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<lanefu> check out the logs in build/output/debug/*.log
<yann-kaelig> obviously something is missing when I'm executing dquilt push I get: No file to patch. Skipping patch. There is no xorg source file
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<yann-kaelig> ok, I'm done with debian and ubuntu. It's insane, there is package source xorg-server and xorg, but from apt install xorg-server doesn't exist but only xorg
<lanefu> bwaa sounds frustrating
<yann-kaelig> Looking at the source xorg, none a of binary packages is xorg-server
<yann-kaelig> so how xorg-server is built ?
<lanefu> no idea I suck at deb packaging
<yann-kaelig> it's mental torture , lol
<yann-kaelig> it's not the first time I'm creating or building packages from source, but I never seen such over complicated build system
<yann-kaelig> I'm going back to my ebuild, pkgbuild and recipes ^^
<lanefu> armbian or deb/ubuntu?
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<yann-kaelig> just looking at the package naming scheme xserver-xorg instead of xorg-server as everywhere, I can understand that on debian/ubuntu everything is upside down :D
<lanefu> yeah Xorg is passed even living on borrowed tiem at this point
<yann-kaelig> well, for me it's a mystery why there is a xorg and xorg-server
<yann-kaelig> I remember that years ago Xorg was used but it's deprecated since a long time for xorg-server only
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<yann-kaelig> ok, so now on xorg-server source I can apply my patch with dquilt push
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<yann-kaelig> Applying patch fix-aiglx-for-sun4i-drm.diff > patching file glx/glxdricommon.c
<yann-kaelig> good
<yann-kaelig> building
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> But why are you building that anyway instead of just using the kms/drm driver
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> What SoC is it
<yann-kaelig> I have to rebuild because there is a patch for xorg-server for the allwinner cubietruck
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<yann-kaelig> And I think that instead of waiting for an xorg-server 21.1 update on debian/ubuntu I can make a try. But I'm little worried about the fact that I have xorg package installed instead of xorg-server, I will see what happen
<lanefu> ohh
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<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> @lanefu did you enable join/leave messages passing? Kind a unnecessary noise
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> yeah i did
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> i kinda thoight makes it easier to see who is there on other side
<Armbian-Discord> <l​anefu> but yeah ill turn off i guess
<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> Some ircD have even built in flags to turn off sending these messages to channels. Unfortunately libera daemons do not have that
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<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> Useful for big channels
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<lanefu> okay
<lanefu> turned off
<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> great
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<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> btw i noticed that the tablet is pretty slow when running commands
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> (armbian with the cubieboard img)
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> maybe armbian is too heavy for it?
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<lanefu> Yeah that's not a very potent CPU. Even desktop on H3 isn't really useable
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<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> but maybe it's just the microsd being slow
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> mmh
<sunshavi> I use desktop on H3
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<yang> arianaglande, what are the tablet specs?
<yang> I noticed having less than 2GB on a tablet, would make Android unusable (I haven't tried Armbian there)
<yang> 2 GB Memory
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> 1gb ram
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> iirc
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> and 4gb flash
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<yang> ariana, yeah maybe that is too little
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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 4 GB flash will be really wee. You'll want to custom an image for that and strip out pretty much everything non-essential and hope it's enough
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> A single-core Cortex A8 is not going to win any awards no matter what the linux distro though
<lanefu> Abuse award
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Lanefu, teach me containers pls thx
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<lanefu> Seriously or are you clowning?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I don't know shite about them
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> they seem like a great idea, and horrible idea, all at the same time
<lanefu> k, i'll DM you later
<lanefu> they are both
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> like, a great idea implemented by a drunk rain man
<lanefu> it helped depedency management
<lanefu> but put configuraation management a step behind
<lanefu> automation of OS config
<lanefu> we were all using ansible and chef adn wahtever else and kicking ass
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> considers going back to live in assembly langauge land, it's more logical
<lanefu> then docker came, and everyone is show horning bash into dockerfiles to setup everything
<lanefu> *shoe horning
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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> hmmmm
<TRS-80> lanefu: no make a post or something pls
<TRS-80> or discuss in here
* TRS-80 also wants to move personal infra to containers since years now
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I'm trying to come up with a way to properly utilize the absolute mountain of e-waste I have 😄
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<TRS-80> What I envision is like downloading some configs from personal repo and then firing up a new container, I think they call that cattle not pets or something
<lanefu> yep. cattle not pets
<lanefu> you need a "scheduler" to dispatch your workloads
* TRS-80 still has bespoke configs running on old Cubietruck since years, afraid to touch it
<lanefu> airflow, nomad, k8s, celery, all schedulers
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> yeah lots of how-to's for k8s
<TRS-80> is that neccessary though for homelab people like us?
