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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> What game
<Dalatiidae> openarena, of course
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Empyrion
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Ha openarena sounds about my decade
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Googling empyrion
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Damn was hoping they at least had empyrion for mac
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<Dalatiidae> or... openclonk/clonk rage?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> For Mac? Ew
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lol
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Steam has a decent amount of Mac stuff
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Literally my MacBook is my only device with any potential gaming horse power
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> Googling clonk
<Dalatiidae> but you want legacyclonk/openclonk
<Dalatiidae> legacyclonk is some clonkspot project and they have builds for your OS, GNU/Linux, etc
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> What I really need to do is get diablo II going
<Dalatiidae> does armbian have LXD? hmm
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<lanefu> Does if you install it
<Dalatiidae> no, well, not in the repos
<lanefu> Does it need kernel options other than what's needed for docker
<Dalatiidae> n00b ubuntu "server" has it, though
<Dalatiidae> debian/devuan doesn't, too
<lanefu> Armbian just uses upstream debian and Ubuntu
<Dalatiidae> I can tell
<Dalatiidae> I've been mirroring arm64 for a while, but it seems like a waste of space when I can't use it
<Dalatiidae> maybe I need to mirror armhf
<Dalatiidae> I use a modified ftpsync script fyi
<Dalatiidae> lanefu: you should get aarnet to mirror armbian
<Dalatiidae> they're open to requests last I saw
<lanefu> Got plenty of mirrors frankly
<Dalatiidae> more AU mirrors would be good
<lanefu> Oh are they in AU?
<Dalatiidae> maybe even a NZ one (local peering = $0 in transfer costs)
<Dalatiidae> yeah
<lanefu> For the deb mirrors you should use Deb.debizn
<lanefu> Deb
<lanefu> Damn it
<Dalatiidae> oh, right, these are debian mirros
<Dalatiidae> *mirros
<Dalatiidae> *mirrors
<Dalatiidae> yeah, no problem in that case
<Dalatiidae> I have my own mirror
<Dalatiidae> I know
<lanefu> That's fastly
<lanefu> So they should have POPs in AU and NZ
<lanefu> Armbian does have it's own apt repo for a few things
<lanefu> Kernels armbian config etc
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<Armbian-Discord> <N​eonFetch> Monka's rock3 pic from today
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> yeah, he is using p2 station
<Armbian-Discord> <Z​aza> balbes150 already did some images with kernel 5.16 to p2 too
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Is 5.16 lts?
* Dalatiidae leads lanefu back into that forum channel
<lanefu> ROFL fine
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lanefu cannot be led. Like a mule sometimes fire is necessary
<lanefu> ^^^
<steev> 5.15 is tony
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> @NeonFetch sweet sweet 8 gigs of RAM
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 5.15 is stable, not lts
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> It was a bit of a trick question, I don't quite get kernel chasing when even the stable kernels are shit for ARM and need patching
<lanefu> 5.10 for lyfe
<lanefu> 5.15 is a 2 year LTS
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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Seems like an sts
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😂
<Armbian-Discord> <k​prasadvnsi> That reminds me of kernel 2.6 😂
<steev> 5.16 isn't even out and i'm already 50 commits ahead
<c0rnelius> They said the same thing about 5.10. It would only end up being a 2 year LTS unless more pep got onboard and started using it.
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<^tinyweasel^> so, I noticed something with the build system and would probably like to submit a patch
<^tinyweasel^> it thought devuan/beowulf wasn't debian. I think this can be improved by looking for /etc/debian_version, and checking if meets a certain version
<^tinyweasel^> also, then it didn't see if aria2c was installed, and so, it exited out. I think it should fallback onto wget
<^tinyweasel^> now, I need to have a qemu image, but hmm, arm only, huh?
<^tinyweasel^> surely there's an x86 image
<^tinyweasel^> oh, I can see why it didn't fallback: "downloading using torrent network"
<^tinyweasel^> but uh, huh, it didn't make sunxi-fel (missing libfdt.h), and it's still going on...
