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<zid> camels suck, how about a dragon
<x8dcc> camels don't suck
<vdamewood> zid: I have a book with a dragon on it. A purple dragon.
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<zid> does it have malignalitaloptereosis?
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<jimbzy> Our bible would have a capybara on the cover.
<x8dcc> Hell no
<zid> yea, nah
<zid> capy are friend shaped
<zid> osdev is not friend shaped
<zid> it's self-loathing shaped
<x8dcc> my back hurts
<x8dcc> my eyes too
<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<x8dcc> jesus it's ugly
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<geist> yay osdev people are weird people with a community
<kazinsal> mmmmyep
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<zid> I think I have malignalitaloptereosis
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<x8dcc> I was literally going outside and then I remembered something. About the debug exception issue I was talking about yesterday, Since IRETD restores EFLAGS, couldn't I just unset the trap flag bit when I enter the ISR and then IRETD would restore the old ones?
<x8dcc> that way I think it would not debug itself
<x8dcc> I still need to leave so I will check it later
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<Ermine> gog: may I pet you
<gog> yes please
* Ermine pets gog
* gog prr prr
<ChavGPT> i watched a video about cats and comments say it is lying
<ChavGPT> video claims cats check up on you in the morning
<ChavGPT> and it is totally not about food
* ChavGPT throws gogs a snack
<ChavGPT> what is your take gogs
<gog> they're checking to see if you're dead because if you are then you're the food
* ChavGPT is happy to not own a gogs
<gog> speaking of cats i pet an orange kitty on the way to work this morning
<gog> v friendly 13/10 would pet again
<ChavGPT> maybe cultures eating cats have it right
<sham1> No >:(
<ChavGPT> ey sham1 do you ever eat beef
<ChavGPT> cause lemme tell you, cows can be very friendly!
<sham1> Yes they can be
<sham1> I've abstracted away the murder
<Hammdist> is there a syntax to read ttbr0_el1 from gdb connected to qemu (on aarch64)?
<mcrod> hi
<mcrod> gog may I pet you
<mcrod> zid: zid: hey zid! almost got audio working correctly except, pops
<mcrod> but only during one aspect of generation
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<gog> yes
* mcrod pets gog
* gog prr
<x8dcc> suspicious(tm)
<mcrod> ok you caught us
<mcrod> gog and I hold hands sometimes
<x8dcc> kinda weird thing to say on the internet but I ain't judging
<mcrod> uh
<mcrod> rest assured that much weirder things go on with the internet
<jimbzy> Interesting... My laptop shutdown during the middle of the night.
<mcrod> that was me, sorry.
<jimbzy> Ahhh. I see the problem. I forgot to plug it in. XD
<jimbzy> A standard ID10T fault.
<mcrod> god I hate audio
<gog> h*ld h*nds o//o
<ChavGPT> rust assured
<ChavGPT> so i just watched another cat video
<ChavGPT> one of videos earlier today: why can't sleep with you
<ChavGPT> ez -- they protect you bro
<gog> protecc
<ChavGPT> now the one i got: they feel safe bro
<ChavGPT> basically pick whatever narrative makes you feel better and roll with it
<gog> basically
<gog> there's a myth that cats don't meow to communicate with one another
<gog> but i've seen videos of a cat with a collar cam and they meow at one another all the time
<gog> it's certainly not as much but it does happen
<mcrod> today my cat knocked over a glass bulb.
<ChavGPT> i'm waiting for someone offended at the idea their cat it like other cats
<ChavGPT> s/at/by/
<zid> my cat goes up to other cats and says in a very deep voice "Oi, fucker"
<mcrod> yay I fixed it
<mcrod> thanks zid
<mcrod> https://github.com/mcroddev/samething/blob/main/src/core/src/private/core.c <- needs to be patted on the head but it works
<bslsk05> ​github.com: samething/src/core/src/private/core.c at main · mcroddev/samething · GitHub
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<Hammdist> if I update the memory contents of page tables, is `tlbi vmalle1is ; dsb sy ; isb` sufficient to make the new mapping effective?
