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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> If the pine phone pro and keyboard are real I want them. Finally replace my NEC mobilePro 900C 🤣
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<Armbian-Discord> <I​gorPec> so we need to add mobile friendly desktop 😉
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<TRS-80> I see notification "x (user) applied to the staff position y" but when I click on that I don't see their app or anything, just the "job listing"?
<IgorPec> Do you see button "applicants" ?
<TRS-80> I don't think so. Where?
<TRS-80> OK I found it now
<TRS-80> doesn't really stick out as a "button" but maybe that's just dark theme
<IgorPec> this button is just for admins
<TRS-80> OK I am looking at application now, I see big approved stamp, but nothing else like button to approve or anything else (maybe it goes away once approved?)
<IgorPec> here you should see some content on the left
<IgorPec> if not, don't ask me why :) this is permission issue then
<TRS-80> I see the requirements, I mean if I go to an individual application (which I just found) there is nothing to do there
<TRS-80> Also btw, I am certainly not interested in being any sort of (anti-)social media manager on proprietary platforms, but the fact we don't have any profile pic on LiberaPay is really triggering my autism. lol
<TRS-80> but maybe it's too much pain in the arse with permissions, don't want to make too much work for you
<TRS-80> I would like to fix it but maybe setting up a group or whatever is too much hassle right now
<TRS-80> And offtopic, did I tell you guys I was able to book an RV for 9 days? :)
<TRS-80> So I will be travelling to hills of TN for about a week starting Thanksgiving day
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Niiice
<TRS-80> yep, beginning the scouting
<TRS-80> and bringing some family (and visiting other family), so it should be a good time all around; really looking forward to it
<TRS-80> Anyone else seeing forum js issues? I been having problem lately when clicking "load more messages" in "All Activity" stream (
<TRS-80> it just hangs
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<TRS-80> now having trouble posting
<TRS-80> Am I the only one (maybe I need to check uMatrix, etc. again)?
<TRS-80> everything allowed on my side except google analytics
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<Kitty> hi, I updated the /boot/armbianenv.txt file, do I need to do anything for changes to take effect ?
<TRS-80> hi Kitty
<TRS-80> I am not sure but hang around a bit and you are sure to get an answer eventually. :)
<TRS-80> did you try just reboot and see what happens?
<Kitty> no, as I didn't want to make it into a brick... again
<TRS-80> good point
<TRS-80> I don't think that will brick will it? Just not boot maybe (not sure actually)?
<Kitty> not booting == bricking surely ?
<TRS-80> nah, brick to me implies borking the boot loader or something like that and having to bust out JTAG cable (or equivalent)
<TRS-80> but I am only low (med at best) level wizard so don't take that to the bank
<Kitty> well I'd have to take the sd card out, put it in another device, etc...
<TRS-80> is that such effort? lol
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<Harzilein> hi
<TRS-80> o/
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<Harzilein> on amlogic gxl series systems w/ composite out available (s905x on a magicsee n5 tv box in my case), is the inability to have different things display on hdmi and composite a limitation of the hardware, or could i hope to get dual head by using armbian instead of the android 7 it shipped with?
<TRS-80> Harzilein: TV Boxes are quite a mess (too much differing hardware, among many other issues), and therefore not even officially supported in Armbian. Having said that, we do have where a few intrepid souls looking for challenges hang out
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<Harzilein> TRS-80: for no longer having a shepard of builds for it, the amlogic tv box community on your forum looks pleasantly active though. took note of the caveat though. :)
<Harzilein> TRS-80: so i'm not entirely without hope to get things running in the first place. still wondering if its worth it. if amlogic tv box users are hanging here that tried working with the a/v port, i'd still gladly take any and all hints :)
<Harzilein> (for me, having the hmdi unaccelerated but hw video accel on composite would be, if supported by the hardware in the first place, a resounding success)
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<Harzilein> kinda set up perfectly for experiments as i have the same box twice
<Harzilein> i'll try to collect some info about the topology of the video chip and that output port
<Harzilein> gpu/meson kernel docs kinda give a bleak picture for my desired feature
<TRS-80> now you start to understand the problems ;)
<TRS-80> but they go far and wide; it is not without reason they are corralled into their own "club"; OTOH people who are up for a challenge can learn a lot by playing with these cheap devices, maybe one day eventually contribute back to the project
<TRS-80> so "worth it" is a matter of opinion/perspective
<Harzilein> asked on the lepotato channel in parallel, framing it as willingness to get their product if they can find out that it would indeed be possible. they might know more, having access to more of the documentation of the architecture
<TRS-80> if Igor read something like that he would consider it a ransom and give you what for, lol, but who knows how they will react
<TRS-80> truth is this feature may be supported on some more reliable hardware, which is why recommendation is to purchase Supported device
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<IgorPec> Harzilein: hw (sellers) knows nothing beside wiring the chip.