<^tinyweasel^> are you kidding me? It didn't check for lz4, and now, the compilation failed... see, that's the one thing about the openwrt build system
<^tinyweasel^> at least the openwrt build system validates the system packages BEFORE compiliation
<^tinyweasel^> welp, one big patch, indeed
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, not sure why, but this build system is buggy as hell; torrent download and all just times out, etc
<^tinyweasel^> maybe it's my distro...
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<c0rnelius> Pretty sure Devuan isn't a supported host.
<^tinyweasel^> I know, I did a small modification to the bash script
<^tinyweasel^> seems silly, it SHOULD work
<c0rnelius> I haven't used it in a long while but last time I checked it was Ubuntu.
<^tinyweasel^> hmm, yikes
<^tinyweasel^> I did check the script, though
<^tinyweasel^> buster, etc., were listed
<^tinyweasel^> but I don't like how it's doing a bunch of systemd commands and those don't have ||s
<c0rnelius> There is always docker :)
<IgorPec> use docker and forget about
<^tinyweasel^> I don't use/like docker, though
<^tinyweasel^> I've seen enough compromised systems with docker on it, and those said systems always get compromised through some docker "appliance"
<^tinyweasel^> so nah
<IgorPec> you don't like docker, fine. but asking for support for unsupported stuff is fine?
<^tinyweasel^> unsupported? it's related to the build system
<IgorPec> yes
<IgorPec> and only one host is supported
<IgorPec> docker (which i also don't like very much TBH) saves from maintaining hell
<^tinyweasel^> explain this then:
<^tinyweasel^> >if [[ -z $HOSTRELEASE || "buster bullseye focal impish hirsute debbie tricia ulyana ulyssa uma" != *"$HOSTRELEASE"* ]]; then
<^tinyweasel^> now, explain to me why there is buster, etc., when it's only "ubuntu", then?
<IgorPec> what is to explain? Officially supported is the one written. those are reported to work
<^tinyweasel^> jesus, if it's not in the code, then that's not supported, but is it is, it is
<^tinyweasel^> yikes
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<archetech> next !
<IgorPec> OMG ;)
* archetech never tried docker cuz I dont like its idea but ubu on vbox does work best imo
<c0rnelius> docker is docker. You can always disable it when ur done using it so it isn't running on ur system anymore.
<c0rnelius> Can also purge all the data if you really wanted too
<IgorPec> ofc. a lot better then maintaining build system for all possible userland scenarios
<IgorPec> which become complicated pcs of software
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<^tinyweasel^> alright, fine, I will spin up a ubuntu VM, I guess
<^tinyweasel^> annoying
<^tinyweasel^> no, actually, I will do a debian one
<^tinyweasel^> that should work, it has the systemd bloat
<archetech> do waht the docs say and thats ubu 20 vm
<archetech> stop 2nd guessing
<IgorPec> this is ci on slow public runners
<^tinyweasel^> oh, I just spun up a 32GB of RAM with like 12 CPU core VM on one of my hypervisors
<^tinyweasel^> wonder how it will perform since it's some old westmere CPU
<archetech> waste
<^tinyweasel^> *cores
<archetech> 4 threads 8Gb is fine
<^tinyweasel^> no, I want it to compile very quikcly
<^tinyweasel^> *quickly
<^tinyweasel^> RAID 10 on SAS HDDs, of course
<IgorPec> sources or just image assembly?
<^tinyweasel^> oh, right
<IgorPec> for VM and modern OS production (bullseye / hirsute), host has to be Hirsute or newer, FYI
<^tinyweasel^> huh, why?