<Hammdist> linux uses a different sequence https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/arch/arm64/include/asm/tlbflush.h#L238 but plugging that in does not fix my current issue
<bslsk05> ​elixir.bootlin.com: tlbflush.h - arch/arm64/include/asm/tlbflush.h - Linux source code (v6.5.1) - Bootlin
<Hammdist> I am running in QEMU and while I can "walk" the page tables manually using xp command and everything looks fine, the emulator doesn't like something about it
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<bslsk05> ​Note by Sophie 🎲🧩🏳️‍⚧️: "Just realised my prescriptions rn consist of: ␤ - Antibiotics 🚫🦠 ␤ - Anti-boy-otics 🚫🧔‍♂️ ␤ - Anti-boo-otics 🚫😭"
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<x8dcc> what am I looking at
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<gog> i'm not on antibiotics rn
<x8dcc> we need Jesus more than ever
<gog> nah praise satan
<Ermine> ^
<zid> church of satan is pretty cool
<bnchs> imagine having a religion
<bnchs> lol, go areligious
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<bnchs> i don't care if there's a god or multiple gods or not
<gog> i jsut want this fucking sales portal to work
<Ermine> x8dcc: please re-read Matthew 7
* Ermine cheers up gog
<gog> thanks
<gog> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it works in dev but not production
<gog> not clear why
<zid> Sounds like it works fine then
<zid> production is bad
<gog> true
<x8dcc> Ermine: you are right
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<sham1> HAIL SATAN
<zid> sham1: is that a magic spell that makes it rain solid chunks of satanism?
<sham1> Yes
* kof123 gathers the magical raining sulphur, mixes with magical rotting code
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<heat> if u close your eyes and say this in front of a mirror i'll pop up right behind you
<heat> mcrod: really like you dumping the whole license onto every file
<heat> really brings out the GNU vibes
<heat> even with the SPDX license stuff
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<gog> heat
<gog> heeeeeeat
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<heat> gog
<heat> gog
<heat> gooooooooooooooooooog
<gog> gog
<heat> heat
<heat> heat fuck you u suck
<heat> heat: bazinga
<ChavGPT> heat practicing for his lkml appearance
<zid> heat: Can you go away for a couple of hours? I'm sweating
<heat> ChavGPT: shuddup mr pessimal
<heat> go pessimal all over your commit messages
<ChavGPT> my commit messages are THE SHIT
<heat> btw the "kernel test robot noticed a -8.2% improvement of phoronix-test-suite.osbench.LaunchPrograms.us_per_event on" you got today really fucked me up
<heat> i took some time to grok that one
<ChavGPT> L M A O innit
<ChavGPT> personally i'm offended by a phoronix win
<heat> you are now the michael larabel
<heat> michal larabelsz
<ChavGPT> Pedro Krause
<ChavGPT> ever heard of nick krause?
<ChavGPT> seach for the guy on lkml kek/10
<ChavGPT> it could have legitimately be a troll
<ChavGPT> been
<zid> -8% improvement is what I expect from you two
<heat> tfw zid's shell script runs 8% slower because now it uses fancy-ass algorithms and data structures to scale to 50000000 cpus
<zid> ikr
<zid> give rep scasb back
<zid> "sorry, too busy pulling the ripcord on the avx512 engine to run your code"
<zid> "damn thing doesn't wanna start, must be cold, come back when the glow plugs are hot"
<zid> computers are a disgrace
<sham1> Computers are GOATed
<sham1> 🐐
<mcrod> hi
<mcrod> heat: <3
<heat> mcrod is GOATED
<zid> I don't think you should be calling each other welsh like that
<mcrod> anyway, fuck audio and I'm glad I figured it out.
