
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I suggested Rammstein and my teacher declined. No fun at all
<Werner> Bummer. There is nothing more German than Rammstein
<TRS-80> I thought you meant something like `((count++))`; anyway...
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "There is nothing more German than Rammstein" ROFL wow
<TRS-80> you don't know how good you had it
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> TRS-80 "ONE AH AH AH, TWO AH AH AH
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "
<TRS-80> reference / head
* tonymac32 only had an antenna for TV as a child, watched Sesame Street on one of the 3 channels we got
* tonymac32 grew up a poor kid in Appalachia
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I got my first computer thanks to my uncle having a leftover 8088 powered Tandy 1000 in 1994
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> He had no idea what he'd done
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
* TRS-80 might as well get another freshie at this point
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> same
<TRS-80> tonight is like the car to the cdr of the weekend
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Tomorrow is my last work day this year
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> but
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> so much to do
<TRS-80> what is this work you speak of
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> whatever isn't done by quitting time I'll simply take the hit for. They don't realize I can disappear into the wilderness at any time and be happy 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> They need 3 people to fill my role, so I can only care so much
<TRS-80> > pic related
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> hahahahahahahahahhahaha
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> if anyone tried to go in there it would be.... bad.
<TRS-80> land ain't cheap in the hills on TN no more
<TRS-80> unfortunately
<TRS-80> took an RV trip there recently
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> thank California
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> they're moving en masse
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I have friends there that are complaining
<TRS-80> I would have thought NY, but you are nail on head right, as confirmed by a local real estate agent I spoke to first hand
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> they move in because of the cheap cost of living/low taxes, then they vote for all the crap that made their state unlivable
<TRS-80> I spent some thousands to do a first hand exploration, can confirm (unfortunately)
<TRS-80> like locusts, moving on to the next crop
<TRS-80> going rate now $6-8k/acre, and this in rural parts of TN. :/
<TRS-80> I mean you can still find cheaper, but it's a hunt.
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Well, I'll buy a damned mountain in WV
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> unlike Tenn. there is literally nothing there
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> my county in MI has a bigger population than that entire state
* TRS-80 is seriously thikning about just buying land somewhere it is cheap and maintaining residence in a tax free state
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> #floridaMan
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😉
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I don't know too many low tax areas
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> to be fair I don't know the actual tax structure in WV, I understand your vehicles are part of the taxed value, but the rate I have no idea
<tonymac32> ...hello? it got quiet
<tonymac32> that idiot Tonymac32 Discord was rambling
<tonymac32> yang I had access to the website, do I need to reply to you to confirm the support status or is there a new portal situation?
<tonymac32> I didn't mean to ignore you, work has been terrible
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<archetech> soon = 6-9 months for production sbc
<TRS-80> Soon(tm)
* TRS-80 goes for freshie
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<yang> tonymac32 it's no problem
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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Gas tax
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