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<auanta> * wonders if the OS supports connecting to a monitor via usb c
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<auanta> i think i answered my question haha, booting from emmc you do have to change the fstab
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<freemangordon> Wizzup: buffer age seems to be always zero :(
<Wizzup> of clutter?
<freemangordon> of eglQuerySurface(backend_egl->edpy, stage_egl->egl_surface, EGL_BUFFER_AGE_KHR, &age);
<freemangordon> yes in clutter
<freemangordon> this means inalid backbuffer and full redraw
<freemangordon> *invalid
<freemangordon> I will ask enunes later on
<freemangordon> maybe we shall support partial updates as well
<freemangordon> does not make sense, but..
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<Wizzup> freemangordon: do we need more mesa features or do we need to be more clever about it somehow?
<Wizzup> uvos: if I have a sphone new sms window open (incoming), then opening the dialer doesn't bring it forward I think
<Wizzup> uvos: latest kernel on my bionic works again with the modem it seems
<Wizzup> uvos: so that was probably a fluke on my device
<Wizzup> uvos: btw I am seeing this on bionic (maybe also on d4, not sure): [ 25.158325] asoc-audio-graph-card soundcard: ASoC: DAPM unknown pin Headphones
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<freemangordon> Wizzup: dunno, maybe we have to enable something
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<_uvos_> Wizzup: yes, unfortinatly the libhildon api is terrible and, because it uses globals all over the place, dosent allow an application to have more than one window stack of stacked windows. this means certail combinations of windows in sphone conflict if sphone is compiled with libhildon support
<_uvos_> since hildon itself has no sutch limitation, a fix might be to have sphone set all the xatoms to make the windows stacked itself
<_uvos_> and then drop libhildon
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