<sham1> We can hear
<gog> computers are goated with the sauce
<heat> computers are rizzed up
<zid> I don't think even you guys know what you're saying at this point
<heat> bold of you to assume i ever did
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<geist> interesting writeup on a new sifive core announced: https://chipsandcheese.com/2023/09/03/hot-chips-2023-sifives-p870-takes-risc-v-further/
<bslsk05> ​chipsandcheese.com: Hot Chips 2023: SiFive’s P870 Takes RISC-V Further – Chips and Cheese
<geist> looks like they're getting pretty aggressive now
<nikolar> could be interesting
<nikolar> but they are directly competing with arm so who knows
<geist> yeah that core lookssl ike a direct competitor to a high end arm core
<heat> oh fun tidbit i saw today
<heat> intel is coming up with family 16h
<heat> i don't know what for though
<nikolar> family 16h?
<heat> yeah, cpuid family
<nikolar> ah right
<zid> i7dx
<geist> huh they've been stuck on their previous family forever
<Ermine> heat: how are you?
<geist> i guess that doesn't really collide with AMD's family 16h since it's a different vendor
<zid> maybe we finally get fred
<geist> i think what, intels been using family 0xf forever?
<nikolar> wonder why they feel the need to that right now
<geist> possible theyre switching families because they literaly ran out of space. iirc there's been this one 8 bit space they've been filling in
<heat> Add New Intel Processor family for SMBIOS Type 4
<heat> Hex value - 16h
<heat> Name - Intel® Processor
<heat> in tianocore
<geist> and iirc it's getting fairly full
<nikolar> interesting
<geist> also i forget, itanium used up a family id i think
<geist> the way intel maps cpu implementations to family is a complicated mess. AMD is much more straightforward
<heat> huh now im wondering if this is just some smbios crap
<heat> it says processor family which I assumed matched up with CPUID
<geist> i'll ask around at work, thjough may not be able to say anything based on what the answer is
<bslsk05> ​github.com: edk2/MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard/SmBios.h at master · tianocore/edk2 · GitHub
<geist> ah yeah thats just some enum
<geist> and for whatever reason 16h wasn't used before
<gog> fjölskyldutala
<zid> lga4710-2 inc though
<sham1> gog: bless you
<zid> so they can glue more bad i7s together to sell
<geist> but for similar reasons it looks like, that enum is running out of space assuming it's fixed to 8 bits
<geist> so probably going back and filling in the gaps
<geist> i got a new external backup drive, now i begin the slow process of filling it with random garbage before formatting it with dmcrypt
<geist> going to take....16 hours
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<nikolar> kek
<mcrod> i'm nauseous.
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<gog> backups?
<gog> pffff
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<bslsk05> ​github.com: samething/src/frontend/sdl/main.c at main · mcroddev/samething · GitHub
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<zid> is that our fourcc
<zid> also, that's a fairly tight sample buffer, 23ms?
<mcrod> yeah but so far it's working fine
<mcrod> i should increase it to 16,384
<zid> now do it with prime95 running
<zid> that's too big :P
<mcrod> i'll show you what's too big >:(
<zid> you have no sense of proportion do you
<mcrod> no.
<zid> 16 * 23 = 368ms
<zid> that means click button, third of a second later, audio plays
<zid> 23ms is just *slightly* small
<zid> not 16x too small
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<ornx> does something special in x86-64 go at address 0xf? is that real memory? my EFI memory map i get after exiting boot services says there's a block of memory there 12288 bytes long...
<ornx> 3x4096... 12x1024...
