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<qwr> the oops I saw isn't a new one - it's basically same as this, but instead of NULL it tried to access ffff800012d3a35c:
<qwr> although i don't have much experience with kernel, i'll probably try to reproduce and debug it sometime, seems interesting - looking at kernel code it looks like the struct clk_hw->map is corrupted?
<qwr> but weird is that then all kernel versions should have the bug, and i don't remember seeing the oops before... if it happens so rare, then it would hard to debug
<qwr> no, its more interesting than dereference, as I had kernel execute - so it's either the map->lock or map->unlock pointer.
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<qwr> huh, how is this even possible, the code calls just before meson_parm_write with same map paramater, that does the same regmap_update_bits, that should fail in the same map->lock(...) ?
<qwr> ... well easily, as the meson_parm_write is inlined, it is where it probably got OOPS
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<ordex> hi there, is there an easy way to "create" the proper kernel source used by armbian ?
<ordex> I am running armbian on a pine a64 and I Want to backport a kernel module. however, to do this I'd need the exact same kernel that is running on the board
<ordex> I cloned the armbian-build repo and I see the various patches, but I was wondering if there is an "official" way to have them applied to the right kernel version
<archetech> use the builder
<archetech> it does kernel only
<ordex> archetech: what is "the builder" exactly?
<ordex> on the other hand, I tried running ./ but ended up with several errors because it seems the build system assumes I am on some debian based system, while I am not
<archetech> ya need a vm withthe builder see the wiki
<ordex> hmmm
<ordex> for now I am diving into the scripts
<ordex> maybe I Can just reconstruct the kernel manually
<ordex> "The officially supported compilation environment is Ubuntu Hirsute 21.04.x amd64 only!" I see
<archetech> yep
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<lanefu> ordex: best is to use built in docker feature or download kernel source Deb package from our repo
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<ordex> lanefu: the latter sounds good - any pointer?
<ordex> lanefu: however, after digging, it *seems* that for the pine64 there aren't patches to apply - but I might be wrong
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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> You can probably get away with vanilla mainline on pine64
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<ordex> lanefu: yeah
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<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Guys
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Happy new year
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<IgorPec> +1
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> Success and lot of boards for this new year :)
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> 🎊 🎊 🎉 🎉
<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Excellent 2022 for the all armbian team, specially for @rpardini due to his masterpiece of work on UEFI, @IgorPec for his leadership @lanefu for his soft power capabilities and @Tonymac32 due to his obscure ways to hide his rpi devotion (#loveUUpton)
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> 🙂
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> thanks @NeonFetch
<nekomancer[m]> new year, new year, hapyy, hapyy!
<Armbian-Discord> <N​icoD> Merry New Year and happy some day.