<TRS-80> what about just regular Docker and.... I dunno
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I want to run across multiple nodes
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> so yes
<IgorPec> kubernetes in every housegold ;)
<TRS-80> IgorPec true motivation comes out :D
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I have a literal pile of redundant SBC's
<TRS-80> I guess it depends on your workload and hardware. I have only few but mainly want "config as software" rather than bunch of microservices I guess
<TRS-80> only few boards I mean
<TRS-80> although I guess that's just a matter of degree
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 3X Tinker board, 2x XU4, 5x MC1 solo
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> etc
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> and that's just armv7 stuff
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I got the MC1's during the firesale 😄
<lanefu> yeah i mean if yuo're gonna be gross yeah do k3s on them
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> that's what I gathered
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I am of course open to better options
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> Me browsing internet for a day or two is not adequate when I have people who know what's going on in the IRC
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "If you're gonna be gross" LOL
<TRS-80> yes please expand on that comment lanefu :)
* TRS-80 been looking into this shit (here and there) since years already
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I believe the K word had a bot that would tell you profanity was frowned on for a while
<TRS-80> K word?
* TRS-80 realizes I guess you aren't going to say it after using phrase "K word"
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> "Kubernetes" And since, honestly and unfortunately, the tech landscape is about as grounded as shitty runway fashion goldfish at the present time, a sane review by someone that isn't a fanboy of useless extra tech is helpful
<TRS-80> Ya, hence my interest in why lanefu keeps talking about Nomad, etc.; from what I read this seems to be popular with actual tech people and not just something you hear repeated ad nauseum in the tech "media"
<lanefu> there's stuff that's friendlier than nomad
<lanefu> i just dont know what it is
<lanefu> i'm pretty religious about nomad
* TRS-80 did notice that
<TRS-80> So maybe you cannot recommend something for us mere mortal home labbers?
<lanefu> from a documentation perspective k3s is probably oen of hte better options
<lanefu> but yeah there's other stuff i just dont know the name of
<TRS-80> @Tonynac32 Last thing poor lanefu wants to talk about in beer drinking time off is what he does at $dayjob. Let's leave him alone, I been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) for long time to get info out of him in this area. :D
<lanefu> more managed k8s on there than i'd prefer to see lol
<TRS-80> duly noted
<TRS-80> FWIW (I did read a little) I think it may be good to start with Docker as this is like first steps and seems pretty standar, learn a little and then go from there.
<lanefu> promise me you won't go down the docker-compose path
<lanefu> it's a path to lies and lockin and uselessness
<lanefu> podman might be worth looking into over docker as well
* TRS-80 seems to recall this advice being given before, and now is doubly noted
<TRS-80> I like that idea of "infrastructure as software" I guess there are just better implmentations sounds like
<lanefu> infra as code is the industry term
<lanefu> it's great.. it's hard and takes a long time to do
<lanefu> and nobody believes it
<TRS-80> ahaaaaa the new OO
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<lanefu> yeah in a that Go isn't OO but has a lot of _almost OO_ stuff
<lanefu> but now i'm speaking beyond my expertise
* TRS-80 just wants to be able to spin up his XMPP server, here or at other family member location, automatically and with failover, by downloading configs from some central repo
<TRS-80> Go is like C for the Internet
<TRS-80> with (much) better multithreading
<lanefu> TRS-80: you want ansible, skip containers
<lanefu> it lets you pet your cattle
<lanefu> well
<TRS-80> I guess in my mind I think of Ansible as whole machine configs?
<TRS-80> where with containers I could run miltiple on one machine, especially if they are light like XMPP (or file) server?
<lanefu> it's really just an automation tool oriented around common stuff
<lanefu> so more like instead of messing iwth automatic deployment of xmpp
<lanefu> you've got a programatic way to install xmpp on the boxes you target, adn configure it the way you want (easily)
<lanefu> then just solve the loadbalancer and healthcheck failover stuff on your own terms. with haproxy or nginx
<lanefu> TRS-80: containers are just applianced-ized builds of applications/tools with all their depdendencies
<TRS-80> right
<lanefu> and typically all the normal /etc/asdfasdf configuration you're used ot. is mangled and elsewhere, difficult to manage, or is a totally invented thing
<TRS-80> I guess where it gets more messy is things that need databases, do you run one per or one in common etc.
<lanefu> liek when people wrap tehir whole thing is a startup shell script to setup stuff
<lanefu> run_once: true
<lanefu> thanks anisble
<lanefu> lol
<lanefu> you can also deploy containres iwth ansible
<lanefu> basically i thikn i'm saying you'd enjoy containres w/ ansible more than containres with k8s or some scheduler
<TRS-80> I mean Ansible is just a bunch of "roles" which are like ... Python scripts to do certain things, amirite?
