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<stipa> i was restarting armbian-ramlog.service instead stopping it and starting again
<stipa> ramlog is ok now, 20MB used on reboot
<stipa> no more atop leftovers
<stipa> why it doesn't work with restarting it beat me idk
<steev> restart just reloads the config, really
<stipa> i thought it's the same as stop and start again
<stipa> like, short version of it
<stipa> one command less
<stipa> but, tbh, with ramlog i had to restart whole board to accept config change
<stipa> log2ram*
<stipa> neither, stop & start or service restart helped with that one
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<alekksander> hello guys. can someone recommend to me a nice tool to monitor network usage?
<alekksander> something is downloading data to my server and i'd like to investigate what and when is doing so. in other words i'm looking for a tool to monitor and log incoming data usage
<stipa> wireshark
<Myron> Yep. wireshark. You beat me to it. :-)
<stipa> Nagios
<alekksander> fast reply, thanks :)
<alekksander> do You know stipa, if Nagios can display summary of up/down per application? not just protocol and address
<stipa> in terminal i like nload and iftop
<stipa> alekksander: nagios is awesome, it has lots of functionality, i think it can recognize network based applications by their traffic
<stipa> and list them in some way
<stipa> it logs
<lanefu> omg
<lanefu> nagios needs ot do
<lanefu> die
<stipa> never!
<stipa> but i don't use those stuff anymore, i have a bridge through all my traffic goes
<alekksander> terminal tools are looking even better (simpler for my simple need)
<lanefu> `vnstat` is easy for monitoring interface bandwidth consumptin ntop-ng for more depth of looking at flow
<stipa> and slap nload or iftop on it, enough for me
<alekksander> i have vnstat but it's more for a bandwith control rather than logging traffic per desired conditions
<lanefu> define control
<alekksander> nonetheless vnstat is a great little tool i have on all my systems
<alekksander> lanefu: what i mean is that it can display amount of data per specific interval, but not much beside this
<stipa> yeah, vnstat is if you don't have flat internet or smthn like that
<lanefu> hmm still not quite following, but i think `ntop-ng` is more of what you're looking for
<alekksander> what is „flat internet”?
<stipa> without limit of how much you can spend
<stipa> per month
<stipa> that is adsl marketing thing
<stipa> i turn vnstat on when i'm desperate or smthn
<stipa> when i have to care how much i spend
<stipa> otherwise it just destroys recording media with logs
<stipa> in reality something has to log stuff only for debugging purposes
<stipa> with SSDs it's ok, at least they're silent
<stipa> when something logs on HDDs it's like, annoying
<stipa> tick, tick, tick, tick tick
<stipa> ...
<alekksander> put the damn thing in other room, in a closet or attic and You're free again
<alekksander> i hide my server (two loud rotating wd disks) in other room AND in the closet
<alekksander> even simple box can help. if it's stationary pc You can mount the disk in the way it doesn't touch any stiff metal parts, just rubber
<alekksander> it doesn't do wonders, but helps with the ticks, tocks and clicks
<stipa> nah, it's half torn laptop that's upside down
<stipa> brain of the operation
<stipa> the only thing that actually works
<stipa> intel machine
<stipa> not arm rubbish
<lanefu> lane@helios4:~$ uptime
<stipa> it's like a tree in the corner of my room
<lanefu> 18:07:31 up 126 days, 5:28, 1 user, load average: 0.03, 0.22, 0.15
<lanefu> my "arm rubbish" running in the ceiling of my detached garage with 4 spinning disks :P
<stipa> [asus@asus ~]$ uptime && inxi -c
<stipa> 19:09:01 up 10 days, 7:09, 9 users, load average: 0,61, 0,91, 0,66
<stipa> CPU: Dual Core Intel Core i3 M 350 (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 1370/933/2266 MHz Kernel: 5.15.2-1-rt19-MANJARO x86_64
<stipa> Up: 10d 7h 9m Mem: 656.0/7743.0 MiB (8.5%) Storage: 1.06 TiB (14.8% used) Procs: 243 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.3.09
<alekksander> uptime collector
<alekksander> it's… it's beautiful!
<alekksander> does the big antennas help? i tried does back in the days when i was wireless and there was no effect (except visual)
<stipa> it helps a little, not much
<stipa> wifi AC is shit with tablets and smartphones, with laptops and proper antennas it's ok
<lanefu> works fine on flagship tablets and smartphones :P
<alekksander> why wifi if there are cables?
<stipa> alekksander: because tablets and phones, and women dislike cables thinking they're snakes or something subconsciously
<stipa> but i do have both
<stipa> i'm ready for everything anytime if i'm like desperate or something
<stipa> it shifts as well, it's a dynmaic thing
<stipa> dynamic*
<stipa> sometimes i use wifi on my workstation, sometimes wire
<stipa> wire is fine when debugging if wifi dies and vice versa
<stipa> you have more entrances to the network
<stipa> and with time stuff piles up, why not make them useful and connect everything to the network while it's there
<stipa> although i fail at that one
<stipa> i could easily stick old wifi g interfaces and stuff to the network
<stipa> and make them useful in some way
<stipa> but, i have enough
<stipa> but those unused interfaces are functional and if shit hits the fan they're there to serve
<stipa> but like, everyone has phones and tablets and whatnot, and ethernet nics are becoming a rarity on laptops
<stipa> and wifi ax i gigabit
<stipa> is*
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