<lanefu> did discord shit the bed for anybody else?
<steev> not here, but individual servers can go down and i don't think i'm actually on the armbian discord :(
<lanefu> armbain's just usingi the public stuff
<steev> actually... i just tried to send a message in a discord and yeah, it's not sending
<steev> most discords are public stuff, just a matter of if they're "published"
<IgorPec> it seems dead to mee to
<IgorPec> but we have IRC ;)
<lanefu> lol
<steev> it's weird how so many people freak out when a free service goes down
<IgorPec> deficiency syndrome or something ? :)
<lanefu> i was in the middle of FWDing my RMA to datacenter dude for my drives lol
<steev> on discord?
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> lol
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<stipa> discord dead, hard to believe
<stipa> from my POV it's the same as any other generic messaging shit that comes and goes away
<TRS-80> lanefu: and nothing of value was lost ;p
<TRS-80> some weeks ago, FaceBook and some other big Internet platforms went down, but not my XMPP server! :D
<TRS-80> stipa: worse, as it's proprietary, centralized, heavy JavaShit, and questionable ties to some shady intel agencies to boot
<stipa> TRS-80: that's because you're perfect
<TRS-80> far from it, but allow me my rms "I told you so!" moment ;)
<stipa> TRS-80: yeah, it's pretty from the outside and total shit inside
<stipa> TRS-80: yeah, well, you're right
<stipa> you cant beat that
<stipa> but, facebook was relying on that able or whatever that kills whole system if one server fucks it up
<stipa> table*
<stipa> all servers got the copy of the same table and whole facebook network wnt down
<stipa> that's just a design of that think that's crap
<stipa> thing*
<stipa> it's probably a feature now
<stipa> check the table before you update it
<stipa> well, it's what it is, shitty software all over the place
<stipa> eventually it breaks
* TRS-80 still cannot post on forums
<stipa> but, hackers are running wild now, there's bunch of "hacker" attacks and government services are going down
<stipa> like whole systems
<stipa> post office went down today at my place
<stipa> everything
<stipa> from web page to computers in shops
<TRS-80> prepare Uranus, we are approaching end times! :D
<TRS-80> only few wizards with SBCs running Armbian and own radio towers will be left standing soon :D
<stipa> yeah, it won't be nice
<ikmaak> the discord thing breaking might be the new chrome version
<ikmaak> for the people having issues, are u using chrome 96?
<stipa> probably firefox
<stipa> linux
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<Harzilein> IgorPec: hmm... bummer. does their technical marketing department really not want to know about as many applications it can be applied to as possible?
<Harzilein> IgorPec: otherwise it'll really be only community management around a tv box where you have to buy the enclosure separately ;)
<Harzilein> am i too naive?
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<[TheBug]> um no more like companies selling tv box is selling it so close to margin they have no budget for software support or support in general and also tend to choose bottom of barrel components for their devices -- meaning not all memory will comply with same timings in all cases and other weirdness with cheap parts -- the difference being the other boards you are making refernce to are 'development
<[TheBug]> boards' which are manufatured with a complete different set of use cases in mind and generally have some type of general software development and support included in the product -- though still limited based on what you are paying for the device etc
<[TheBug]> Harzilein ^^
<Harzilein> [TheBug]: i _was_ talking about le potato though wrt asking the manufacturer
<Harzilein> if it doesn't work with it, i can be quite convinced it won't work with my tv boxes either
<[TheBug]> Based on everything you discuess above I would have never thought that was what you were referring to -- you started off asking about tv boxes and video support so... not sure where the connection changed there in what you were talking about, but okay
<TRS-80> Harzilein: This entire ecosystem is, how shall I say, interesting I have noticed. Anyway, lurk moar. :) I have been for years and only learned little bit so far.