<TRS-80> ok
<TRS-80> yeah there seems a lot of overlap, which only adds to confusion
* TRS-80 still needs to read more
<TRS-80> I do (greatly) appreciate your earned wisdom at least pointing me in a reading direction
<lanefu> roles -- ansible syntax and supporting files to do something large.. module -- a ansible 'command' that has idempotent interaction to a thing
<TRS-80> idempotent, I like this word
<TRS-80> trying to get there even in my own dotfiles
<lanefu> yeah.. ansible perfect for managing dotfiles
<TRS-80> I was about to ask you...
<TRS-80> that
<TRS-80> I bet you do
<lanefu> you can have a template for your normal ones, and then have rules so that on host X it adds extra thing y
<lanefu> a little.. my vim and ~screen~ tmux
<TRS-80> I mean you can do in scripts too, I guess Ansible is just better way of doing that somehow?
<lanefu> yeah
<lanefu> you can run it over and over again
<lanefu> and it wont change want doesnt neeed to change
<lanefu> sed can't be smart like that
<TRS-80> right
<lanefu> you write code to assert somethign to a state, and ansible, checks adn reconsoles or whatever
<TRS-80> I have been trying to shave this yak personally for years in my own dotfiles, on v3 and stilln ot done
<lanefu> yeah had it over to ansible and the native jinja2 templating
<lanefu> it's both an acclerator and guardrails for automating what you'd otherwise do in a script
<TRS-80> maybe that will be good path for me, dotfiles and then later infra in Ansible
<lanefu> yeah
<TRS-80> as one of main things I want to do soon is finish my years long dotfile re-write alreasy
<lanefu> like i use ansible to install my account, keys, fail2ban, monitoring, ssh_config etc
<lanefu> on anything i have rally
<ikmaak> lanefu: i'd like to see some of your examples, i could use some more inspiration for the non-base-config tasks, and first contact stuff
<TRS-80> yeah v1 was a make file with like minimal desktop full for instance, sort of same idea I guess
<TRS-80> eg make minimal would install just what I need on a foreign host temporarily
<lanefu> ikmaak: like more precedural automation?
<lanefu> lemme see i can't sit here and evangelise then not share anything lol
<TRS-80> I think he is asking if you publish your dotfiles / ansible stuff
<ikmaak> yes, i love ansible for installs, but i would like to do more
<TRS-80> making some split between public / private is the other thing I have been doing with my dotfiles adding to the selay
<TRS-80> delay
<TRS-80> Eventually my goal is to have some public repo, for sharing as well as ease of installation, with a second stage install of private repos.
<lanefu> k almost have oen lol
* TRS-80 needs to go eat but will check back later what has been posted
<TRS-80> thanks lanefu
<ikmaak> i'd like to make a base set of scripts for some devices that i would place at friends houses, so that some base parts of their infra is as easy to use as they want it, and if they want to know more/make things better, they can add it for all of us. just a sbc and a openwrt router both setup by ansible can make a lot of difference.
<lanefu> ohay i thought you wanted procedural
<lanefu> her's a procedural example.. where I made a tool that can do quick ping measurements from all my different ansible hosts to see what hte performance is
<ikmaak> thank you, i am reading backlog as well. any opinion on my idea to just give friends a sbc and a wrt router, and set them up with some serivces that way, and let them do upgrades by dl-ing the main repo, and have their own config files to fill for ansible?
<ikmaak> and if they need more power, tell them to add more SBCs as DB server or whatnot.
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<ikmaak> that is a nice script for first contact indeed.
<lanefu> yeah ansible galaxy makes it easy to find good roles to use
<ikmaak> ow, i still have not gotten used to galaxy yet. i still just avoid it and just make/find/adapt roles
<ikmaak> in all this time, i have never gotten there and thought anyhing else than: go away and give me the code. i likely am doing it wrong :P
<TRS-80> > Platform
<TRS-80> ;)
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<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> hello, i would like to know how to put an external disk used with storge to install docer
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<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @Werner I can't do it, can you help me?
<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> Probably not. Never used docker
<c0rnelius> You mean you want the docker data stored on an external drive?
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @BridgeBot yes
<c0rnelius> So its not eating up the internal space you have?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I guess the question should be "Does anyone have experience with Docker on external drives who would be willing to help me?" <-- this avoids waking the angry Werner
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😉
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> Does anyone have experience with Docker on external drives who would be willing to help me?