<^tinyweasel^> the newest system I have is some ryzen one and a laby lake one, same with a few others but it's mostly ivy bridge and westmere
<IgorPec> because of two things - deboostrap in older OS doesn't have info or not correct info on packages
<^tinyweasel^> no, with debian 10
<IgorPec> and because Qemu bugs
<IgorPec> hardware is not relevant
<IgorPec> just troubles with certain packages that comes with debian / ubuntu
<^tinyweasel^> oh, "hirsute" is some ubuntu version?
<^tinyweasel^> oh
<^tinyweasel^> weird name to pick imo
<IgorPec> yes, hirsute is ubuntu 2110
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, nah, I'm using debian 10
<^tinyweasel^> it's supported because it's in the script
<IgorPec> if you will build debian 10, its all fine
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, I don't like 11
<^tinyweasel^> if anything, I'm moving to centos... now, are there centos images for the orpi? ;)
<IgorPec> if you want to build debian bullseye, then starts to listen
<IgorPec> centos os on orpi :=) LOL
<IgorPec> you can only find a lot worse situation elsewhere
<^tinyweasel^> at least centos, rocky, or alma doesn't break things every god damn release...
<IgorPec> hahahahahahahahaha
<^tinyweasel^> that's my problem with 11
<^tinyweasel^> 11 has broken everything for me
<^tinyweasel^> they removed all of my old programs, etc
<IgorPec> on PC or on single board computers?
<^tinyweasel^> I don't want to compile basic things and then they changed the gcc version. Oh, PC
<^tinyweasel^> but it can apply to SBCs, too
<IgorPec> well, Debian is as is ... its not best polished, ubuntu is a lot better in this regard
<^tinyweasel^> >ubuntu
<^tinyweasel^> please, just... noooo
<IgorPec> but both are amateur grade
<^tinyweasel^> ubuntu is awful
<IgorPec> why?
<^tinyweasel^> are you a mac user?
<IgorPec> no, never ever used mac
<^tinyweasel^> you should like of them, not to be rude
<^tinyweasel^> the ones who force rust, etc
<IgorPec> what armbian takes from ubuntu is higher maturity in packages
<IgorPec> nothing else
<IgorPec> every connonical shit is removed in the process
<^tinyweasel^> maybe, I guess, but I like my older packages
<IgorPec> if we would have ability (resources), we would build those packages from sources on our own
<^tinyweasel^> erh, tried asking OVH, or the like, for some dedis?
<^tinyweasel^> well, lanefu, should, that it
<^tinyweasel^> *is
<IgorPec> its about human resources
<^tinyweasel^> oh
<IgorPec> hw is cheap
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<lanefu> Yeah we have plenty of iron. Speaking of which I owe a few runners
<lanefu> ^tinyweasel^: Armbian is the way it is because no one else would dare go up against ever single edge case that this project does.
<lanefu> Pointing in first paragraph
<^tinyweasel^> 100 SBCs seems a little low, though, compared to OpenWRT, but then again, erh
<^tinyweasel^> there aren't *that* many SBCs, I guess
<^tinyweasel^> *100 or so
<lanefu> Openwrt just had to make the Ethernet ports work
<^tinyweasel^> true...
<lanefu> We've got an epic PR thats almost merged that will add some more flexibility to the build system, and slowly we're working to make it more modular. But it will always be a quirky and eccentric tool in some regards.
<^tinyweasel^> could always adopt makefiles
<lanefu> We could put a hole in our heads too
<^tinyweasel^> true
<^tinyweasel^> reminds me of the lede openwrt merge
<lanefu> How so?
<^tinyweasel^> well, they went from bash to makefiles
<lanefu> Honestly I just don't really follow openwrt much. I think I've got one device with it
<^tinyweasel^> lots of things changed
<lanefu> Wild
<lanefu> See pr #3300 for what's coming
<^tinyweasel^> mmm
<^tinyweasel^> RPI 4 support
<^tinyweasel^> finally
<^tinyweasel^> erh, let's just apply this patch, and give it a go, I guess
<c0rnelius> You guys are using that Ubuntu kernel source for the Pi4 aren't you?