<heat> ornx: no
<heat> i'm willing to bet you're reading the memory map wrong
<heat> 0xf sounds very bogus
<heat> pls show code and struct definition
<zid> yea you're either offset by some amount, or you overread, or you read the flags as the address, presumably
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<heat> EFI has a fun detail where the map descriptor's size is an out-parameter of GetMemoryMap
<heat> you *CANNOT* do EFI_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR *desc = ...; for (;; desc++)
<heat> rather for (u8 *ptr = descriptors; /* some condition i cant remember */; ptr += desc_size)
<zid> The multiboot one is described using that weird negative format too
<zid> why's it gotta be so weird in general
<heat> so it's extensible
<ornx> src/amd64/entry.c:689 assertion failed: desc_size == sizeof(EFI_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR)
<zid> negative indexing does not make something sextensible
<heat> tianocore actually has a funny gotcha there where they increment the descriptor size
<heat> ornx: ^^
<heat> it will not match sizeof(EFI_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR)
<heat> on purpose
<ornx> ahh
<heat> the clever cunts added a gotcha so everyone used desc_size
<ornx> wait, how do you index the fields inside of it then
<heat> bruv
<heat> for (u8 *ptr = descriptors; /* some condition i cant remember */; ptr += desc_size) {
<heat> EFI_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR *desc = (void *) ptr; }
<heat> i have no idea if my shit irc client made the void pointer into a smiley
<heat> but if it did, it's pretty funny
<zid> It did not
<heat> aw
<ornx> ah so you can use the struct offsets, just not the struct sizeof
<bslsk05> ​i.imgur.com <no title>
<ornx> that's fine then
<heat> yes
<heat> ofc blah blah be careful and don't access beyond the actual size
<zid> I'd delete that irc client immediately
<heat> but i don't think the memory map descriptor has been expanded, ever. might be wrong though
<heat> zid: i'm on web.libera.chat since i'm on windows and i don't do nerd programming on windoze
<zid> yea, delete web.libera.chat
<zid> or install wsl and irssi, or mirc
<heat> i don't want to have a full linukz running for irssi
<heat> an idle WSL2 system with bash open balloons like half a gig or something, last i checked
<zid> yea mine's using 645MB, but, so what?
<zid> That's 1/64th of my ram
<zid> and windows *loves* swap, so I can probably run a hundred of them np
<heat> yeah but i have 8 gigs
<zid> why
<zid> did the other 24 fall out
<heat> its a shitty laptop from 2018
<zid> Did the other 8 fall out then
<heat> it was (back then) 800-ish euro
<heat> aka not a high end thing
<heat> even had a mechanical drive lol
<zid> good thing about laptops is that you can buy ones with mech drives and crap ram
<heat> i'm not upgrading while CS2 doesn't force my hand
<zid> and then replace the drive and the ram
<zid> for cheeap
<ornx> huzzah, now everything works and the numbers make sense
<zid> 1 slot or 2?
<zid> 2x8GB is £22 on ebay
<zid> 1x16 is 24
<heat> 2 DIMM slots
<heat> sorry, SDIM? the laptop variant
<zid> SODIMM
<heat> oh yes, SODIMM
<zid> https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204433027673 cheaper than the ddr3 I bought for my desktop before it died
<bslsk05> ​www.ebay.co.uk: SK HYNIX 16GB DDR4-2666V Laptop RAM HMA82GS6JJR8N-VK N0 AD 2Rx8 PC4-21300 | eBay
<zid> and I only got 8
<heat> cute, may consider but im not sure if its worth it anyway
<zid> I have.. no idea what this piece of junk has, it's too nice to care
<zid> okay I have two 900MHz ddr4s, and 4 slots, 16GBx2
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<mcrod> hi
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<gorgonical> I am losing my mind, but at least the "known working" solution is also wrong
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<gorgonical> Who do I file a complaint with for hardware issues
<gorgonical> Who's tim apple but for arm
<zid> frank acorn
<klange> Rene Arm i guess, but you can also probably complain to Masayoshi Softbank
<gorgonical> At least I have ammunition that I'm not the idiot and the hardware is probably non-conforming
<gorgonical> I could still be the idiot but my case is stronger now
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<gog> hi
<gog> it's me, janice x86
<zid> I am paul zilog
<gog> you're a pale copycat of me
<zid> I have autoincrementing loads
<gog> sksksksk
<zid> Is that you turning into a crab at last?
<gog> yes
<zid> It's like a magical girl power
<zid> but carcinization is the result
<moon-child> hey its me ur itanium
<heat> i'm richard spark
<heat> sparc*
<zid> dick spark
<heat> dick sites
<heat> visit my domain at dicksites.com
<bslsk05> ​'POWER. OF. WHALE!' by SkySophes (00:00:12)
<bslsk05> ​playlist 'Dick Sites - Videos' by Dick Sites
<heat> dick sites is dicking sites
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<heat> ChavGPT: srsly though what's so special about kutrace?
<heat> i don't get it
<kof123> mr. cowtools burroughs
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