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> sorry 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <W​erner> 😈
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> "NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 1 14.7G 0 disk └─sda1 8:1 1 14.7G 0 part rknand0 31:0 0 7.3G 0 disk └─rknand0p1 31:1 0 7.1G 0 part / zram0 253:0 0 481M 0 disk [SWAP] zram1 253:1 0 50M 0 disk /var/log "
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 1 14.7G 0 disk └─sda1 8:1 1 14.7G 0 part rknand0 31:0 0 7.3G 0 disk └─rknand0p1 31:1 0 7.1G 0 part / zram0 253:0 0 481M 0 disk [SWAP] zram1 253:1 0 50M 0 disk /var/log
<c0rnelius> yeah whatever that is. basically create the mount point and use the paste i just linked as an example.
<c0rnelius> All data will be stored there and not waste space on ur sd/mmc
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> rockchip TV box?
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> YES
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> nothing uses NAND 😄
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> "graph": "/mnt/sda1/docker-base"
<c0rnelius> if thats what ur mount point is then, yes.
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @Tonymac32 I'm noob at this, it was a unique way I got this rolling 😄 if you want to give me some tips, feel free
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @BridgeBot { "log-driver": "journald", "storage-driver": "overlay2" }
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> { "log-driver": "journald", "storage-driver": "overlay2" }
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> you will need to add that SD card to your mount points, it looks like it is no mounted from your paste
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> sorry to SAD
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I need another coffee
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> anyway
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> SDA
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> so very carefully add sda1 to the fstab after creating a directory to mount it to under /media or something appropriate for the task
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> to match C0rnelius, /mnt/sda1 and have a folder named "docker-base" to keep it organized
<c0rnelius> I'd probs go with a UUID `sudo blkid` of the actual drive.
<c0rnelius> But thats just me.
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> that's the recommendation in the linked how-to, and for sure
<c0rnelius> for example:
<c0rnelius> # external drive
<c0rnelius> UUID=528425e3-647c-4513-8285-f62f37a93226/mnt/externalext4defaults,noatime,nodiratime0 2
<c0rnelius> after creating the mount point and mounting the drive you'll probs also wanna chown it? example: `sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /mnt/external` Although all docker data will still be owned by root.
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<c0rnelius> I'm still not sure why everyone loves docker :)
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> so the installer provided on the debian website
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> thought for that i'd need a keyboard to install it :/
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> and otg wont work i guess
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> i have no way to directly interact with the installer
<TRS-80> @a​rianaglande Debian or Armbian?
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> unless the issue it's the otg cable 🤔
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> he said to use a small distro
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> armbian comes with a lot of stuff already installed i guess?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> No, that'll be fatter probably
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> u sure?
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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 100%? no. But I can make a really small image with the Armbian build system, I'd be shocked if a generic install option would even get close
<c0rnelius> I know you can create a headless installer for debian and then use ssh to run the install, but I've never tried it on arm.
<IgorPec> now what is pointless?
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> how tho
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> like how do i make a bootable microsd that is basically an installer, and then it's ready to ssh into it and start the installer?
<Armbian-Discord> <a​rianaglande> because armbian is basically a pre-installed os
<c0rnelius> To be honest I don't believe that is really possible and if so wouldn't be easy. A lot of factors with arm.
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> I don't know what I did but it won't start the armian anymore: D I'll have to redo it all over again
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> 😩
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> you have to be very careful with fstab
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> if you pick the wrong options it does that
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> but it's necessary to do what you want it to do
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<karlp> I've got an odroid c2, booting from emmc, onthe old hardkernel ubuntu, and I want to upgrade it to current armbian. because emmc always boots first, is my only option to use dd to erase the first 96 sectors of the emmc from the running old system, then reboot? that should then fail to detect the emmc as valid, boot from teh sd card? is there any other way?
<karlp> huh, could I also just dd if=armbian.img of=/dev/emmc? does that really work for isntalling? seems wild to truy that from the running old system...
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @Tonymac32 i want to install docker and its images on sda1
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<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> karlp I would say you need to "break" the existing system like you said in the first message. I don't tihnk the C2 supports a USB tether to PC using the aml usb tool for flashing, so that would be the only way
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> yes, I get it. But you need to have the DSA1 partition available/visible to Linux in the first place, so mounted. Then you need to configure Docker to use it.
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> I can't type today, sda1
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> 😐
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> ok
<Armbian-Discord> <[​PT]GOODVIBE[PT]> @Tonymac32 I'll be waiting for you to help me, okay?
<Armbian-Discord> <T​onymac32> This is so specific to your device, the help you've gotten is pretty much the limit of it. You need to carefully follow the instructions for mounting the sda device on boot, then follow c0rnelius's advice on Docker
<karlp> yar, I nuked the beginning of emmc from teh old system and rebooted, armbian's installing back to emmc now, hope I got all my backups correct ;)
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