<^tinyweasel^> wait
<^tinyweasel^> armbian just kills off board configs instead of archiving them and leaving them in?
<lanefu> ^tinyweasel^: incorrect
<lanefu> Configs remain
<lanefu> Removing build targets
<^tinyweasel^> hmm
<lanefu> Shipping fewer images
<lanefu> c0rnelius: yeah starting with Ubuntu kernel packages and source I believe. Point was to get the other stuff working before going down mainline wormhole
<c0rnelius> Don't bother mainline is never gonna be up to snuff.
<lanefu> c0rnelius: not even for headless
<lanefu> ?
<c0rnelius> Basic headless sure.
<c0rnelius> No overlay support.
<^tinyweasel^> wonder if stock debian could run on an orpi, for instance, if you put the effort in
<lanefu> That's all we really care about
<^tinyweasel^> then again, their official images run, so it should be possible
<^tinyweasel^> and there is an openwrt port, actually
<c0rnelius> Could also just pull from the foundation. Thats what most people do.
<lanefu> ^tinyweasel^: yeah that's why everyone is doing it?
<^tinyweasel^> true
<^tinyweasel^> ease of install + usability
<lanefu> There is no "stock debian" because there is no UEFI
<^tinyweasel^> yeah
<^tinyweasel^> I see the orpis listed, I should try that out, actually
<lanefu> Sure I mean I'm not sure what's better about it
<^tinyweasel^> just wondering
<lanefu> An Armbian CLI minimal bullseye build is pretty close to stock debian
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, I saw
<lanefu> There's some dude on GitHub that had some scripts to take the Armbian kernel and uboot devs and shoe horn them into fedora or something
<lanefu> If you really wanna go that path
<^tinyweasel^> hmm, wouldn't mind adding in the required patches to use v4
<lanefu> He was kinda uncool tho. Bragging about it on Twitter and then not sharing links and being like "follow my github"
<lanefu> V4?
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, kernel v4
<^tinyweasel^> don't know why, but I just don't like v5
<^tinyweasel^> it ate up a lot more memory on those 32MB of RAM routers
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<lanefu> Yeah I don't think we're interested in a PR for that but that's the whole point of the "userpatches" frame work the build tool has
<lanefu> Does your opi only have 32MB of ram?
<^tinyweasel^> no, no
<^tinyweasel^> 1GB of RAM
<lanefu> Anyway unless there's a specific regression, probably more optimal to just build a 5.x kernel with custom kernel config that's leaner
<^tinyweasel^> maybe, I guess
<lanefu> Otherwise you can check out an oldrr release of the build tool where 4.19 was -current for allwinner
<^tinyweasel^> no way, the debian image boots
<^tinyweasel^> interesting
<^tinyweasel^> I guess the orpi is close enough to the plus model
<^tinyweasel^> USB ports don't seem to work. Seems like the device tree files are a bit too off, I guess
<lanefu> Yeah all the allwinner h3 stuff should generally boot device tree is where the differences are
<^tinyweasel^> yeah, I've dealt with the device trees before from openwrt porting
<^tinyweasel^> should be simple enough to just look at the armbian one
<lanefu> Yeah
<lanefu> But explain to me what value you're getting from the debian image over Armbian
<^tinyweasel^> indeed, I'm just interested
<^tinyweasel^> because if I can get a devuan ARM image working, that would be nice
<lanefu> Ah. Intellectual exercise
<^tinyweasel^> I've had the orpi longer than the RPI 4, though
<^tinyweasel^> this is an 11/11 orpi
<lanefu> Could use armbian builder and custom the package list and make your own devuan
<^tinyweasel^> I guess
<lanefu> You'd make at least 1 other person happy
<lanefu> It's funny how opinionated the debian users are
<c0rnelius> You should see the Devuan users.