<[TheBug]> Harzilein: you can't deduce what will be supported on a real dev board that may have support in the Armbian ecosystem based on a TV Box
<[TheBug]> Armbian generally doesn't provide development support at all for TV Boxes, it is done by the community
<[TheBug]> so comparing Lepotato to a TV Box may not be anywhere near to 1:1
<Harzilein> [TheBug]: lepotato and my tv box should both be using the very same vendor ip for the hdmi/vdac(?) functionality. while that doesn't exclude particularities of the tv box design, i think the "negative for the sbc implies negative for the tv box" is not too far fetched.
<[TheBug]> Why would it be? They likely are using cheaper lower quality memory, cheaper power solutions (sometimes locking voltage, as in no voltyage regulation at all), etc
<[TheBug]> there are many difference again in a 'TV Box' vs a real development board
<[TheBug]> quality is not equal
<Harzilein> i'm not deducing "positive for the sbc implies positive for the tv box", mind
<[TheBug]> between the two
<[TheBug]> they can be using entirely different components and deliver the same 'features'
<[TheBug]> so just because something works or doesn't on one board doesn't per se dictate its support on the other
<Harzilein> that's generally true for externel peripherals, but why would the _tv box manufacturer on a tigh margin_ want to roll their own wrt display output?
<Harzilein> that may be true in general and everything i researched about my particular machine point to such corner cutting to happen.
<Harzilein> tight*
<c0rnelius> What Le Potato is running S905X3?
<Harzilein> s905x it says here, (gxl)
<Harzilein> -,
<c0rnelius> magicsee n5 tv box?
<Harzilein> s905x
<Harzilein> also, for the manufacturer kernel, it uses the ame device tree as the reference design
<Harzilein> same*
<c0rnelius> Ah yes nevermind I was looking at the Max model.
<c0rnelius> Does it use the same uboot?
<lanefu> I wish more extension of the IRC protocol would be embraced
<c0rnelius> You can deconstruct the dtb on tv box and diff the dts against the Le Potato's.
<Harzilein> it started out with my mom having the guy who brought the new tv throw out a perfectly good old tv that no longer supported dvb-s2. for the even older tv i didn't want that to happen, so i made sure to buy her a tv box, and buy the same for me so i could work out things in tandem with her should problems occur.
<TRS-80> lanefu: Not sure what you refer to specifically, but XMPP may be more of what you are looking for in that regard?
<Harzilein> now my mom died in april and i have the same device twice
<TRS-80> Harzilein: sorry to hear about your mum, mate
<Harzilein> c0rnelius: i'm not sure how to check the uboot. it's not on the emmc but somewhere else?
<Harzilein> (i think the stock uboot for the n5 may be inside some package for use with the amlogic toolset, dunno if it can be downloaded separately)
<Harzilein> localhost:~$ tsudo blockdev --getsize64 /dev/block/bootloader
<Harzilein> localhost:~$ tsudo blockdev --getsize64 /dev/block/boot
<Harzilein> 4194304
<Harzilein> 33554432
<Harzilein> TRS-80: thanks
<Harzilein> i'd take a guess it's the former?
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<TRS-80> Is it possible to build Armbian Debian desktop image with say XFCE for instance (instead of Ubuntu)?
<TRS-80> I guess I am embarrassed to say I never actually used the build tool before. :D Pls, no bully.
<TRS-80> for BPB perhaps I should state
<TRS-80> PBP
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> yes
<TRS-80> I am asking before I buy one lol
<TRS-80> also responding to some forum thread on PINE64, so thanks for authoratative answer (I hate spreading BS).
<TRS-80> new maintaner incoming for PBP and ROCKPro64, I hope I can still be friends with Igor :D
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<lanefu> my pockets are melting
<IgorPec> TRS-80: BFF :)
<IgorPec> lanefu: you get aarch64 server up?
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<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> IgorPec playing with equinix ampere altra
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> The new badboy in town
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<archetech> lanefu: remotely or in your lab