<^tinyweasel^> oh, come on, I should submit a patch to make the build system stop relying on systemd so heavily
<c0rnelius> You can use Debian and Ubuntu to create Devuan images. You just need switch out whatever custom systemd services there for inits.
<^tinyweasel^> I know
<^tinyweasel^> but ubuntu? that's long gone
<c0rnelius> I do it all the time
<c0rnelius> with Ubuntu and Debian as hosts.
<^tinyweasel^> firejail is driving me into madness
<^tinyweasel^> whitelist doesn't seem to actually work
<^tinyweasel^> augh, fine, I will just do a whitelist to the home dir
<^tinyweasel^> annoying as hell
<lanefu> Personally I want to build a de-optioned systemd Deb that has less
<lanefu> Don't think I'm gonna get to do any computering this weekend. Sounds like I have to put my human suit on
<stipa> lanefu: you'll be missed
<stipa> come back soon
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<lanefu> I'm honored
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<awb99_> I did read an announce that armbian will teduxe the list of supported boards. Now I worry that my board (rockpro64) longer be supported. Is there anywhere a list of. Boards.that will be dumped?
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<Pudsnoch_> First boot Armbian 21.08.6 Focal
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<stipa> awb99_: those bards on the list have no maintainers
<awb99_> Thanks stipa
<awb99_> This is a huge list.
<stipa> awb99_: you're welcome to be a volounter
<awb99_> Is there a list of boards that do have maintainers?
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<awb99_> I am sorry.. I am doing 30 open source coding Projects... They keep me more than Busy
<stipa> awb99_: idk, but you have a notice if it's supported or not on every bards page on
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<stipa> board*
<awb99_> I was looking on Armenian Homepage for that information and could not find it.
<awb99_> Also I cannot look at all boards... I need to make the decision if I dump my rock pro boards now
<awb99_> And move to something similar
<awb99_> But rock pro is on the dump list
<stipa> maybe it got maintainer it the meanwhile
<awb99_> I really like the armbian distro
<stipa> those bards on the list will be auto updated by scripts even if they don't have maintainers
<stipa> but if something brakes no one will fix it
<awb99_> Actually I like dietpi which uses armbian
<c0rnelius> I guess they won't be for much longer.
<awb99_> But it makes me very nervous to know a lot of boards are about to be no longer supported
<stipa> yeah, lack of maintainers and not enough time
<stipa> & money
<stipa> volunteer are welcome * problem fixed
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<awb99_> Yes
<awb99_> This is the typical open source Problem.
<stipa> yeah, it's clears as day
<awb99_> The quality of armbian is pretty amazing.
<stipa> clear*
<stipa> it's ok
<stipa> maybe even the best there is
<stipa> to bad it'll die
<stipa> partially
<stipa> it's just a matter of time when it'll start to break as c0rnelius mentioned
<awb99_> I see it as positive that armbian will only focus on a few boards.
<awb99_> Who needs 1000 different boards?
<c0rnelius> On a super basic level it comes down to kernel patching, which is already in place. From there someone needs to make adjustments as the kernels move forward.
<awb99_> If there are 5 or 10 then I guess this would cover most usecases.
<awb99_> But I see some boards that I think should be pretty popular on the dump list.
<c0rnelius> Beyond that firmware and whatever little bits are needed to get everything work. Scripts, services, blah.
<c0rnelius> I don
<c0rnelius> I don't own the board, but if its anything like the NanoPC T4 it can't be that tough
<stipa> awb99_: yeah, there's bunch of lazy armbian users and i've heard there's bunch of boards online sukcing updates
<stipa> but, they're not willing to help
<stipa> greedy motherfuckers
<stipa> including myself
<stipa> c0rnelius: yeah, users will come here and cry when it starts to happen
<c0rnelius> let them cry :)
<stipa> suckers :D
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<stipa> sunxi has listed D1 on their webpage
<stipa> i'm not sure what to think of that
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